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Dear Friends All of us who live, work in or just visit the Peninsula have the opportunity to enjoy its beautiful natural landscapes. We are so fortunate to be within a short distance of such breathtaking views and accessible trails. The donors profiled in this annual report exemplify the deep love and admiration for the Peninsula that inspires them and others to take personal responsibility for the preservation and care of our natural lands by working with the Conservancy. We are grateful for the support of each of the 1275 persons listed in this publication who has allowed us to accomplish so much during the past year. The establishment of the Conservancy’s first endowment, the preservation of 58 acres of land in Malaga Canyon and the dedication of increased resources for trails in the nature preserve are just a few of the highlights that made this year especially successful. Thank you for your continued support. I look forward to another vigorous year.

To protect the scenic, natural and diverse landscapes we know and love for future generations, we must continue our persistent land restoration work. Thanks to an estate gift to the Conservancy left by John Vansickle and the support from donors like you, we will be able to restore even more land at a faster pace in the coming years. I thank you for your enthusiastic support of our Beauty of Nature Film Series and Wild & Scenic Film Festival, which drew thousands of nature lovers together throughout the year. We also enjoyed joining with our community and the City of Rancho Palos Verdes to celebrate the Grand Re-Opening of Abalone Cove Shoreline Park and the completion of the California Coastal Trail in RPV.

Preserving land and restoring habitat for the education and enjoyment of all.


Andrea Vona

h i g h l i g h t s

Thank you for your dedication of time, talent and resources to help protect our stunning and important landscapes. We look forward to working with you in the years ahead! Sincerely,

Bill Swank

Warm Regards,

William K. Swank Andrea Vona

President, Board of Directors

Executive Director


Preserve John Vansickle Moving to California in the mid-1970s, the late John Vansickle found his home in Palos Verdes among the Peninsula’s wide open spaces and in the solitude of it all. The Indianapolis native came to the area to work as a mechanical engineer, specializing in military aircraft, for Northrop Aircraft Corp. There he joined a group of colleagues who traveled together as the Hikers and Packers Group, backpacking to the depths of the Grand Canyon and to the heights of the Sierras. “He loved the outdoors,” his niece Lea Vansickle said, adding that he had been an avid hiker since his days as a student at Purdue University. He also traveled on his own to go hiking and camping. Here at home, John could be found traversing the trails throughout Palos Verdes. It wasn’t long before John became concerned that Los Angeles County would to try to annex areas of the Peninsula. A desirable area for developers, he worried about the preservation of his beloved open space and hiking trails. “He worried about keeping open spaces open and keeping PV the way that it was,” Lea said. John joined the Palos Verdes Peninsula Land Conservancy’s Mariposa Circle to aid its preservation effort. Four years ago, after his health began to decline, John informed the Conservancy of his intention to bequeath to the nonprofit a gift through his estate. Following his death at the age of 78 in April 2014, John’s estate gave the Conservancy a sizeable donation, an amount twice its annual budget. “He was a very generous person. When he cared about something, he cared about it 100 percent,” his niece said. “I think he really surprised the Conservancy with his gift, the amount, but that was kind of how he was.” John did not leave instructions about how his gift should be used, instead leaving it up to the Conservancy’s Board of Directors to decide which restoration and land preservation projects should get priority. John believed in the Conservancy and its mission to preserve and restore open space, Lea said. “He was very loyal to the causes he believed in, and that he really loved.”

The Conservancy’s new Golden Poppy Heritage Circle will recognize all gifts received or intended in the future through estate gifts. A special poppy planting is scheduled for fall 2015. Please call for information if you wish to be invited.


h i g h l i g h t s

Preserved 58 acres in Malaga Canyon (with funds from a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Habitat Conservation Planning Acquisition grant and a Wildlife Conservation Board grant) from two former private property owners for the Palos Verdes Nature Preserve. ____________________________ Hired a Field Operations Technician to improve trail delineation, close unauthorized trails and remove graffiti. ____________________________ Trained 13 new Volunteer Trail Watch participants. These volunteers dedicated over 600 hours to tracking trail behavior and providing education about the Palos Verdes Nature Preserve. 5 3

Jeanne and Arthur Hadley with two of their children, William Hadley and Carolyn Hadley-Colburn

Restore Jeanne and Arthur Hadley Wanting to leave Hancock Park and the urban environment behind, Jeanne and Arthur Hadley moved with their three children to the open space and fresh air of the Palos Verdes Peninsula. “The way my parents tell the story, they fell in love with the area the first day they drove here,” their son William Hadley said. He and his sister Carolyn were born after the family moved to the Peninsula. Following the closure of Marineland in February 1987, Jeanne and Arthur, like many of their neighbors, became worried about potential development at the site and along the rest of the coastline. “The community didn’t want to lose its open space – the thing that makes PV what it is,” William said. The Hadleys joined fellow community members and supported a fledgling Palos Verdes Peninsula Land Conservancy. They remained active, helping the Conservancy to grow and create the 1,400-acre Palos Verdes Nature Preserve. Now in their older years, the two longtime Legacy Circle members are not as active in Conservancy events as they once were. But their love of the organization and what it does has not waned. When the couple decided to close their family foundation, they chose to give the remaining funds to the Conservancy. In October 2014, Jeanne and Arthur gifted the Conservancy’s first endowment. The Hadley Endowment will provide a generous annual gift of approximately $60,000 in perpetuity to support the Conservancy’s land restoration activities. “To be able to give to an organization that is near and dear to your heart is one thing, but also an organization that is near and dear to future generations,” William said. Jeanne and Arthur hope that by creating this endowment it will encourage others to make similar donations to provide long-term support for the Conservancy, either through the Hadley Endowment or by creating separate endowments through estate plans and annual gifts. Jeanne and Arthur remain private about the details of their generosity, but others can celebrate their gift at the Del Cerro Park recognition site and on two new trail markers on Burma Road Trail, where they can see for themselves Jeanne and Arthur’s lasting message: Forever Cherish This Land.

2014 2014

h i g h l i g h t s

Planted over 17,000 locally h i g h l i g h t s grown native plants at five different restoration sites. ____________________________ Restored over eight acres of habitat at Portuguese Bend, Abalone Cove, Alta Vicente and the El Segundo blue butterfly site on the bluffs at Vicente Bluffs/Ocean Front Estates, as well as at Linden H. Chandler Preserve and the Defense Fuel Support Point for the Palos Verdes blue butterfly. ____________________________ Provided over 385 locally grown native plants to the public for drought tolerant gardening through Plant Sales at the White Point Nature Preserve, at the South Coast Botanic Gardens and special events.


Educate Yvetta Williams As a child Yvetta Williams was fascinated by the natural world around her. Birds, bees, butterflies, insects, flowers, and plants – she loved every one of them. “There are a lot of wonderful things in the world if we take the time to observe them,” she said.


Born in San Pedro and raised on the east side of the Peninsula, Yvetta’s formative years were spent outdoors, exploring the area’s open fields, hillsides and canyons. She gained extensive knowledge about local animals and vegetation through her own curiosity and observation. As Yvetta grew older she went on to study elementary education, art and apparel merchandising at the University of California, Los Angeles, but she never left her beloved natural world behind.


She and her husband, Dick, owned their own business, traveled the world, and raised two children, yet found time to traverse local trails photographing the plants and flowers that grow on the Peninsula.

2014 celebrates the 20th Anniversary of the Third Grade Nature Education Program In 2005 she embarked on a new adventure with the Palos Verdes Peninsula Land Conservancy. When she learned the nonprofit had launched a major fundraising campaign to acquire land for the Palos Verdes Nature Preserve, she and her husband joined the effort. Both strongly believed that preserving and protecting open space in Palos Verdes was a highly worthwhile endeavor. She felt – and she continues to feel – that we must set aside land to provide homes for all other life forms, “including the littlest insects,” she said. “Even the littlest, minutest insect has a purpose.” Her involvement with the Conservancy continued long after the land had been acquired. Yvetta collaborated with Stewardship Associate Ann Dalkey to produce the nonprofit’s “Native Wildflowers of the Palos Verdes Peninsula,” a beautiful guidebook featuring 270 color photographs. She also helped to create the study materials used for the Conservancy’s Third-Grade Naturalist Program, designed to re-engage children’s curiosity about the outdoors and to help them develop an interest in nature. If you really love the outdoors as a child, like Yvetta, it’s a passion you carry into your adult life. “This is the most wonderful place in the world,” she said. “We have to protect it.”

h i g h l i g h t s

Celebrated the Third Grade Education Program’s 20th year with successful outreach to h over i g 34,000 h l i gstudents h t sand 7,600 parents for our school based education programs. ____________________________ Served 3,463 students from 35 elementary schools in Third Grade and Science Students as Stewards programs. ____________________________ Mentored six high school students who entered their research projects in the Palos Verdes Science Fair. Each student received honorable mention, and one was awarded First Place in Earth and Space Science. ____________________________ Trained five college interns to assist with vegetation monitoring at restoration sites that provides data for restoration program assessment. 9

Enjoy Becky Cool Tays Cool loved the Peninsula. Those who pause at the Cool Overlook in the Forrestal Reserve and gaze upon the breathtaking view can see why. “Tays loved this town. He absolutely loved it here,” Becky Cool said of her late husband. “To have something in honor of him, it’s very special. Very, very special.” Becky wanted to pay tribute to her beloved husband’s memory and she found the perfect opportunity in 2005. She read in a local newspaper article that the Palos Verdes Peninsula Land Conservancy was starting a fundraising campaign to purchase large parcels of land for preservation, and was offering donors the chance to name a site or a trail. To seal the deal, once Becky read that the Annenberg Foundation was going to match the funds, she said to herself, “Boom! I’m doing this.” She worked with Barbara Dye, who was the Conservancy’s executive director, to choose a site that would honor Tays and his love for the Palos Verdes Peninsula. Because rheumatoid arthritis had taken away his ability to walk or stand during the last years of his life, it was important to Becky that the location be handicap accessible. Dye found her an easily accessible overlook with a stunning ocean view. Friends, family, and Conservancy members gathered at Cool Overlook to dedicate the site, celebrating with wine and cheese. Becky still goes there and has minicelebrations toasting Tays with dear friends and family members. Her time with the Conservancy started out as a gesture for her husband, but it has blossomed into another love affair. The Legacy Circle member has become one of the Conservancy’s most enthusiastic cheerleaders. She’s one of the first to buy a ticket for a fundraising event, and one of the first to volunteer for a committee. In February she opened her home to surprise the Conservancy’s visiting AmeriCorps volunteers with a Valentine’s Day-themed party. Becky and Tays, who were both self-made people, believed that it was important to give back to their community. Preserving land as beautiful as the Peninsula’s is a “forever deal” that will give enjoyment to the many generations to follow. “That’s such a blessing to have,” Becky said, “to know that this site is there forever … and it benefits so many people beyond us.”

2014 2014

h i g h l i g h t s h i g h l i g h t s

Hosted a film series, Beauty of Nature, attracting over 1,000 patrons to various local theaters. ____________________________ Trained eight volunteer docents to provide visitor information at White Point Nature Education Center and Preserve. ____________________________ Expanded Citizen Science programs for weekly wildlife tracking and cactus wren monitoring to document breeding activity and territory.


2014 Contributors TRUSTEE OF THE LAND





Annenberg Foundation Arthur and Jeanne Hadley John Vansickle

Rebecca M. Cool Bob and Joyce Daniels Reed and Nan Harman



Bruce Biesman-Simons and Hale Field Joe and Kathy Platnick Marion Scharffenberger John Spielman and Kathy Christie

Amy Friend Marjory Jensen Victoria Link George and Dee Schuler Jim and Nancy Welsh Doug and Pam Westhoff

Allen and Charlotte Ginsburg

Bill and Barb Ailor Mark and Pat Benjamin George and Barbara Gleghorn Allen and Dorothy Lay The Kenneth T. and Eileen L. Norris Foundation Dorothy Rechtin Rowena Yarak Schaber Tuffli Family Foundation

Jimi K. Andersen Melissa and Bob Alvarado Brigid Antolos John Bacich Eric and Lois Baum Dimitri and Leah Bizoumis Ginny Bleier Robert Brisco Jeff Buckner Robert and Diana Cahill Carl and Barbara Cambilargiu Carter-Amondsen Trust Thomas and Nadine Chrien Christian Family Foundation John Cooke Allen Curtis Dennis and Michele Dahlhausen Barry and Ann Dalkey Larry Delpit David Eaton Al and Kathy Edgerton Suzanne and Richard Farman Beth Fasola Robert and Kathy Ford Cathy and Dennis Gardner Greg Gawlik and Patty Woods Gawlik Marylyn Ginsburg-Klaus and Chuck Klaus


$750,000 - $999,999

GUARDIAN OF THE LAND $500,000 - $749,000

Virginia Cicoria Richard and Melanie Lundquist Major Family Foundation

$250,000 - $499,999

$75,000 - $99,999

$100,000 - $249,999

Legacy Circle members whose cumulative gifts are at $500,000 or more will be considered lifetime Legacy Circle members.

Third Grade Program Docent for 12 years, Point Fermin Marine Science Magnet School

$50,000 - $74,999

Dominic and Margaret DeCristofaro Cassie Jones and Lewis Enstedt Robert and Barbara Morel Noel Park Nina Ritter Sue and Steve Soldoff Jim and Diane Staes Betty Field Strauss Bill and Lynn Swank


David and Phyllis Cannom Danise Holloway and Rob Kautz Larry and Nancy Pasquali Mark Chandler Paullin George and June Romine Thomas Wilson

Legacy Circle members will be recognized during each year of active membership with their cumulative gifts.

“Interacting with the students in their classroom is fun and engaging, especially while sharing hands-on teaching aids like local plant and animal specimens, including plant cuttings, pelts, feathers and bird nests. This is a great way to teach the children about the wonders of nature…in our local areas and is a very rewarding experience as a volunteer.” ~ Cindy Blindbury


$25,000 - $49,999

$1,000 - $4,999

“As a geologist, I really enjoy providing scientific expertise to this important land conservancy.” ~ Robert Douglas

Member, Abalone Cove Landslide Abatement District, Professor Emeritus USC, and member of the Conservancy’s Science Advisory Group

Jacqueline M. Glass Mark Goldberg Theresa and Robert Hall Mitchell Harmatz Diana Heffernan and Steve Schrader John Wessel and Judith Herman Ed and Nora Hibsman Bruce and Kaaren Hoffman Evan Huie Rory Hunter Henry Jurgens and Laura Hines-Jurgens Gina Keller Elizabeth Kennedy and Tony Lin Michael Kilroy Dan and Lisa Klerman Geraldine Knatz Carole and Norman La Caze Donald and Patricia Lange Paula and Henry Lederman Hongpyo and Julie Lee Marcus Linden Long Family Foundation Ruth and Roger MacFarlane Glenn Masukawa Robert and Joan McClellan Evi and David Meyer Chuck and Betsy Miller Terry and John Miller

Melissa and Adam Orr Trudy Park George and Joan Paulikas Bill and Bobbie Pomeranz Tamara Ritchey Powers Pamela Reis Suzanne Richmond W. Jack and Ann Rode Sharon and Jennifer Ryan Barbara Fritz Schaff Jim and Tracy Scharffenberger June Schwarzmann Malcolm and Wayne Sharp Ann Shaw Lowri Lee Sprung Diane Stewart Nancy and Norman Swanton Kenneth Swenson and Eva Cicoria John and Mary Tootle Bob and Phyllis Trujillo Peter and Miriam Varend Richard and Grace Wallace Kay Wardell Judith Webb Susan Wilcox Jon and Tishya Wren Eric and Carol Yamasaki Boyd Zack Zee Foundation

FOUNDATIONS Bank of America Foundation Boeing Gift Matching Program Crail Johnson Foundation Harbor Community Benefit Foundation Major Family Foundation Land Trust Alliance Long Family Foundation Negri Foundation Oarsmen Foundation The Kenneth T. and Eileen L. Norris Foundation SCAN Nansen Field Foundation Smith-Welsh Foundation Toyota Matching Gifts to Education Tuffli Family Foundation Zee Foundation

CORPORATE/GROUP DONORS The Acorn Group Adishian Law Group, P.C. An Uncommon Journey Brigante, Cameron, Watters & Strong Bennett Landscape Big Sunday Organization Bruce Biesman-Simons Architecture Bolton Engineering Corp

“I enjoy being outdoors doing the demanding trail and habitat restoration work. It keeps me strong and it feels good to see the impact my hard work is making on the preserves.” ~ Andy Ando Volunteer Trail Crew and KEEPER

Bo Struye Photography California Native Plant Society Capital Group Companies Chandler’s Sand & Gravel Girls Scout Troops of Greater LA Hermosa Garden Club Honeywell Utility Solutions Incredible Adventures Japan Business Association of Southern California Kellogg Garden Products Jerry Kotler Photography Lori Lynn Stokoe Photography Malaga Bank Metropolitan Water District of Southern California National Audubon Society, Inc. National Charity League, Peninsula Chapter Palos Verdes Peninsula Horsemens Association Plaza Automotive Center Point Vicente Animal Hospital Phillips 66 Quadra Foundation, Inc. REI Recreational Equipment, Inc. The RM Cool Company Rolling Hills Professional Building Room & Board

SA Recycling San Diego Bay Wine & Food Festival San Pedro Garden Club Sempra Energy Sheppard Mullin Richter & Hampton, LLP South Bay Magazine Southern California Edison Starbucks Temple Beth El & Center Terranea Resort Tourism Cares Trump National Golf Club Los Angeles Wells Fargo Kim West Photography Wild Birds Unlimited Whole Foods Market Torrance

GOVERNMENT California Coastal Conservancy City of Rancho Palos Verdes City of Rolling Hills Estates CA Department of Parks and Recreation Habitat Conservation Fund Los Angeles County Restoration Commission Los Angeles County Regional Park and Open Space District Los Angeles County Sanitation District National Fish and Wildlife Foundation

Naval Facilities Engineering Command, Southwest/Defense Logistics Agency Santa Monica Bay Restoration Commission U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Coastal Program

SCHOOLS Cornerstone Elementary School PTA Environmental Charter School Lunada Bay PTA Mira Catalina PTA Para Los Niños Park Western Elementary School Point Fermin Elementary School Point Vicente PTA PV Peninsula Montessori Schools Inc Rancho Vista PTA Rolling Hills Country Day School Silver Spur PTA South Shores Elementary UCLA USC Vista Grande Elementary School William Green Elementary School Woodcrest Elementary School LAUSD

“The Conservancy’s preservation work makes it possible for community members of every age to make connections with nature. As an open space advocate and youth educator, I am grateful to be able to share these connections with our children, the environmental stewards of the future. Eventually our children will apply their knowledge both globally and locally to keep our open space beautiful for the next generation.” ~ Diana Heffernan-Schrader, Recipient of the Deena Sheridan Nature Education Award

2014 Contributors

Dwight and Jan Abbott George and Patricia Ackerman Arona Ackermann Chester and Jean Acree Jerry and Jeanette Adams Lena Adishian Edward and Priscilla Adler Christine Aguilar Lorin and Janet Aird Cindy Akiyama Gina Albi John Alden and Margo Phipps-Alden David Alexander Dennis and Karen Alexander Joellen Alflen Ellen and Paul Alkon Sandra Allbee and Gerald Wahlin Tom and Debbie Allen Tom and Mary Anne Alley Arthur and Irene Almeida Scott Ammons Keith and Laurie Anderson Andy H. Ando Anonymous Ken Antell and Ann Vaughn Charles Anthony Shaun Apffel Barbara and Jorge Aranguren Dennis and Jessica Arca Bettina Arnold Nancy and Mark Aston Cynthia Atterberry Tara Aviel Roger and Carolyn Ayers Ray and Eleanor Azar Brian and Joann Bailey Judy Bain Anthony Baker Namele and Steven Baker Kathryn and Michael Balale Verna Balch Anthony and Barbara Baldassano Jack Baldelli and Ann Muscat

Joan Banes Gordon Barbay Phoebe Barnum and Lowell Nickel Michael and Honeya Barth Ron and Melinda Barth Heinz H. Barthel Ruth and Bill Bartron Terry Bass Janine Batchelder Terry Bateman Gildon and Barbara Beall Don Norton and Jean Beasley Tracey Beck Sondra and Wilhelm Behrens Stevie Beitscher Don and Sue Bell Robert Bell Robert and Nancy Bell Susan Bellone Betty Belsky Sheri Benator Dennis and Sylvia Benko Victor Benson David Bernstein Ruth and Frank Bescoby Sara Jane and George Bettge Jane Bettwy Claudia and John Bishop Martha Bjerke Arlene Block Mike Blois Bloland Family Charitable Trust Yvonne Bogdanovich Katherine Bonanno Louisa Bonnie Irma Bont Thomas and Frances Booth Lana Boots Phillip Borden Thad Bower Dorie Boynton and Brooks Chadwick Gretchen Carner and David Bradley Adrienne Brandriss


Kathleen Brannen Shirley Braun David and Marilyn Breeding Marlene Breene Lisa Briedisfam Stephanie and Francisco Brito Albert and Pauline Brockmann Ruth Brooker Susan Brooks Craig and Chrysa Brothers Andrea and Blake Brown Frank and Judith Brown Marlene L. and Harold Brown Sara Brown Philip Browning Elliott Brunner Bill Bryan Carolyn Bumatay Kathleen Burns Webster Burns Ardys Burt Angelika Brinkmann-Busi & Fabrizio Busi Marcia Butler David and Ann Buxton Kay Buzanis Cynthia Byrne Dennis Cabral Karen Battle Cabrera Holly Cain John and Karen Cameron Brian and Susie Campbell Linda Campbell Renee Campbell Stuart Canario Douglas Capone and Linda Duguay Aliesha and Walter Carlos Thomas and Marie Carr Leslie G. Carroll Eric Carson Donald l. Carter Marjorie Carter Sharon Caserma Robin L. Cashon

Cheryl Caughlin Robert and Elsa Celniker Nash and Patricia Cervantes John and Ann Chaffey Mark and Beth Chalfin Leon and Nancy Chalnick Michelle Chambers Richard and Carolyn Chambers Kelly and Barbara Chan Michael Garr and Chiow Chang Shouee Chen Scott and Maria Chernoff Mark Choate Tsing-Yuan and Emmy Chu Stuart and Catherine Chuck Rebecca Cicoria Dorothy Clapp Bill and Elly Cleary James and Salvacion Clemmons Melissa and Robert Clifford Marie Clum-La Force and Don La Force Sue and Tom Cody Janice Cofer Thomas Coffey Bonnie Cohn Anthony and Diane Cole Robert and Valerie Cole Kathleen M. Collins Maria Colobong Chris and Gary Combs Patricia Condon Brian and Ellen Cook Geoff and Enrica Cook Craig and Susan Cooning Rev. Thomas Cooper Stanley and Johanna Corbett Glenn Cornell Bill Cornyn Corinne Cortes Barbara and Mark Coynes Greg Cranham Hoby and Mitzi Cress Jack and Joyce Crump

William and Candice Cueto Kristin Curren Laurie and Jeff Cushing Clark and Jean Custer Burt and Diana Cutler Sue Cutler Warren and Winifred Cutting Michael and Karen Czap Diane Daly Robert and Emiley Daly Stewart Darrell Jan and Cliff d’Autremont Constance Davenport Alison Davis Diana Davis Marsha and Jack Davis Richard and Gail Davis Susan Taylor Davis Betty and Mitchell Dazey Paul De Alleaume Mary Jane De Carvalho Claire De Ciutiis Edward and Charlotte Deason Andrew and Alison DeCristofaro Angela Degenhardt Elizabeth and Francois Denis Steven and Cynthia Dennis Susan and Naresh Deo Ray and Anne Destabelle Russell Dickerson John Dickinson Carole and David Diestel Joan Dietz Sara L. Dokter Steve and Lisa Donahue Zelda Donin-Green Cynthia Donnelly Paul and Laura Dorin Lee Dorsey Celine Dove Carol Duff Jerry and Rosanne Duhovic Roger and J. Dunn

Listed here are donations received between Jan 1 - Dec 31, 2014. Please let us know if we have inadvertently misspelled or omitted your name. Garrett and Bonnie Durling Barbara and John Dye Dennis and Zoya Dyer Harvey Eastman Raymond and Silvia Eastwood Richard and Carol Eberhard Hugo and Connie Ebihara Eileen and Bruce Edelson Arthur and Carlin Edelstein Alfred and Deanne Edridge Gary and Shari Effron Linda and Don Eichhorn Paul Elkins James Elliott Everett and Marlene Emerson Stephanie Enright Barbara and Jack Epstein Kimberly Erde Don Ershig and Irene Ing Susan Estes Jeannine Etcheverry David and Rita Evans Joseph and Gun Fagin George and Barbara Farinsky Thomas and Patricia Farmer Richard and Joan Farrar Carla Farrell Jo Featherstone Sally Fechner Melvin Feldman Mauryne Fennell and Nicholas Politis Gregg and Cynthia Ferguson Erica Ferro Dr. David Presser and Dr. Michelle Finkel Susan Finney Joyce Fischer Kathleen Fitzgerald Tom and Nancy Fitzhugh Jennifer Flaherty Cameron Flanagan Gary Fleming Julie Fletcher Darrell Floyd

Nancy Forbes Ronald and Patricia Forbess Phyllis J. Ford Lawrence Fordiani Ian C. Forsyth Jean Foster Richard Fowell and Melody Colbert Victioria Fox Carol and Joel Foxman Inez L. Foye Judy Frankel Ed and Sally Franklin Allen Franz Mary Franz C C Freeman David Freeman Carol Ann Freisleben Cathy French Allan and Susan Frew Phil and Kathryn Friedel Sharon Houston and Rob Friedrich Judith Fujita Karl and Yumi Fukunaga Phyllis Furman Thomas Galbraith and Edna Bay George and Carol Gamble Marilyn and Camilo Garcia Susannah Garcia Dan and Judy Galorath Janet Gardner Jim and Jan Gardner Dolores Garren Larry Gasco, Ph D Kenneth B. and Anita Gash Richard and Veronica Gaugler Elaine George Norman and Suzanne George Rod and Nancy Gibson Carol Gilbert Girl Scouts Troop 1544 Girl Scouts Troop 15745 Girl Scout Troop 16475 Girl Scout Troop 16485

James and Mary Gisbrecht Eric and Chris Glassy Ross and Anne Goethe Leslie and Jeffrey Gold Roy B. Goldberg Penny Good Jon and Martha Goodney Sharon and Brent Goodrich Teresa Gordon Robert and Judith Gordon Kenneth Gore Karl and Toni Graeber Michael and Susan Gray Carla and James Green Michael and Bernice Green James and Gretchen Greene Hans and Annerose Grellmann Marijan and Karen Grgas Maureen Griffin Leah Grossi Jane M. Gruys Debra Guerrero Eugene and Ana Gutierrez Taleb Habbal Amy Hagen Brian Haig David B. Hakewessell Jeffrey Hall Shirley Hallstein Mark L. and Bobbett Hamilton Erika and Kyunghoon Han Lillian Hanner Paul Harada and Judy Seto Renata and John Harbison Helmut and Frances Harder Aileen Blair and Charles Hardesty Eunice Hargrove Tanushree Harneja Chris Harrison Susan Harrison David and Barbara Hart Deanna and Randall Harwood Michael and Carol Hashiro

Roger and Margaret Haug Keith and Nancy Hauge Nancy Utovac and Richard Havenick Mary Lou and William Hayden Paul and Diane Hayden Kathleen Hayes Eva He Marcia and Jerry Hebert David Heenan John and Celina Henderson Richard Henke Paul and Irene Henrikson Thomas and Sally Henyey Diane Herbkersman Larry Hershenson Eugene and Barbara Hertler William and Virginia Hilker Kitty and Alfred Hill Everett and Christine Hinkley Harold Hoffman Jay Hoffman Teresa and Larry Hoffman Michele Hoh Albert Hoheb William and Terrye Holcomb Laura and Lewis Holzman Dale and Carol Hook Max and Sandra Hooper Stella Horton Jack and Margaret Hourigan Kathleen Hughes and Daniel Bethencourt Chuck and Martha Hunt Gary Hunter John and Ann Hurrell Cordelia and Warren Hwang Joseph and Barbara Jackson Richard and Sandra Jacobsen Wolfgang and Marta Jahn William James and Kathryn Johnstone Paul and Emma Jenkinson Sara Jennings John (Rod) Jensen Stella Jeon

Joyce Jessoe Lee Jester Yvette Joffe Alan and Elizabeth Johnson Cheryl Jordan Paul Jordan James and Arlene Joyce Daniel Juarez and Ivette Pena Kyu and Inhee Jung Marc Kaiser and Vicki Poponi Angela Kappner Jack and Lois Karp Takashi Kato Mary and Paul Kearney Robert and Margaret Keller Alanna and Edward Kennedy Elizabeth and Ronald Kent Philip Kent Lora Jones and J. Kevin Paul and Dottie Keye Dale Keyser Jon Kiland Annette King Catherine King James Kinney Donald M. Kisner Joel and Elizabeth Klein Andrew Klest Shirley Kline Ray and Virginia Knauss James and Nancy Knigge James and Lorraine Knight Constance Koehler Rokutaro and Cordula Koga John Kohler Kim Kohler Harold Koletsky Steve Koletty and Yuhaniz Anang-Koletty John Kordich Erol Kosar Victoria and Steven Kratz Joan and Sam Kraus Gustav Krebs


2014 Contributors

Judy Krehbiel Claudia Kreis Rolf and Reidun Kuecherer Hans and Anna Kuehl Alfred Kuehlewind William Kuo Madeline Kurrasch, D.D.S. Peter and Jeanne Lacombe Alyse Laemmle Bill Lane and Sabrina Villines Carrie Lane Thomas Lang Gregory Laurinat Rosemary Leake Stephanie LeBlond and Jack Alden Allen Lee Victoria Lee Ralph LeFevre and Christine Esprabens Vicki Leo Nancy Leonard Frederick Levin Kristin Libby Jon Lieb Dennis Liebregt Henry and Ingrid Lin Rachel Lipson Marvin and Marilyn Litvak Jenny Liu Henry Liverpool Jr. and Kathleen Liverpool Christy Lloyd Teal and Raul Lopez-Vallejo Mary Brooks and Jim Lowery Wayne Lund Paul and Kay Lupo Barbara Demming Lurie and Mark Lurie M.D. Robert and Margaret Luty Randy and Lori Lyman Josephine Lynn Gregory Macintosh Harry Mackenzie Janet MacLeod Evelyn Mah Shashi and Raj Mahajan

Tom and Carol Manchester Peter Mand Gloria Mangano Chris Manning Wendy Mantikas Cheryl Marcz Marisela Mardesich Sandra and Jack Mardesich Dennis Mari Rosemary Marimon William Marks Monica Martin Karena Masengill and Graham Robertson Rex and Karla Masten Bill and Sherry May Arthur and Cheryl McAllister Sheri McClanahan Gary and Margaret McCray Carol McCully and Ed Barad Cindy and Tim McCully Vesta McDermott Timothy and Elizabeth McDonald Don and Judith McFarland Jim McFarland James and Virginia McGlothlin John McIntire Lynn McIver Susan and Dick McKenna Sandra and Kenneth McKivett Dennis and Donna McLaughlin Kate McLaughlin William and Marjorie McNairn Brenda and Michael McNamara Carol Mead Donald and Patricia Mehlig Gerard and Mary Melling Marlinda Menashe Elaine and Bernie Mendes Mary Menninger Karen Merickel and Travers Wood Mildred Merrill Idalia Messick Roger and Helen Metzler

Donors (Continued)

Megan Mickael Carol Midford Marilyn and Frank Miles Alan Miller and Susanne Lawrenz-Miller Denyse Miller Elone Miller Terry Miller Anthony Misetich Jeff and Janet Mock Kevin Moen and Kathleen Sinagra-Moen Marilyn Montenegro Joan and Joseph Montgomery Douglas Moody and Jane Ming Chin Lin Christopher and Gillian Moore Shirley B. Moore Deborah K. Moorhead James and Mary Ann Morrison Kevin and Laura Mueller Aaron and Judy Munger Robert Murphy Hideki and Yumiko Muto Richard Nakai Byron and Elizabeth Nelson Dean and Marianne Nelson Stuart Nemiroff Cassandra Nevels Edward Newhall Claudia Newsom and Michael Campbell Cathy Nichols John and Christine Nieto Takeharu and Meredith Nishida Kaori Nomoto Margery Norris Rachel Nowinski Stacy Nozaki Theodore and Ann Nye Jim and Sheila O’Connor James and Linda O’Donnell Liane Marie O’Donnell Kurt and Ilse Oetiker Timothy and Lorraine O’Grady Stanley and May Okinaka Sandra and Roger Orman

Samantha Orozco Michael Oshea and Svetlana Pogrebinsky Richard and Margaret Ota Beth Page Jean Palmer Lynda and Gary Palmer Lowell Parode Diane Parr Vera Pashky Renee Paulson Barbara and Thomas Pavliscak Edward and Lynda Pearson Patricia L. Pellerin Hugh Pendleton Rory Pendley Mark and Anne Pepys Carlos and Martha Perez Bob Perkins and Michelle Murphy Fraser and Ellen Perkins Gregg and Penny Perkins Godfrey Pernell James Perzik William Petak and Lynn Barrett Petak Einar and Nancy Petersen Karin Petersen Lee and Mary Petillon Christine Petit Carolynn and Andrew Petru Lynda and Harry Petru Sam and Cindy Pheng Jeanne Pimentel Daniel and Vicki Pinkham Lois Piper Anna Planells Daniel and Judith Platus Earl and Katherine Plummer Mark Pope Theresa and Edward Poplawski Ralph and Janet Porter Vanessa Poster Christine Pott Frank and Melanie Poturica Karen Powell

Wellington Powell Maureen Pugsley Kathleen Pullen-Norris Victoria Puma Jaime and Kareen Punsalan Bob and Judy Purvis David Quadhamer Betty L. Rall Donald and Patricia Range James M. Rassler Barbara and Bob Rauch Jorg and Anke Raue Karen Ravine Merredith Rea Mona Dallas and Robert H. Reddick Thomas and Helena Reidt Don and Janice Reish Carolyn Reynolds Amber Lyne Rhodes Rl Be Michael Riccio Andrew and Corinna Rice Don and Mary Ellen Richardson Russell Richer Karen Rico Bill and Catharine Roberts Frances Roberts John Roberts and Diane Henschel Raymond Robertson Vb Robinett Stephen and Marion Robinson Gregory Robinson John Rockey Andres Rodriguez Norie Roeder Bob and Sibylle Roessler Peggy and Lewis Roland Thomas and Jean Roller Carlos and Teresa Rosales James and Laura Rosenwald, III Julia and Ronald Ross Marion Ross Walter Rosskopf

David and Carole Rowe Ron and Judy Ruby Jill Ruby-Wahba Gail Ruder Irma Ruiz Casey Rumble Edmond J. and Irene C. Russ Marilyn Russell Richard and Donna Russell Cynthia Rustanius Marion Ruth Patricia Sacks, M.D. Michael Safani Ingrid Sahni Erin Sakowski Jeanne Saks Ned Salcido Ronald Salovey James Samis Kathy and Romolo Santarosa Carla Sargent Harvey Sarver Greg and Nancy Sasaki Alfred and Barbara Sattler Karis Say-Cavecche Ralph and Gloria Schack William and Margaret Schell

Ernest Scheyhing and Teresa Ferguson Ilene Schmidt Kathy Schmidt Howard and Sherry Schneider Marcia and Mike Schoettle Suzanne Scholton Eric and Diane Schott Melvin Schrier Jerry and Margaret Schubel Rosalie Schuler Roger and Priscilla Schultz Nancy Schunke William and Sharon Schurmer Kevin Schutz-Mulligan Lucy and Jerry Schwartz Mary Jane Schwebel Rene and Phyllis Scribe Peter Sender Kenneth and Harriet Servis Shapoury Peter Shaw Susan Sheridan Michael and Sandra Sherman Rayne and Pam Sherman Bharti Sheth Richard Shimizu Jim and Diane Shneer Jim and Jackie Showalter Stephen and Jane Shutt Neil Siegel Debra Simmons Jerald and Jan Simon Crisanto Singson Richard and Jennifer Sittel Lois Skidmore June Burlingame-Smith Barbara and Wayne Smith Murray Smith Thomas and Elaine Smuczynski Maya Soderstrom Renee Soiffer Philip Solomita Adrian Som de Cerff

Karen and Willard Somers, Jr. John Sover Susan Spencer Bridget and Michael Stamos Kathy Standen Betty Starr Lynne Starr John and Kiersten Steele Irene V. Steinman Cy and Catherine Stewart Jerold Sicherman and Jane Stewart John and Lore Stolpestad Patricia Lynch and Ronald Stolte Thomas and Carol Street Jules Streisand Don and Norma Stuart Glenn and Mary Lu Swartz Warren and Jeannette Sweetnam Shuichi Takenaka Linda and Rex Tam Kaushal and Mona Tamboli Katsumi and Itsumi Tanimura Todd and Anne Taricco Melvin and Norma Taylor Owen Thomas Ronald Thompson William and Arlene Thomsen Jo Ann Thomson Clark and Georgia Thurber MJ Tichacek Mark and Sylvia Tieman Michael Tierney Beryl and Brian Tilley Bill and Kathy Tilley Martine Tocco Lindell Tollstrup Geoffrey and Yuko Tong Fredrick and Nancy Toppel Sidni Torres Mary Toth Mark Towns Vytautas and Hathaikarn Tozer Richard and Barbara Trakas

Toni Tramontin June Treherne Betsy Treynor Michael Triller Diane Trudell Jackson Tsai Kelly Tsai Joanna Tu Charles and Karen Tucker Nelly and Leonard Tulman Irene and Barry Tyson June and John Uharriet Patricia Unangst Paula and Michael Ungar Scott and Madeleine Uran Richard and Miriam Uyeminami Blair and Krishna Van Buren Grietje Van Dyk and Geoff Wainwright Martha Van Liere Ardys and Steve Van Sicklen Larry Vanden Bos and Debra Stegura Sue Varend Linda Varner Christina Varwig and Robert Wylie James and Victoria Vaughan Jeannie Vidal Anthony and Dorothy Vinter Andrea Vona and Martin Howard Abby and Bill Waddell Mary Waldo Philip M. Walent Priscilla Wallmark Martin and Sandra Waters Carol Ann Watson and Carol Lynch Patricia Ann Webb Laura and Ernest Weber Richard and Irene Weinberg Paula Weiner William and Winifred Weisinger Carole Westberg Allan and Karen White Heather and Michael White Linda and Doland White

Mitch and Jody White Gordon Whitney Linda Whitson Michael and Karen Wickham Ann H. Wicker Lois Wickham Sidney and Frances Wielin Sue Wilkinson Daniel Willens and Ann Jacoby-Willens Rita Willens Sandra Williams Yvetta Williams David Wilson and Intissar Durham Kathy Wilson Michael Wilson Robert Winston Nancy Winters Jerry and Anne Wittels Rosalie and Jeffrey Wolf Mark Wolschon Edward Wong Laimay and Tak Woo Madeleine Wood Fay Woodruff and Bob Douglas Deng-Fu and Josephine Wu Stacy Wyatt Cecil and Marilyn Wyman Bobbie and John Wynhoff Dawn Wynne Nancy Yamasaki Judy Yamato James and Elaine Yang Sharon Yarber Diana Yarber-Innes James and Jennifer Yoh Erika Youngblood Larry and Susan Yuzuki Edward and Julie Zamoyski Richard and Irmasue Zapor Roger and Nancy Zapor Betty Zappas Mark and Yuko Ziobro Thomas and Nancy Zusi



2014 Summary of Revenue and Expenses




v o l u n t e e r h i g h l i g h t s

88% Contributions 8% Government Contracts and Grants

$5,028,206 $479,207

65% Land Stewardship 17% Education

$1,067,703 $276,195

<1% Program Service Fees


6% Management and General


2% Interest Income, Dividends, Unrealized Gains


12% Fundraising

1% In Kind Revenue



<1% Inventory Sales, Net of Expenses


1% Special Events, Net of Expenses




_________________________________________________ TOTAL REVENUE AND PUBLIC SUPPORT $5,746,283

The Palos Verdes Peninsula Land Conservancy received its first major endowment gift in 2014, as well as an extraordinary estate gift. These exceptional donations had a significant positive effect on the financial statement for the 2014 calendar year.

Welcomed 1,600 volunteers of all ages who volunteered 15,000 hours to preserve and restore land, help with education programs and assist in organizational governance. ____________________________ Formed the White Point Community Group with twelve volunteers dedicated to encouraging community participation in beautification projects, including removing irrigation hoses, clearing tumbleweed and building a storage shed for tools.

Volunteers ADOPT-A-PLOT Lydia Dokko Kathy Eung Nancy Fitzhugh Alison Hong Molly Kim Mike Lewis Vic Locicero Ernest Lopez Brent Morgan

Donna McLaughlin Julie McNamara Evi Meyer Linda Wedemeyer Lowell Wedemeyer


Americorps NCCC Apex Systems Inc Audubon YES! Club Beacon House Boy Scouts of America AUDIT COMMITTEE Dreamworks Animation Henry Jurgens Ernst & Young Rob Kautz IES Club Rick Phillips Investment Technologies Group Jack Smith Japan Business Association John Spielman Los Compadres Los Hermanos EDUCATIONAL AND ENJOYABLE EXPERIENCES National Charities Leagues, Palos Verdes Chapter Art to Grow On, Inc. Palos Verdes Library District Cabrillo Marine Aquarium REI Recreational Equipment, Inc. Equinox Palos Verdes Friends of the Palos Verdes Library Room & Board Salvation Army Grand Vision Foundation San Pedro and Peninsula YMCA Los Angeles City Rangers The Shoreline Center Natural History Museum Tourism Cares Los Angeles County Toyota Motor Sales Palos Verdes Art Center Palos Verdes Library District DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE Paul’s Photo Bruce Biesman-Simons Portuguese Bend Artist Colony Bob Ford Sierra Club Inner City Outings Cassie Jones South Coast Botanic Garden Allen Lay Sustainable Palos Verdes Schools Terranea Resort EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Wildbirds Unlimited, Inc. Board Members Yosemite Conservancy FINANCE COMMITTEE CITIZEN SCIENCE Henry Jurgens Helen Ashford Robert Kautz Bill Cullen John Spielman Joyce Daniels Grace Wallace Rina Gardiner Jan Gardner GOVERNANCE COMMITTEE Jennifer Haw Board Members Joan Krause Mai Lee

in leadership roles


Michael Calacsan Diane Dobos-Bubno AJ Ferrara Benjamin Gerber Jenna Hoover Darcey Iwashita Jeanwon Kim Brian Kung Stephanie Macias Allison McGovern Annaliese Miller Mike Mroczek Alexa Reasoner Alyssa Scott Erisa Takeda Erick Zerracero

INVESTMENT COMMITTEE John Cooke Henry Jurgens Robert Kautz Allen Lay Wayne Sharp John Spielman


Barb Ailor Andy Ando Arlene Block Sarah Corrice Wallace Corrice Dee Edridge Nancy Fitzhugh Brandon Fong Gary Fong Joan Friedman Ioan Gheorghiu Brian Haig Stacy Herman Cindy Kondon Ann Koons Donna McLaughlin Margie McMurray Terry Miller David Quadhamer Barry Schirm S. Ian Song Corinne Van Dyke

Anne Viersen Linda Wedemeyer John Wessel Eric Yamasaki


Lisa Dennen Diana Heffernan-Schrader Sharon Ryan

San Pedro High School Torrance High School KIWIN’S Club West Torrance High School Key Club and Interact Club




Adele Barnett Karen Dubon Elizabeth Gibson Andrew Goodinez Al Green Ezra Lee Michelle Mathis Thomas Sebenick Jared Thomas Corinne Van Dyke Daniel Yokomizo


Alexis Alvarez Collin Bachet Chiara Cupello Karen Dubon Curtis and Russell Fong Brian Haig Marissa Hong Kithumini Jayasiri Sunnie Kim Jung Min Lee Tiffany Liu Ernie Lopez Michelle Mathis Jasmine McPherson Tiffany Min Kaori Nomoto Steven and Rachel Oda Brian Rodriguez Ariana Sanchez Irene Suh Steve, Daniel and Jonathan Yokomizo Irene Zhen


Amy Friend Monika Kwiet National Charities League, Palos Verdes Chapter Madeline Uran

Defense Logistics Agency Moorpark College PV Butterfly Project Urban Wildlands Group US Fish & Wildlife

SCIENCE ADVISORY GROUP Bengt Allen Carl Bell Martin Byhower Bob Douglas Emile Fiesler Allen Franz Gregory Holk Steven James Kevin Kelley Paul Laris Simon Malcomber Jess Morton Eric Porter Christine Rodrigue Randy Rodriguez John Thomlinson Connie Vadheim Roth Suzanne Wechsler Christine Whitcraft


Ethan Gold Girl Scout Troop #7895


Board Members


George Angelow Amanda Bolinger Renate Boronowsky Cristal Guzman Taylor Jung Molly Kim Hannah Lee David Quadhamer Leah Whang

THIRD GRADE DOCENTS Pat Benjamin Linda Bird Cindy Blindbury Stan Corbett Dan Crane Dee Edridge Anita Gash Mary Jo Jackson Norma Lira Evi Meyer Andrew Nieto Vickie Walker Sue Walsh Karen Wickham Michael Wickham


Alexis Alvarez Alliance Cindy & Bill Simon Andy Ando Technology High School Tim Ashford El Camino College Felicia Bader Mary Star of the Sea High School Barry Bonnickson Narbonne High School Key Club Ian Chaurero Palos Verdes High School Al Edgerton PV Peninsula High School HERO Club,Penny Good Key Club and National Honor Ashok Gupta Society Stacy Herman Port of Los Angeles High School Paul Hsu Rolling Hills Prep School Rod Jensen

Mike Jost Jordan Rae Lake Vic Locicero Kurt Loheit Peter Mand Brian Masterson Ryan Mueller David Quadhamer Peter Shaw Haru Takehana Bob Webb Goodwin Wharton Eric Yamasaki

VOLUNTEER TRAIL WATCH Barbara Ailor Carlos Angeles Frank Atkin Felicia Bader Christine Campbell Eva Cicoria Melody Colbert Gary Fleming Valerie Fowler Dan Galorath Judy Galorath Barbara Gleghorn Barry Holchin Joan Kelly Charles Klimcak Norma Lira Jayne Mahtani Ted Spiegel


David Berman Allen Franz Liz Kennedy Norma Lira Karen Merickel Jess Morton Anke Raue Russ Richer Karen Wickham Michael Wickham

WHITE POINT COMMUNITY GROUP Diana Bailey Tony Baker Bruce Biesman-Simons June Burlingame-Smith Allen Franz Amy Friend Kim Kohler Susan McKenna Terry Miller Peter Niemiec Beth Sohngen Rick Wallace

WHITE POINT DOCENTS Elizabeth Eastman Dee Edridge Susan McKenna Elizabeth Neat Jessica Salazar Sandy Steinhaus Judith Webb Janice Yates



Bob Douglas Bob Shanman Lowell and Linda Wedemeyer


Brigante, Cameron, Watters & Strong LLP Cindy Blindbury Elizabeth Eastman Nancy Fitzhugh Peter Shaw Bo Struye




PAID Mailed from Zip Code 90503 PERMIT NO. 102

Palos Verdes Peninsula Land Conservancy | 916 Silver Spur Road, #207, Rolling Hills Estates, CA 90274 | | 310-541-7613

The Conservancyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s vision is the creation and management of large blocks of natural open space where visitors may enjoy peaceful solitude, where children and adults can learn about the natural environment, and where locally native plants and animals will exist in a secure environment.



2014 Board of Directors


Bill Swank, President Joe Platnick, Executive Vice President Cassie Jones, Secretary John Spielman, Treasurer Bill Ailor Scott Ammons Bruce Biesman-Simons Bob Ford Allen Franz Amy Friend Rob Kautz Elizabeth Kennedy Mike Kilroy Susan McKenna Ken Swenson Grace Wallace 

Photos: front cover, page 4, and back cover top - Jerry Kotler (; Photos: page 3 top David Fairchild (; Photos: bottom page 3, 6, 10 - Kim D West Photography (; Photo: page 8 - Tom Underhill (; Photo: far left, page 12 Renate Boronowsky; all other photos courtesy of the PVPLC. Writer: Mary Scott Editor: Ellen Kempler


Andrea Vona, Executive Director Jill Wittman, Administrative Assistant

Land Stewardship Danielle LeFer, Conservation Director Cris Sarabia, Stewardship Manager Adrienne Mohan, Stewardship Associate Ann Dalkey, Stewardship Assoc. Research Damian Morando, Field Operations Technician Humberto Calderon, Stewardship Technician Trent Quinston, Stewardship Technician Hugo Morales, Stewardship Technician Neli Gonzalez, Nursery Technician

Education Program & Nature Centers Siegrun Storer, Education Director John Nieto, Education Manager Loretta Rose, GFC Manager/Naturalist Holly Gray, Naturalist Kelly Grkinich, Naturalist Neil Uelman, Naturalist

Development Susan Wilcox, Development Director Louise Olfarnes, Communications Manager Mary Lopes, Donor Relations

2014 Annual Report  
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