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NEWSLETTER FOR PARENTS CSG named one of only 100 “Confucius Classrooms” in U.S.A.!

HIGHLIGHTS 1/19/2010: President Barack Obama presented China’s President with a gift of photos prepared by all the students in CSG’s Chinese Program. 1/19/2010: Two CSG students and their mothers met First Lady Michelle Obama and participated in an educational summit in Washington. 4/14 - 4/17/2011: Two CSG faculty representatives won a free trip to the National Chinese Language Conference in San Francisco, CA. May 2011: It is expected that CSG students and their parents will meet Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at the third U.S.-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue in Washington.

On Oct. 21, 2010, CSG’s Chinese Program was inducted into the HanbanAsia Society’s “Confucius Classrooms Network,” a consortium of 100

exemplary Chinese programs in the U.S. that share resources, undergo training, and have educational exchanges with schools in China.

Summer 2011: It is expected that CSG’s Chinese teacher will attend the 2011 AP Chinese Summer Institute in China and six CSG students and CSG’s Chinese teacher (as a chaperone) will attend a free summer camp in China.

BENEFITS TO CSG OF BEING A “CONFUCIUS CLASSROOM” Confucius Classroom member schools receive White House invitations to meet with U.S. and Chinese officials, attend national educational conferences, participate in exchanges with Chinese schools, and qualify for free College Board training in China for teachers and summer camps in China for students. (See sidebar above.)

Also, each member school receives at least $30,000 to develop its Chinese Program. CSG will use a large portion of this money to purchase Chinese textbooks and other materials for students as well as to fund Chinese restaurant and other field trips, cultural activities, and Chinese-themed parties for students.

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