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the Waterlog AUGUST 2005


The 2nd PWDCA Sanctioned Water Trial in Canada The Beginnings of the PWDCC News from Junior Handlers New Waterlog Advertising Sniffing across the Country Pupography Upcoming Events New Board member Shopping

Stan Liebaert and Sassy, part of the Michigan continguent, on the Buoy Line Retrieve from shore.

Donna Gottdenker and Valentino, who earned both his Apprentice and Working titles at the Trial.

Front cover: Ursula and John Martin’s Quinn at the 2005 PWDCC Water Trial, Royackers Kennels, Ariss ON, August 14, the Courier Buoy Ball Placement. Cover photograph Henri Bérubé. Above, Quinn and Ursula, completing the Multiple Retrieve at the Working level, Fred Brauning rowing.

Mindy Selby with Samson at the Apprentice Bumper Carry to Boat and Boat Ride, Judge Charles White. Stan Liebaert’s Sassy retrieving the Buoy Line from Shore for Courier level, a surprising difficult skill.

The Trial committee with Judge Charles White, from left, Cathy Gadd, Louise Rossen, Donna Gottdenker, Ursula Martin, Roslyn Eskind.

Louise Rossen with Nina, Apprentice title earned, oh so sweet!


Motes shows a very smart delivery to hand.

Ms. Kate Erickson, ace steward and all round glamour girl, who looks better in a lifevest, what a look. PWDCC Waterlog

Design: © 2005 Roslyn Eskind Associates LImited

An unofficial Ducky Race participant, Motes, at almost 13, was the oldest PWD at the Trials, supporting the youngsters in their quest for titles.

Chuck Robinson, last year’s Judge, returned to support his wife Vicki in Working with Moxie and contributed his super rowing skills and quiet advice to handlers.

ThePresident’sLetter Our busy summer schedule is now subsiding and it's time to make plans for the fall.

and illnesses. As a PWD owner, never hesitate to contact your breeder with your questions, general inquiries and/or any

This month I wanted to make mention that the PWDCC is working on policies and procedure’s for our National PWD Rescue & Relocation Program. On occasion, PWD's have been

training/behavioral problems. With the convenience of email we are always just a click away and ready to respond at whatever time of the day.

found in shelters, advertised for sale in a local paper, on the

Breeders could also keep an up-to-date database of the

internet or wandering the streets with no identification. It is

puppy owners for each litter whelped on an Excel spread-

our responsibility to be proactive as breeders and dog owners

sheet. The spreadsheet is a convenient way to also keep track

to make every effort possible to provide for the breed we are

of registration numbers (to save time searching when entering

so passionate about.

shows!), CERF numbers and OFA ratings all in the same spot!

I personally feel the number one thing to help with Rescue is for breeders and owners to keep in touch with each other. Communication should always be an open two way street. Ethical breeders who truly care about the breed should always be the first contact if something happens in the owner's life that impedes his/her ability to care for the dog, either short or long term. Breeders understand that as life goes on there are deaths in the family, household moves,

Since all puppies in a litter rarely end up in the same area, you can also send regular emails out to your puppy owners with your kennel related brags, any dog events or articles that may interest your owners, and maybe even all the PWDCC news (wink, wink). Most puppy owners are very receptive to interacting and remaining part of the PWD "Family". All club members can help with Rescue by checking their local papers, shelters if possible, and becoming "mentors" to new owners. If any club member is aware of a dog that is in

We are pleased to welcome a new member to our Board. Herb Szauerzopf has been appointed by the Board and joins the PWDCC Board of Directors as our CKC Regional Director for Ontario. See page 16. Lorraine Wilson has left the Board after 3 years of hard work as Treasurer/Director.

need of rescue, they should advise the dog owner to contact his/her breeder. If contacting the breeder is not a possibility than please feel free to contact the PWDCC Rescue coordinator Mari Szauerzopf (see her contact information below). Brenda Brown, President

Many thanks Lorraine for all your efforts. Lorraine will still

Portuguese Water Dog Club of Canada

help with projects as her schedule permits.

August, 2005

Brenda Brown, President PWDCC

PWDCC Board of Directors and Officers President and Director Brenda Brown Wetaskiwin, Alberta Vice President and Director Roslyn Eskind Toronto, Ontario Secretary/Treasurer and Director Kate Erickson Toronto, Ontario

PWDCC Waterlog


Directors Sandra A. Busse Edmonton, Alberta

Audrey Hawthorne Calgary, Alberta

Danik Dancause St, Hubert, Québec

Mavis McClintock Duncan, British Columbia Herb Szauerzopf Moffat, Ontario

Rescue Coordinator Mari Szauerzopf 519 824-6889 Membership Coordinator Henri Bérubé 416-798-1331 ext 6316 905-601-4249 Cell



The Beginnings of the PWDCC An interview with Barbara Floch, co-founder. When and how did you discover this breed? I was working my Rottie in Agility when I met my first PWD. I thought how delightful to have a breed who is really built for Agility. Then I met Bev Franklin working Buccee at Durham Kennel Club in N.C., where I used to spend my winters. I also met a wonderful lady who owned a Pinehaven male, Ch Pinehaven's Dock of the Bay, at the Tar Heel Circuit shows in Raleigh N.C. just before I went into the ring with my Rottie. She told me of a fantastic litter in Birmingham Alabama and although I wasn't ready to delve into PWDs, I was sent a video of the litter and I bought a female from that litter.

At that time, were there many breeders of PWDs in Canada?

Barb Floch, co-founder of the PWDCC at an early grooming seminar.

What was the name of your first PWD?

There were one or two in Ontario and I am not sure when the

My first PWD came from Ellen Allen in from that fantastic lit-

West Coast breeders started. There was also Ruth Fisher in

ter in Birmingham. She was Aabest Ragamuffin of Cosmos.

Alberta. I was in the States for half the year and started looking into breeders there. The PWDCA had an pamphlet which inspired me to breed healthy PWDs.

Was this dog the first one that you bred? No, Muffy's bite went off and her hips didn't pass OFA. The first Water Dog I bred was Am Can Ch Questar's Phoebe of

What types of activities were available at that time for PWD lovers? At first we couldn't show our dogs in conformation as we weren't even in the miscellaneous group, then we were and we

Cosmos and I bred her to Am Can Ch Fantaseas The Navigator. Then I bred her to BISS AM CAN CH Pinehaven's Casablanca and learned first hand about our juvenile cardiomyopathy.

could show in conformation. Whenever it came to choosing a

What helped you to decide to breed PWDs?

judge from the list in a show, we often chose someone who

I had been in dogs since I was in my 20s and whenever I pur-

had judged a Rottweiler Specialty. They knew good structure

chased a dog, it was from the best stock I could get after a lot

but not always PWD type.

of research and it was to show and breed. I breed to produce a masterpiece!

You won a PWDCA National Specialty. What was that like? It was what every breeder dreams of doing. I bought BISS AM CAN CH Pinehaven's Casablanca from Beverly Rafferty of Colorado and started campaigning "Bogey" in the states. Just before the Specialty Bogey came down with a recurrance of polyarthritis he developed at 2 years of age after his booster vaccinations and especially because of the Leptospirosis shot. That ended his showing because he looked and acted like a sick dog. I went back to my NC vet and she put Bogey on a prednizone taper which put him back on track. I didn't know whether he could be shown the week before the Specialty but Bogey did bounce back. That left me with no handler as they Diane Castellan, (right), co-founder of the PWDCC at an early grooming seminar.


AUGUST 2005 PWDCC Waterlog

all had to make commitments ahead of time. So Bogey and I arrived at the Specialty looking for someone to handle him. Morgin Quirin of Driftwood offered to show him and Beverly Rafferty said Jack Girton could handle Bogey. Morgin graciously stepped down and Bogey won with Jack. Jack Girton is such a great handler that he hadn't even worked Bogey before he took him in the ring. So it is a great thank you to Bev and Jack for breeding Bogey, allowing me to share my life with him and win the National Specialty. Bogey, now 13, has always been the Light of my Life!!!

How did you decide to start the PWDCC? The public was looking for dogs and not having much success getting what they were looking for. So Diane Castellan and I started the PWDCC with the idea of putting out a pamphlet detailing what to look for, what health tests were available and how to evaluate an ethical breeder. Then with a membership vote, we passed a code of ethics. Don't know what happened to the code now. We also put on Agility and grooming workshops for interested owners and went far and wide looking for prizes with Water Dogs on them for our booster shows to encourage people to show their dogs. Many Americans came up to show because our standard was FCI rules and only the Lion Clip was allowed and also because of the fantastic prizes.

Were there many members when you started? Most were in Ontario but not many. We really had difficulty getting enough PWD owners from across the provinces to have enough representation for a National Club but we eventually found them in Quebec, Ontario, Alberta and BC. (like one or two in each province).

How did you reach out to other PWD owners? By putting on seminars (Agility and grooming) later a yearly fun water day and hikes.

Jennifer Gadd at an Agility seminar at Barb’s farm. Early PWDCC events, from the top left: going to a Fall Hike on the Toronto Islands; an Eye Clinic at Cathie Sockett’s home in Orillia; an Agility seminar at Barb Floch’s farm; a Water Fun Day led by Cathy Gadd at Shadow Lake.

PWDCC Waterlog



What advice would you have for anyone who is looking into owning a PWD?

Since our country is so big, there is a lot of diversity from region to region. I am so happy to see most of the exhibitors

Do your homework. Don't just look for a reputable breeder

in Ontario show in the traditional Lion Clip. In B.C. I see most

although that is important. Look into training. There are so

dogs in the Retriever Clip and some good dogs in the Lion Clip

many people who don't really understand the underlying prin-

are overlooked because they don't look like the majority (one

ciples of training and the amount of work and time needed to

of the Retriever Clip dogs was of my breeding too).

raise a puppy properly. Some breeders also don't really understand training and temperament development and I think that is dangerous when they try to place puppies in homes without knowing how to guide new puppy people so they are successful with their puppies. Too many people want to choose a puppy by color instead of temperament.

How do you see the future of this breed in Canada? I am really worried about this precious breed. There are breeders breeding for their own egos or for financial gain instead of the welfare of the breed. I wish everyone who bred did so for

I would love to see the PWDCC take seriously a code of ethics. I am surprised to hear some people breeding without the accepted health tests (GM1, OVC or OFA for hips, Optigen, and yearly CERF exams). How can this be good for the breed? The PWDCC is a great club and has come a long way. I hope they see the path of setting a standard for responsible ownership and responsible breeding. Then cross our collective fingers and hope that people will care enough about this breed to contribute to the welfare and not the downfall of this truly wonderful breed. It's in all our hands.

the welfare of the breed. That means they donate part of the

Thanks, Barb!

proceeds to health research, donate their time to raise litters

Eden Veres, Waterlog Editor

for research and are truly interested in furthering the welfare of the breed.

What do you think of the PWDCC now? I think as a club they are fantastic. I am really impressed with what the people in Ontario have done working wise with the breed. (I don't really know what is happening in the other provinces right now.) We have a group of dedicated owners who can hold their own in any Water Trial and have done well at American Specialties. They are an inspiration to the breed. I am also impressed with the fantastic improvement in the PWDCC magazine, The WaterLog. It is a great magazine. The website is fantastic too. The PWDCC has a lot of fresh blood which is also good for any breed. I wish there were more informational seminars given by people who really have been in the breed a long time and know what they are talking about – Conformation, Agility, breeding, positive training methods. I wish there were more breeder education seminars or that breeders could attend Judges’ Seminars. A great club will rally around education, in my opinion. It takes time and volunteers to do the work necessary for a club to provide education. We are lucky to have the PWDCA as an inspiration. They have more years experience, a greater population, and more money to research into health problems. I guess our club could raise money for research to donate to the PWDCA or the PWD Foundation, could openly publish and have the general public

Bogey today and bottom with Erin, enjoying the good life and a quiet retirement, keeping the youngsters in line at Barb’s.

aware of the need for rescue but the PWDCC is doing an excellent job on what they are doing and it takes time to develop these programs. 4

AUGUST 2005 PWDCC Waterlog

PWD’s Dominate at Junior’s Competition

old, black female PWD) out of Drewsar Kennels in Moffat, Ontario. Together they rose to the head of their class. In Junior Open, Sara Szauerzopf demonstrated her outstanding showmanship abilities with Maddie, a twoyear-old silver Ferncliff Kennels

The days of PWD’s being overlooked at confirmation shows are numbered. In recent years more mem-

Champion PWD (Maddie has

bers of the PWDCC have been earning

cult for the audience to spot

accepted a new position with Drewsar Kennels). It was diffi-

increasingly better finishes in shows

any faults between the com-

across Canada. The same can be said

petitors and all agreed that

for junior showmanship. Although

they were glad not to be one of

‘juniors’ is primarily about the handler’s

the three judges for this com-

ability, the dogs thAT these competitors

petition. Again, the han-

choose to show are a significant part of

dler/PWD team took top hon-

a successful title bid.


This year the ‘by invitation only’ Central Ontario Junior Finals were held on May

Skipping ahead to the Senior 7th at the Seaway Dog Show in Thorold,

Open class (often the toughest in all

Ontario. The competition field

junior handling levels) Arielle Bérubé

was strong with many of

was pensive going into the ring with

Ontario’s best Junior Handlers

Ch Ondulado's Schooner D'Sonoqua.

vying for top honours. Three

Although ‘Schooner’ is consistently one

competitors selected PWD’s as

of Canada’s top dog’s, the judges had

their teammates in their bid to

already put up two PWD’s. In the end,

represent Central Ontario at the

they took second place behind a three

National Finals in Manitoba

time regional winner. Arielle and

later this year.

Schooner ‘showed’ on to earn the overall

The PWD equipped competitors, Sara Szauerzopf, Brennan Bérubé and Arielle Bérubé are no strangers to the junior ring

reserve winner title. This placement would send this team off to the National Finals if for any reason the first place winner is unable to go.

but the coincidence of all three

The success of all three PWD’s within

selecting PWD’s for the evening

the same competition is encouraging

competition increased their

and speaks to the evolving quality of the

stress levels as they believed it

breed. All members of the Portuguese

unlikely that the judges would

Water Dog Club of Canada can share in

promote three dogs of the same

this victory. We are doing a great job in

breed in three of the 4 compe-

promoting the breed.

tition classes. The competition was tight from

Congratulations Brennan, and Arielle and a special congratulations to Sara for

the start in the Junior Novice

earning a special ‘Most Points’ honour

field with three brilliant under

at the competition.

age 12 performances. The judges however were taken by

Arielle Berube, Junior Handler

the efforts of Brennan Bérubé showing Chloë (an 11 month

PWDCC Waterlog

From the top: Sara Szauerzopf with Maddie, Brennan Bérubé with Chlöe and Arielle Bérubé with Schooner. AUGUST 2005


August 2005

let the tunity to r o p mphs p o r ou your tr iu t u o b This is y e a w sing in th orld kno ti r w e v C d C a D PW plan on sses, so e c c u s d an soon! Waterlog

Classes of Advertising

Health testing required:

Waterlog Advertising Policy approved by the Board of Directors of the PWDCC

Member Advertising Portuguese Water Dogs and/or Portuguese Water Dog Kennels must be current PWDCC members in good standing. There are two classes available in this category: 1. Breeding Related Advertising is classified as: • Ads that relate to Stud Dog, Brood Bitch, Conformation wins, Litter announcements or any other aspect of breeding. • Brag Ads for intact dogs The PWDCC requires members to fully disclose all health data on dogs in breeding related advertising. Intact dogs under 2 years of age are exempt from OFA by definition, and can be exempt from GM-1 and Optigen testing until their second birthday and can specify “NOT TESTED” for these categories. CERF is still required in advertising intact dogs under 2. See below for more detail. 2. Non-breeding Related Advertising is classified as: • Memorial Ads for for either intact or spayed and neutered dogs, • Brag Ads (Event results, etc.) for spayed and neutered pets (see above for intact dogs). Health data is not required for Memorial ads or brag ads of non-breeding spayed and neutered pets of members. The ad must state “Spayed” or “Neutered” as appropriate.

Commercial Advertising Advertising from commercial ventures is not restricted to members.

Required Documentation by Advertising Class 1. Breeding Related Advertising, that is, all dogs that are intact require health testing and documentation. Date of birth must be provided for all dogs. Only dogs under 2 years of age are exempt from health statements with all health testing completed and documented.

Hips OFA, Penhip or OVC certification Eyes Current CERF# (A dog rated Optigen "C" or "C1" can be featured in a breeding related ad provided it has a current CERF exam form with the diagnosis of PRA as the sole reason for failure), OptiGen tested GM-1 Individually blood tested for GM-1 with a GM-1 rating of GM-1: NOR, GM1: CAR, N99, N99A, N99L, N95, N95A, N95L, C99, C95, IND or an AP rating. When advertising the frozen semen of a deceased dog, health certifications must have been in accordance with the PWDCC advertising policy in effect at the time of the dog’s death. 2. Non-breeding Related Advertising Date of birth must be provided for all dogs. Vet certificate indicating spaying or neutering must be submitted with ad (annual exam certificate will indicate this, remember to ask your vet at your dog’s annual exam). Truth In Advertising If an advertiser provides false information or claims, a notice will be published in the Waterlog and the advertiser will be suspended from advertising for a year. Challenges to claims in Waterlog ads must be submitted in writing to the PWDCC Secretary within 60 days of the appearance of the ad. Upon notification of a challenge by the Secretary, the advertiser will have 30 days in which to submit a response. The PWDCC Board of Directors then will decide the merits of the challenge, notify all parties of its decision, and include the case in the Board meeting minutes. PWDCA Health & Litter Database Submitting an ad with health test documentation to the Waterlog for publication, advertisers grant the Waterlog permission to forward that documentation to the PWDCA Health and Litter Database for inclusion in the PWD database. However, placement of an ad does not supersede an individual sending documentation directly to the Health & Litter Database.

Certificates must always accompany health test claims as documentation.


AUGUST 2005 PWDCC Waterlog

Health data must use the following wording: GM-1 (choose one of the following) N99, N99L, N99A, N95, N95L, N95A, C99, C95, IND, AP, GM-1 NOR, GM-1 CAR, GM-1 NOT TESTED (acceptable for dogs under 2 years of age only) Hips (choose one of the following) OFA # TOO YOUNG TO OFA (acceptable for dogs under 2 years of age only) OFA PENDING, RADIOGRAPHS SUBMITTED (acceptable one time only on dogs between 2 and 3 years of age) OFA FAILED Eyes CERF (choose one of the following) • CURRENT CERF # (current is within 12 months of ad submission) • EYES CLEAR, CERF # PENDING (with copy of exam form) • CERF FAILED (A dog rated Optigen "C" or "C1" can be featured in a breeding related ad provided it has a current CERF exam form with a diagnosis of PRA as the sole reason for failure) Optigen (Choose one of the following) • OPTIGEN A, A1, B, B1, or C, C1 or Normal, Carrier, Affected (new rating system 2005) • OPTIGEN NOT TESTED (acceptable for dogs under 2 years of age only) Ads will not be accepted if information is incomplete or not stated using the acceptable wording. Optional Ads may include the following in a dog’s health statement using only the wording below. • OFA EL# - OFA Elbow certification • PENNHIP% - PennHIP Laxity Profile Ranking (indicated by percentage) • ERG - dog’s status to be stated with name of facility, year and dog’s age in months, example: ERG-CRN/95-24 means ERG done at Cornell University in 1995 at 24 months. • DNA Profile

Where to find Health Testing Information

Waterlog Advertising Rates/Schedule Ads sizes are Full page 7.25 x 9.75 1/2 page vertical 3.5 x 9.75 or horizontal 7.25 x 4.75 1/4 page, 3.5 x 4.75 Business Card 3.5 x 2” PWDCC Members and Breeders or Commercial Advertisers Card placement for one year (4 issues, Feb., May, Aug. Nov.) for $50.00 colour, $25.00 black and white, . Supply clean printed card for scanning or Illustrator vector eps, or tiff file, see below for more details. When art is supplied to our specifications Full page ad: $110.00 colour, $30.00 b/w 1/2 page ad: $65.00 colour, $20.00 b/w 1/4 page ad: $42.00 colour, $15.00 b/w Ad art must be supplied in Illustrator or Quark Xpress files with fonts and hi-res images loaded on disc or sent to our FTP site.To access our FTP site from Internet Explorer on the PC, type in the address bar: Username: pwdcc Password: water Built into address above. Hardcopy printouts should be supplied as well. Email to notify us that you have sent us a disc or FTP’d the files. Include a PDF of the files for confirmation. To create art from supplied material included is 1 scan of photograph, scan of a logo would be additional ($15.00) and text : Full page ad: $65.00 1/2 page ad: $45.00 1/4 page ad: $30.00 (Cost of placement would be additional as per above) All advertising files are due one month in advance of publication date: Advertising due date 2005

Publishing dates

October 24

November 21


GM-1 Test Instructions and Application available on the PWDCA web site.

January April 24 July 24 October 23

Optigen Test For genetic testing for Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) contact: OPTIGEN, LLC at 607-257-0301 or visit their web site at

Send CDs and hardcopy source material to Roslyn Eskind, Roslyn Eskind Associates Limited, 471 Richmond Street West, suite 200, Toronto, ON, Canada M5V 1X9

PennHip Test OVC 519-767 502 services_detail.shtm

tel. 416 504-6075, fax 416 504 6085, Enclose a stamped return envelope if you want your material returned.

PWDCC Waterlog

February 20 May 22 August 21 November 20



Sniffingacrossthecountry… From Ontario

Gottkdenker’s young dog Valentino earn-

successful this time, showed true grit

ing both his Apprentice and Working

and determination.

Our 2nd PWDCC (PWDCA sanctioned) Water Trial

titles. Ann Douglas with her wonderful

Saturday/ Sunday August 13, 14, 2005

and earned a Junior title. Both Sharky,

working dog Jonah, just showed up to try handled by Fred Brauning all the way

The second PWDCC Water Trial took

from Michigan, and Cathy Gadd han-

place again at the beautiful Royackers

dling Sam, showed the novices beautiful

facility near Gueph. An enthusiastic

Courier runs, with the extrordinarily dif-

group of participants gathered on Friday

ficult buoy ball placement exercise.

for a wonderful day of coaching by

Mindy Selby was our most travelled han-

Judge Charles White from Houston. On

dler, all the way from Calgary, trialed

Saturday, the first teams went under his

Samsom at Apprentice and although not

On Sunday the weather was not as cooperative, however, the teams showed no less enthusiasm. This day, Sassy, handled by Stan Liebaert, did a beautiful trial at Courier, again, Sam and Sharky were successful. Cathy Cates, Charles’ wife, showed us her technique for surefire overhand bumper tosses. John Brown’s consistent tossing earned him unofficial Junior and Apprentice bumper

watchful eye. Highlights were Donna

The qualifying teams with Judge Charles White, from left to right, Junior: John Brown and Tikka;

Louise Rossen and Nina;



Sharon Ladd and Dalph;

Working: Vicki Robinson and Moxie;

Lorraine Wilson and Kyrie;

Meghan Berube and Myka;

Lorraine Wilson and Hogan

Quinn and “team Quinn”, from left, Kate Erickson, Ursula Martin, John Martin and Roslyn Eskind PWDCC Waterlog

steward, and Henri Berube was a close

Next year the Water Trial will be held

Results Saturday August 13

second and ace rower.

July 13th at Royackers, in conjunction

Qualifying teams are in green type!

The Ducky Race, an unofficial event, was another highlight, with Jac defending his title from 2004, but alas, young Valentino was the victor this day. Proceeds from this event go to defray club expenses.

with the 4th PWDCC National Specialty. Don’t miss this event, start your land

Chuck Robinson, back supporting his wife Vicki as she trialed her dog Moxie to earn her Working title. Chuck’s quiet coaching


Ondulado’s Ice Capade Chilly PY999174 12/13/04 Bitch Handler Kate Erickson, Toronto, Canada


Ch Hunter’s Eastcoast Blackout WS0495201 07/28/03 Bitch Handler John Brown, Toronto, Ontario


Ch* Drewsar A Crianca Do Mar, CGN Chloe PJ958929 05/25/04 Bitch Handler Henri Bérubé, Mississauga Ontario *CKC confirmation pending


Ch Belouro’s Diamante NG865798 04/15/03 Bitch Handler Gillian Goldschmidt


Port Colborne’s Rasta Mon Rasta PQ965823 8/16/04 Dog Handler Sharon Ladd, Port Colborne, Ontario

training now and contact Kate Erickson, 2006 Water Trial Chair and Ursula Martin, Secretary for this Trial. Many thanks to all the teams, volun-

It was great to have our first Judge,

Junior Water Dog Certificate (11 entries)

teers, sponsors and especially our hardworking Judge, Charles White, and Cathy Cates.


Roslyn Eskind

and advice was much appreciated.

Ann Douglas and Jonah;

Kate Erickson and Chilly;

Apprentice: Donna Gottdenker and Valentino (and Working! the same day);

Courier: Fred Brauning and Sharky;

Cathy Gadd and Sam;

Stan and Melissa Liebaert and Sassy

PWDCC Waterlog


Stan Liebaert and Shooter;



Sniffingacrossthecountry… J6


Courier Water Dog (6 entries)

Apprentice Water Dog (10 entries)

Ch Drewsar Nutbar Navigator Navi PJ960803 5/25/04 Dog Handler Kit Hagerman, Kitchener, Ontario



Port Colborne’s Aldalpho Dalph PQ996973 8/26/04 Dog Handler Sharon Ladd, Port Colborne, Ontario

Ch Tiago’s Fuje Bela D’Aqua, WWD 05/15/00 WP973894/01 Cathy Gadd, Toronto, Ontario Handler



Valkyrie Summer Solstice Kyrie 1086397 04/21/04 Bitch Handler Lorraine Wilson, Richmond Hill, Ontario

Ch Aarion Emily Carr, WWD Milly Withdrawn 08/31/00 Bitch 1076124 Donna Gottdenker, Waterloo, Ontario Handler

C3 J9

Querido’s Dubheasa Mahren PU988141 10/20/04 Bitch Handler Louise Rossen, Pickering, Ontario C4

J10 Belouro’s Myka Myka PJ943670 05/21/04 Bitch Owner Ken McDonald & Meghan Berube Handler Meghan Berube J11 OTCh Kateja’s Into the Deep 6/26/98 Dog HL534762 Ann Douglas Handler

Am Ch Deleao’s Celestial Odyssey, CD, NA, OAJ, CWD Sassy Stan Liebaert, Pinchney, Michigan Handler Ondulado’s Jaquiero Jayne, WWD Jac Withdrawn 06/04/98 Dog HL538870 Kate Erickson, Toronto, Ontario Handler

Ch Estrelaleal Samson’s Seabereeze Dog WR046749/01 05/27/00 Mindy Selby, Calgary, Alberta Handler

Results Sunday August 14 Courier Water Dog (7 entries)


Athaanmiere’s Little Jewel, CGN Nina Bitch KW741188 11/27/00 Louise Rossen, Pickering, Ontario Handler


Ondulado’s Jaquiero Jayne, AWD Jac Withdrawn 06/04/98 Dog HL538870 Kate Erickson, Toronto, Ontario Handler


Aliana’s Sereia Bella Cruz, CD, CGN Sadee Bitch MW838181 11/23/02 Arielle Bérubé, Mississauga, Ontario Handler


Ch Hunter’s Eastcoast Blackout Bitch WS0495201 07/28/03 Handler John Brown, Toronto, Ontario

Ch Kewbeach Dancing Up a Storm Samba NG870286 04/21/03 Dog Handler Anne Passafiume, Unionville, Ontario

Kewbeach Hurricane Sam, WWD, NAJ, NA Samson WR073662/01 12/18/97 Dog Handler Catherine Gadd, Toronto, Ontario


Ch Driftwood “Shark” Hunter, WWD, NA, NAJ Sharky WR0632372/02 04/02/02 Dog Handler Fred Brauning, Chesterfield, Michigan


Ch Deleao’s Celestial Odyssey, CD, NA, OAJ, CWD Sassy WR01762403 02/27/01 Bitch Handler Stan Liebaert, Pinchney, Michigan


Deleao’s Shooting Star Shooter WS07786702 02/17/04 Dog Handler Stan Liebaert, Pinckney, Michigan Athaanmiere’s Little Jewel, CGN Nina KW741188 11/27/00 Bitch Handler Louise Rossen, Pickering, Ontario

Working Water Dog (5 entries) W1 Claircreek Mighty Quinn Quinn NY923233 12/14/03 Dog Handler Ursula Martin, Toronto, Ontario




Ch Tiago’s Fuje Bela D’Aqua, WWD WP973894/01 05/15/00 Handler Cathy Gadd, Toronto, Ontario

Tashi Bitch

Ch Aarion Emily Carr, WWD Milly Withdrawn 1076124 CKC08/31/00 Bitch Handler Donna Gottdenker, Waterloo, Ontario Claircreek Mighty Quinn Quinn Same day move up NY923233 12/14/03 Dog Handler Ursula Martin, Toronto, Ontario

Working Water Dog (3 entries)

W2 Ch Manitou Lotsa Moxie, NA Moxie WR000762/02 10/07/00 Bitch Handler Vicki Robinson, Charlevoix, Michigan

W1 Claircreek Mighty Quinn Quinn NY923233 12/14/03 Dog Handler Ursula Martin, Toronto, Ontario

W3 Ch Ondulado’s Hogan, CDX, AgN Hogan HL538868 06/04/98 Dog Handler Lorraine Wilson, Richmond Hill, Ontario

W2 Ch Ondulado’s Hogan, CDX, AgN Hogan Moved up HL538868 06/04/98 Dog Handler Lorraine Wilson, Richmond Hill, Ontario

W4 Ondulado’s Jaquiero Jayne, WWD Jac Exhibition HL538870 06/04/98 Dog Handler Kate Erickson, Toronto, Ontario

W3 Ch Manitou Lotsa Moxie, NA, AWD Moxie WR00762/02 10/07/00 Bitch Handler Vicki Robinson, Charlevoix, Michigan

W5 Ch Claircreek Song of Valentino Valentino NY923237 12/14/03 Dog Handler Donna Gottdenker, Waterloo, Ontario



Deleao’s Shooting Star Shooter Dog WS07786702 02/17/04 Stan Liebaert, Pinckney, Michigan Handler


Samson Dog




Kewbeach Hurricane Sam, WWD, NAJ, NA 12/18/97 WR073662/01 Catherine Gadd Handler

Kewbeach Spirit of Napoleon Polo 04/21/03 Dog NG881942 Connie McCandless, Toronto, Ontario Handler

Ch Claircreek Song of Valentino Valentino NY923237 12/14/03 Dog Handler Donna Gottdenker, Waterloo, Ontario

Ch Kewbeach Dancing Up a Storm Samba 04/21/03 Dog NG870286 Anne Passafiume, Unionville, Ontario Handler





Kewbeach Spirit of Napoleon Polo 04/21/03 Dog NG881942 Connie McCandless, Toronto, Ontario Handler


Ch Aliana’s Sonho Do Menino Novo, CD, UCD, CGN Nemeau NL878233 06/17/03 Dog Handler Cindy Berube, Mississauga, Ontario

Ch Aliana’s Sonho Do Menino Novo, CD, UCD, CGN Nemeau 06/17/03 Dog Cindy Berube, Mississauga, Ontario

NL878233 Handler


Aliana’s Sereia Bella Cruz, CD, CGN Sadee Bitch MW838181 11/23/02 Arielle Berube, Mississauga, Ontario Handler



Claircreek Song of Valentino Valentino Moved up to Courier Dog NY 923237 12/14/03 Donna Gottdenker, Waterloo, Ontario Handler

Ch Driftwood “Shark” Hunter, NA, NAJ Sharky WR0632372/02 04/02/02 Dog Fred Brauning, Chesterfield, Michigan Handler




C5 Jonah

Apprentice Water Dog (8 entries) A1Ch Estrelaleal Samson’s Seabereeze Dog WR046749/01 05/27/00 Mindy Selby, Calgary, Alberta Handler

Tashi Bitch



A10 Valkyrie Summer Solstice Kyrie 1086397 04/21/04 Bitch Handler Lorraine Wilson, Richmond Hill, Ontario

Junior Water Dog Certificate (8 entries) J1

Ch* Drewsar A Crianca Do Mar, CGN Chloe PJ958929 05/25/04 Bitch Handler Henri Berube, Mississauga Ontario *CKC confirmation pending


Querido’s Dubheasa Mahren PU988141 10/20/04 Bitch Handler Louise Rossen, Pickering, Ontario


Ch Drewsar Nutbar Navigator Navi PJ960803 5/25/04 Dog Handler Kit Hagerman, Kitchener, Ontario


Ch Hunter’s Eastcoast Blackout Moved up WS0495201 07/28/03 Bitch Handler John Brown, Toronto, Ontario


Port Colborne’s Aldalpho Dalph PQ996973 8/26/04 Dog Handler Sharon Ladd, Port Colborne, Ontario


Port Colborne’s Rasta Mon Rasta PQ965823 8/16/04 Dog Handler Sharon Ladd, Port Colborne, Ontario


Ondulado’s Ice Capade Chilly PY999174 12/13/04 Bitch Handler Kate Erickson, Toronto, Canada


Valkyrie Summer Solstice Kyrie Moved up to Apprentice 1086397 04/21/04 Bitch Handler Lorraine Wilson, Richmond Hill, Ontario

Tikka PWDCC Waterlog

Gill Goldschmidt with Dia in the Apprentice Swim.

Fred Brauning and Sassy at Courier.

Fred Brauning and Sassy after a successful Buoy Ball Placement.

John Brown with Tikka in the Apprentice Buoy Line Retrieve.

Arielle Bérubé with Sadee in the Apprentice Boat Ride, Fred Brauning rowing.

Connie McCandless, Sam and Cathy Gadd.

Far left: Cathy Cates, Charle’s wife and ace bumper thrower.

Louise Rossen and Nina in the Apprentice Swim.

Left: Lorraine Wilson and Kyrie in the Junior Swim.

Right: Kit Hagerman and Mari Szauerzopf in a lighter moment.

Ursula Martin and Quinn, the Net Retrieve at the Courier, Cathy Gadd rowing. PWDCC Waterlog

Roslyn Eskind stewarding for Quinn and Ursula, feeding the net. AUGUST 2005




With the rain still coming down on the

Sunday morning brought us a slight

Saturday morning some quick re-arrang-

mist, but the weather forecasted sunny

Water Training Camp

ing of the day was in order. Thanks to

skies for the day as well. Those who

June 18-19, 2005

Audrey Hawthorne for offering her motor

lived in the Calgary area were shocked

From Alberta

home for a revamped

to hear news reports of major flooding in

The Alberta Club

indoor lesson area.

downtown Calgary. Well the skies even-

was excited to host

You can fit 22 peo-

tually cleared up, and the sun came out

a Water Clinic for

ple in a motor home

for a wonderful afternoon. I believe

its club members,

if it means staying

everyone enjoyed themselves, and new

and was pleased to

dry and warm! After

friendships were formed. Catherine was

have Catherine

some discussion

pleasant and enthusiastic with everyone,

Gadd accept to

inside, we decided to

and I believe everyone went home deter-

instruct our clinic.

suit up and venture

mined to practice what they had

The event was held

out to the lake.

learned. Hopefully next year we can

at Buffalo Lake

Mindy Selby and Samsom.

Although we limited

report on our second annual Clinic.

which is situated between Calgary and

Hope to see everyone at some trials in

Edmonton; this made it easy for all

the near future!

members to attend. We had a wonderful campsite with beachfront access, and a

Happy Training, Tracy Brown,

total entry of 17 dogs ranging from

Calgary Alberta

Junior to Working level registered for this clinic. With the date being set for

PWD’s at the 5th AAC Nationals

June, we had all kept our fingers

August 19-22, 2005

crossed that Mother Nature would be on

What a sight – 6 Rings, 6 Judges, 6

our side. Little did we know that this

The group assembled, ready to go.

Teams competing at the same time in

was going to be the worst year for rain in

our demands of our dogs due to the

the beautiful Gordie Howe bowl in

Alberta history. We had already had

weather, everyone had a chance to do

Saskatoon. The weather was absolutely

major flooding in the Calgary area a

some boat work, as well as other

perfect – Friday cool but sunny, and

week prior to the clinic, and unfortu-

retrieves. Thanks to Betty McLean and

warming each day to a high of 30 late

nately the Friday of the Water Clinic the

Perry Massner for sharing their dryers so

Sunday afternoon – perfect to lay in the

skies opened up once again. We are very

the dogs could get dry and stay warmer.

sun and watch the awards ceremony.

proud to announce that not one partici-

By the evening the rain had tapered off

This year drew 650 teams from across

pant cancelled due to weather (although

to more of a drizzle and a Pot luck din-

Canada and the USA. It also had one of

I believe a lot of us we’re thinking it!)

ner by a campfire was enjoyed by all.

the largest volunteer groups to date, 250 volunteers – and I’m happy to say that we had three great PWD owners volunteering who were not running dogs, Sandy Busse (Edmonton) – coordinated all the results – talk about pressure, Trudy Graham (Calgary), ring coordinator and Janice Davidson (Saskatoon) volunteered as ring crew. Thanks everyone

It’s never too young to start your dog or your child. 12


Brenda Brown and a great jump.

Audrey Hawthorne, Calgary Alberta PWDCC Waterlog

came up the winner – she keeps trying to change our ways just because I am older – keep telling her just let me run!! All in all, I had a fabulous weekend – few knocked bars, but overall, it was great. At the end of each day when we went back to the campsite, boy did I let the young ones know – “this was my weekend, hah – you had to stay here”. Left: Audrey Hawthorne and Purple, Brenda Brown and Kate Erickson with Jac. Right: Kate with Jac in the weave poles.

(and those other black and white dogs – you know the BC’s that we have compet-

How did we do – Well we took a 5th place in Jumpers round on Saturday – I had a clean run and a blazing time (not

Ch Armada’s Purple Rain, AOM, CD, AG.I,

ed against most of our career) – they

SHDCH, WWD, GROM, ATChC, EAC, AD – The Veteran – 3rd time to Nationals

National competition. (what do they

A final note – I still like to believe that

know, we could be just a little over

Purple is one of the best PR dogs for

prime) and as luck would have it a lot of

the sport of Agility – he always has a big

us were in the same group.

smile and attitude of “this is the best

too were going to these Nationals knowing full well it would be our last

So we went, we played and had some Here I am at the ripe old age of 11 qual-

great runs but most of all I had a blast,

ifying for the 5th year in a row, Yup, I did

and just for good measure I showed her

it, we have qualified each year since the

the attitude – “don’t correct me I’m

very first one was put on right here in

right and you are wrong” and I pro-

Calgary. My mom was a little worried

ceeded to give what for (bark, bark,

about me as I have not really been in

bark) all the way through the course

the best of shape since I was neutered

(what could I do, she took way too long

in December 2004 (another story com-

at the start line and

ing later) just can’t keep that appetite in

I was ready) and

check so had some weight gain, and an

guess what I saw,

x-Ray determined I have Spondylosis

the TV cameras out

of the spine. So Mom dropped my jump

of the corner of my

height to 10” and decided to let me

eye – this was the

participate for as long as I was having

only run that was

fun, without the strain of training (I

being filmed and

achieved a ATChC a few years ago).

you know I have

as fast as my younger days but still right up there!

fun – you should try it”. I always have people come to me after our run and say “he sure is having fun, you are so much fun to watch” – that was our goal and I think we accomplished it. Audrey

Audrey Hawthorne and Purple, great contact on the frame.

this reputation, so She says one of the main reasons to go

I just had to go for

to the Nationals was to support and

it. Like to keep

meet the many friends we have met

Audrey humble.

over the 9 years we have been compet-

We don’t count who

ing in the sport, in particular the host

is right or wrong

Club members are some great people

but I really think I

PWDCC Waterlog




Ondulado's Jaquiera Jayne


Jac Pataki

7 years young


OF MY PACK : Chilly the six month old water

dog (though I won't admit it)


ACTIVITIES : Water sports, Agility, retriev-

ing a bottle full of rocks


PEEVE : The aforesaid Chilly


NON - CONSUMABLE : The guts of any

stuffed toy.


SKILLS : Top PWD in AAC (agility) in 2004,

(WWD) Working Water Dog, (now training for Courier level),

d'oeuvres-stealing) including all the water and field sports and walks in the woods with my friends.

Qualified for AAC Nationals in 2005 - going to Saskatoon in August!


TOYS CATASTROPHE : No longer welcome at dinner

OF CHOICE : Bottles full of rocks. They fly far, they

float and they make a noise so I always know where they land.

parties since I raced into our host's home and devoured a half


pound of butter and a loaf of fresh baked bread off the count-

know it, no matter what those dinner party guests have to say…

ASHAMED OF : Nothing at all. I'm an angel and I

er before any of the other guests even had a taste. How was I to know it was bad manners to hog the hors d'oeuvres?



I never want to grow up. I want to always be what I am now –



"Just Jac" – joyful, active and much loved

with grooming and bathing because it's so much fun to tear around the garden like a soaking wet madman when it's all

downtown Toronto.



Jac lives with Kate Erickson and baby girl, Chilly in

DESTINATION : Royackers Kennels where

there's nothing but fields and water and a whole lot of freedom to do all the activities I love (well, okay not the hors

Waterlog Editor:

Eden Veres can be reached at or 905 565-7410

Your dog, young or old, could be featured on our cover mast-

electronic files of your images (jpegs, tiffs, eps saved at mini-

head or the pupography page, just send a photo and short

mum 4”x 6” 260dpi). All emails should be titled ‘Waterlog’.

story for possible selection. We also love any other general

Text can be emailed or sent as a Word attachment along with

interest stories about your wonderful PWDs for publication in

photos to Eden at or mail to Eden

our next issues. We will give you $5.00 off your next club

Veres, 6877 Johnson Wagon Cres. Mississauga, On L5W 1B2

merchandise purchase for every story used. Send us photos

or call 905 565-7410 for additional information.

(hard copies, colour or black and white will be returned), or


AUGUST 2005 PWDCC Waterlog

UPCOMI NG Look for updates on October 16


Fun Day 10 am to 4 pm Royackers Kennel, Ariss Ontario (north of Guelph) Calling all PWDs and their families to Royackers (near Guelph, ON) for a Fun Packed day of PWD Games, a Hike/Walk, Water Work and Agility Demos (weather permitting). Royackers is the perfect setting for lots of off-leash fun for you and your PWD. See for a look at the site, and photos of PWD’s “doing their stuff”. Hot dogs/sausages (veggie & regular) and drinks will be available for a nominal charge. 50/50 Tennis ball retrieve from the pond. Members: $20 for the first PWD and $10 for the second and $5 for each additional in the same family. This is the only event open to non-members, so let your friends with PWDs know about it! Non Members: $30 for the first PWD and $15 for the second and $5 for each additional. Bring your Human family members for FREE (For non-members, purchase a 2006 Membership at the event, and the “non-member” part of your admission will be credited towards your membership. Please email: in September for more details.

Cover Pup "Lily" is the offspring of Lorraine Wilson's "Hogan"

(or my son!) She absolutely loved this game and

and Cathie Sockett's "Glory". Lily is only 7 months

would continue to do this until we hid the stick!!

old when this was taken a week ago. Lily was introduced to water at West Lake which is home to the famous Sandbanks Provincial Park. Lily learned her "flying" skills by watching my 16 year old son jump in first. After a bit of coaxing and some very funny teetering on the edge, Lily took the plunge. It wasn't long and she would fly into the air to reach that stick

Lily is our first PWD. We are certainly thrilled to own this amazing breed. Thanks to Cathie Sockett for being such a great breeder and Lorraine for being such a great source of information when we were first learning about this breed. Lily lives with Carolyn Van Dijk in Guelph Ontario who is a new member of the PWDCC

PWDCC Waterlog



The Board of Directors is pleased to welcome Herb Szauerzopf, new Ontario Regional Director to the PWDCC Board of Directors



@ $75.00

Our new completely reversible vest with our new updated logo embroidered on both sides, available in red on the water-resistant poplin side and dark charcoal polar fleece on the reverse side. Sizes S/M/L/2XL/2XXL

CLICKERS @ 3 for $1.00 or $.50 each Durable PWDCC branded clickers for training.

Herb and his wife (with the able assitance of their daughter Sara) own and operate Drewsar (reg’d) Kennels breeding both Mini-Schnauzers and Portuguese Water Dogs. Herb has over 20 yeas experience in Quarter Horse and Paint Horses. He has owned, bred and shown horses to Canadinn and U.S. National Championships, World Championships and Congress Championships. He was a

WATE R BOTTLE @ $10.00 Stainless steel, hygienic black flip cap, PWDCC logo, strap and carry bag.

leading breeder of Paint Horses, the past president of the Ontario Paint Horse Club, and on the Board of Directors of the Canadian National Exhibition Horse Shows.

T - S HI R T

@ $20.00

T-shirt- this years T-shirt comes in a beautiful deep red and a slate blue in a lighter 100% cotton made by Hanes. Sizes S/M/L/XL/XXL

Herb and Mari are members of the PWDCA, the Mini-Schnauzer Club of Canada and the Terrier Breeders Club of Canada. Herb is a stakeholder in the DAM Youth Drop-In Centre and a member of various community boards in Mississauga. G R E E T IN G C A R D S 4 different designs available, buy individually or in a set, 4.5" x 6.25" folded cards with matching envelope. Set of 4 @ $2.00 or singles @ $.50

He is a Peel Police Officer with 27 Years in policing. Herb enjoys breeding, showing and is an avid beginner in obedince and water work. Mari is our National Rescue Coordinator and Sara is a leading young


@ $15.00

New for 2005 are lapel pins of our fantastic logo in color, 1.25 x.1 in., actual size below. This will be the first pin of a PWDCC collection for upcoming events in the next years. Start now and collect them all.

Junior Handler. Dogs are a family activity.

To order all merchandise, contact Donna Gottdenker our Merchandise Coordinator at: or call 519 885-9928 Shipping costs will be extra (mail).


AUGUST 2005 PWDCC Waterlog

The Portuguese Water Dog Club of Canada Application for renewing and new membership for 2005 It’s time to renew your PWDCC membership! Annual single membership is $35.00 (CDN) due at the beginning of the calendar year. Family membership is available at $35.00 for the 1st member and $10.00 for each additional family member.

You can also make a contribution and include it with your membership cheque, see below, and indicate where you’d like to allocate your contribution. Thanks for your help! For new Members: The club sponsors events that are fun and informative, including seminars and demonstrations on the many activities you can enjoy with our wonderful breed, all working toward maintaining a healthy lifestyle for our dogs. Our web site has general information and a protected section for members only at The Waterlog is our quarterly newsletter, available to members only, distributed on the web site and by mail. It reports on events, current issues and showcases our members and their dogs. Your email address is important to us! Email is used for ongoing member communication, event announcements, updates, etc. So don’t forget to provide it to us. Please mail your completed application and membership fee (cheques payable to PWDCC) to our membership contact: Henri Berube 4249 Flitter Court, Mississauga, Ontario L5L 2J5 H 905 820-3139  My contact and dog information is the same as last year. (then just print your name clearly, sign below and send the form with your cheque.) Name Kennel name (if applicable) Address

Postal code



Fax  Please mail the Waterlog to me

email (most club communication is by email, let Lorraine know if your email changes)  Family Membership

Additional family membership names

For new members only: Access to Member section of, provide your username (last name, first initial) and password (dog call name). Note: both are case sensitive. Keep a record of both. For renewing members: You cannot change your username. For all members: If you have lost your password follow instructions on login page. If you have forgotten your username contact For new members only: Username


Dog’s Registered Name (for multiple dog households please supply this information on the back of this form) Call Name Date of Birth



Neutered/spayed Dam

Participation How would you like to participate in the club? Would you like to volunteer to help with:  Rescue

 Water Work





 Web site  Agility

 Membership  Tracking


 2006 Specialty



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Other (please specify) Contributions Where would you like your contribution to be allocated (please indicate category(ies) and amount(s) below)  Rescue  Health  Events  2006 Specialty  General Funds Every effort will be made to spend contributions as allocated. However, if funds for the categories exceed expenditures, at the end of 2 years unspent money will revert to the Club’s General Funds. We thank you for your support.

I agree to abide by the Constitution and By Laws of the Portuguese Water Dog Club


Single Membership

@ $35.00


Family Membership

@ $10.00


of Canada (, and the rules of the Canadian Kennel Club (, 416 675-5511).



Member information is strictly confidential and is used for Club purposes only. This

Contribution Total enclosed

$ $

information cannot be divulged by the Club or its individual members to non-members.

PWDCC Waterlog


M O R E Views

Arielle Bérubé (yes, he’s her father) our youngest handler. Stan Liebaert with Shooter in Apprentice, the Underwater Retrieve.

Cheering on the participants, John Brown and Tikka, Donna Gottdenker and Valentino, Ursula Martin and Quinn, Roslyn Eskind and Kate Erickson and Jac.

Megan Bérubé and Nyka in the Junior Boat Ride, John Martin rowing.

Henri Bérubé (yes, he’s her uncle) and Chlöe in the Junior Boat Ride, John Martin rowing.

The Buoy Line Retrieve. Kate Erickson and Chilly in the Junior Boat Ride, Donna Gottdenker stewarding, John Martin rowing.

Cathy Gadd and Sam in a successful Courier Trial on both days, what a good dog!

Rights: Annette Lovse and Fred Brauning of Michigan, in the U.S. continguent’s tent. Fred again supported us with his experienced rowing and advice. PWDCC Waterlog

The Waterlog August 2005  

Official Publication of the Portuguese Water Dog Club of Canada