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No. 248 • June 22, 2019


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• The long-running King of the Hill and Tournament of Champions highlight summer post-season baseball before All-Stars. The Palos Verdes Cubs defeated the Silver Spur Braves to win the Major Division King of the Hill championship at Ernie Howlett Park. The Rolling Hills Twins beat the Palos Verdes Red Sox to win the Intermediate Division King of the Hill championship at Rolling Hills Little League.

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Kings Of The Hill . . . Pitcher

Jackson Amorajabi helped lead the Rolling Hills Twins to the Intermediate King of the Hill championship.

Kings Of The Hill . . . The Palos Verdes Cubs won the Major Division King of the Hill champi-

onship. The team includes Teagan Ballard, Ethan ChoLau, Luke Dalis, Nolan Estrada, Jake Kim, Thomas Kouzmanoff, Tanner Leible, Andrew Moulton, Brooks Myhre and Cole Sipes.

PV Street Fair Opens Summer Summer

• The 32nd annual Palos Verdes Street Fair opened the summer on Peninsula.

By Fiona Yang

Don’t Get Too Close . . . The summer season has opened.

Palos Verdes residents and visitors alike enjoyed the Palos Verdes Peninsula Chamber of Commerce’s 32nd annual Palos Verdes Street Fair and Music Festival from June 7-9.

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Tournament Of Champions Winners . . . The Rolling Hills Dodgers won the District 36 Tournament of Champions. The team includes Spencer Barsam, Roman Beetz, Lucas Burwell, Sofia Burwell, Joaquin Del Castillo, Henry Girard, Samuel Girard, James Lew, Tyler Lo and Dimitri Spiropoulos.

Shake It All About . . . The Friday night “Teen Night” has been an annual tradition for Peninsula young people for many years.

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June 22, 2019

Street Fair Offically Opens Summer . . . Continued from Front Page As an independent, nonprofit membership organization, the Chamber of Commerce strives to promote the community and bring people together by putting on educational programs, networking events and more. The Fair is an example of an event that the Chamber set up to reach out to the community and even catch the attention of government officials, congressmen and assembly members. Through the work put in by the president and CEO of the Chamber, Eileen Hupp, and several other paid staff members and volunteers, the Street Fair and Music Festival allowed people throughout the South Bay to enjoy the beginning of summer. Please continue on Page 4 . . .

Summer Begins . . . For more than 30 years the PV Street Fair marks the

opening of summer for Peninsula families with great rides, food, music and lots of things to see and do for everyone.

June 22, 2019

John Gilligan

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John Gilligan, CFLS

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June 22, 2019

Long Time Street Fair Anchor. . . The Providence Little Company of Mary Medical Centers was there to support the Peninsula community. . . . Continued from Page 2 “The PV Fair is the single largest event in the area that brings together tens of thousands of people in the course of one weekend,” Hupp said. Since the Fair is so large, the Chamber prepares for the event from the beginning of the year. The Chamber takes care of the logistics, which includes arranging for permits, licenses or insurance; hiring the bands; getting the vendors to come and doing all the marketing. The Fair’s success reflects the effort put in by the staff. “Our fair has a reputation for being very family-friendly, well-organized and well-run, and I hear this from people who come: We are not a rowdy crowd,“ Hupp said. “We are families, grandparents, parents, young kids, students and more who are here to celebrate the beginning of summer, which gives a nice, warm community feeling that other fairs usually do not provide.” This year, the Fair had 25 rides in the carnival, almost double that of last year. This was possible through the available space in the upper parking lot given to the Chamber of Commerce from the Peninsula Shopping Center. The new space was used to hold the rides intended for the younger children, which was an idea that Hupp had wanted to implement for several years. In addition to a larger carnival, the amount of booths increased this year as well, and allowed visitors to enjoy the wide variety of food, art, goods and more.

Peninsula High School sophomore Ian Miller appreciated the bigger carnival this year, and agrees with Hupp’s idea for a distinction between the rides for younger and older kids. “I think it is cool for the younger elementary and middle school kids, and it seems as though there are more of them attending each year, but I think the high schoolers should get something else more thrilling and exclusive

residents of Palos Verdes know about, and it only happens for three days a year, so once you miss it, you have to wait until next year. If you do attend it, though, it is an experience you will treasure.” Hupp shares similar sentiments, especially in regards to the outreach of the Fair. Each year, a recurring obstacle Hupp and the Chamber of Commerce face is getting more people to attend the Fair, especially those from the community. Since this event strives to promote the community, having more locals know and come to the Fair and Festival would fulfill the purpose of the Fair. However, even with the presence of social media, the members of the Chamber of Commerce as well as local businesses find it difficult to break through the barrier and get the word out. Another obstacle that the staff supporting the Palos Verdes Fair experiences each year is increasing costs.

Palos Verdes Peninsula


Celebrating Peninsula Families Active In Sports, Science and the Arts. On Staff Alexis Ferguson Sammy Funk Justin Kim Nina Li Sarah Liu Timothy Niemann Lily Shah Asumi Shuda Jana Wallace Fiona Yang

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Reelin’ In The Years . . . The Peninsula’s everlasting summer begins with the

PV Street Fair, which always has great music and food to enjoy. from the younger kids,” Miller said. However, the fair is not exclusive just to young children and families. The first night of the Fair is reserved for the teenagers, also known as “Teen Night.” Peninsula High School sophomore Ashley Yoon had the opportunity to experience Teen Night this year, and enjoyed the novelty of the rides as well as the familiarity of the Fair itself. “I like that [the Fair] is like a small, hidden gem our community has, which is unique,” Yoon said. “It is a small event in Palos Verdes that not even all of the

Reaching Out . . . PV Net and many other local businesses were at the Street Fair meeting the public and highlighting their services.

The booths, entertainment and performances grow more expensive, but the Fair still remains as a free event, so it becomes increasingly difficult to create revenue from the Fair to pay the higher costs. As a result, sponsors for the Fair become essential to keep it running. Some of the sponsors include the Trump National Golf Club, Terranea Resort, Malaga Bank, State Farm Insurance, and many more who wish to make the Fair a success. Despite these obstacles, the staff always finds a way to overcome them with the help of the community, and finds that the results are worth the trouble after seeing the excitement and joy the Fair brings. “The people who come are here to listen to the music, hangout with their friends and dance, because there are not a lot of other opportunities to do that in the community,” Hupp said. “When you see that community stage, and see people dancing, the young families on the carnival rides or the little kids in the petting zoo, it is just such a unique and heartwarming experience.”

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June 22, 2019

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Tennis Offers Skills And Life Lessons Tennis members can train every aspect of their tennis performance, from the mind to the body. He also strives to ingrain skills and lessons that could be applied to future experiences. “One thing we do [at Tennis Power Academy] is teach players to do selfevaluations every three months, where players are forced to evaluate their own habits and set goals,” Messerli said. “If you look at any successful business person or athlete, he or she would always set goals and follow up on them, which is a skill I want to instill in my members.”

• Local tennis players put in long hours and hard work to refine skills.

By Asumi Shuda For many young people on the Hill, and around the country, sports are an integral part of their lives. They show their athleticism through sports such as basketball, baseball and football. The list of sports goes on. One sport in particular is making huge strides among young athletes on the Hill: tennis. Why tennis? One of the main reasons is the affluence of Palos Verdes residents. Tennis is an expensive sport, making it difficult for those in lower-income communities to seriously pursue it. From tennis equipment to finding the right coach, nothing comes cheap for aspiring tennis players. However, due to the general financial stability of those on the Peninsula, aspiring players do not have as much of a problem pursuing tennis success as many others. With money comes tennis clubs. In the South Bay, there are countless tennis clubs available for players to practice and perfect their skills. And with prominent tennis clubs come prominent coaches.

Another aspect that Messerli emphasizes about tennis is its culture of individuality, making it stand out from most other sports. For instance, the term that is continually heard in the sports world is “team”. A young athlete joins a team of basketball players or a team of baseball players. For aspiring tennis players, however, they enter an individual sport, where the results of match or a tournament is based on their individual effort. This means that these players

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Newman Shiue O.D. Doctor of Optometry

727 Silver Spur Rd. Suite #105 Rolling Hills Estates, CA 90274

Photo by Renee Ramirez

Always On Offense . . .

Tennis player Takehiro Shuda participates in morning rallies.

P: 310.541.3779 F: 310.541.0274

For Tennis Power Academy, one of the most renowned and experienced organizations in the South Bay, coaches from around the world come to teach aspiring young players about the insights of the sport and how to reach their dreams. For Oliver Messerli, director of Tennis Power Academy at Peninsula Racquet Club, this local affluence is a known reality Along with experienced coaches, Messerli operates his academy so that

Peninsula High Class of 1998

Serving the community since 1991

Mount Olive Lutheran Preschool 5975 Armaga Springs Road

(310) 377-8821

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This Local

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June 22, 2019

The Palos Verdes Peninsula Girls’ Softball League 2019 All-Stars 12U All Stars

Truth Skeldon Grace Lozano Sienna Saggiani Kylie Paolucci Sophia Perry Gianna Villa Ariah Galaz Alexandra Ungaro Josephine Padilla Elizabeth Simon

PANORAMA Thanks the Palos Verdes Peninsula Gils’ Solftball League

10U All Stars

Isabella Aldana Lyla Benton Amelia Cyril Davia Huber Natalie Jorczak Cady Klink Reinah Lee Angelina Miller Leah Nunez Elizabeth Plaisted Malia Tamilin

8U All Stars

Peyton Butcher Violet Cocca Zoe Ebbens Sophie Fang Paige Gormley Sadie Horn Paige Kelly Summer Lin Magnolia Okomoto Sophia Otera Kallen Pope Audrey Sakamoto Frances Toman

June 22, 2019

Tennis For Everyone . . . Members and coaches pose with their custom Tennis Power Academy shirts.

Page 7

Photo by Renee Ramirez

Tennis Players Work To Refine Skills

. . . Continued from Page 5 would have to bear the weight of these results alone. For many athletes, however, this is just their cup of tea. For Palos Verdes High senior and varsity tennis captain Chloe Blakey, the individuality of the sport gives a player the sense of full accomplishment from his or her results. Blakey explains that this characteristic of tennis was one of the reasons she fell in love with the sport. “I first started playing because my parents were tennis players, but I continued playing and eventually loved the sport because it is an individual sport, not a team activity,” Blakey said. Tennis gives players an opportunity to apply the lessons and skills they learn on the court into other aspects of their life. The sport’s emphasizing of repetition, muscle memory, self-evaluation, recovery and discipline allows a player

Tennis Talk . . .

Photo by Renee Ramirez

Coach Messerli, coach Wind and player Tristan Messerli converse during a break.

to be prepared to operate in society as they grow older. From facing rejection to attaining perseverance, the world out there may require skills learned from athletics to succeed. Messerli hopes that the lessons his young athletes learn from Tennis Power Academy will help them follow their aspirations in the real world. This hope resonates with its members like incoming Peninsula High freshman Takehiro Shuda. “I think tennis is basically all in the head, so the sport really strengthens my mentality, which can be beneficial to real-life situations,” Shuda said. “In the future, I think I would be a lot stronger mentally than those who may not have been involved with a sport because it would increase my stubbornness and ability to persevere through times of struggle,’’ Shuda said. Gaining these skills, however, is difficult. Because tennis is a one-person sport, a player needs to bear the weight of both victories and losses. If a player loses a match, he or she needs to evaluate their own mistakes and their own losses in order to improve. Unlike team sports, where teammates are able to comfort one another in times of disappointment, tennis players, despite potential support from others, need to bear the results of their own execution. After all, the player’s efforts are what produces the end result. However, this is not an entirely negative aspect of tennis.

PANORAMA Palos Verdes Peninsula

Best Readers & Fans On The Hill!

“A tennis player would learn to have repetition in their movements, the skill of time management and the ability to deal with rejection in order to be successful,” Messerli said. “These are skills that any businessperson [or anyone in the workplace] would have to learn later in their life, so learning these skills early on as a tennis player would bring an athlete one step ahead of the game.” According to Messerli, the selfevaluation and individuality of tennis produce positives that outweigh the negatives. The lessons attained from learning to recover from losses are what

teach valuable skills to a young player, which can help them deal with almost inevitable obstacles that may obstruct his or her path in the future. “Every single kid will go through difficulties and challenges, so I think tennis is an amazing tool for kids to persevere through these struggles and attain life skills,” Messerli said. Despite the inevitable obstacles and difficulties tennis may bring to a player, the lessons and skills learned from playing the sport may be beneficial for the future. The racquet does a lot more than just hit a ball over a net,

Photo by Renee Ramirez

Stay In Shape . . . Parents and kids, including Chloe Blakey, from Tennis Power Academy participate, in drills to warm up before hitting.

is necessary for the business world or any career. From facing rejection to one’s idea in a meeting to bearing the weight of an entire company as a CEO, there are endless parallels between the workplace and tennis. This sport can

it also prepares young players for the tough world that they will face in the near future.

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June 22, 2019

June 22, 2019


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June 22, 2019

June 22, 2019


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Kings, Champions Victorious Peninsula, the Silver Spur Dodgers and . . . Continued from Front Page All four Peninsula Little Leagues Rolling Hills Dodgers, played for the sent teams to the long-running District Intermediate championship at Perry 36 Tournament of Champions held at Park. The Rolling Hills Dodgers, which Clark Field hosted by Hermosa Beach hadn’t lost a game in post-season play, Little League for Majors and at Perry rallied in the fith inning to get a 9-8 Park hosted by Redondo Beach Little come-from-behind win over the DodgLeague for Intermediates. ers from Silver Spur to win the IntermeThe Mahattan Beach Little League diate championship. Red Sox won the Major Division at Instrumental TheMusic Silver Lessons Spur Dodgers, which Clark Field while two teams from the James Musser - Nominated Best Guitar 1997 & Best L.A. Band 1996 - L.A. Music Awards finished the regular season in second

Peaceland Music

23706 Crenshaw # 105A&B place, Blvd defeated teams from Lunada (310) 650-4021 Bay and Palos Verdes Little League to reach the finals. Check out the next edition of Panorama on July 14 for more tournament and All-Star coverage.

A Little Dirt For A Run . . . Marco Teich scores a run for the Rolling Hills Twins during the King of the Hill Intermediate tournament at Rolling Hills Little League.

Instrumental Music Lessons James Musser - Nominated Best Guitar 1997 & Best L.A. Band 1996 - L.A. Music Awards

23706 Crenshaw Blvd # 105A&B (310) 650-4021

Peaceland Music Instrumental Music Lessons

James Musser - Nominated Best Guitar 1997 & Best L.A. Band 1996 - L.A. Music Awards

Post-Season Victories .23706 . . Cubs Crenshaw Blvd # 105A&B pitcher Cole Sipe helped lead his (310) 650-4021 team to winning the Major Division championship at PV Little League and the King of the Hill title.

Peaceland Music Private Lessons on Guitar, Piano, Voice, Bass, Drums, Ukelele, Banjo & Mandolin

Including Theory, Reading, Tab, Composition

James Musser - Nominated Best Guitar 1997 & Best L.A. Band 1996 - L.A. Music Awards


Open 7 Days, All Ages & Styles W Cooay You pick songs you like! l



23706 Crenshaw Blvd # 105A&B

Charting a path to Growth J D Factors helps companies meet their ever-increasing cash flow demands, enabling them to run their businesses successfully. 500 Silver Spur Road, Suite 306 Palos Verdes Peninsula

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June 22, 2019

June 22, 2019

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The Peninsula’s Neighborhood League VERD S O L A LITTLE LEAGUE ES P

Proud Host of District 36 11-Year-Old All-Star Tournament

Page 14

June 22, 2019

Post Season Tournaments Keeps The Action Going . . . All four Peninsula Little Leagues competed in the King of the Hill and Tournament of Champions and will have teams ready for All-Star action beginning this weekend.

Game Winning RBI . . . Rolling Hills Dodgers Sofia Burwell hits a tworun single in the fifth inning to put the Dodgers in the lead against the Silver Spur Dodgers during the Tournament of Champions finals.

Make The Catch . . .

Rolling Hills Twins second baseman Lorenzo Martoccia makes a diving catch for an out during the King of Hill finals.

Silver Spur In The Finals . . . The Silver Spur Dodgers’ Wyatt Bloemhof

slides safely at home plate for a score during the Tournament of Champions championship game against the Rolling Hills Dodgers.

Braves Rule Ernie Howlett Park . . . The Silver Spur Braves had a great season finishing in first place in the Majors Division and competing in the King of the Hill finals. The players include Matthew Ngo, Sean Yanko, Krish Thakar, Aaron Monzon, Samuel Fujii, Matthew Lee, Kota Nose, Ethan Son, David Elkner and James Humphrey. Manager Franklin Monzon. Coaches David Ngo and Kin Lee.

PANORAMA Palos Verdes Peninsula

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June 22, 2019

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Peninsula Little League 2019 Home Run Leaders Palos Verdes Little League Iain Reoch Aiden Kudo Samuel Hodges Tanner Leible Asher Friedman Kyle Patterson Locklin Maier Fynn Wanke Sebastian Richardson Bryce Imai Charlie Hoye

3 3 3 2 2 1 1 1 1 1 1

Gavin Eades Max Sarner Diego Valdez Jack Criss Joey Lauro Jake Hamilton Ronnie Ogusuku Taehan Kim Eduardo Molina Sean Yanko Alex Han Sam Fujii

updated 6/5

Silver Spur Little League Braves Dodgers

Rolling Hills Little League


12 6 1 166 94 6 11 0 137 119


Pirates Dodgers Angels Tigers

MINORS Angels Dodgers Yankees Tigers

17 2 9 9 5 14 2 17

0 210 110 0 175 132 0 149 211 0 99 288


15 0 9 5 4 9 0 14

0 226 56 1 129 123 2 95 147 1 80 204

Palos Verdes Little League MAJORS Cubs Giants Royals Red Sox Angels Dodgers


16 11 12 12 11 9

2 6 5 6 6 8

0 1 1 0 1 1

25 17 17 16 15 13

136 106 110 125 138 98

35 82 85 87 104 70

INTERMEDIATES W L T P RF RA Red Sox Mariners Dodgers Athletics Nationals White Sox Blue Jays


Red Sox In The Mix . . . Pitcher

Asher Friedman led the PV Little League Red Sox from the mound and at the plate with two home runs this season.

Season-Ending Rally . . . Rolling

Hills Dodgers’ Samuel Girard keeps

a rally going with a hit during the Tournament of Champions finals.

Editorial and Advertising deadline is 6 p.m. Monday the week of publication. PVP-Panorama is published every two weeks. Our next edition is out July 14.

1 1 1 1 1


Quick Infield Play . . . Rolling Hills Twins infielder Max Babiec throws the ball to Lorenzo Martoccia in time to get the baserunner out at second base.

5 3 2 1 1 1 1

Silver Spur Little League

RHLL Dodgers Finish As Champions . . .

After finishing the regular season in fifth place with an 8-10 record in the Intermediate Division, the Rolling Hills Dodgers did not lose another game. The team won its league championship tournament, and then went undefeated in one of the longest-running tournaments in the South Bay by beating teams from Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach and then Silver Spur Little League to win the Tournament of Champions at Perry Park in Redondo Beach.

Rolling Hills Little League

Cardinals Pirates Giants Yankees Orioles Dodgers Red Sox Athletics White Sox Cubs

10 7 10 7 9 8 9 8 6 12 5 12 6 12

0 1 1 1 0 1 0

20 18 16 15 12 9 9

126 152 172 196 133 131 99

118 146 149 156 202 177 169


11 3 10 5 10 6 9 6 8 9 7 10 7 10 6 9 6 11 5 10

3 2 1 2 0 0 0 2 0 2

25 22 21 20 16 14 14 14 12 12

147 140 131 152 149 104 120 129 11 146

129 119 107 130 146 121 132 138 145 156



Cardinals Dodgers Angels

7 10 1 107 120 7 10 1 70 136 7 11 0 99 97

INTERMEDIATES W L T RF RA Twins Mariners Angels Red Sox Dodgers Astros

14 4 11 7 10 8 9 9 8 10 7 11


0 0 0 0 0 0

239 167 153 158 190 125

104 152 171 129 160 178


Orioles Yankees Angels Royals Cubs Pirates Dodgers Red Sox

13 2 12 3 11 4 7 7 6 9 5 10 3 10 1 13

0 94 38 0 126 48 0 105 53 0 73 83 0 57 105 0 65 94 1 46 70 1 47 122

Lunada Bay Little League MAJORS Dodgers Cubs Diamondbacks

W L T RF RA 5 10 1 3 12 0 1 11 0

76 135 80 185 27 114

INTERMEDIATES W L T RF RA Dodgers Angels Cubs Astros

MINORS Giants Mariners Dodgers Angels

14 4 13 5 9 9 5 13

0 0 0 0

130 195 128 119

61 110 123 197


12 1 9 5 3 10 3 11

0 158 73 0 132 112 0 82 130 0 80 137

W-wins L-losses T-ties P-points RF-runs for RA-runs allowed updated 6/5

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June 22, 2019

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Kings Of The Hill . . . The Rolling Hills Twins traveled all over the Peninsula this

season and finished in first place in the Intermediate Division and won the King of the Hill championship. The team includes Jackson Amorajabi, Max Babiec, William Foldesy, Owen Hamilton, Ricky Hernandez, Lorenzo Martoccia, Ethan Nelms, Max Sarner, Marco Teich and Theodore Tootell.

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June 22, 2019

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2019 Peninsula All-Stars Palos Verdes Little League 2019 All-Stars

Silver Spur Little League 2019 All-Stars

Lunada Bay Little League 2019 All-Stars

Rolling Hills Little League 2019 All-Stars

10-12 Year Old All-Stars

10-12 Year Old All-Stars

10-12 Year Old All-Stars

10-12 Year Old All-Stars

9-11 Year Old All-Stars

9-11 Year Old All-Stars

9-11 Year Old All-Stars

Nathan Diercks Matthew Fizulich Sammy Hodges Patrick Klink Aidan Kudo Tanner Leible Brody Leipzig Charlie Molony Nick Moulton Max Park Cole Sipes Charlie Werts Will Zane

9-11 Year Old All-Stars Emmet Blatz Luke Dalis Giorgio DiMascio Jonas Hong Charlie Hoye Thomas Kouzmanoff Andrew Moulton Ryan Paddock Kyle Patterson Zane Proul Jake Rodriguez Brody Thurlow Fynn Wanke

10 Year Old All-Stars Henry Armstrong Lyle Blatz Malcolm Deleo Nick Honda Becker Lopes Nicolas Mentesana Connor Patterson Brock Possemato Weston Reis Christian Reis Justin Rodriguez Jackson Suhling William Todaro

9-10 Year Old All-Stars

Velan Anthony Charlie Barner Aidan Fang Asher Friedman Will Gardner Owen Hardesty

Colin Hickey Andrew Hodges Logan Shibata Luke Swanholt Travis Tomaro Caleb Turse Brendan Young

Samuel Fuji Alex Han Pius Jeong Leo Jerden Brian Kim Mathew Lee Aaron Monzon Mathew Ngo Ethan Son Jake White Sean Yanko

Nathan Sutton Tom Sholl Krish Thakar Cooper Light Andrew Goldberg Noah Thompson Tyler Yamamoto Sam Garbar Max Bates Eduardo Molina Nathan Wong Kota Nose James Humphreys Andy Lasso

8-10 Year Old All-Stars Benjamin Brown Ethan Elkner Wyatt Bloemhof Masson Meyers Taehan Kim Phillip An Tai Howard Sayre Cho Grant Holdsworth Benjamin Peer Nico Rich

Scott Barios Nic Brae Donovan Capozzola Leo Casey Telmo Corral John Duffy Alex Lin Mateo Mackiewicz Grant Markese Nick Perrakis Leyton Wolfe Joey Bevilacqua Tanner Grogan Gavin Hanson Cole Harper Miller Hernandez Bennett Hong Trevor Jones Kent Kraemer Luke Lohman Niko Stavrakis Wesley Wang

8-10 Year Old All-Stars Wes Agnew Stefan Brende Jonah Cohen Ellie Correa Franco Correa Jake Dox Laton Hunter Keegan Leslie Jake Pekarek Keegan Smith Luke Sullivan Sully Townley Holt Tyler Chance Voytilla

PANORAMA Palos Verdes Peninsula

PVP-PANORAMA wishes to congratulate all Peninsula All-Star teams and their coaches and say thanks to all Peninsula Little Leagues for another great season.

Mateo Carresi Kyle Colaruotolo Westin Conklin Gavin Eades Jake Hamilton Colby Hammond Ronnie Ogusuku Carter Przybylowicz Jake Randall Tyler Randall Kai Van Scoyoc Jackson Amorajabi Landon Becker Jace Demoss Camren Hughes Yuto Kashiwai Hunter Kim Joey Lauro Eddie Novitsky Ryan Rawkowski Max Sarner

8-10 Year Old All-Stars Spencer Barsam Sean Blankenship Logan Enriquez Cash Fine Owen Hamiliton Lucas Kim Tyson MacDonald Lorenzo Martoccia Cole McConnell Phillip Russell Dimitri Spiropoulos Marco Teich Deacon White

Page 18

June 22, 2019

Silver Spur Little League In Another Finals . . . The Silver Spur Dodgers had a great season, finishing in

second place in the Intermediate Division and getting wins over local rivals Lunada Bay and Palos Verdes Little Leagues during the Tournament of Champions held at Perry Park in Redondo Beach. The team includes Tyler Yamamoto, Tatsuya Hidaka, Anthony Hong, Issey Nishikawa, Tai Howard, Christian Kawano, Andy Lasso, Wyatt Bloemhof, Taehan Kim, Sayre Cho, Ryan Doh, Len Horiuchi, Kota Kuniyoshi and Sean Lee. Manager Yoshi Kawano. Coaches Matt Hidaka, Will Bloemhof, Omar Howard and Tod Yamamoto.

Stay Aggressive . . . Teams that are aggressive on the base paths are usually successful in post-season tournaments and All-Star action.


Summer Baseball . . . All four Peninsula Little Leagues will compete in District 36 All-Star action beginning this weekend. Palos Verdes Little League at Valmonte Field will host the 11-year-old All-Star tournament with games beginning this weekend. Palos Verdes Peninsula

PANORAMA Next Edition July

Peninsula Soccer Teams Youth - Middle School - High School

Team Photos Action Pixs Game Write-Ups

Tournaments • Club Play • Fall Playoffs Spring Select • Bay League Action

Team Photos Action Pixs Game Write-Ups

June 22, 2019


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June 22, 2019

Courtesy Photo

Softball All-Stars Set For State Competition . . . The Palos Verdes girls’ 8U All-Star team took second place at the South Bay “C” District Tournament in Long Beach last weekend. The 8U All-Stars played seven games in two days and were only one run short of taking the championship title. They nearly beat out San Pedro for first with a score of 2-1. Nevertheless, the local girls are going to the State Tournament! The team includes Peyton Butcher, Violet Cocca, Zoe Ebbens, Sophie Fang, Paige Gormley, Sadie Horn, Paige Kelly, Summer Lin, Magnolia Okomoto, Sophia Otera, Kallen Pope, Audrey Sakamoto and Frances Toman.

Profile for PVP PANORAMA

PVP-PANORAMA No. 248 • 06/22/19  


PVP-PANORAMA No. 248 • 06/22/19