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JULY 2013

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Cover: Jinx fetching her line. Can/Am Ch Cutwater The Best Is Yet To Come, owned by Fran Archambault and Jane Harding.

The Waterlog is looking for your participation! We need YOUR news, and submissions for Cover Pup and Pupography. Please send to Roslyn Eskind, with the subject ‘Waterlog submission’. Note all photos must be hi-res, (large jpegs) for printing purposes.

PWDCC Water Trials see Events for Premiums and entry forms

In Alberta July 14, 2013 Judge Charles White Brenda Brown, Trial Secretary

In Ontario August 24, 25 Judge Amanda Ford Patti McDonald, Trial Secretary

Cover Pup Schooner recently celebrated his 14th birthday and would like all PWDs to know its never too late to be a cover pup. Schoon has had an illustrious show career, titled in Agility, never had much interest in swimming or retrieving, and has always had time for the ladies passing on his great temperament and health to his babies. He has also excelled in being the most wonderful gentleman, with an intuitive knowledge of who needed his comfort and attention. Schooner lives with Roslyn Eskind, John H. Brown and the Seabury crew in Toronto and Grafton Ontario.

JULY 2013 PWDCC Waterlog

ThePresident’sLetter The warm weather has finally arrived and the club is ushering

By the end of the year we will provide a comprehensive report

in a flurry of outdoor activities with our PWD’s. In preparation

on the restructuring of our rescue program.

for our Water Trial on August 23, a Land Water Training session was held on May 11 and a Water Camp on June 9 in Ontario. Alberta will also be hosting a Water Trial this summer July 14th. We look forward to reporting on all of these events to our membership in this edition and the next edition of the Waterlog. We will also be hosting a Regional Specialty at the

We have also revised our Code of Ethics which is published in this edition of the Waterlog (see page 2). The changes primarily focused on behavioral expectations for those members in positions of leadership within the club. Questions regarding these changes can be directed to myself.

Kilbride Kennel Club show in Milton, Ontario this August

We will also be reviewing our Breeder Program this fall. A

10th, as well as a booster show at Lower Mainland Dog

small committee has been struck and will prepare a draft and

Fanciers of B.C., October 24-27, 2013.

recommendations for any changes to the Board. Any member

Of particular interest to our board is what our juniors are up to this summer. We will be featuring our juniors in the September Waterlog. Juniors across the country will be profiled in the different activities they are involved in with their PWD’s. This includes conformation, obedence, water training, agility,

who wants to address any concerns they have regarding the Breeder Program, please send your concerns to myself or Deirdre Hall via email. Our membership will be notified of any changes in our policies and procedures via an eblast sometime this fall.

grooming activities, tracking and rally. General interest stories

The Annual General Meeting was held on Tuesday, May 21,

featuring our juniors will also be featured. So please, let’s

2013. We had a quorum which was much appreciated. Thank

invest in the future by encouraging our children to be involved

you to all of you who called in to support the club. The min-

in our breed.

utes of that meeting will be published in the Waterlog. Have a

The Board has been busy focusing on several issues.

safe and happy summer.

We continue to encourage involvement in our rescue program.

Sharon Lapstra MSW, RSW,

Members are asked to contact Lorraine Wilson if they are inter-

President, Portuguese Water Dog Club of Canada

ested in getting involved in supporting our rescue program.

July 2013

PWDCC Board of Directors and Officers effective April 9, 2013 President and Director Sharon Lapstra St.Clements, Ontario

Secretary and Director Michelle Jackson Barrie, Ontario

Vice President and Director Patti McDonald Waterloo, Ontario

Treasurer and Director Pat Vokes Nobleton, Ontario

PWDCC Waterlog

Kathy Dick Bolton, Ontario

Rescue Coordinator Lorraine Wilson

Andy Gamache Morinville, Alberta

Breeder Contact Deirdre Hall


Mavis McClintock Duncan, British Columbia

Jennifer Byers Montreal, Quebec

Glenda Newton Hudson, Quebec

JULY 2013





• provide a sales contract, signed by all parties involved, which would include but not be limited to all services and sale

This code is established to further the objectives of the Portuguese Water Dog Club of Canada (PWDCC) set forth in the Club Constitution. All PWDCC members have an obligation to protect the Portuguese Water Dog and its future by putting the breed's welfare before any consideration of profit or personal advantage and by protecting it from exploitation, irresponsible

arrangements mutually agreed upon, adjustments, replacement conditions, etc. This contract shall require that the breeder be contacted whenever an owner can no longer keep a dog at any time in the dog's life so that the breeder may either assist in the placement of, accept the return of, or pay said dog's expenses should the dog be placed with PWDCC Rescue and Relocation.

promotion and careless breeding. All PWDCC members are representatives of the club and our breed. Members are expected to conduct themselves in a manner which brings respect to the club and to the breed by displaying good sportsmanship at all events, civility, honesty and responsibility for their dogs and themselves

• furnish appropriate paperwork, e.g., CKC registration or transfer documents unless written agreement is made at the time of sale that papers are being withheld, pedigree, health information on parents, details on feeding, general care, inoculation program, grooming instructions, obedience, etc.

at all times.

• require buyers to spay/neuter any dog not suitable for breeding,


and/or sell puppies on a non-breeding registration.

• shall abide by the Constitution and By-laws of the PWDCC and the rules of the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC). • are encouraged to support the PWDCA Health Registry with specific attention to testing for health disorders directly related to the Portuguese Water Dog. • shall conduct themselves at all times in such a manner as to reflect credit on the sport of purebred dogs and Portuguese

• be fair, open and honest in conducting business and advertise honestly in a manner that is in no way misleading or fraudulent. • verify to the best of their ability that the purchasers of puppies will be responsible owners who will provide proper homes and care. • assume responsibility for educating and assisting new owners in caring for their dog for the lifetime of the dog.

Water Dogs in particular. This includes respect for show sites, convention facilities (hotels), public recreation facilities, other dog owners and their dogs, and all other aspects of responsible dog ownership.


• assume life-long responsibility for re-homing all puppies they produce, should this be necessary.





• maintain the best possible standards of canine health, cleanliness and care, breeding only dogs that are in good health and free from communicable diseases. • evaluate honestly the structural and mental qualities of all Portuguese Water Dogs used for breeding. • acknowledge that they are aware of and understand the PWDCC Recommended Health Testing Protocol as set out in the PWDCC Policy and Procedures Manual and on the Club web site

5. CLUB MEMBERS IN POSITIONS OF LEADERSHIP (I.E. BOARD MEMBERS, RESCUE CO-ORDINATOR, BREEDER CONTACT, BRANCH CLUB EXECUTIVE ) IN ADDITION, SHALL : • be mentors for the breed by willingly sharing their knowledge and experience related to the Portuguese water dog and information related to participation in dog sports and activities with others.Be a resource and champion for our breed.

AboutPWDs/Health • provide all health test certificates of both Sire and Dam to potential puppy owners prior to accepting payment of any kind for a puppy from the resulting litter AND/OR • register all tests in the PWD Health and Litter Data Base

• be committed to supporting other breeders, new club members and participate in educational activities when required or when asked to do so. • never use their position in the club to benefit their own breeding programs, promote the sale of their puppies or for any form of


personal profit. • use a written stud dog contract for every breeding.



• keep accurate breeding records, registrations, and pedigrees.

6. NO



• evaluate honestly the structural and mental qualities of all Portuguese Water Dogs sold, and fairly represent that evaluation, and when needed request assistance from more experienced

Updated May 28th by the Board of the Portuguese Water Dog Club of Canada. The updates are shown in bold and include the entire section 5.

breeders. 2

JULY 2013 PWDCC Waterlog

2013 PWDCC Regional Specialty Milton, ON August 2013

We’re looking forward to a fun celebration of our dogs and enjoying the company of old and new friends! Don’t miss this great event!

Saturday August 10, 2013

The show is located on the beautiful Milton Fairgrounds in Milton Ontario.

Saturday August 10 Juvenile and Veteran Sweepstakes

Friday Auguest 9 Kilbride All Breed Show

Judge Kris Cofiell For more information, online registration and entry, visit our web site at Steering Committee Sharon Lapstra Roslyn Eskind Deborah Graffmann, Chair All entries close July 24th, 2013

PWDCC Waterlog

Specialty Judge José Homem De Mello Kilbride All Breed Show Kilbride Best Bred By Exhibition Competition

Sunday August 11 PWDCC Booster at Kilbride All Breed Show Working and Herding Club of Southern Ontario Specialty Kilbride Junior Handling

JULY 2013


BRANCH News Sunday May 5, 2013

Sundays: July 21, 28 and August 18th

Land Training Water Workshop

More Water Training Days

Location Richmond Green Sports Centre & Park, 1300 Elgin


Mills Road East, Richmond Hill, L4S 1M5

Sunday June 9, 2013

Beginners’ Water Camp Location Laurel Creek Conservation Authority 625 Westmount Road, Waterloo ON, M2J 3Z4, Congratulations to everyone on the fabulous job you did working your dogs at this year’s Water Work Program Land training

We are hosting three additional in water sessions to be held at the water trial site, Laurel Creek in Waterloo, July 21st, July 28th and August 18th. These sessions as designed to help you prepare for the water trial and will include skills practice and run through sessions of entry trial levels. For more info and to register visit the club web site at, Events section. NOTE space is limited so register early!

Session (held May 6th) and In Water Session on June 9th. The in water session was especially rewarding and enjoyable as we had sunny weather and the water was quite warm given the cool, rainy spring we experienced this year. Cathy Gadd and I appreciated everyone’s enthusiastic participation and commitment to learning the various water work skills. We were thrilled to see the high level of aptitude the dogs had for the work at hand – especially their strong retrieving skills and natural interest in working in the water. We would like to encourage everyone who attended to continue training water work skills in support of entering the PWDCOntario Water Trial in Waterloo August 23-25th. We both feel that you all could be ready to trial at the entry level this year! Lorraine Wilson


JULY 2013 PWDCC Waterlog

Friday-Sunday August 23-25, 2012

Water Trials PWDCONTARIO Water Trial Our annual 2 day water trial will be held at Laurel Creek in Waterloo on August 24th and 25th with a practice session on August 23rd. For full trial information and an entry form visit the club web site at, Events section. Feel free to contact Lorraine at if you have questions regarding the practice sessions or Cathy Gadd at regarding the water trial. Lorraine Wilson (Chair PWDCOntario Executive Committee) Cathy Gadd (Chair 2013 PWDCOntario Water Trials)

PWDCC Waterlog

JULY 2013


BRANCH News Sunday September 15, 2013

Fun Day Location Stouffville area in York Region Yes it will include play time in a lake! Games, water work demo, picnic and more. Contact Lorraine Wilson for more information on all these events,, 647 618-4737 Check the club website > Events for registration and waiver forms. Limited registration, so please register early to avoid disappointment. More events to be announced.


JULY 2013 PWDCC Waterlog

Jasper, BOW at the Nutmeg Specialty

Keeva Bay Por tug ues e Water Dog s Reg’d

Keeva Bay's Rocky Mountainhigh “Jasper” Dam: Am GCH/Can CH Makitso's It's A Great Catch At Keeva Bay, AOMx2 Sire: GCH Freestyle the Wiz, BN, RN, WWD, CGC Keeva Bay Portuguese Water Dogs 519-699-4770 Heidelberg ON

PWDCC Waterlog

Owner: Sharon Lapstra & Marjolein Hicks Breeder: Sharon Lapstra


March 7, 2012 Not Tested OFA: Too Young JDCM: 1-2 Probable Carrier OPTIGEN: Not Tested IC: Not Tested CERF: PW-370823 GM-1:

JULY 2013


Sniffingacrossthecountry… From Connecticut

From the U.S.

Nutmeg Specialty June 9, 2013

Matisse continues his historic winning streak, No.1 PWD, No.1 Working Dog, No.2 All Breed

Congratulations to Sharon Lapstra, going Winners Dog, Best of Winners Results Sweepstakes Judge Ms. Amy Kiell-Green 15 & Under 18 Months Dogs KEEVA BAY'S ROCKY MOUNTAINHIGH 1 Owner: Sharon Lapstra & Marjolein Hicks, Breeder: Sharon Lapstra

Specialty Judge Mrs. Sally George 15 & Under 18 Months Dogs 1/W/BW KEEVA BAY'S ROCKY MOUNTAINHIGH Owner: Sharon Lapstra & Marjolein Hicks Breeder: Sharon Lapstra SEL


Making the cut of Specials GCH HI SEAS DR ROMEO MACDUFF Owner: Louise Glenda Newton Breeder: M B Alexander & M Alexander & K De Bettencourt CH SEABURY'S MARRAKESH EXPRESS Owner: Roslyn Eskind & John H Brown Breeder: Roslyn Eskind & John H Brown B/G1 OS AOM SEL WB RWD RWB BP/PG2


Am GCh Can Ch Claircreek Impression De Matisse, bred by Donna Gottdenker, owned by Milan Lint, Peggy Helming and Donna Gottdenker.

From Ontario PWD puppies are on a winning streak in Best Puppy in Show wins: 3 in a row for Ch Seabury Sophie Tucker, followed by 2 in a row for Ch Drewsar Goblet of Fire making 4 BPIS wins for this young man, congratulations to the owners and breeders. for their stats go to

Above, BISS Ch CnSand Ardanwood Whitewash the Fence for Me; left, Keeva Bay’s Rocky Mountainhigh, Jasper owned by Sharon Lapstra and Marjolein Hicks.


JULY 2013

Ch Drewsar Goblet of Fire, Harry, bred and owned by Mari and Sara Szauerzopf.

Ch Seabury Sophie Tucker, bred and owned by Roslyn Eskind and John H. Brown. PWDCC Waterlog


Portuguese Water Dogs

Sophie, New Champion Seabury’s Sophie Tucker* Best Puppy in Show, 3 in a row! Thank you to the Judges who recognized her quality and style Bobcaygeon Kennel Club, July 2-4, 2013 Tuesday Group 4th Alan Bennett Wednesday Best Puppy In Show Manuel Queijeiro Group 2nd Manuel Queijeiro Thursday Best Puppy In Show Joe Lobb Group 1st Joe Lobb

Kawartha Kennel Club, July 5-7, 2013 Friday Best Puppy In Show Norman Kenney BPIG Glen Stark

PWDCC Waterlog


UKC Ch Hunter’s Kwik Frozen Tombouy DAM : Can/Am Ch Seabury’s Goodby Ruby Tuesday, AOM, CGN DOB : July 12, 2012 HIPS /ELBOWS /OPTIGEN (PRCD /EYES )/GM - 1/JDCM /IC : Not tested John H. Brown and Roslyn Eskind Seabury (reg’d) 416 580-4395

Presented by Team Alexander, Will Alexander, Kate Murray, Anne Phillips

*pending CKC confirmation

JULY 2013


P UPOGR AP HY NAME: Lilly (left) and Lucca (right)





May 6, 2008, Timber Oaks, Traverse City, Michigan


April 17, 2006, Timber Oaks, Traverse City, Michigan


Puppy School A+


Puppy School A+


I love chasing squirrels and cats, especially cats.


I like to play with my human mom the best.




II hate every bit of it. I’m a dog. I don’t want to smell


like coconut mango. Lucca

I love the face time with my human parents. I love the warm water, the treats. I love how handsome I am.

DIET: I’m actually a vegetarian. I might even go vegan.


Love apples and mangoes. Love turnip but it gives Lucca


me enough gas to get to Pennsylvania.


The trail around Mont Brome is awesome!

I’m a carnivore. Where’s the beef?


We both love our weekends in the Eastern Townships of Québec!


What’s a non-consumable?



Mom’s slippers




Not really into toys that much.

PET PEEVE: See grooming.

Lilly Lucca


I have no guilt about anything.


Eating frozen poopsicles. I can’t help myself.


I would like to be a secret agent whose mission it is to


I would like to get a PhD in library sciences.

I just come home and go straight to my crate. There was that time I dug up the raised flower bed right after Mom finished her gardening. I’m not doing that again!

get rid of all the squirrels in the ravines of Toronto.


SPECIAL SKILLS: a big smile! Lucca

I train humans. Reasonable rates.

He wouldn’t know what to do with a squirrel if one walked right up to him. I on the other hand have

I can smile! I always greet my human parents with


OF :

When the boss (that would be human Dad) is around

I’m always in trouble in the Eastern Townships.



I can’t sit on the couch.



three pinned up in my crate. Lucca

Sure everybody loves that patch over her eye. She may have got the looks, but I got the brains.

Lilly and Lucca are owned and loved by Nancy Campbell and Eamon Hoey and live in Toronto.


JULY 2013 PWDCC Waterlog

Portuguese Water Dog Club of Canada Annual General Meeting

Minutes of April 10, 2007 PWDCC AGM

President’s Report

Roslyn Eskind Donna Gottdenker Val Berry Deb Barcon Herb Szauerzopf Henri Bérubé Dave Bolt Mari Szaerzopf Kit Hagerman

2007 was a busy year for the PWDCC. Our membership grew to 257 individuals and families. Our new Branch structure was approved by the membership vote and Ontario is the first branch of the PWDCC. The ExCom of Ursula Martin, Donna Gottdenker and Anne Roberts are now in place and busy organizing the year’s events. Please refer to their attached meeting report for more details. The New Puppy Program continues to be a source of growth in our membership. And the Breeder list continued with greater support, all proceeds go to fund PWDCC Rescue efforts headed by Mari Szauerzopf. Rescue had one placement and many more informal calls. Mari continues to work closely with PWDCA Rescue to coordinate efforts across the border. I’d like to thank Mari for her efforts, which take quite an emotional toll, this is not an easy task, so Mari thank you for all PWDs. The Board has been busy working on revising our Constitution and By Laws. Most changes are not material, but some are. For instance, do you need to own a PWD to join? Currently you do. We will be coming to you in the near future with a motion on the proposed changes. Plans are underway for the 2008 Specialty and 2010 Specialty, please see the reports that follow. We have continued our affiliation with the PWDCA, it must be renewed each year, this allows us to hold PWDCA-sanctioned water trials. I hope that with the growth of branches across the country that we’ll soon see a Water Trial outside of Ontario. This year marks the departure of three Board members, Deb Barcon, Donna Gottdenker and Audrey Hawthorne. They have worked very hard for this club and I, for one, have appreciated their wise counsel and thank them for their contribution to the growth and development of the PWDCC over the years. However, we have three new members joining the Board, Sue Hopkins, Karen Matthews and Janice Starr, three formidable ladies with experience and enthusiasm to help guide the club through its next stage of development.. I’d also like to thank Henri Berube our membershipcoordinator, who mans the database and Cindy Berube who looks after the Breeder list and New Puppy Program. They work behind the scenes, on the computer, sending out packages, not glamorous but so necessary. This year Eden Veres resigned as Waterlog Editor and now Sharon Lapstra is our editor. Look for new features and articles, Sharon has some great new ideas. I’d also like to thank the many volunteers who help out at events, and to the members who come out to events and contribute to the Waterlog. Please let us know if you have an idea that might improve the club. And please don’t be afraid to volunteer, even if you’re new, all hands are welcome. The coming year also marks my last year on the Board (for at least two years) and I plan to prepare a Policy and Procedures Manual to document the progress we have made in the last five years. There’s been so much going on it’s now time to put it in writing for those who will follow. So thank you for your support and see you at the next event. Roslyn Eskind President PWDCC

PWDCC Waterlog

Present Deidre Hall Sue Heath Tom Leather Ursula Martin John Martin Mavis McClintock Anne Weiszmann Lorraine Wilson

Roslyn Eskind, President presiding – meeting called to order at 8:15pm Report of the President – Letter from President attached Report of the Secretary – none Report of the Treasurer – 2006 financial statement were distributed before the meeting and asked to comment. Approval of the 2006 AGM minutes Moved by Ursula Martin, 2nd Tom Leather. All in favour CARRIED Secretaries Report – none Treasurer's Report – Statements Attached Questions from Dave Bolt as to the status of the former BC club's funds to be transferred to the National Club ($800). Deb Barcon reported that the funds are still being held by the former BC Treasurer, pending the outcome of the Re-structuring Vote. Donna Gottdenker reported that she received 11 Ballots, all in favour, so the Re-structuring has passed. Therefore, the money can now be sent to the National Club. There was some confusion because people didn't realise that the Balance Sheet was part of the Excel Workbook that was sent out since they didn't see the Tabs at the bottom of the page. It was suggested that in future, the covering email indicate that there are 2 statements. So noted. Lorraine Wilson requested that the club report regularly on Rescue, both from a number of dogs taken in, their disposition, and the associated costs. It was agreed that the club has put considerable resources into Rescue, and that this warrants regular reporting. It was agreed that the Rescue Coordinator would provide regular reports when activity warranted for publication in the Waterlog, and that the financial information would be available on a quarterly basis as well. There was a question regarding the 2007 Budget, and it was reported that the Board was waiting for the outcome of the restructuring vote before setting the Budget, and that will now proceed.

and felt that the re-structuring was more important than raising membership fees. Deb assured those present that the Board would be re-visiting this issue in a year's time. Acceptance of Financials Moved by Val Berry, 2nd Ursula Martin. All in favour – CARRIED Election of Officers and Board Officers and Board continuing to serve the secondyear of their term New or Old Business Mavis reported on the 2008 The Victoria City Kennel Club has officially agreed to include the specialty with their August 2008 shows. Western Dog Shows has been sent all the necessary information to apply for our dates. I should hear back from them soon although I doubt there will be any problems. All the usual classes have been included in our application as well as classes for Neutered males and females and Parades of Champions and Title Holders. Contracts have been sent to both Steve Dostie and Bev Rafferty but only Steve Dostie has signed and returned his. I have not heard from Bev even though the contracts were sent considerable time ago. We are looking into providing All Breed Agility and are in contact with two organizations willing to mount the trials. Decisions about the the type (CKC or other), judges (we would like to ask one of our PWDCC judges to officiate), number of runs etc are still in the early stages. A PWDCC Obedience Sanction Match is being held this Wednesday here in Cobble Hill. Tammy Hibberton and I are looking after the arrangements. Should we decide to put on our own separate Obedience Trial at the specialty we would have that option. Otherwise, there will be 3 All Breed Obedience Trials held in conjunction with the Vic City show. There is still some ongoing discussion about Water Trials Still in the conceptual stages ideas for trophies, products, set up, host hotel and publicity. A formal contacting of BC members to act as committee chairpersons will take place in May. I will be working on a publicity initiative to take to the PWDCA National in October. Sincerely, Mavis McClintock 2008 Specialty Chair. Motion to Ratify all acts and decisions of past year since last AGM Moved by Val Berry, 2nd Mavis McClintock. All in favour – CARRIED Meeting was adjourned by Roslyn Eskind at 9:15

Concern regarding the re-structuring was expressed by Lorraine Wilson and Ursula Martin with regard to the Branches being barred from charging membership fees as a way to raise operating funding, and whether the National Club would be providing the Branches with any funding. There was additional concern regarding the Club's viability when the membership fees are so low. Val Berry gave a very clear explanation for the Board's rationale at this time. Basically, the Board didn't want to have too many things change at once,

JULY 2013 11

Highlights of the PWDCC Board Minutes January 23, 2013, 8pm EST Present: Sharon Lapstra, ON; Pat Vokes, ON; Kathy Dick, ON; Andy Gamache, AB; Mavis McClintock, BC; Jennifer Byers, PQ; Roslyn Eskind, guest Absent: Glenda Newton, PQ, Michelle Jackson, ON Roslyn welcomed the new board members and thanked them for volunteering and wished them great success. Motion to accept the minutes of the January 10th meeting made by Pat, seconded by Roslyn. Approved Secretary’s Report We don’t have someone designated to be the Secretary. Is there anyone on the board now who might be interested. We are in compliance with CKC rules for our board composition, Officers are not counted as regional directors and we can have up to 3 directors per region, and 4 of the 6 regions across Canada represented. Duties of the Secretary include communication with the board and CKC, transcribing minutes of meetings, eblasts to membership and working with Pat on membership issues. Roslyn still manages the back end of the club web site where our membership data base resides and can help with blasts if the Secretary can’t send mass emails. There is a full list which could be circulated. Kathy Dick volunteers to take this on. Roslyn will send the list and will continue discussion offline with Kathy. Treasurer’s Report TD Bank $10,603.59 PayPal $575.88 Membership 2012 148, 65 renewed for 2013, 3 are move-ups from puppy membership No new puppy members, 2012 was 89 January puppy people are potentially new full members. In the Feb waterlog mailing, we send the membership forms again and note on the inside front cover that ‘this is the last Waterlog unless you renew’. Membership lapses April 1 unless renewed, the Breeder list lapses at the end of January. Eblasts will go for membership, puppy members and Breeder members. It was asked do we normally follow up with puppy members to see if they are enjoying the club? Perhaps we should consider regular follow ups. Good business practice and a great idea. Old Business Boat Purchase Boats are stored at the Vokes’ cottage, however, in the spring, we will need a location near the trial site, Laurel Creek. Sharon, who lives near the site, will inquire of her sources to find a location to store the boats. The boats are loaded on the club double trailer with all the equipment in a custom built container. The blue boat which floats very high in the water is not suitable for trials, it is made for a motor not rowing. Roy Vokes will look after selling the blue boat in the spring. The new boat purchased last year is more suitable for water work. The new boat is a Meyer (sp?) which Roy has built a step on it. The boats in Alberta work very well, and they are clam-shelled on the same trailer, Andy will send photos of the boats to Pat. The Alberta regional club would like to use the boats for their Water Camp. Most of the Alberta members are PWDCC members. They are having Charlie White run a 3-day Water Trial camp in June and would be happy to rent them. Mavis, Jennifer, Kathy and Pat speak in favour of Alberta using the PWDCC boats. The boats are on Brenda Brown’s property in storage and Brenda is the chair of the Camp. Does the Alberta


JULY 2013

club have insurance? Yes they do, Roslyn suggests that the Alberta club name and indemnify the PWDCC on their insurance. The trailer is in Andy’s name for the licensing. The boats are insured by the PWDCC as property. Roslyn will send a copy of the PWDCC insurance certificate to Andy. Motion to allow the Alberta regional club use the PWDCC boats/equipment for their Water Camp a the end of the June, seconded by Mavis. Approved. Elora Regional Specialty Question re expenses, they appear very low, were the trophies donated? Pat responds that she doesn’t have details yet, just the figures. When she gets the report she’ll share it with the board. It appeared that the trophies were Purina giveaways donated. There were individual donations of about $450.00. Standing Committees Are there any right now? Such as Specialty, Health, Rescue? The only standing committee of the club is the Water Trial committee headed by Catherine Gadd, with members Tammy Hibberson, Audrey Hawthorne and Lorraine Wilson and Mindy Selby who was the board liaison reporting directly to the board. Motion Sharon makes a motion to appoint Pat Vokes as the board liaison, Andy seconds. Approved. Pat will report to the board on the committee activities. The committee liaises with the PWDCA to keep our manual current with the PWDCA manual, approves applications for water trials in Canada, keeps records of successful trials and titles. Water Trial in Alberta There are some outstanding receipts. Questions asked of Robin re some missing receipts for food disbursements, and as few other things, Pat pointed out we didn’t send out payments for some capital expenses and that will be done as soon as Robin replies. The Alberta club is possibly planning a trial for July in 2013. And Andy noted that the Alberta Water Camp has been going strong for 8 years. AGM Scheduled for February 21st. Normally we require 10% quorum, fifteen people, on conference call, the financials and agenda is distributed in advance. Our conference call account allows for 25 people, so it should be fine. The bylaws outline the procedure. The slate will be eblasted to the membership after this meeting. The timing is rather tight now, the slate has to be send 4 weeks before the meeting to allow for the possibility of write-in candidates. Pat has a problem as she needs the merchandise inventory to finalize the financials. Roslyn’s bookkeeper will deal with other outstanding questions. Roslyn will try contacting Brawna, ask for completion of the inventory and see if she wants to continue managing the merchandise. Perhaps we should have quarterly reports on activity or per event tracking of sales to keep our financials current. Financials would go to the board first for a review and then sent to membership in one week in advance of the AGM. Setting up the books takes the quite a lot of work, so there is some urgency to get the information outstanding to make the deadlines. 2013 Membership forms The forms were not sent out. Roslyn will distribute them after the meeting. Tabled for the next meeting, in use now, nothing has changed except the Breeder form as the Policy has reverted to 2011 Policy. New members ask for some background on changes for 2012 and 2013. Referred to board minutes to see discussion. Don’t we want to promote health testing and production of the best dogs possible? Also, breeders had to participate in the Puppy Program,

however, that cost could be part of purchase price, not a breeder cost. There are many breeders who fully test their dogs, some are on the breeders’ list, but don’t post litters as their pups are pre-sold. It can seem intrusive to provide documents, but we need to balance what is good for the club and the puppy purchaser. The board members need to show leadership. This issue has been going around for the last 10-15 years. Can’t make an assumption that people who don’t list nationally don’t test. Some don’t want to sell outside of their territory. The puppy listing is somewhat a different issue than breeder policy. What does the club do to ensure that breeders comply with club policy? Every member or breeder member sign their form which specifies upholding the club bylaws, policies, etc. We can’t police people, it is a volunteer organization. Good breeders will do their best but we can’t mandate and can’t follow up. Perhaps this board needs to review this program and set up a committee. Sharon, Jennifer, Kathy, Andy volunteer to sit on this committee. Should other club members who are not board members be included? Committee comprised of 6 people total, 2 general members. Motion Jennifer moves to set up a committee to review breeder program policy, 4 board members, 2 general members, with the chair to break ties, seconded by Kathy. Approved. Sharon volunteers to chair the committee, approved by the new committee members and board. New Business Rescue Dog The club has been contacted by the owners of a dog bred by Korton/O’Kamolot. They are trying to rehome the dog, it was at the breeders for one night and the owners were asked to pick it up. Lorraine Wilson is the new Rescue co-ordinator, she can take dogs in, she can do some initial assessment of temperament and has a network of experts to rely upon. We have inquiries to adopt him, however, we are not comfortable moving forward without having first seen and assessing this dog. Lorraine will take the dog, so we are waiting to hear from the owner if they are willing to let the dog go. In the past, rescue reporting to the board was at board meetings as required, they wasn’t a network of contacts, or foster homes. This is a complicated issue and requires a lot of resources. Perhaps start with a notice in the Waterlog asking for volunteers/fosters setting up a regional network across Canada. The reality is there are very few water dogs that come into rescue for rehoming. Most contacts are made when the dog already has a bite history that we can’t take in due to liability issues. And members breeders are obligated to take their own dogs, so often rescue facilitates breeders being contacted to step up and take the dog. Sometimes people are reluctant to contact their breeders if there is a problem. This dog is a large 24in, 70lb boisterous 4 year old dog, the owners, recently retired want to travel and with older parents and young grandchildren, their dog is a problem. Mavis leaves the meeting at 9:30 EST. If a non member contacts us for help with Rescue, do we step in? Yes we do. When we are contacted by someone who has a biting dog, we refer them to behaviourists and other resources. The last actual rescue was Val Berry taking in a dog in BC, getting it vetted and she found it a new home, the PWDCC paid her expenses. With this particular dog, if the owners are willing to give him up, we can take him in. If he turns out to be truly an aggressive dog, we then consult with a veterinarian and the dog could be put down if necessary. This is what has happened on occasion. Do PWDCC Waterlog

we want to see these dogs for sale on Kijiji, with these dogs ultimately put down? We are left with picking up the slack of unethical breeders who don’t step in to help their owners. The owners should have been more responsible in knowing the lifestyle implications of an active dog who could live for 15 years! Board members are helping with finding a placement but the dog has to be investigated. 2014 Specialty We need a location, committee to work on this. The last one was in Ontario, we attempt to move it across the country, perhaps membership in BC or Alberta would be willing to do it. BC has the resources, Mavis will poll the members in BC, there are at least 3 all breed shows to partner with: Abbotsford, Chilliwack or Victoria City. Andy says the Alberta club is thinking of a Regional Specialty for 2014. Feedback in 2012 Specialty in Ontario: The 2012 Specialty was essentially a conformation show with a one day water trial the day before, we boosted the Obedience and Rally Trials of the all breed show. Two social events, a Welcome Party on Friday evening, not well attended, then a Banquet. Good support with trophy and silent auction money being raised. The big expense that put the show in the red was the Judges’ expense, flying in our own three Judges. The Wet dog show had to be cancelled for lack of support. Roslyn will circulate the stats of past specialties entries. Mavis will report at the next meeting. The board selects the judges, board members make suggestions, a list is developed that members vote in order of preference and a list is developed Waterlog New volunteer interested in taking over the editorship in April. Mike Collins has had PWDs for almost 10 years, he has an MBA and is retiring so is enthusiastic to help out and work with Roslyn. AAC National Championships Aug 1-4, 2013 in Alberta Andy has asked the PWDCC to sponsor a trophy for the top qualifying PWD. Agility is well supported in Alberta, and the AAC has asked national breed clubs to support trophies, last year there were 700 dogs participating. Donation ideas are open, nothing is specified by the AAC. Ribbon and trophy. Perhaps a perpetual trophy, or a large ribbon? The PWDCC was sanctioned to hold CKC Agility trials, but we’ve lost it now as you must have a trial at least every three years to maintain sanctioning. The Alberta club is sanctioned to hold trials. The problem with a perpetual trophy is keeping track and shipping costs. Perhaps a one-off is more practical. Some clubs have put together a package of items. Free ad in the Waterlog and trophy. This will honour the actual dog and give focus to the activity. Motion Andy moves that the PWDCC donate $250.00 to create a trophy/ribbon for the top qualifying PWD at the AAC (Agility Association of Canada) in 2013, with Andy Gamache being responsible for obtaining the trophy including generic club merchandise, such as hats, pins, etc. and presenting it, seconded by Kathy. Approved. Next meeting scheduled for Tuesday February 12, 2013, 8pm EST. Motion to adjourn moved by Sharon, seconded by Jennifer. Approved.

February 19, 2013, 8pm EST

ably a week in advance of meeting date.

Present: Sharon Lapstra, ON; Pat Vokes, ON; Kathy Dick, ON; Mavis McClintock, BC; Jennifer Byers, PQ; Roslyn Eskind, guest

2014 Specialty Mavis suggested that the Lower Mainland all breed show is scheduled for the end of October in Abbotsford, it is the most accessible and they get the largest turnout. There is RV Parking, but Mavis is going to look into Hotels and a location for our social event. Roslyn will post info on our web site.

Absent: Glenda Newton, PQ; Michelle Jackson, ON; Andy Gamache, AB. Sharon welcomed everyone. Motion by Mavis to accept the minutes of the January 23rd meeting, seconded by Jennifer. Approved Treasurer’s Report: TD Bank$13,063.58 PayPal$1,385.12 Standing Committees Water Trial Catherine Gadd, chair, Tammy Hibberson, Audrey Hawthorne, Lorraine Wilson and Pat Vokes, board liaison. 2014 Specialty Mavis, chair, Sharon, Roslyn. Breeder Program Sharon, chair, Jennifer, Kathy, Andy Old Business AAC National Championships Aug 1-4, 2013 in Alberta Andy is to update the board on the type of trophy and prizes that the PWDCC club are donating with in the budget of $250.00. AGM Pat advised that a merchandise inventory was done at the end of the last trial and there have been no sales since that date. We have set a tentative date of April 23rd as 60 days notice to all members is required. The AGM will be held on a separate night other then our regular scheduled meeting as there are a lot of details to cover Boat Storage Sharon spoke to a local farmer but he only rents storage space for the winter, Sharon will speak to a neighbour about summer storage. Pat to email Sharon the dimension of the custom made boat trailer, as storage pricing is based on size. Pat has stored the boats at her cottage this past winter, she will speak to her husband to advise if they will continue to store the boats for the winters. Elora Regional Specialty Doug Windsor has contacted Pat, and she forwarded his info to Kathy to respond. He will provide a list of eligible judges, and his premium list. Kathy is to verify the dates and obtain judging panel. Membership 2013 Pat advised that to date we have (forms are still trickling in): 82 renewed member and 71 who have not yet renewed 14 new members, 17 puppy program and 13 Breeder List Roslyn advised that the February Water Log will contain renewal/registration forms as members deadline is April 1st. Rescue The owners of the 4yr old male, found a new placement for their dog. Sharon will speak with Lorraine to discuss procedure, we need to build a data base of foster homes and resources across Canada. Scheduling of Board Meetings Sharon suggested that we set up schedule for the monthly meetings. We have selected the second Tuesday of each month. An invitation along with the Agenda and previous minutes are to be sent prefer-

PWDCC Waterlog

Motion Jennifer moved that the PWDCC hold the 2014 National Specialty at the Lower Mainland All Breed Shows at Abbottsford BC, October 23-26, 2014. Seconded by Mavis. Approved. Committee: Mavis, chair, Sharon, Roslyn Waterlog A question was asked about the cut off date for information submitted for the Waterlog. Roslyn advised that information/documents/data needs to be submitted a month prior to being published, i.e: February 1 for March 1 publication. Water Trials Ontario Lorraine has submitted dates for upcoming water training and trials. Roslyn has already uploaded this to the web site and e-blasts will be sent as dates approach. Pat advised that the first meeting of the water committee is to take place early March. Mavis reminded everyone that at the 2014 National Specialty there is no facility in the area to host a water trial. Pat will advise the committee and get their thoughts on holding a water trial in Alberta (Brenda Brown); Ontario or elsewhere. New Business Board Members Code of Conduct Motion by Kathy that Sharon and Kathy research other organizations’ standards of conduct of their board members. Seconded by Jennifer. Approved. Committee: Sharon, chair and Kathy Dog Inquiry Kathy received an email from a breeder, warning of a woman (from western Canada) who has a bitch dog that is not registered with the CKC and she currently has a non-breeding contract (which she wants reversed) as she is looking to purchase a stud dog. This lady from the west does not have much knowledge about breeding practices and is calling all breeders down the list to find a seller. Roslyn reminded us that it is illegal in Canada to sell a “pure bred” dog and not register it with the CKC. Pat had also received a call from this lady and Pat informed her that she would pass her info to Deirdre to contact her. Sharon requested Pat forward contact info to her so she may speak with Deirdre prior to contacting this lady. Facebook The board set up the facebook page last year prior to the Elora Specialty, however there were no restrictions to the site. Administrators currently are Sharon and Kathy. Sharon requested that restrictions are in place for the site. During the meeting Kathy has dismantled the site so only administrators can add / change info on the site. There was a question asked if we need a facebook page in addition to the PWDCC web site, and do we want an open form. Roslyn advised that the back page of our web site has an open form, but that most members do not use this service. Roslyn advised that she has a contacted Laura Dolman who creates policies and manages social media. The consulting fee is $50.00 and she should be able to help us decide what facebook can do for us. Motion by Kathy to hire a consultant to discuss facebook policy. Second by Mavis. Approved. Roslyn will contact Laura and see if she can join our

JULY 2013 13

next meeting. Next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday March 12, 2013, 8pm EST. Motion by Pat to adjourn meeting. Seconded by Sharon. Approved.

March 12, 2013, 8pm EST Present: Sharon Lapstra, ON; Jennifer Byers, PQ Pat Vokes, ON; Andy Gamache, Prairies; Mavis McClintock, BC; Michelle Jackson, ON; Kathy Dick, ON; Roslyn Eskind, guest Absent: Glenda Newton, PQ Sharon notes, in lieu of minutes, are used to run the meeting. Kathy leaves the meeting Boat Sharon has contacted Laurel Creek who are willing to store the boat for a six months season for $250.00 at their maintenance facility which is secure. In the winter the boats will go to Pat Voke’s cottage. The term is May to the end of September, hours are 7am to sunset or latest 9:30 if required. The cost is reasonable considering there will be no fuel cost to transport the boats. (Jennifer leaves the meeting). Really an ideal solution for practice and trial days. Motion Pat moves the the club stores the boats at Laurel Creek for a six month term at a cost of $250.00, seconded by Mavis. (Jennifer rejoins the meeting) Approved. The winter storage at the Vokes’ cottage is a good solution to facilitate maintenance and repairs. National Specialty at Lower Mainland Show in November 2014 In 2014 the show will be at the new venue (first year is 2013). Mavis will talk to Donna Cole, the president of the all breed club about holding our show and discuss the panel of judges available. Hiring a Facebook coordinator to discuss club policy, this will be tabled to the next meeting. Code of Conduct for Board members We should look at other breed clubs for their policy. The PWDCA has combined board and member ethics in a “Code of Ethical Conduct”. Very good as it is behavioural. Mentioned is that officers and committee members should be held to a higher ethical standard. This will be tabled to the next meeting. Treasurer’s Report Bank Balance $14,783.58 PayPal Balance $586.22 92 renewed members 17 new members 13 breeders 18 puppy program Renewals continue to come in. Financial Statements were explained by Pat and reviewed. We should contact members who may have club property to develop a detailed inventory. Graph shows where money is coming from. Pat would like to release the profit and loss and balance sheet once approved to show that the club is operating at a deficit, and contrary to the popular believe that the club has a surplus of money, last year the club had a loss of over $13,000.00. Pat was commended on the detail and diligence of her work. Discussion on increasing membership fees by $5.00 per year. No action at this time. Pat would like discuss our not for profit status with members who are accountants, as when income is over $30,000.00 the club may have to collect HST, that would be charged on top of all fees. Pat will check this out. Pat would like to present the statements to the PWDOntario executive meeting she is attending tomorrow. A question was asked of the


JULY 2013

$5,000.00US donation made to the PWDHF. This was voted on by the 2012 board, and was considered as perhaps an ongoing donation, perhaps not at that scale. A consideration of this donation was the club status as a not for profit with excessive funds. Another issue is tax returns, should the club be filing these? Pat will investigate. There was board discussion on club financial organization: there is one bank account, the statements are based on what flowed in and out of the bank. Should the PWDCOntario and PWDCC has separate accounts? PWDCOntario is not a stand alone club, it is a branch of the PWDCC. Unlike Alberta which is a stand alone club. Roslyn explained the structure of the branches, the mandate is to provide events to local members. The Branch should have their own ledger, of their own money from events and merchandise sales. In Canada we can’t support stand alone regional clubs. Under the umbrella of the National club, major expenses for the newsletter, web site, insurance are taken care of. Should we approve their yearly budget or what level of autonomy should there be? We should review the bylaws, currently the PWDOntario must only submit a list of events, not budgets for board approval. The overriding principle is that events should be structured to at least break even. Motion Pat moves to share the PL and Balance Sheet to the PWDOntaro branch, seconded by Jennifer. Approved. Motion Sharon makes a motion to approve the 2012 Financial Statements as presented, seconded by Andy. Approved. Roslyn requests an offline discussion with Pat on details of the Specialty details. AGM The membership needs 60 days notice for the AGM. May date, Tuesday 21, regular board meeting is 14th. Sharon moves that the AGM take place Tuesday may 21st, 8pm, the quorum required is 10% of membership at least 15 members plus at least half the executive (President, Secretary and Treasurer) in attendance. This is based on CKC rules. Seconded by Pat. Approved. Question to Pat, do we need to approve expenses? Budget submitted first? The PWDCOntario branch has to approve their own budgets, the national board doesn’t approve their budgets. The events planned so far are Land Training, Water Camp, Water Trial, practice days, Fun Day. Should a cheque be provided for the submitted event? Yes. What happens if events operate at a loss? What is the accountability? The only problem is occasionally the Water Trial, other events are consistently profitable. The boat storage is an Ontario expense. And PWDCOntario money was originally funded by sharing in the profits of the 2006 specialty in Milton as it was a joint event and the start of the branch in Ontario. They should have a running balance showing expenses for merchandise, event costs, etc. and income from events and merchandise sales, etc. New Business Waterlog recommendations We received feedback from members on the Waterlog content and cover. A criticism is too much of the content is focused on conformation. The policy has been to feature Best in Show dogs on the cover. It was a rare occurrence, however, now it is quite common and seems to have taken over the covers. Perhaps we can suggest that BIS dogs are featured as brag ads subject to health testing as paid-for advertising. The Waterlog content needs to be a balance between general dog and PWD information, and the what the club is charged to be, the National PWD breed club, with focus on performance sports, conformation, breeding, health policy

and other dog issues. In the past there were more articles on grooming, health issues, training. It is difficult to get contributions from members on their dogs for Sniffing across the Country, or Branch News, Roslyn is left to seek out information from websites and Facebook. Can we blast membership again to ask for contributions. We have always done that with little response. Sharon and Roslyn have written most articles. We usually have at least one puppy cover, and other non conformation shows as cover subjects in a year of four issues. Perhaps we should be changing the policy to just feature Best in Specialty winners. As a campaigned dog could be featured on each of the four issues as a BIS winner. Or perhaps we should change the policy that no one dog appears more than once in a year or once every two years. We don’t just want cute puppy pictures either. Two board members speak in support of the Waterlog. The policy as it stands now is if there is a BIS your dog is featured on the cover. Regional and National Specialty winners will be considered for cover. The Waterlog used to be organized around themes years ago, however, that stopped as there wasn’t support. August/September features Water Trials, National Specialty (if it occurs in this time period) November features PWDCA National Specialty Consider recurring features: Veteran Dogs, Performance, Puppies, Training, feature Junior Handlers in a profile that might generate more contributions from members Promote the use of the Waterlog for brag ads. Generates revenue. Risk that submitted photos are not publishable, quality and content issues. Cover policy was a board motion. Motion that Waterlog covers will feature National and Regional specialty winners, BIS show winners are relegated to brag ads, paid-for by owners, seconded by Mavis. Approved. Do we try to sell ads to commercial ventures. Yes, we just lost Rens Pets who for many years supported us with a back cover ad, $110.00 x 4 issues. This Waterlog is the first without advertising since the policy was started. Regional Specialty in Elora Some members didn’t find it convenient during the Christmas holiday season. Suggest we move the regional specialty to the Kilbride show in August. And we should alternate location of Regional and National specialties in different regions. Alberta is considering taking on a Regional Speciatly, perhaps in June with Conformation, Agility and Obedience. June is too early for Water in Alberta. The proposed Regional Specialty could be done very cost effectively as Kilbride has a world-class Portuguese judge on the panel who would cost us $4.00/dog. We will need a Sweepstakes judge, please consider and provide ideas for a list for the board to vote on. The usual criteria is a breeder/judge. We need CKC approval for the show, and then approval of the judges separately. Please email Sharon with ideas. We see running Juvenile and Veteran Sweepstakes. We would propose one low key social event onsite, the dates are August 9/10/11 and we would have a booster also, revenue for that of $4.00/dog. We would have to pay for ribbons, Secretary and CKC fees. We would probably net out $20.00 per dog, sweepstakes pays for itself. We could use club merchandise for prizes as we have this inventory. We could probably get 40 dogs. We could canvas American competitors to come also. Motion Sharon moves that the PWDCC hold a Regional Specialty at the Kilbride show August 9/10/11 2013, Jennifer seconds. Approved. PWDCC Waterlog

We’ll blast membership to work on the committee, along with Sharon and Roslyn. We’ll hold a Booster at Elora as has been our habit. And we will hold a Booster at LMDF this year in preparation for 2014 Specialty held there. Motion Mavis moves that the PWDCC hold a Booster at the LMDF show at the end of November, seconded by Pat, Approved. Mavis says there is no rebate, but ribbons are supplied. We have always had a PWD event at this show. Rescue Program In the February Waterlog there is a call for participation by members. Once response is received, Sharon and Lorraine will determine what resources will be available. Lorraine suggests that Directors be the point person for local rescue issues to collect information on behalf of Lorraine. Directors know their regions, resources available to create an infrastructure. Directors’ email will be provided for contact purposes. Motion Sharon moves that Regional Directors will act as primary point of contact in the their area for PWDCC Rescue, Michelle seconds. Approved. Next meeting Tuesday April 9, 2013, 8pm EST. Mavis moves to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Jennifer. Approved.

April 9, 2013, 8 pm EST Present: Sharon Lapstra, ON; Pat Vokes, ON; Kathy Dick, ON; Mavis McClintock, BC; Jennifer Byers, PQ; Michelle Jackson, ON; Roslyn Eskind, guest Absent: Glenda Newton, PQ; and Andy Gamache, AB Minutes Approval Motion Sharon moved to accept the minutes of the March 12, 2013 meeting. Seconded by Mavis, Approved Business Arising From the Minutes: Pat Vokes advised that to date we have 122 renewed members and 37 inactive members that have been removed. Renewals are still trickling in. We have 24 new members, 26 in the puppy program and 13 on the breeders list. Treasurer’s Report TD Bank $13,187.52 Pay Pal Account $893.38 The profit and loss statements have minor changes made that do not affect the bottom line. Pat contacted the CRA and verified that the HST threshold is $50,000.00 not $30,000.00 and that does not include donations. Boats Pat advised that she and Roy are to go in May to the Laurel Creek Conservation area to sign the storage contract and to pay the invoice. Code of Conduct Sharon advised that she has not had time to work on it yet, but a draft will be reviewed in the next meeting. Facebook Roslyn advised that Laura Dolman will review Facebook best practices with us for a not for profit as soon as we can make the time. We will review in the May meeting. Rescue Sharon advised that she has not heard of anyone coming forward to volunteer as a contact since the request was published in the Waterlog. Michelle advised that she sent her name to Lorraine. All board members are a point of contact for the rescue program. This should be noted on the website and in the Waterlog. All rescue referrals will go to

PWDCC Waterlog

Lorraine. Mavis will discuss this topic at her next BC club meeting next week. Relationship of Ontario Branch to National Breed club We discussed the issue of financial accountability of the Ontario Branch to the National Breed Club. Since the National Breed Club has the overall financial responsibility for the club a discussion ensued regarding budget approval. It was decided that the treasurer of the national breed club would be responsible for approving the budget of the Ontario Branch. A policy statement will be prepared by Sharon and Pat for the next meeting. Pat stated that she and Sue Heath are going to review the financials over the past years to track the Ontario clubs earnings to 2006. We continued the discussion in regards to the relationship of the Ontario Branch and the National Breed Club regarding regional specialties. Our current policy states that the Ontario Branch can petition the board to hold a regional specialty. All profits and losses will be assumed by the branch. It was clarified that the National Board is responsible for all specialties including the approval of all judges. The policy can be found on pages 28 and 29 of the PWDCC policies and procedures manual. Mavis emphasized that the national board needs to be the final approval of all judges to protect the best interests of our club. Regional Specialty at Kilbride Roslyn advised that we have received CKC approval for both the event and the judges. The breed judge is from Portugal and the sweeps judge is Kris Coffiel. This is a national breed club event. Roslyn also advised that we need a branding logo for the specialty. Last year it featured a trillium with two pwd heads facing in opposite directions. We can adjust the colours and texts for next year. Committee: Sharon, Roslyn and Michelle. National Specialty 2014 at Lower Mainland Mavis sent a letter to Donna Cole and she hopes to hear something soon. The BC club will also do a booster for 2013. New Business Canadian Dogs Annual Magazine Currently the magazine has all old club contact information. Sharon feels the exposure and a link to our website is very helpful. Roslyn will pull together what she has done in the past and forward it to the board for review. Position of Vice President Sharon outlined the credentials and board experience of Patti McDonald. She bought her first PWD from Leona Ives 12 years ago. She currently has two dogs from Sharon and has a keen interest in doing water work and learning more about conformation. Patti is an accountant and has served on several community boards. Motion Mavis by to invite Patti to join the board for the position of Vice President. Seconded by Pat. Approved. Roslyn has sent a form to Kathy that is to go to the CKC to update with all the new/current board members and their CKC numbers. Motion by Pat to adjourn meeting. Seconded by Sharon. Approved: Next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, May 12, 2013 8 pm EST.

May 28, 2013, 8 pm EST Present: Patti McDonald, ON; Mavis McClintock, BC; Pat Vokes, ON; Sharon Lapstra, ON; Michelle Jackson, ON; Roslyn Eskind guest Absent: Jennifer Byers, PQ; Glenda Newton, PQ; Andy Gamache, Prairies Motion Mavis moves to accept the Minutes of February 19 and April 9 PWDCC meetings, seconded by Michelle. Approved Business arising from Minutes Facebook Policy Table Laura Dolman presentation on Facebook Policy to next meeting. 2014 Specialty the show will be at Chilliwack not Abbotsford. The facility is nice, large rural fairgrounds with a large grooming building, good washrooms, parking, good flooring in the show area. 1/2 hour further east of Abbotsford on transCanada Hwy. Town is charming with several hotels to choose from. The problem is the food service at the show, poor quality and they don't like food to be brought in. We can try to negotiate bringing in our own buffet lunch. Good supermarket nearby. Perhaps we can negotiate with food vendor to supply healthier offerings. Heritage Park site, there is a golf club nearby, we could do an affordable dinner there perhaps. And there are other restaurants nearby to have a lunch. Preferable is a lunch at the show site. Mavis will explore lunch at site or elsewhere, of course, dependant on judging times. Canadian Dogs Annual Ad Options of sizes and expense, from full page to text listing of 50-100 words, $129.00 to $995.00. In the past we have done a 1/2 page ad, as shown by sample distributed. A 1/2 page is $795.00, a 1/4 page is $595.00. Is there value to the club in placing these ads. Do we increase membership or is it a tablestakes presence to help people find a good breeder? The magazine has wide distribution in bookstands, stores, used by the general public. Motion Mavis moves that we place a 1/2 page colour ad in the 2014 Canadian Dogs Annual, seconded by Pat. Approved. The dog featured will be updated. Roslyn and Michelle distribute photos, looking for sweet puppy photo with 'curb appeal'. Roslyn will source the photo as it needs to be high resolution suitable for printing. Regional Specialty We need to order ribbons, prizes and negotiate the tent with Kilbride. The premium will be distributed this week once the Secretary gets back to us. We will put together a website with donations, online registration. We will keep is lowkey and simple. Pat asks about 'ownership' of the Specialty. Sharon explains this event is organized by the National club, so revenue, etc. should be booked to National club. The Elora Gorge Specialty was also a National club event, not a PWDCOntario event. If the branch wants to host or co-host a Specialty they petition the National club, and then it is worked out. The role of the PWDCC is to approve judges, and host or co-host Specialties. Revision to the Code of Ethics There has been some behaviour at shows and complaints from membership of Rescue being used to sell puppies when contacted. How do we address potential conflicts of interest, not to use the position on the club executive to promote their own breeding program. You can tell people you are on the board, and also refer them to the club web site listings. We are, as members of the board, in service to our membership and to our breed, first and foremost. The additions are valuable and it's too bad we have to be so explicit

JULY 2013 15

about these issues. Mentoring is a huge responsibility, can be fraught with all sorts of problems. A Code of Ethics is important, the strict guidelines instills confidence that we are a credible organization.

New member applications and lapsed members renewing February 28- June 11 2013

Motion Patti moves to accept the additions to the PWDCC Code of Ethics, seconded by Mavis. Approved.

If no objections are received by Michelle Jackson, our Secretary

Treasurer duties statement re National Treasurer approving branch budgets. The PWDCOntario would prefer that the Treasurer present the branch budget to the board. PWDCOntario Water Trial upcoming, timing required for budget? So far only storage costs have been paid. Budgets should be prepared in advance in early planning stages whenever actual details are available. Yearly budgets can be prepared, say in March, for approval for the entire year's events. In the past there were yearly budgets developed for the club's events, membership income, exposes, etc. Motion Sharon moves that the PWDCC board review all budgets for PWDCOntario events, seconded by Pat. Approved. Report of the Treasurer $14,876.20 in bank account, no outstanding payables 310.22 Paypal 130 members 102 renewals 26 puppy members 13 breeders listed Rescue funds can be shown in two year increments, in response to inquiry at AGM. The club boat is currently registered in Roy Vokes name, as the club is not a corporation. This is a liability issue for Roy. It can be changed to both Roy and the club. We need to see if the club can indemnify the Vokes, however, in a litigious society, everyone named can be sued. Patti will tow the boat from the storage to the site, about 3 km. We have B&O insurance, so perhaps the trailer should be in Pat's and the club's name. New Business Club Secretary Kathy Dick is stepping down as Secretary and Michelle Jackson will take on the Secretary's duties. Roslyn and Michelle will talk offline to . Donating a trophy to the PWDCA National Specialty And we also usually do an ad for their catalogue. Mavis will take care of the donation. Motion Mavis moves that the PWDCC donate $90.00 for a trophy for the PWDCA National Specialty, seconded by Sharon. Approved.

(, within 30 days after publication date, membership will become effective. If an objection is received, the application must be voted on by the Board within 30 days of receipt of objection by the Secretary. The applicant is notified of the result. Patti McDonald 188 Corrie Cres Waterloo, Ontario N2L 5W4

Joan Gatfield 127 Baldwin Avenue Harrow, Ontario N0R 1G0

Eric Truffer 2175 Conrad-Godin Trois-Rivieres, Quebec G8Y 7N3

Tracy Bilous 68 Cherie Road St. Catharines, Ontario L2M 6L7

Josee Theriault & Alain Delorme 640 Ramsey Lake Road Sudbury, Ontario P3E 6H5

Wendy & Art Street 426 South Taylor Mills Drive Richmond Hill, Ontario L4C 2T4

Tara Sky & Kenzie Cooper-Leith 43 Gilhom Avenue Cambridge, Ontario N1S 1T3

Katja Huismans 67 Wimbleton Road Toronto, Ontario M9A 3S3

Leslie & Don Allain 1775 Meadowview Avenue Pickering, Ontario L1V 3G7

Jennifer Beney 7308 Zinnia Place Mississauga, Ontario L5W 1K6

Rob Phipps 46 Wildwood Trail Barrie, Ontario L4N 7Z4

Cassie & Ernie Lim 257 Lion's Court Waterloo, Ontario N2L 6M7

Elodie Mathison Box 173 Bawlf, Alberta T0B 0J0

Susan Vandenberg 48 Wildwood Rd. Georgetown, Ontario L7G 2W8

Your dog, young or old, could be

Send us photos (hard copies,

CKC letter on reviewing the breed standard in light of docking or cropping issue. Our only issue is around dew claws, our standard specifies rear dew claws should not be there, front dew claws are fine. Rear dew claws are not a disqualification. How often is there occurrence of dew claws on rear legs? In the maritimes vets no longer do docking or cropping. Mavis will call the CKC to inquire about expectations. We'd rather not alter the standard. June meeting is changed to Tuesday June 18th 8pm EST. Motion Pat makes a motion to adjourn, seconded by Patti. Approved.

featured on our cover masthead or

colour or black and white will be

the pupography page, just send a

returned), or electronic files of

photo and short story for possible

your images (jpegs, tiffs, eps

selection. We also love any other

saved at minimum 4”x 6”

general interest stories about your

260dpi). All emails should be

wonderful PWDs for publication in

titled ‘Waterlog’. Text can be

our next issues. We will give you

emailed or sent as a Word attach-

$5.00 off your next club mer-

ment along with photos to Roslyn

chandise purchase for every story

Eskind, or call


at 416-504-6075 for additional information.


JULY 2013 PWDCC Waterlog

U P COM I N G Look for updates on


2013 August 9-11 PWDCC Regional specialty

A PWDCC event

Held in conjunction with the Kilbride All Breed Shows, Milton Fairgrounds, Milton Ontario Judges: Specialty José Homem De Mello, Carnaxide, Portugal, Juvenile and Veteran Sweepstakes, Junior Handling Kris Coefill, Glastonbury Connecticut, Hospitality event after judging, breed booster on Sunday. For more information, registration, trophy and other donations, online entry visit, or contact Sharon Lapstra, or Roslyn Eskind,

August 23

Water Trial

A PWDCOntario event

Practice Day Friday August 23 Trial Days Saturday August 24 and Sunday August 25, all levels Location Laurel Creek Conservation Authority 625 Westmount Road, Waterloo ON, M2J 3Z4, Contact Lorraine Wilson for more details,

July 14

PWDCC Water Trial in Alberta


Jubilee Park Campground, Wizard Lake, Alberta. Judge Charles White, Committee: Andy Gamache, Co-Chair, Linda Propp, Co-Chair, Greg Illchuck, Site Coordinator Brenda Brown, Secretary. Closing date June 30th, 2013, Water Camp with Charles White offered by APWDC.

July 21

PWDCOntario Water Practice Days

A PWDCOntario Event

3 Water Trial Preparation Practices, Sundays on July 21, July 28, August 18 11:30-3:00, $15.00 per dog/handler team per day Plus park admission fees. Location Laurel Creek Conservation Area, 625 Westmount Road, Waterloo ON N2J 3Z4, Note there is a $5.50 entrance fee per adult, $2.75 child 614. Download the Practice Flyer and Registration Form on, under Events. SPACE IS LIMITED SO REGISTER EARLY! Registration priority will be given to people who plan to enter one or both of this year’s trials. Registration contact Pat Vokes, 905.859.6452,

August 10

2013 Regional Specialty


2013 PWDCC Regional Specialty, Sweepstakes, and Booster at Kilbride Show Milton Ontario Download the 2013 PWDCC Regional Specialty Conformation Flyer and Entry Form at, under Events. Judges Specialty José Homem De Mello, Portugal; Juvenile and Veteran Sweepstakes, Junior Handling Kris Coefill, Glastonbury Connecticut

August 23

Water Trial

A PWDCOntario Event

2 days of Trials, all levels Location Laurel Creek Conservation Area, 625 Westmount Road, Waterloo ON, M2J 3Z4, Contact Lorraine Wilson for more details,, Download the PWDCOntario Water Trial Premium and Entry Form Download at, under Events.

Sept 15

Fun Day

A PWDCOntario event

Location Stouffville area in York Region Yes it will include play time in a lake! Games, water work demo, picnic and more. Watch for more details!

Oct 26

Lower Mainland Dog Fanciers of BC Booster


Contact Mavis McClintock for more information,

Dec 27

Elora Booster


Details to come

PWDCC Waterlog

JULY 2013 17

PWDCC Shopping

1. MEN’S WINDSHIRT $28.00 Sizes: S M L XL

5. LADIES’ WINDSHIRT $28.00 Sizes: XS S M L XL

10. GLIDDEN ULTRA 100% COTTON T-SHIRT $15.00 Sizes: S M L XL 2XL 3XL 4XL

Colours: Charcoal, Beige, Navy

Colours: Deep Red, Beige, Navy

Colours: Light Pink, Violet, Royal Blue, Pink, Gray, Light Slate, Tan, Red, Blue, Celadon, Tangerine




Colours: Blue with Black only

Colours: Navy, Fossil, Red, Celery

Colours: Light Pink, Light Blue, Irish Green, Royal Blue, Red

12. SAFARI HAT $15.00 100% cotton, embroidered with the PWDCC Logo. Colours: White, Green, Black



Colours: Red and Black

Colours: Midnight Navy with Gray and Putty with Navy

13. VISOR $11.00 Colours: Khaki, Light Blue, Light Pink White, Kelly Green, Royal Blue

4. PULLOVER SWEATSHIRT $35.00 Sizes: S, M, L, XL, 2XL


14. BALL CAP $12.00 100% cotton, embroidered with the

Colours: Gray only

Colours: Light Blue only

PWDCC Logo, with a tab at back to adjust size

9. ENAMEL LAPEL PINS $5.00 Our fantastic logo in colour, 1.25 x 0.1 in

15. LICENSE PLATE FRAME $10.00 For Water title holders only, the perfect

Note: shipping, if required (by mail), is additional for each item. Average costs in Canada are $12.00 per shipment. Contact Brawna Levy for available sizes, email, T 647.629.8450

way to make a splash

The Waterlog July 2013  

Official Publication of the Portuguese Water Dog Club of Canada