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V A 2014 alor wards

Celebrating 28 Years Tuesday, April 29, 2014 The Clubs at Quantico & Crossroads Event Center

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014 3:00p.m. to 8:00p.m. Free to Attend & Open to the Public

Continental Event Center 9705 Liberia Ave. Manassas 703.368.6600 Presented by the Prince William Chamber in Cooperation with the Prince William Area Agency on Aging

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Prince William Living appreciates each and every first responder. We are proud sponsors of the Valor Awards because it allows us to say

T hank you for the work that you do. Those that serve do not do so for recognition, but it is for that very reason we applaud your courage and dedication. You are what makes Prince William a safer place to Live, Work and Play.

Valor Awards Program WELCOME Bill White, Chairman of the Board, Prince William Chamber of Commerce

PROGRAM INTRODUCTION Speaker Sponsor: Heather Honeycutt, Novant Health Narrator: Chris Lawrence, Anchor, NBC4

PRESENTATION OF COLORS Prince William County Public Safety Color Guard Pipe Major Steve Cochran

AWARDS PRESENTATIONS Chief Stephan Hudson, Prince William County Police Department

THE NATIONAL ANTHEM Woodbridge High School Viketones INVOCATION ?????????, Chaplain, Prince William County Department of Fire & Rescue RECOGNITION OF GUESTS Deborah Jones, Acting President & CEO, Prince William Chamber of Commerce REMARKS Quality of Life Vision Partner: ??????????, Title??????????????, Dominion Virginia Power Valor Awards Corporate Sponsor: Stephen Porter, President, Sentara Northern Virginia Medical Center VOCAL PERFORMANCE Woodbridge High School Viketones

Chief Kevin McGee, Prince William County Department of Fire & Rescue Colonel Douglas W. Keen, Chief of Police, City of Manassas Police Department Chief Jim McAllister, Occoquan-Woodbridge-Lorton Volunteer Fire Department Captain Michael Spivey, Virginia Department of State Police Assistant Director in Charge Valerie Parlave, FBI-Washington Field Office Special Agent in Charge Charles E. Smith, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives The Honorable Paul Ebert, Office of the Commonwealth’s Attorney CLOSING In honor of those who have served our community and its people above and beyond the call of duty, the 28th Annual Prince William Valor Awards are proudly presented by the Prince William Chamber of Commerce.

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From the Chamber Message needed

- Pete Dolan, Chairman of the Board, Prince William Chamber of Commerce

Carl Sandberg once said, “Valor is a gift. Those having it never know for sure whether they have it ‘til the test comes. And those having it in one test never know for sure if they will have it when the next test comes.” Valor is all about character and is often forged with the belief that service to others is a far higher purpose than serving one’s own interests. So it is with today’s award recipients. We welcome you to the 27th Annual Valor Awards ceremony. It is a privilege to honor the public safety officials who go above and beyond the call of duty performing their jobs with extraordinary distinction in the face of difficult circumstances. In every community we depend on those who carry the badge, who keep the peace and serve our citizens. And in times of unrest, all Americans are grateful to those who answer the alarms and run toward danger to provide urgent care. Those who place their own lives at risk for others must be recognized and honored by their fellow citizens. We are humbled to publicly thank all of you this afternoon. On behalf of the business community of the greatest community in the Commonwealth of Virginia, thank you for being part of such a special day - Robert H. Clapper, II, President & CEO, Prince William Chamber of Commerce

Robert Clapper, President & CEO, Prince William Chamber of Commerce and Pete Dolan, Esq., Chairman of the Board

From the Presenting Sponsor Sentara Healthcare is once again honored to sponsor the Prince William Chamber of Commerce Valor Awards. It is our privilege to recognize and honor the 2013 Valor Award recipients. The recipients of today’s Valor Awards are emblematic of everything that is good in Prince William County and are most deserving of these esteemed awards. Every day these dedicated professionals handle immense challenges with grace and without reservation. Sentara Healthcare salutes and extends sincere gratitude to each and every award recipient Megan Perry, President, being honored today. We also extend our Sentara Northern Virginia appreciation to all public service personnel who Medical Center, CVP, make Prince William County a truly great place Sentara Healthcare, to live, work and play. Northern Virginia - Megan Perry, President, Sentara Northern Virginia Medical Center, CVP, Sentara Healthcare, Northern Virginia

Categories of Prince William Valor Awards Valor Categories GOLD MEDAL- The highest award for bravery and heroism. Awarded in cases in which a public safety official knowingly places his/her life in peril of death or extreme serious bodily harm while saving or attempting to save the lives of others who are clearly at risk. May include the saving of a life that is threatened by medical or physical reasons. To date, only 17 Gold Medals have ever been awarded. SILVER MEDAL - The second highest award for bravery and heroism. Awarded in situations when a public safety official knowingly exposes himself/herself to great personal risk in the performance of an official act. May include the saving of a life that is threatened by medical or physical reasons. BRONZE MEDAL- Awarded in situations where during the course of an emergency, a public safety official demonstrates extraordinary judgment, ingenuity or performance of his/her duties. May include the saving of a life that is threatened by medical or physical reasons. MERIT AWARD- Awarded to a public safety official for acts involving personal risk and/or demonstration of judgment, zeal or ingenuity above what is normally expected in the performance of duty. VALOROUS UNIT AWARD- Awarded for bravery and heroism demonstrated in a cooperative fashion by an entire unit in such cases where a public safety unit, as a team, demonstrates extraordinary judgment, ingenuity or performance of their duties. May include saving of a life that is threatened by medical or physical reasons. Multiple members of the team may have exposed themselves to great personal risk in the performance of an official act or gone above what is normally expected in the performance of duty. Introduced in 2013. Investigative Categories THE HILLARY ROBINETTE AWARD- For integrity in investigative work including, but not limited to, solving a cold case, clearing a difficult active case or the outstanding overall supervision of a particularly unusual case that is brought to a successful conclusion. MERIT AWARD- For a cumulative body of investigative work including, but not limited to: detailed crime scene processing, significant evidence identification, collection and analysis, and substantial investigative contributions to the successful closure of a major case or series of cases.

Investigative Merit Award 2014

Officer Daniel Sekely ~Prince William County Police Department The Criminal Investigation Division had investigated nearly thirty “smash and grab” commercial business burglaries or attempted burglaries in eastern Prince William County. The same unidentified perpetrators were believed to be responsible for similar multiple burglaries in surrounding jurisdictions (Fairfax, Loudoun, Stafford, Spotsylvania, Orange, Culpeper, Fauquier and Frederick, MD). Prince William County Police organized a regional task force in an attempt to identify the suspects and stop the crimes. Despite great effort by the task force, street crimes members, FSB, and Crime Analysis, limited evidence was available to make identifications. Additionally the perpetrators had now expanded their targets to include western Prince William County. While on routine patrol in western Prince William County, Officer Daniel Sekely observed a suspicious vehicle displaying altered tags. He conducted a traffic stop, made contact with the driver and passenger and obtained consent to search the vehicle.

Officer Daniel Sekely Investigative Merit Award

Officer Sekely made a methodical search of the vehicle, locating a small amount of marijuana in the console of the car. As he continued the search he located three folding knives, two flashlights, a screw driver and an iPad, on or around the front two seats. Finding this odd, he continued searching further, and he located a backpack in the back seat with only a pair of shoes. Upon opening the trunk of the vehicle, he immediately observed a black duffle bag containing a gray hooded sweatshirt, a black glove, a pair of white gloves with red fingertips, and a pair of shoes. Officer Sekely recalled a recent crime bulletin that had contained images of suspects and stolen items from a recent commercial burglary. The images showed a suspect wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt and black gloves. Continuing his search Officer Sekely located several burglary tools as well as several cell phones and other items of interest. Thinking outside the box, Officer Sekely recalled there being a GPS unit on the dashboard of the vehicle. He accessed the GPS and noticed many store names with addresses. Officer Sekely retrieved recent crime bulletins, to include one from Tobacco Time, in which three knives were stolen and photographs of the knives were included on the bulletin. Officer Sekely observed that two of the knives in the vehicle were exact matches of the ones in the bulletin with price tags still attached. It was at this point Officer Sekely trusted his instincts and strongly believed these two subjects were involved in the rash of commercial burglaries. Officer Sekely contacted his supervisors, and detectives were called out to assist. The officer detained the two subjects and put them in his police cruiser, where he secretly recorded the conversation between them. The detectives interviewed the two suspects, and both confessed to having committed multiple burglaries, including those in neighboring jurisdictions. Due to Officer Sekely’s actions, Prince William County detectives were able to identify and arrest eight suspects involved in these crimes, and the regional task force cleared nearly seventy burglaries in the Washington DC metropolitan area, all as a result of a proactive “routine traffic stop” conducted by Officer Daniel Sekely. Because of his instincts, thoroughness, investigative skills and dedication Prince William County Police Officer Daniel Sekely brought down a large organized crime spree and is receiving the Investigative Merit Award.

Investigative Merit Award 2014

Narcotics Task Force ~Prince William County Police Department (For the Protection of our Under Cover Officers, No Photo Available) In July of 2013, a growing drug trend was identified in the Prince William area. The intelligence indicated widespread abuse of prescription medications and a strongly related surge in heroin availability and use. This problem was beginning to manifest itself in overdoses, an increase in patrol related heroin and pill arrests and an increase in prescription fraud and heroin cases being developed in the Prince William County Special Investigations Bureau. The Prince William County, City of Manassas, and City of Manassas Park Narcotics Task Force and the Prince William County Special Investigations Bureau joined in a collaborative effort to impact this growing trend in our own communities. Lieutenant Dan Hess, First Sergeants Matthew McCauley and Dan Murphy, Sergeants Eric Garza and Kenneth Hulsey and Detectives Caillen Smith and David Ehrhardt met to formulate a plan of action. A plan was conceived and implemented soon after. The plan consisted of three components to address the problem. It was named Operation Blue Dragon. The Blue represented the common color of prescription pills and Dragon is a street name for heroin. The first component was the enforcement effort. It identified targets selling prescription drugs and heroin and developing criminal cases through undercover operations. Key in coordinating a mass round up were Detectives Caillen Smith and David Ehrhardt and Intelligence Analyst Alicia Larkins. Detective Wayne Smith handled the money laundering and suspect background workups for the operation. The second component was public awareness and education. A large aspect of this was allowing members of a major news outlet to have unprecedented access to the information on the growing problem and a firsthand look at the enforcement efforts. This allowed for the drug trend concerns and enforcement efforts to get to large audiences. A second aspect was to conduct informational talks directed at administrators and security in schools in Prince William County and the Cities of Manassas and Manassas Park. These classes are ongoing and critical to informing frontline educators about the availability and use of prescription drugs and heroin amongst teens. The third component was prevention and addiction support. It was recognized that opiate addiction was a profound issue. Without intervention, treatment and support, most of the people arrested would return to using drugs. Every arrestee was given information on local and national points of contact to help them seek treatment. The operation concluded in late 2013 with the arrest of most of the 46 targets. In addition, units executed seven search warrants in the three jurisdictions and recovered evidence including pills, heroin, money, nine firearms and a vehicle. This was in addition to the hundreds of doses that were taken off the street through undercover operations. The long hours and difficult undercover operations of the officers on the Narcotics Task Force made this community a safer place for all citizens. The Narcotics Task Force of Prince William County and the Cities of Manassas and Manassas Park is receiving the Investigative Merit Award.

Merit Award 2014

Officer Aaron Lintz~Prince William County Police Department Around 6:30 p.m. Officer Aaron Lintz was off duty and traveling in his personal vehicle in Manassas Park when he noticed a plume of gray smoke on the horizon. Being familiar with the area he knew the smoke was not originating from an industrial location and decided to investigate further. As he drew closer he noticed the smoke changed colors. He discovered a residence with an attached garage on fire and a group of people standing in front of the home. Upon questioning none knew if the family was out of the house or not, including a man trying to combat the fire with a garden hose. Officer Lintz began pounding on the front door to warn the residents if they were still in the home. Just before a male answered the door, the smoke detectors in the house sounded. No one in the house knew there was a fire until they heard Officer Lintz pound on the door. The male exited with his daughter but, upon questioning, said his wife was still inside. Officer Lintz entered the house while loudly announcing his presence. He located the wife and family dog coming down the stairs from the upper level and escorted them outside. Once he was certain there were no others in the house, he exited.

Officer Aaron Lintz Merit Award

Officer Lintz had grave concerns about vehicles parked directly in front of the garage catching fire and/or exploding and spreading the fire to residences close by. The residences in the neighborhood are located very close together, intensifying the concern. Officer Lintz and the male occupant re-entered the house, secured vehicle keys and moved the vehicles away from the house. One of the vehicles already had front bumper and headlight modules melted from the heat of the fire. Half of the garage was already engulfed in flames when first responder units arrived. Officer Lintz identified himself to the first responders and advised them that the family had already been evacuated. Rather than continuing on to his destination, Officer Lintz used initiative, acted decisively to ensure the safety of the family and took steps to minimize the hazard to other nearby residents and their homes. In doing so, Officer Aaron J. Lintz, while following his training went above and beyond what is expected of him. In his words, “I only did what I would hope someone would do for my family under similar circumstances.” For his exceptional actions Prince William County Police Officer Aaron J. Lintz is receiving the Merit Award.

Merit Award 2014

Officer Trey Cram ~ City of Manassas Police Department Responding to a 911 call for a one year old child choking and having difficulty breathing, Officer Trey Cram determined that the child was having a seizure. Within a few moments, he realized that the child was unresponsive and not breathing. Officer Cram began administering Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), after which the child began to respond and breathe on his own. City of Manassas Medic 501C arrived on the scene and found the infant conscious. Medic Steven Schmid, one of the City of Manassas Fire and Rescue personnel on the scene, stated that the CPR performed by Officer Cram revived the infant and increased the chances for survival. Medic 501C transported the infant to the Prince William Hospital Emergency Room where doctors determined that it was in the best interest of the infant to be transported to INOVA Fairfax Hospital for further treatment. Officer Cram’s performance of CPR saved this infant’s life. He showed further concern and compassion when he transported the family to the hospital himself. Officer Cram applied his training and experience as an officer, coupled with the heart of a parent, to jump into action without hesitation to save a life and comfort the family in a stressful situation. For his quick thinking and immediate action under stress, City of Manassas Police Officer Trey Cram is receiving the Merit Award.

Officer Trey Cram Merit Award

Merit Award 2014

Officer Steven Mattos, Jr. ~Prince William County Police Department Upon arriving at a scene in Lake Ridge, Officer Steven Mattos observed visible flames and smoke coming from the rear of the residence. Officer Mattos started questioning witnesses to determine if all residents were out of the house. From all questioned he was told yes. When he asked where the residents of the home were, he was pointed to a crying woman standing slightly down the street talking on her cell phone. While pointing to the burning house, Officer Mattos asked the distraught woman if she lived there and if everyone was out of the house. Staring blankly at the house the woman said yes. Officer Mattos persisted and while making sure the woman was looking directly at him asked the woman to look around and tell him if she saw everybody from the house outside. The woman looked around the street and realized that her uncle was not on the street. When asked, the woman told Officer Mattos that her uncle had been in the basement watching television.

Officer Steven Mattos Merit Award

Officer Mattos updated the Public Safety Communications Center about the missing man and went to the front door of the house. The door was open with heavy smoke present. After yelling at the front door multiple times with no response Officer Mattos noticed flames outside at the back of the house and that the smoke seemed concentrated on the main floor. He was concerned that the uncle could be trapped in the basement or unconscious. Officer Mattos continued yelling as he found the basement stairway and proceeded down. He entered a large room and found the uncle on the couch, half asleep and unfocused. Telling the man that the house was on fire he physically pulled him up and guided him up the stairs and through the smoke to the outdoors. Fire units had not yet arrived when they emerged but did arrive several minutes later. Officer Mattos’s persistence and perseverance in his investigation and going above and beyond expectations in entering the home ultimately saved a man’s life. For this act of valor, Prince William County Police Officer Steven R. Mattos, Jr. is receiving the Merit Award.

Bronze Medal 2014

Lieutenant Carlos Robles~Prince William County Police Department When responding to a report of gunshots, officers observed that a subject had been shot and then his body was dragged a short distance. The shooter having fled on foot, police units set up a perimeter around the scene. Officer Marshall Daniel and his K-9 partner Koda responded and deployed to the area near Cardinal Drive where the subject had been spotted, beginnig to search for the weapon. Shortly thereafter Lieutenant Carlos Robles, who had responded to the scene after completing an off-duty detail, reported that he had encountered a subject fitting the description and requested backup. As a result, the subject was taken into custody without further incident. Officer Daniel and Koda were at first unsuccessful in locating the weapon, but returned to search until the weapon was discovered. During the investigation it was determined that the subject located by off-duty Lt. Robles was the subject responsible for the shooting. It was further discovered that the victim, who had been out walking their dog, was a retired ATF agent. The recovered firearm had been stolen from a vehicle earlier in the month.

Lieutenant Carlos Robles Bronze Medal

Had it not been for the keen observation skills of the officers and Lieutenant Robles’ willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty during his off hours, this case may have gone unsolved and the suspect may have committed more senseless acts of violence. For his commitment to the safety of the citizens of Prince William County, Prince William County Police Lieutenant Carlos Robles is receiving the Bronze Medal for Valor.

Bronze Medal 2014

Officer Patrick Balchunas ~ Prince William County Police Department Officer Patrick Balchunas responded to a shooting in progress with the knowledge that the victim had been shot numerous times in the chest and once in both the arm and leg, but that the suspect had fled on foot. Another officer spotted the suspect and Officer Balchunas assisted in taking him into custody. He interviewed the suspect and obtained valuable information about where the weapon was located and how many people were still in the residence. The information was relayed to the officers on scene. Knowing there was at least one injured victim, Balchunas immediately retrieved his medical pack from the trunk of his cruiser and made his way to the scene. The victim could be seen lying on the sidewalk in front of the house. With the aid of another officer, Officer Balchunas moved the victim out of harm’s way to a position of cover at the corner of the garage. Officer Balchunas stayed with the victim, who had Officer Patrick Balchunas sustained life threatening injuries complicated by a large amount of blood loss. Medical personnel were unable to respond because Bronze Medal officers were still securing the scene. Balchunas performed life saving aid including applying a compression dressing to the arm wound and an occlusive chest seal to the gunshot injury as the the remaining officers cleared the residence. After making the determination that the victim had a life-threatening injury, Officer Balchunas attempted to support the vicitim and walk them to a place of safety for further medical assistance. The victim became unresponsive and collapsed but Officer Balchunas placed the individual in a fireman’s carry position and carried him down the street to the medic unit over his shoulder, a decision that ultimately saved the man’s life. The EMTs and doctors at Sentara Hospital stated that if it were not for the actions that Officer Balchunas put forth the victim would have died on the scene because the bullet had nicked the victim’s heart. For placing the victim’s welfare above all else and leaving a position of cover with the victim to ensure proper treatment, Prince William County Police Officer Patrick Balchunas is receiving the Bronze Medal for Valor.

Silver Medal 2014

Trooper Charles A. Lanfranchi ~ Virginia Department of State Police Trooper Brandon West ~ Virginia Department of State Police While monitoring the Dumfries Weigh Scales on I-95 in Prince William County, Trooper Charles Lanfranchi and Trooper Brandon West watched as a pickup truck southbound on I-95 lost control and crashed into a utility pole at the entrance to the scales. They immediately saw smoke coming from the front of the vehicle. Troopers Lanfranchi and West ran through the tunnel that goes under the interstate that connects the northbound and southbound scales. Smoke had already begun to collect in the Troopers Charles Lanfranchi and Brandon West passenger compartment and the driver was unconscious. The Troopers and a Good Samaritan were able to pull the driver, Dennis Berry, of Woodbridge from the burning vehicle. Then Trooper Lanfranchi went Silver Medal back to the vehicle and was able to rescue the driver’s dog from the burning vehicle. Shortly after getting the occupants out, the vehicle became fully engulfed in flames. If not for the Troopers’ quick actions and with no thought to their own safety, they were able to save both the driver and his dog without which both would have perished. It is for these reasons that Trooper Charles Lanfranchi and Trooper Brandon West of the Virginia State Police are receiving the Silver Medal for Valor.

Merit Award 2014

Captain Tom Clark ~ Prince William County Department of Fire & Rescue Captain Tom Clark was at a railroad crossing, several cars behind the upright gates when he noticed a vehicle sitting on the tracks and facing the opposite direction. Hearing the train whistle, indicating an oncoming train and thinking the vehicle had broken down on the tracks, Clark got out of his car and approached the vehicle to find the driver sitting inside and looking at the oncoming train. When asked what he was doing, the driver stated that he wanted to kill himself. Captain Clark instructed the driver to get off the tracks immediately as the train was approximately 50 yards away. When asked if it was illegal to kill yourself, Captain Clark said “yes,”and that the driver needed to get off the tracks. He told the man to pull into a nearby driveway to talk about it. The driver did as instructed, and Captain Clark called 911 to report the intended suicide and waited with the driver for police to arrive.

Captain Tom Clark Merit Award

When County Police and the Railroad Police Officer arrived they took the man into custody and examined his vehicle, finding a substantial amount of high-powered ammunition in the car. Responding officers told Captain Clark that the individual decided to drive off of the tracks because “a person of authority told him to get off of the tracks.” Clark recognized the danger this situation could have posed, not only to the person in the car, but to others nearby if the intended suicide had resulted in a collision with the train and subsequent explosion. With no hesitation, he approached a vehicle stopped on railroad tracks with a train approaching at approximately 40 mph to see if he could be of assistance, not knowing who or what was inside the vehicle. It was later made known that there was no way the train would have been able to stop. For demonstrated self-motivation and authoritative action, disregarding his own personal safety, Captain Tom Clark of the Prince William County Department of Fire and Rescue is receiving the Merit Award.

Merit Award 2014

Police Officer First Class Brett Stumpf~ City of Manassas Police Department Officer Brett Stumpf of the City of Manassas Police Department responded to a call of a vehicle being driven in a dangerous manner on an extremely busy road. It was reported that the driver had run two red lights and was driving erratically. PFC Stumpf arrived to find the front of the man’s vehicle making contact with the rear of another vehicle at a stoplight. Stumpf quickly determined that the driver was unresponsive with his eyes open, the vehicle still running and in drive and the doors locked. The driver appeared to be having a medical episode and was not cognizant of his actions. His foot kept moving back and forth between the vehicle’s accelerator and brake causing the engine to intermittently rev and push into the vehicle in front of him. PFC Stumpf decided to move his own vehicle into place behind the vehicle to prevent him from possibly backing into moving traffic. Within seconds the man did just that, backing into the cruiser.

PFC Brett Stumpf Merit Award

During this entire event PFC Stumpf provided dynamic situational updates via his radio and was directed to break the subject’s window if necessary. PFC Stumpf broke out one of the vehicle’s windows, placed the car into park and shut off the ignition. Emergency personnel provided needed attention and transported the man to the hospital where he was admitted. The owner of the front vehicle, Mr. Bagherzadeh, identified the extremely dangerous situation and selflessly took action by placing his vehicle and himself in harm’s way to keep the man’s vehicle from moving forward, crucial in preventing a potentially life threatening event. Mr. Bagherzadeh is to be commended for his actions. PFC Stumpf ’s quick response to the scene, his sharp ability to identify the dangerous situation and the measures and actions he took prevented the possibility of a potentially fatal ending to this incident. For quick decision-making with little regard for his personal safety, Police Officer First Class Brett Stumpf, City of Manassas Police, is receiving the Merit Award.

Bronze Medal 2014

Captain Jason Reese ~ Prince William County Department of Fire & Rescue Captain Brian Ferguson ~ Prince William County Department of Fire & Rescue While test driving several boats at Great Falls with members of the Swift Water Rescue Team of the Council of Governments Captains Jason Reese and Brian Ferguson and two Fairfax City Fire and Rescue technicians Kyle Craven and Bill Pittard noticed a group of four people lying on the rocks near the river, an area of strong currents and deadly undertows capable of sweeping people out into the white water current. As they returned to the docking area they were notified that four people were in the water in need of rescue. Captains Jason Reese and Brian Ferguson Montgomery County Safety Boat made one rescue, and crew member Pittard stayed with this victim to Bronze Medal render emergency care. The remaining crew was then directed to the area in which a female was clinging to a rock in the water. Captain Reese made voice contact with the female victim and continued to talk to her in order to keep the victim calm and to keep the victim from getting into an even more perilous position. Captain Ferguson then moved the boat into a position of protection next to her in case she fell off of the rock. Due to the size of the boat being tested, Captains Ferguson and Reese determined that the Montgomery County boat would be a safer option for rescue. Captain Ferguson maintained position in the moving current, protecting the victim clinging to the rock while Captain Reese orchestrated and communicated the need for other resources without radios. While this was taking place Technician Craven maintained patient contact and continued to calm and reassure her. This was continued until the Montgomery County boat could move into position to rescue the victim from the rock. Using quick action and calming demeanor while piloting an unfamiliar swift water rescue boat, they were able to prevent further injury or loss of life for four citizens. For their part in this heroic rescue, Captain Brian Ferguson and Captain Jason Reese of the Prince William County Department of Fire and Rescue are receiving the Bronze Medal for Valor.

is proud to honor our local heroes in public safety. Thank you for all that you do!

University of Maryland University College at Quantico Corporate Center 525 Corporate Drive, Suite 101 Stafford, VA 22554 703-441-7000

Investigative Merit Award 2014

Lieutenant Dave Cooper ~ Fire Marshall’s Office, Prince William County Police Department Lieutenant Brad Miller~ Fire Marshall’s Office, Prince William County Police Department Lieutenant Angel Tyson ~ Fire Marshall’s Office, Prince William County Police Department (Now with Prince William County Sheriff’s Department)

Supervising Special Agent Steve Avato ~ Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives Special Agent Chad Campanell ~ Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives Special Agent Paul Parisi ~ Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives Detective Saemi Kitchens ~ Prince William County Police Department Detective Maria Cervantes ~ Prince William County Police Department Crime Analyst Supervisor Dawn Locke-Trillhaase ~ Prince William County Police Department Detective Jason Callahan ~ Prince William County Police Department Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Claiborne T. Richardson II Special Agent Keith Palli ~ Federal Bureau of Investigation

Lieutenants Dave Cooper and Brad Miller Investigative Merit Award

At 4:45 a.m. public safety units responded to a reported structure fire at the Mount Pleasant Baptist Church in Gainesville. It took approximately one hour to get the heavy smoke and fire under control. No one was injured in the fire but the building had damages amounting to over $500,000. The building was deemed unsafe to occupy and church leaders had to move to an alternate location for services.

Lieutenant Angel Tyson Investigative Merit Award

Fire investigators from the Prince William County Fire Marshal’s Office proceeded with an investigation into the origin and cause of the fire. Resources were requested from Prince William County Police and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to assist in the investigation. It was determined that the fire was deliberately set, and a tip from a concerned citizen aided in developing a person of interest. Lt. Dave Cooper, Lt. Angel Tyson and Lt. Brad Miller assisted by Special Agent Chad Campanell and Special Agent Paul Parisi working exhaustively to obtain information regarding the activities of their person of interest before, during, and after the fire. This person would not cooperate in interviews and eventually fled the Northern Virginia area. Undeterred, the investigators proceeded to coordinate a cohesive, multi-agency investigation with strategic input and guidance from Prince William County Assistant Commonwealth Attorney Claiborne Richardson and Supervising Special Agent Steve Avato. The primary investigators assisted by Detective Maria Cervantes, Detective Saemi Kitchens and Detective Jason Callahan proceeded to gather case information through structured interviews, court orders, search warrants, and other legal means in their persistent efforts to obtain the facts and circumstances surrounding this case. Throughout the course of this investigation, Crime Analyst Dawn Locke-Trillhause provided invaluable information regarding the person of interest and his known affiliates by continuously accessing her broad range of intelligence resources and submitting the results to the investigative team. (Story & photos continued next 2 pages)

Supervising Special Agent Steve Avato Investigative Merit Award

Special Agent s Chad Campanell and Paul Parisi Investigative Merit Award

Detectives Saemi Kitchens and Maria Cervantes Investigative Merit Award

Crime Analyst Supervisor Dawn Locke-Trillhaase Investigative Merit Award

Through relentless collective efforts by the investigators and detectives sufficient evidence was developed to obtain a felony arrest warrant for the crime of arson just four and a half months later. Investigators were now tasked with locating and apprehending the accused party. Through intensive intelligence, including the usage of informants, it was ascertained that the accused person intended to return to the Northern Virginia area. Covert surveillance was initiated and an arrest team was assembled. After close coordination, the accused was arrested without incident and charged with felony arson. After the arrest time-sensitive search warrants were obtained and executed at various locations throughout the County. It was learned that the accused had an interest in an obscure ideology that potentially provided motivation to maliciously burn the church. Special Agent Keith Palli and his colleagues along with Lt. Tyson performed extensive research on this ideology that led to a complicated affidavit for search warrants with the assistance of ACA Claiborne. The magistrate authorized three search warrants which were immediately executed. Special Agent Palli also served as a contributing member and liaison for the FBI, attended key case briefings, assisted with the execution of a search warrant and assisted with critical witness interviews. The ATF personnel provided support for the entire investigation that included assisting with the preliminary origin and cause, pursuing leads and developing evidence, additionally coordinating the use of the ATF Fire Research Laboratory in Maryland to expedite evidence processing, and facilitating briefs for the United States Attorney in the case that federal charges were pursued. Detective Kitchens, the case agent for the police criminal investigation, obtained and executed search warrants for the suspect’s residence and DNA. Kitchens also obtained felony arrest warrants on behalf of the Prince William County Police Department. As a result of collaborative and persistent efforts by investigators and detectives, a compelling circumstantial case was constructed, which led to the accused entering a guilty plea in Prince William County Circuit Court. Serving as lead prosecutor for the case, ACA Richardson did an exceptional job of representing the Commonwealth Attorney’s Office and protecting the citizens of Prince William County. Investigators and detectives had to overcome many challenges to bring this case to a conclusion. Due to the destructive nature of fire, there was a limited amount of physical evidence recovered from the scene that connected the perpetrator to the crime. Investigators had to resort to a seamless, systemic, and methodical investigation using all available tools and resources to build this case in preparation for criminal prosecution. The successful arrest, apprehension, and prosecution of the accused would have been extremely difficult, if not impossible, without the personal sacrifices and the collaborative, relentless, cohesive team effort demonstrated by each of these personnel from many different agencies. (Story & photos continued next page)

Because of their selfless dedication to seeing this case through to completion, Lt. Dave Cooper, Prince William County Fire Marshal’s Office; Lt. Brad Miller, Prince William County Fire Marshal’s Office; Lt. Angel Tyson, Prince William County Fire Marshal’s Office; Supervising Special Agent Steve Avato, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives; Special Agent Chad Campanell, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives; Special Agent Paul Parisi, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives; Detective Saemi Kitchens, Prince William County Police; Detective Maria Cervantes, Prince William County Police; Detective Jason Callahan, Prince William County Police; Crime Analyst Dawn Locke-Trillhaase, Prince William County Police; Assistant Commonwealth Attorney Claiborne Richardson, Prince William County; Special Agent Keith Palli, Federal Bureau of Assistant Commonwealth’s Atttorney Investigation; and Special Agent Keith Palli, Federal Bureau Claiborne T. Richardson II of Investigation are receiving the Investigative Merit Award. Investigative Merit Award

Detective Jason Callahan Investigative Merit Award

Special Agent Keith Palli Investigative Merit Award

Silver Medal 2014

Assistant Chief Steven R. Godin ~ Occoquan-Woodbridge-Lorton Volunteer Fire Department On the morning of September 16, 2014 the entire Washington community was paralyzed with the news of the shootings at the Washington Navy Yard. Knowing that Mr. Steve Godin is an active Volunteer Firefighter and certified Emergency Medical Technician out of the Occoquan-Woodbridge-Lorton Volunteer Fire Department, Robin Dellinger (NAVSEA Team Submarine unit) called Mr. Godin and asked if he could come to render assistance. He and another employee quickly gathered the minimal first aid supplies available at their desks and proceeded to Building 201. At the direction, and under the cover of. law enforcement Steve and his coworker quickly transited the open ground between Asst. Chief Steven R. Godin buildings. Upon arriving at Building 201 they performed rapid trauma assessment on personnel who had been evacuated Silver Medal from Building 197 and determined that there were two victims who had non-life threatening injuries. Vitals were obtained for each and basic life support care was provided before proceeding with the assessment of additional personnel who were located in the conference room. After co-locating those that needed periodic re-evaluations together, Mr. Godin and his coworker gathered all of the first aid supplies that were available and established a triage/treatment station in the lobby of Building 201 knowing that the guard had responded to the incident in Building 197 which left no security for this station. In addition, there were continuing reports of active shooters who might still be at large in the Washington Navy Yard. After three hours a Navy physician and the Team Sub Command Master Chief came to the area and determined that the victims were being properly cared for which allowed them to respond to other areas. When the condition of one of the victims began deteriorating and they needed to be transported, Mr. Godin and his coworker, without hesitation, made preparations to escort both seriously ill patients across the Navy Yard to the EMS staging area, a mile away across an area not yet determined safe by law enforcement. Mr. Godin’s sense of duty, courage and calm demeanor during an extremely chaotic situation saved lives and provided emergency care to victims of the Washington Navy Yard shooting. His actions, even with a risk of personal bodily harm, reflect positively on himself and the Occoquan-Woodbridge-Lorton Volunteer Fire and Rescue Company. For his actions and willingness to place himself in a situation where there was a great potential risk of bodily harm Assistant Chief Steven R. Godin, Occoquan-Woodbridge-Lorton Volunteer Fire and Rescue of Prince William County, is receiving the Silver Medal for Valor.

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