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Pa lo s V e r d e s P e n in su la La n d C o n s e rv a nc y


Dear Friends, We are pleased to share highlights from 2018 in this Annual Report, celebrating the Conservancy’s 30th year! Thanks to the thousands of supporters and volunteers, we’ve accomplished many major milestones over the past three decades. In partnerships with local cities and other agencies, we’ve preserved and restored many of the precious natural areas that make the Peninsula refuge for endangered birds, butterflies and other wildlife protected forever in 1,600 acres of native habitat. This year’s report recaptures the inspiring story of Bill and Barb Ailor’s vision in 1988. During a hike on what is now McBride Trail, the Ailors looked out to the Pacific Ocean and decided to do something to protect the Peninsula from overdevelopment. They met the challenge by finding innovative ways to raise funds and garner city and community support to acquire land from willing sellers. This report also summarizes our impressive accomplishments in many areas during the past year! The Conservancy is celebrating the incredible 25,000 hours that volunteers have dedicated to land restoration and related operations. This time includes both a record number of corporate outdoor volunteer days and the addition of many community groups new to our activities. The tremendous winter rainfall helped alleviate the effects of prolonged drought, providing welcome relief. The resulting massive weed growth posed additional challenges, which we met with increased efforts by hungry goats, hardworking volunteers and skilled stewardship staff to improve habitat for Peninsula wildlife. The Conservancy remains committed to conserving and restoring natural land. We look forward to beginning new restoration projects and continuing with fun, educational, nature-based outdoor activities. There is much more for us to do in the coming years as we continue to recruit and train walk leaders and nature center docents to inspire the involvement of future generations of land stewards. Thank you for your contributions, which enable us to continue our essential work. Warm regards,

Adrienne Mohan

Allen Franz

Executive Director

President, Board of Directors

Preserve land and restore habitat for the education and enjoyment of all. 33

Don and Martha Tuffli

Preserve and Restore

30 Years of Land Preservation Thirty years after founding the Palos Verdes Peninsula Land Conservancy, Bill and Barbara Ailor reflect on the community of people it took to create a land preservation trust.

It seemed like a ridiculous concept to some: to purchase valuable land and preserve it as natural, open space for the enjoyment of everyone. Looking back 30 years later, it was an audacious dream that succeeded. The Palos Verdes Peninsula Land Conservancy, founded in 1988 by Bill Ailor, supportive wife Barbara and a group of community leaders, conserved a 1,400-acre green oasis in Rancho Palos Verdes. This protected land is comprised of 10 reserves collectively known as the Palos Verdes Nature Preserve, along with another 200 acres of land in San Pedro and Rolling Hills Estates which is owned or managed by the Conservancy. The Conservancy oversees ongoing restoration and offers educational programs while continually watching for new land purchase opportunities.

simply for the purpose of saving it from development. Undaunted, the Conservancy went to work talking to elected officials on the Peninsula, in Los Angeles County and in Sacramento, and showed lawmakers a book of photographs with information proving the land worthy of protection. Bill started a newsletter and others soon joined the effort to raise funds and awareness. The Conservancy gained momentum when Ken Zuckerman and his family donated the first 20 acres of land in Lunada Canyon. “That put the Conservancy on the map,” Barb said. “People surfaced at opportune times and jumped in to help where needed. It was never just the two of us.”

The Ailors moved to Southern California in 1974. Both had grown up in areas with lots of open space: Bill, in Virginia, and Barb, on a farm in upstate New York. Luckily, friends advised the couple to find a home in Palos Verdes—the only place in the Los Angeles area with ample open space.

Bill began working with local developers. “Some people didn’t understand,” Bill said. But he knew that to be successful, they needed to interface with developers “so we brought a developer onto the board and he helped us gain credibility in the development community.”

The Ailors enjoyed hiking near their new home. They noticed a lot of development springing up and became concerned. Bill’s first step into city government was eight years on the Rolling Hills Estates Planning Commission. He saw firsthand the number of developers wanting to develop large parcels of land. When he mentioned the idea of establishing a nature preserve to Rolling Hills Estates staff, they referred him to The Trust for Public Land, a national nonprofit organization that buys acreage for parkland. Bill scheduled a Trust speaker to conduct a workshop at the Peninsula Library.

The Conservancy’s primary focus for years was land preservation. As it began to acquire land like Chandler Trust and the Forrestal properties, new efforts began to include land restoration. Each acquisition was different, but some of the land had been degraded by unsustainable uses such as quarrying, military training and agriculture. In some areas, invasive, nonnative plants choked natural habitats putting local wildlife species at risk.

A dozen workshop participants then volunteered to help start a local land trust. A local attorney helped to set up the nonprofit organization, which was incorporated in July 1988. Eleven volunteers joined the first board of directors. The early days were challenging. The fledging Conservancy was ridiculed and sometimes mistrusted by elected officials and community members. No one believed the group could ever raise enough money to buy land

The Conservancy took aggressive steps to remove non-native plants. Volunteers created a native plant nursery at the former site of the Navy Defense Fuel Support Point in San Pedro. Today the Conservancy’s nursery cultivates more than 60 species of local plants for restoration work with the help of full-time nursery staff to train and supervise volunteers. “When non-native plants were removed,” Barb said, “some areas revived quickly and the native flora and fauna began to flourish again. Some restoration sites required far more work to help them return to their healthy, natural state.” (Continued on page 7)


Stewardship h i g h l i g h t s

Planted over 8,821 native plants throughout 7 key habitat restoration projects ____________________________ Grew over 33,000 plants in the native plant nursery to support restoration efforts and continued to support the captive rearing program by growing 2,000 host plants for the Palos Verdes blue butterfly ____________________________ Restored over 63 acres throughout Alta Vicente, Portuguese Bend, White Point, Chandler, Lunada Canyon, Vicente Bluffs and Abalone Cove as well as the Navy’s Defense Fuel Support Point in San Pedro ____________________________ Hosted 34 college interns to gain valuable experience in the fields of environmental education, restoration program management, nursery best management practices, nonprofit communications, volunteer programming and as native plant demonstration garden apprentices ____________________________ Held 21 plant sales for the community



Educate and Enjoy The Conservancy realized the need to emphasize these lands are preserves and not parks. “Not everyone understands that preserves are uniquely fragile and precious,” Barb said. “The idea is to have people enjoy the land after it is protected and while it is being restored to its natural condition.” There are miles of multi-use trails throughout the Preserves. Nature enthusiasts, equestrians and mountain bikers all enjoy the land. To educate people on the proper use of the trails and protect restored

h i g h l i g h t s

Barb looks forward to the future. “We need to reach more people with education about native plants and how they benefit rare, local species of birds, butterflies and other wildlife. Kids and adults need to see how ecosystems work” said Barb. Thirty years later, these lands are available for future generations to visit, enjoy and take refuge from the stresses of city life. “And it all happened,” Bill said, “because of the many different people who volunteered their unique talents to make the dream a reality.” Some

“We need to reach more people with education about native plants and how they benefit rare, local species... Kids and adults need to see how ecosystems work.” habitats and returning wildlife, Barb helped the Conservancy start a Volunteer Trail Watch group to coordinate with the city of Rancho Palos Verdes. The Conservancy also offers guided nature walks and operates two nature centers with many community enrichment opportunities. The Conservancy started a Third Grade Naturalist Program 20 years ago. Today the program serves 28 schools annually, with approximately 2,000 students from elementary schools in Palos Verdes, San Pedro, Lomita, Carson, Wilmington, Torrance, Redondo Beach and Los Angeles. Trained docents begin with classroom visits and carefully designed lesson plans aligned with current educational standards. The program culminates in a guided walk in local open space. “Some of the children,” said the Ailors, “are seeing a natural setting for the first time in their lives.”

wanted to “get their hands dirty” and got involved with restoration; some wanted to walk the trails and educate the public; others liked doing the legal work associated with acquiring property. Generous gifts from the community to provide the funding for land purchases made it all possible. For the 1,400-acre PV Nature Preserve, more than $30 million came from state and federal resources, along with more than $10 million from generous community members. All of this was then given to the city of Rancho Palos Verdes, with the Conservancy as habitat manager. Expensive restoration work continues today on protected land, thanks to support from generous community members. The Ailors didn’t know what to expect when they first launched their plan. “But,” they said, “people in the community really got behind the idea of protecting land. Everything just took off from there.”

Welcomed 2,057 LA County school children, teachers and parents from 28 schools through the Third Grade Naturalist Program and Wilderness Discovery Field Trips ____________________________ Volunteer Education Docents visited third grade classrooms 300 times to teach lessons about the Peninsula’s natural history, geology, early inhabitants, native plants and wildlife, as well as the importance of protecting nature ____________________________ Received 9,534 visitors to the White Point and George F Canyon Nature Centers for naturalist-led nature walks, science and storytime, family outdoor volunteer activities, native plant sales and school field trips ____________________________ Offered 128 weekend activities including monthly nature education workshops, bird walks, native plant sales and full moon hikes ____________________________ Guided 96 Scouts to earn individual nature-focused badges and to complete 14 Eagle and Silver Scout projects ____________________________ Hosted more than 1,800 patrons at the Beauty of Nature film series and Wild & Scenic Film Festival 7

Celebrating Volunteers

Dave Pilon

“I started working with the Conservancy for my Girl Scout Silver Award project. I enjoy the unique opportunity to be outdoors in a stress-free environment and working with the Conservancy to help endangered animals such as the California Gnatcatcher.”

Camille Jorenby

Camille Jorenby, Adopt-A-Plot at Lunada Canyon

“Having lived almost my entire life on the Peninsula, I cherish the open space, natural habitats and stunning views Palos Verdes offers. I am forever grateful for the Conservancy’s commitment to protect this place I proudly call home.”

Boy Scouts

Tricia Rapaport, Greeter

Tricia Rapaport

Rick Wallace

“It is an enormous privilege to be a member of the Conservancy and to be a part of preserving the natural, open spaces in our world! It’s great to spend time with people who recognize and embrace the joy that nature brings into our lives!” Dave Pilon, Chair of the White Point Community Group


Rochelle Port with students

h i g h l i g h t s

Volunteers contributed 24,735 hours of service, a 4% increase over last year’s 23,723 hours ____________________________ Volunteer support generated $719,541 worth of in-kind services ____________________________

“My favorite part about volunteering with the Conservancy is having the opportunity to interact with young kids, get them excited about all aspects of nature and help them appreciate this beautiful peninsula. I hope to inspire them about all of us working together to take care of it into the future.”

Volunteers planted 2,460 native plants and removed over 61,000 pounds of invasive weeds ____________________________

Rochelle Port, 3rd Grade Docent Dan Nguyen

“I have enjoyed hiking the peninsula trails for 38 years, reveling in the beauty and wonder of this world-class Preserve. It never fails to take my breath away. Retirement has given us the opportunity to give back to the Conservancy, to continue learning and then sharing our discoveries with others.”

“Volunteering for the Conservancy has allowed me to help promote what I most love —native plants, wildlife, trails, etc.—while meeting others who share the same interests.”

Jac Davis, Volunteer Trail Watch and Docent

Dan Nguyen, Media Intern

Jac Davis

Binc Corp Volunteers

Supervised 46 Citizen Science volunteers in conducting wildlife tracking and monitoring on the preserves ____________________________ Held 74 Outdoor and Corporate Volunteer Days with 2,404 volunteers, an increase of 14% ____________________________ Trained 19 new Volunteer Trail Watch members 17 new Trail Crew members,18 new Nature Center and Education Docents and 92 new Team Leaders for Outdoor Volunteer Days


Celebrating Volunteers

June Treherne

“I have hiked the trails on the peninsula even before the open land was part of the Preserve. As a Trail Watch volunteer I really enjoy interacting with the public, while also enjoying the spectacular scenery and nature in the Preserve. I am very grateful to the Land Conservancy staff and other volunteers who work diligently to ensure that we, and future generations, continue to enjoy our beautiful open space.” June Treherne, Volunteer Trail Watch (far left) Nick and (2nd to right) Max Ryan

L’Oreal Corporate Volunteers

“I feel good about volunteering for the Conservancy because I’m doing something for the environment and for my community.” Nick Ryan, Eagle Scout Project and Nursery Volunteer

“I like to plant native plants and then go back to the site and see the plants growing.” Max Ryan, Eagle Scout Project and Nursery Volunteer John Horne

John and Gina Henderson

Mike Jost

“After a career in construction it’s natural for me to build and maintain trails. I enjoy working with staff and other volunteers to keep the trails safe for all.” Mike Jost, Trail Crew

Volunteer a w a r d s

PRESIDENT’S AWARD 2018 Nina Wasuta-Moore DEENA SHERIDAN AWARD Elizabeth Eastman

“I volunteer because it connects me to the land, plants and animals in this beautiful ecosystem.” “Volunteering for the Conservancy is rewarding in so many ways: from the sights, sounds and scents of nature to the simple joy we get from assisting someone with directions. Having used these trails from childhood, the opportunity to give back just came naturally and the exercise is an added bonus.”

Lynn Yamaoka, Volunteer Trail Watch and Citizen Science

OUTSTANDING VOLUNTEERS Michael Bell Julia Higgins Henry Jurgens Jerry Kotler Kaori Nomoto Sue Scholton Grace Wallace

John and Gina Henderson, Volunteer Trail Watch

Juan Neaves

(Left) Lynn Yamaoka

11 11




Rebecca M. Cool Bob and Joyce Daniels Reed and Nan Harman Allen and Dorothy Lay Don and Martha Tuffli

Amy Friend Sue and Steve Soldoff Jim and Diane Staes Jim and Nancy Welsh Doug and Pam Westhoff



$100,000 - $249,999

$25,000 - $49,999

Bill and Barb Ailor Mark and Pat Benjamin Bruce Biesman-Simons and Hale Field Cassie Jones and Lewis Enstedt Noel Park George and Dee Schuler John Spielman and Kathy Christie Gwendolynn and John Taber

Carolyn Hadley Colburn Marylyn Ginsburg-Klaus and Chuck Klaus Diana Heffernan and Steve Schrader Dr. Craig and Pang Mueller Larry and Nancy Pasquali George and June Romine


Susan and Craig Cooning Robert and Sharon Coors Greg Gawlik and Patty Woods Gawlik William Hadley Lisa D. Hansen Kathleen M. Hirrel

$250,000 - $499,999


Annenberg Foundation Allen and Charlotte Ginsburg Arthur and Jeanne Hadley John Vansickle RESTORER OF THE LAND $750,000 - $999,999

Virginia Cicoria GUARDIAN OF THE LAND $500,000 - $749,000

Alcoa Foundation Richard and Melanie Lundquist Major Family Foundation

$75,000 - $99,999

Victoria Dible Jacqueline M. Glass Nina Ritter

$50,000 - $74,999


$5,000 - $24,999

GOLDEN POPPY HERITAGE CIRCLE Bill and Barb Ailor Carolyn and Roger Ayers Bruce Biesman-Simons and Hale Field Eric Carson Virginia Cicoria Carolyn Hadley Colburn Rebecca M. Cool Allen Curtis Bob and Joyce Daniels Robert and Kathy Ford Nancy and Summer Gambee Allen and Charlotte Ginsburg George and Barbara Gleghorn Ruth Hanzlik Randy and Deanna Harwood

Marjory Jensen James and Eileen Joyce Henry Jurgens and Laura Hines-Jurgens Charles Lanthiez Allen and Dorothy Lay Mary Ann and G.E. Meyers Cynthia Miller John and Terry Miller Dave Pilon and Ann Stone Mary Porter Dorothy Rechtin Carol Sefchek Sue and Steve Soldoff Betty Strauss John Vansickle Susan Wilcox Diane Wilkinson Janice Yates

Golden Poppy Heritage Circle members designate a gift to the Land Conservancy through their estate. Names are added as the Conservancy learns of supporters’ intentions.

Listed here are donations received between Jan 1 - Dec 31, 2018

Please let us know if we have inadvertently misspelled or omitted your name at (310) 541-7613


Bruce and Kaaren Hoffman

Sharon and Jennifer Ryan

Judy Hollingshead

Alfred and Barbara Sattler

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Marion Scharffenberger

Rob Kautz and Danise Holloway

Eric and Diane Schott

Elizabeth Kennedy

Ann Shaw

Michael Kilroy

Rayne and Pam Sherman

Dan and Lisa Klerman

Jack and Anne Smith

James and Lorraine Knight

David Snow

Hans and Anna Kuehl

Lowri Lee Sprung

Donald and Patricia Lange

Robert A. Stantley

Cheryl Marcz

Betty Strauss

Gary and Gretchen Marlotte

John and Mary Tootle

Brooks and Julia McKinney

Bob and Phyllis Trujillo

Robert and Emiley Daly

Evi and David Meyer

Richard and Grace Wallace

Dominic and Margaret DeCristofaro

Diane Middleton

Kay Wardell

Celia V. Mignucci

Richard and Irene Weinberg

Jerry and Rosanne Duhovic

Chuck Miller

Sidney and Frances Wielin

Al and Kathy Edgerton

Austin Nash

Susan Wilcox

Suzanne Farman

Jennifer Novak

Yvetta Williams

Robert and Kathy Ford

Trudy Park

Jon and Tishya Wren

Gary Fujii

George and Joan Paulikas

Jim and Kathy York

Jeffrey Galowich and Elizabeth Kendrick Galowich

Mark Chandler Paullin

W. Sonya Gambaro

David Pilon and Ann Stone

$1,000 - $4,999 Anonymous Diana Bailey Peter Barsuk Ginny Bleier

Dianne and Hans Bozler Robert and Diana Cahill Carl and Barbara Cambilargiu Pamela J. Crane Allen Curtis Dennis and Michele Dahlhausen

Steven and Pamela Geraghty Dr. Mark Goldberg Deanna and Randall Harwood Trevor Heise

Carolynn and Andy Petru Rick and Allison Phillips Joe Platnick and Kathryn Sanders Platnick Pamela Reis Joseph and Christine Rich Suzanne Richmond Jack and Ann Rode

Kenneth and Harriet Servis

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John and Cynthia Kondon John and Judith Kordich Leon Korkin Jessica Koval Steve Kowalski and Maria Sutherland Tyler Krambeer Victoria and Steven Kratz Joan and Sam Kraus Joan Krause 15

2018 Contributors Kathleen and Richard Krauthamer Kelly Krusee Janet I. Kubota Rolf and Reidun Kuecherer Diana F. Kuhr Jimin Kumamoto William Kuo Kurtis and Frances Kupiec Madeline Kurrasch, DDS Heide and Larry Kurtz Peter and Jeanne Lacombe Alyse Laemmle Spencer Lam Jonathan Lamborn Jacqueline Lambrichts Yukie and Andrew Landisman Bill Lane and Sabrina Villines Thomas Lang Lenny LaRocca Gregory Lash and Vivienne Nixon-Lash Susan Lash Gregory Laurinat Kristine Lauritson Steven James Lawrence Trevor J. Lawrence Rosemary Leake Michael and Karen Learned Stephanie LeBlond and Jack Alden Kathryn Lee Ryan S. Lee Ralph LeFevre and Christine Esprabens George and Christina Legg Kari Leitz John LeMay Shawn Lemmer Debra Letwin Frederick Levin Susan H. Levin Na Li Sal Licastri Linda Lidster Jon Lieb Betty Liebert Julia and Vallerie Light Thomas Light Teresa Lin Tony Lin

Marcus Linden Nancy A. Linn Joe P. Lipanovich Nicolas Andres Lippa Kya L. Lisum Jackie Little Roseanney Liu Kiersten Lo Jess Logan Lorraine May Loh-Norris Luke and Laura Lohnes Greg Long Karen Long Leslie Low and Richard Kamm Sandy Lugo Paul and Kay Lupo Barbara Demming Lurie and Mark Lurie, MD Randy and Lori Lyman Patricia Lynch and Ronald Stolte Josephine Lynn Ruth and Roger MacFarlane Bob and Ana MacKenzie Julia H. Mackin Jim MacLellan and Gwen Butterfield Janet MacLeod Paige Macnguyen Peter and Muysean Madden Tina Madden Hachik C. Madilian, Trustee Gina Magee Peggy Gray Magnusson Shashi and Raj Mahajan Bill and Cathy Maikisch Ann Majchrzak and Peter Niemiec Magie Malaro Michael and Janis Malone Tom and Carol Manchester Peter Mand Gloria and Mike Mangano Robyn Manger Chris Manning Beatrice Mantico Sandra and Jack Mardesich Dennis Mari Randa Marin Ron and Leah Marinkovich

William Marks Jennifer Marquez Maria Elena Marquez-Brookes Patrick J. Marre Frank Marsh Mayra Martinez Karena Masengill and Graham Robertson Ronald Masuda Emma Mather Joanie Matheson Margie Matsui Richard Matthews Brian Mattson Ilonka Maxson Dorothy Maxwell Mary May Brooke McKivett-Gibbs Carol McCully and Ed Barad Carolyn McCormack Danna McDonough Dennis and Donna McLaughlin Diana Ryan McIntyre Gary and Margaret McCray Kate McLaughlin Kent McLellan Lynn McLeod Mary McCarroll Matt and Jane McGuire Meg McCarty Mike McKinney Morgan McCann McGuire Rosemarie McCollom Robert and Ruth McMillen Jeniffer McMullen Brenda and Michael McNamara Shawn C. McNeice Mary and Paul McPherson Carol Mead Jagan Mehta Christopher Meisel June Melchiorre Alan Melgaard Gerard and Mary Melling Marlinda Menashe Elaine and Bernie Mendes Nina Mendoza

Donors Continued Idalia Messick Roger and Helen Metzler Jo Ann Michetti Carol Midford Joy M. Miike Marilyn and Frank Miles Matthew Miles Judy and Ron Milestone James Millar Kristin Susanne Millar Alan Miller and Susanne Lawrenz-Miller Carrie Miller Cynthia S. Miller Dave and Cecilia Miller Dr. John and Terry Miller Maggie Miller Barbara L. Minami Mark S. Mintzer Bobby Miyashiro Tom Moberly Jeff and Janet Mock Mary Jo Mock Kevin Moen and Kathleen Sinagra-Moen Kaz Mohit Ron and Diane Montalto Marilyn Montenegro Joan and Joseph Montgomery Douglas Moody and Jane Ming Chin Lin Christopher and Gillian Moore James and Lois Moore Shirley B. Moore Henrietta L. Morales Brian More Dorene Morgan Fereshteh Morgan Etsuko Morihara Tania Morris Jess Morton Robert and Lynn Morton Laura and Paul Muenchow Steven Rollin Muirhead Barbara Murphy Winona Murray Hideki and Yumiko Muto Amy J. Myers Madeleine Myronowicz Saturo Myles Nagano

Richard Nakai Christine Nakamura Hiroko Nakayama Adria E. Navarro Linda Neal John and Christine Needham Byron and Elizabeth Nelson Dean and Marianne Nelson Steve and Vicki Nelson Patricia Ann Nerad Thomas Nettifee Holly Neuman Claudia Newsom and Michael Campbell D. Paul and Kay Nibarger Cathy Nichols Lowell K. Nickel John and Christine Nieto Etsuko Nikaido Nekisha Leana Njuguna Becky Noble Yvonne and David Noesen Kaori Nomoto Margery Norris Lisa and Charles Noski Susan Nowinski Theodore and Ann Nye Dorothy L. O’Carroll Jim and Sheila O’Connor James and Linda O’Donnell Kurt Oetiker Gloria Ogier Timothy and Lorraine O’Grady Misun Oh Stanley and May Okinaka Ellen O’Loughlin-Villa Amanda Olsen Tom and Beth Olson Aaron O’Malley Richard and Margaret Ota Steven and Maria Otera Alan Otsuji and Mirandi Babitz Karina Pacific Isabelle Genevieve Pack Beth Page Betty and Victor Paieda Beverly and Richard Palmer Lori Lynn Palmer

Lynda and Gary Palmer Neil Palmer Jamie Paquin Elizabeth Anne Parker Gary Parsons Gayle and Joseph Parsons Michael and Michele Patterson Nancy M. Patterson Deborah S. Paul Barbara Paullin William Paulsen Barbara and Thomas Pavliscak Edward Pearson Drita Peer Rory Pendley Adriana Perez Carlos and Martha Perez Jennifer Perich Bob Perkins and Michelle Murphy Fraser and Ellen Perkins Gregg and Penny Perkins Scott Perry Louis and Ilse Persichina James Perzik Karen Pesko Einar and Nancy Petersen Charlie and Joanne Peterson Donald Joseph Pfaff Beth Phillips Donna Picard Shirley Pickens Jeanne Pimentel Lois Piper Bernard and Faye Pipkin Pledgeling Foundation Mary Plotkin Danielle Plummer Earl and Katherine Plummer Kate Plummer Sharon and Alexander Polack Bob Pope Lynne Pope Scott Porter Vanessa Poster Frank and Melanie Poturica Bruce Powell Wellington Powell

Kay Craig Powers Brennan Kassidy Preyer Susan Prichard and Frank Dupuy Kenneth and Marilyn Prindle Paige Procter and Jim Rice Michael Proctor Melinda Puentes David Quadhamer Susana Quintanar Nehal and Jenny Raj Elan Ramasamy David Allan Ramsay Cheryl Ramsey Donald and Patricia Range Tricia Rapaport Henry Rasof James M. Rassler Jorg and Anke Raue Benjamin Rebeske The Reeves Family Sallie Reeves Kim Reher Stephanie Reilly Nancy Reiss Patrice Reiss Karina Remer Alexandra Rennie Sheri Repp-Loadsman Holly Lynne Tucker Reyes Irene M. Reyna Penny D. Rice Kim Richardson Nancy Richardson Irene Riedl Joel and Harriet Ringold Bill and Catharine Roberts John Roberts and Diane Henschel Brendan Robinson Hilda and Barry Rodgveller Yuka Rodriguez Norie Roeder David and Carol Roelen Peggy Roland Juliet Doran Rollins Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Rosenberg Edie Rosenfield James and Laura Rosenwald, III




Listed here are donations received between Jan 1 - Dec 31, 2018

Please let us know if we have inadvertently misspelled or omitted your name at (310) 541-7613 Julia and Ronald Ross Harlan Rotblatt Rickard D. Roudebush David and Carole Rowe Gail Ruder Vanessa Ettinger Ruiz Bridget L. Rusich Richard and Donna Russell Elisabeth Ryan Maximillian M. Ryan Nicholas Patrick Ryan Tricia Ryan Melinda Saadatnejadi Noel Sack Patricia Sacks, MD Martha Ann Sadler Amer Saeed Yuna Sainbileg Kevin and Elizabeth Sala Pablo Santos Salaberriborda Ned Salcido Linda Salzman James Samis Andre Sanchez Kathy and Romolo Santarosa Harvey Sarver Greg and Nancy Sasaki Momoka Sasaki Karis Say-Cavecche Pamela and Robert Schachter Deborah Schaeffer Roger and Carol Schamp Barry and Gail Schirm Sue Schmidt Doug and Cindy Schmitz Melanie and David Schnitt Karen Schoenbaum Suzanne Scholton Donna Scholtz Myrna Randolph Schreyer Nancy Schunke William and Sharon Schurmer Kenneth Schwab Yolanta Schwartz Jeff Schwartzmann Mary Jane Schwebel Ray and Susan Seager

Susan Seamans Carla N. Sedlacek Barbara and Dick Selby Peter Sender Darren Sepanek Loraine I. Seyler Patricia Jean Shanahan Mary Sheridan Dr. Susan Sheridan Barbara Shigekuni Mie Shirai Linda Shuttleton Jerold Sicherman and Jane Stewart Christian and Lori Siembieda Richard Sigler Andrew and Adela Silber Paula and William Simoncini Carol Simone Mike Simpson Jame Siner Richard and Jennifer Sittel

Thomas and Elaine Smuczynski Cynthia Snodgrass and Joe Kobus Alice and Edward Snyder Robert Snyder and Brigitte Chemouni Philip Solomita Adrian Som de Cerff Karen and Willard Somers, Jr. Daniel Son Jinny Southers John Sover Peter Sparks Beate C. Speer Susan D. Spellacy Jackson Spilsbury David and Valerie Sprong Lynne Starr Joanne and Andy Stasio Ros Stecker Laurie Steelink Mary Ann Stein Irene V. Steinman

Kimberly Skavaril Lois Skidmore Julie Smalling Ann Amicucci Smiley Barbara and Wayne Smith Ben Smith and Judy Adams-Smith Derek and Connie Smith Donita Smith Linda Smith Meaghan Smith and Dr. Ken Kass Michele Smith Siegrun and Alex Smith

Patricia Stenehjem Kara Steuerwald Ruth Stewart Donna Stocker-Lofgren John and Lore Stolpestad Teresa Stover Michael and Julie Strassner Terri Straub Jean Strickland and Svein Fougner Don and Norma Stuart Monique Sugimoto Tae Jin Suh

Michael and Julie Sulman Philip Sutton Glenn and Mary Lu Swartz Kenneth Swenson and Eva Cicoria Kevin Swenson Bill and Caitlin Szieff Vanessa Tamayo Kaushal and Mona Tamboli Rebecca Tan Miho M. Tanaka Robert and Ihwa Tang Itsumi Tanimura Laura Marie Tanner Todd and Anne Taricco Joan A. Taylor Martha Taylor Margie Nancy Teitell April Telles Charles Thacker Astrid Thangen Mark James Thelander David and Cheryl Thom David Thomas Elizabeth Dale Thomas Valborg Thomas Ronald Thompson Clark and Georgia Thurber Michael Tierney Bill and Kathy Tilley Susan L. and L.R. Tittle Martine Tocco Geoffrey and Yuko Tong Fredrick and Nancy Toppel Mary Toth Karen W. Tozer Vytautas and Hathaikarn Tozer June Treherne Julie A. Trell Robert and Marissa Trevett Debbie Lynn Tribble Russ Trice Michael Triller Angela Trumbo Joey Tsang Lisa Turek June and John Uharriet

2018 President’s Advisory Council Patricia Unangst Kenneth M. Unger, MD Sherry Unmack Janet Uradomo Richard and Miriam Uyeminami Stephanie Valencia Jim Valensi Melissa Valez Blair and Krishna Van Buren Robert and Mary Beth Van Dine Grietje Van Dyk and Geoff Wainwright Ardys and Steve Van Sicklen Christie Van Vugt Nadine VanVokom Dr. Linda and Mr. Leonard Varner Christina Varwig and Robert Wylie Tony and Erica Vickers Iiehsa Villarreal Angeline Villasenor Linas Vitkus Kim Vokolek Andrea Vona and Martin Howard Bertina Vona Ashlie A. Wakatani Mary Waldo Jasson Walke Kari Walker Erik Wallin Priscilla Wallmark Karen Lynn Walsh Elisabeth Walter Anngwo Wang and Hui-lin Kuo Elisabeth Ward Peter Warren Judi Watanabe Kaho Watanabe Raymond L. Waters

Carol Ann Watson and Carol Lynch Bryan and Cathy Weaver Nancy Webber Laura Weber Traudl Weber Kelly Wedel William Weed Philip Weihe and Mary Jane Finan Paula Weiner Josh B. Weinik Tay and Jeanine Weinman Bill and Winnie Weisinger Laurie Weisman Claudia Weitsman Suzanne Weitz and Kenneth Shoor Dennis and Joyce Welsh Lorna and David West Magdalena Wetzer Jill and Thomas Wheeler Allan and Karen White Lesli White Linda Whitson Michael and Karen Wickham Kurt and Sharon Wickline Douglas and Nancy Wickstrom Nadine Widding Edmund Wilkinson Susan R. Wilkinson Darryl Williams Harold C. Williams Susan Williams Eugene Wilson Kathy Wilson John and Patricia Winkler Denise Winner Elaine Winston Robert Winston

Julie and Paul Winter Nancy Winters Joan Wolf Judy Wolf Rosalie and Jeffrey Wolf Shari Wolf Wendy Wolf Luanne Wolfrum Edward Wong Cynthia Woo Bertie and Wistar Wood Madeleine Wood Jerry Wright Cecil and Marilyn Wyman Bobbie and John Wynhoff Jenna M. Yamada Lynn Yamaoka James and Elaine Yang Jo-Lien and Ting-Pin Yang Sharon Yarber Diana Yarber-Innes Barbara Yaroslavsky Su Yi James and Jennifer Yoh Stephen and Marlene Young Sung Young & Si Youn Jung Lisa Youngworth Edward and Julie Zamoyski Roger and Nancy Zapor Bohan Zhang Winston Zheng Rhamona K. Zielonka Mary C. Ziesche Elizabeth Zimmerman John Zuercher Barbara Zuliani Stephen and Joyce Zurnacian



2018 Summary of Revenue and Expenses EXPENSES


50% Contributions 32% Government Contracts and Grants 2% Program Service Fees 7% Interest Income and Dividends 2% In Kind Revenue 7% Special Events, Net of Expenses

$1,003,636 $649,575 $30,750 $147,329 $40,140 $133,545

65% Land Stewardship


17% Education


6% Management and General


12% Fundraising


__________________________________________ TOTAL EXPENSES $1,984,929

_________________________________________________ TOTAL REVENUE AND PUBLIC SUPPORT $2,004,975

The Palos Verdes Peninsula Land Conservancy receives multi-year grant funding from various sources, which in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles, are recorded in the period received or pledged. However, expenditures related to these grants can occur over several years.  As a result, timing differences are created which can have an effect on the changes in net assets.

Volunteers ADOPT-A-PLOT

Audubon YES! Club Mike Biazevich Blue Butterfly Club Julian Chasin Ann Dalkey Ecology Club Sam Fearer Jill Grabert Evan Hunter Camille Jorenby Dolores Keeling Olivia Maehara Kai Mohl Dane Mohl Lee Myers Cynthia Page Noel Park Steven Pedersen Sarah Reeves Mark Reeves Nina Su’a Cora Uchida Andrew Wang Sue Wilkinson Cynthia Woo Pat Woolley

AUDIT COMMITTEE Diana Bailey Rob Kautz Rick Phillips Jack Smith Richard Wallace

CITIZEN SCIENCE Mike Bell Tana Bell Dana Blasingame Matt Covil Ann Dalkey Deanne Edridge Willow Eichler Marina Faberov Trevor Heise Rebecca Heisey Linda Howat John Jensen Alex Kovary Joan Krause

Margarita Labik Danial Loether Alejandra Lopez Patricia Lyon Jill Marrow Donna McLaughlin Evi Meyer Tania Morris Jess Morton Liane O’Donnell Jim Rassler Elisabeth Ryan Gary Scimeca Rosanna Scimeca Ben Smith Chadwick Sprouse Sarah Valdez Christy Varni Silke Von Bueren Lowell Wedemeyer Lynn Yamaoka


In Leadership Roles

Reformation REI, Recreational Equipment, Inc. Room & Board Saatchi & Saatchi Salvation Army San Pedro and Peninsula YMCA Toyotas Motor Sales Uber UCLA Recreation Summer Discovery United States Airforce USC Upward Bound Warby Parker West Torrance High Interact Club William Morris Endeavor You Think


Bruce Biesman-Simons Bob Ford Cassie Jones Allen Lay

Armanino LLP Audubon YES! Club Beacon House EDUCATION DOCENTS Bettolino Kitchen Cindy Akiyama Boeing Francesca Andrews Capital Group Sheri Benator Chadwick School Pat Benjamin CSULB Linda Bird El Camino College Equinox Fitness Palos Verdes Dorie Chadwick Florentine Christian Ernst & Young Daniel Crane HCVT, LLP Jacqueline Davis IES Club Elizabeth Eastman Investment Technologies Deanne Edridge Group (ITG) Japanese Business Association Nancy Fitzhugh Paul Funk Marymount California Anita Gash University Gabriel Gonzales Morgan Stanley Wayne Greenfeld National Charity League, Palos Verdes Chapter Lauren Heimer John Horne National Charity League, Peninsula Chapter Henry Jurgens New Neighbors Evi Meyer Northrop Grumman Lowell Nickel NYX Makeup Ivan Parrales PV High Key Club Rochelle Port

Please let us know if we have inadvertently misspelled or omitted your name.

Sallie Reeves Diane Robinson Sanford Scholton Suzanne Scholton Richard Skophammer Beth Sohngen Sandy Steinhaus Steve Stonehouse Toshiro Tokunaga Bertina Vona Sue Walsh Judith Webb Karen Wickham Michael Wickham

Amy Friend Carolynn Petru


Joellen Alflen Michael Bell Tana Bell Kathleen Borgida Judy Bradford Geeta Gupta Heather Hawkins Julia Higgins Mary Lopes Maria Manansala National Charity League, Peninsula Chapter EDUCATIONAL AND ENJOYABLE EXPERIENCES Tricia Rapaport Art to Grow On, Inc. Gaye Vancans Beautify Lunada Bay Elisa Velasquez CA Native Plant Society Cabrillo Marine Aquarium INTERNS City of LA Dept of Cultural Laura Aguayo Affairs Kyle Buse Music Box Films Jamie Chen Palos Verdes Coordinating Cambrie Congdon Council Jesus Corona Palos Verdes Library District John Cortenbach Palos Verdes United School Erin Emme District Eric Furth Peninsula Friends of the Nina House Library Katlyn Karambelas South Bay Film Society Alison Kim Terranea Resort Brandon LaBeet Triformis Corporation Daowei Li Wild Birds Unlimited Sawyer Marks Taiki Matsuda FINANCE COMMITTEE Jazmin Mendieta Lewis Enstedt Eloise Mitchell-Smith Henry Jurgens Isaac Morris Rob Kautz Dan Nguyen John Spielman Ian Riviera Richard Wallace Andrew Ross Kyle Scialpi GARDEN APPRENTICES David Sheps Kainalu Chun Bonnie Skerkavich Karina Martinez Connor Tumelty Cesar Orozco John Wainwright Gunnar Thordarson Perlie Yang Taylor Zagelbaum


INVESTMENT COMMITTEE Rob Kautz Allen Lay Rick Phillips John Spielman Geoff Wainwright

NATURE WALK LEADERS Cindy Akiyama Sandra Allbee David Berman Allen Franz Liz Kennedy Norma Lira Karen Merickel Anke Raue Russ Richer Karen Wickham


Lisa Dennen Diane Heffernan Schrader Sharon Ryan

PHOTOGRAPHERS/ WRITERS David Berman John Dickinson Randy Harwood Lori Hirsch Stokoe Jerry Kotler Mark Mathieu Dan Nguyen Mary Scott Kim West Donna Wilson

PRESIDENT’S ADVISORY COUNCIL Bruce Biesman-Simons Leah Bizoumis Phyllis Cannom Virginia Cicoria Becky Cool Craig Cooning Charlotte Ginsburg Terri Haack Carolyn Hadley Colburn Lisa Hansen Richard Lundquist Pete Major

George Schuler Ken Swenson Martha Tuffli Pam Westhoff

SCOUT PROJECTS Andy Chen Marlon Escobar Trevor Heise Ingi Hong Camille Jorenby Trevor Lawrence Spencer Lam Olivia Maehara Ved Pandey Jack Olson Nick Ryan Max Ryan Nathaniel Sheps Cora Uchida


Scott Ammons Randy Harwood David Snow


Sydney Bambardekar Christopher Cameron Matthew Cameron Kevin Cheon Erin Choi Joanna Choi Yuna Choi Allen Chun Daren Chun Church of Latter Day Saints Kapil Dheeriya Heather Hawkins Yea Jin Jo Ashley Jung Irene Kang Raza Khan Alayna Kim Claire Kim Donna Kim James Kim Andrea Kim James Kim Doyup Kwon

Justin Lee So Yeon Lee Sooyon Lim James Lim Tom Moberley National Charity League, Palos Verdes Peninsula Chapter Kaori Nomoto Samantha Prasetia Hea Shin Ra Donggeon Seo Dongju Seo Dylon Shiao Nancy Silva Toshiro Tokunaga Ahn Tran Diem Tran Phillip Yamaguchi

THIRD GRADE DOCENTS Cindy Akiyama Pat Benjamin Linda Bird Dorie Chadwick Daniel Crane Elizabeth Eastman Nancy Fitzhugh Anita Gash Henry Jurgens Evi Meyer Veronica Nieves Rochelle Port Sallie Reeves Diane Robinson Sue Scholton Beth Sohngen Bertina Vona Sue Walsh Karen Wickham Michael Wickham


Ron Bird Robert Bittner Troy Braswell Carolyn Bumatay

John Crouch Megan DiTolla Al Edgerton Sam Fearer Laura Frank Paul Funk Penny Good Ian Gottschalk Brian Haig Stacy Herman John Jacobs Mike Jost Stephanie Kingham Jordan Lake Kurt Loheit Ryan Mueller David Quadhamer Peter Shaw Richard Skophammer Chad Sprouse Richard Wallace Erin Wallin Nina Wasuta-Moore Lynn Yamaoka Eric Yamasaki


Barb Ailor Cindy Akiyama Peter Barrett Caren Becht Christine Campbell Eva Cicoria Virginia Cicoria Jac and Terry Davis John Dickinson Denise Donegan Pamela Emch Karyn Farris Maria Fazande Timothy Fives Joan Friedman Dan and Judy Galorath Dana Gorman Carl Gutierrez Randy Harwood

John and Gina Henderson John (Rod) Jensen Joan Kelly Linda Kim Laura MacKenzie Ann Majchrzak Gregory Marcelo Donna Mclaughlin Kaori Nomoto Tami Podesta Sharon Polack Kenneth Poole Alan Poon Kathy Popoff Jim Rassler Annabel Shabestari Peter Shaw S. Ian Song Michael Stamolis Jel Talley June Treherne Linda Varner Nari Vierra Rick Viersen Nina Wasuta-Moore Sue Dell Wilkinson Cynthia Woo Lynn Yamaoka Eric Yamasaki


Diana Bailey Tony Baker Edna Bay Bruce Biesman-Simons June Burlingame Smith Allen Franz Amy Friend Heather Henderson Kim Kohler Terry Miller Peter Niemiec Dave Pilon Suzanne Scholton Richard Wallace Lowell Nickel



PAID Mailed from Zip Code 90503 PERMIT NO. 102

PALOS VERDES PENINSULA LAND CONSERVANCY 916 Silver Spur Road, #207, Rolling Hills Estates, CA 90274 www.pvplc.org 310-541-7613

The Conservancy’s vision is the creation and management of large blocks of natural open space where visitors may enjoy peaceful solitude, where children and adults can learn about the natural environment, and where locally native plants and animals will exist in a secure environment.

2018 Board of Directors

Allen Franz, President Amy Friend, Exec. Vice President Diana Bailey, Secretary John Spielman, Treasurer Bill Ailor Scott Ammons Bob Ford Bill Glantz Randy Harwood Cassie Jones Rob Kautz Carolynn Petru Dave Snow Rick Wallace

Staff Current as of 2019 Adrienne Mohan, Executive Director

Administration Jill Wittman, Administrative Assistant

Land Stewardship Cris Sarabia, Conservation Director Johnny Perez, Stewardship Manager Austin Parker, Stewardship Associate Hugo Morales, Stewardship Technician Lead Humberto Calderon, Stewardship Technician Juan Sandoval, Stewardship Technician Neli Gonzalez, Lead Nursery Technician Alejandro Lemus, Field Operations Specialist

Volunteer Program Brittany Goldsmith, Volunteer Program Manager Megan Wolff, Volunteer Coordinator

Development Susan Wilcox, Development Director Louise Olfarnes, Communications Manager Laura Lohnes, Development Associate

Education Program Connie Smith, Education Director Holly Gray, Education Program Manager (Top, L to R): Scott Ammons, Bob Ford, Amy Friend, David Snow, Rob Kautz, Randy Harwood (Bottom, L to R): Allen Franz, Bill Ailor, Rick Wallace, Diana Bailey, Carolynn Petru and Cassie Jones Missing from photo: John Spielman and Bill Glantz

George F Canyon Nature Center White Point Nature Education Center Ariel Dela Cruz, Naturalist

PHOTOS: Front cover, pgs 2 and 6 – Jerry Kotler (www.kotler.com) Page 4 and 18 – John Dickinson | Page 15 – Eva Cicoria All other photos courtesy of PVP Land Conservancy


Profile for Palos Verdes Peninsula Land Conservancy

30th Anniversary Edition of the Annual Report 2018  

Palos Verdes Peninsula Land Conservancy's 2018 Annual Report - 30th Year

30th Anniversary Edition of the Annual Report 2018  

Palos Verdes Peninsula Land Conservancy's 2018 Annual Report - 30th Year

Profile for pvplc

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