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PANORAMA Palos Verdes Peninsula

No. 193 • November 5, 2016

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Sea Kings On Target . . . PV Downs Mira Costa . . . The Palos Verdes junior varsity team rallied to beat Mira Costa in the final game of the year.

The Palos Verdes girls’ volleyball team is looking strong for a CIF run.

• Peninsula families are slowly transitioning to winter as most fall sports begin the playoff season. The PV Mavericks play in the first round of Pop Warner Division 1 playoffs next week while AYSO begins its playoff season next week. High school football, volleyball, water polo, golf and tennis teams are in CIF playoff action this week while the middle school fall sports season is over. Check out the next edition of Panorama as we try to cover everything on the Hill.

Football Champions . . .

The PV Mavericks are having a magical season.


The First Sea King . . .

Peninsula Kids Rally For Sketchers Walk . . . Everyone gets out to contribute. Sea Kings Defeat Panthers

High school fall sports begin CIF playoff season. See Pages 9-11

Fall Sports In Final Games

Middle school teams battle in flag football at Ridgecrest school. See Pages 20-23

Mr. James Kinney began his career at Palos Verdes high school the year it opened in 1961.

Peninsula Gets Prepared For The Worst Prepared Peninsula Expo teaches residents how to prepare for a disaster. See Page 3

Let It Fly . . .

Girls’ fastpitch softball in action for Fall Ball against Downey.

Profile: PV Golfer Megan Gormley Sea King freshman athlete works hard to stay ahead on the leaderboard See Page 2

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November 5, 2016


Sea Kings Golfer Sets Sight On Going Pro • PV golfer follows dad’s instructions to tournament victories and academic success.

By Michael Liu

To say that golf runs in the blood of Palos Verdes High School freshman Megan Gormley is an understatement. Megan’s father, Jim Gormley, is the head golf professional at Palos Verdes Golf Course and has played on the professional golf tour. The star player on PVHS’s girls’ varsity golf team, Megan has played the

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Photo by Marco Robles

Taking A Break . . . Palos

Verdes high student Megan Gormley works for success.

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November 5, 2016

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"Now" Is Always The Time To Get Prepared Get Prepared

• Peninsula residents learn how to cope with emergencies at the Prepared Peninsula Expo held at the Norris Pavilion last week.

By Nina Li Disasters are unpredictable and cannot be foreseen, but with proper information and practice, the community can be prepared for any emergency. Students, teachers, and families who make up the community all have ways of preparing for disasters. With an increase in the chances of an earthquake in California, the Norris Pavilion held a Prepared Peninsula Expo to inform the public of different ways to prepare for emergencies. The event showcased many departments that performed demonstrations or gave out information about disasters. People from all over Palos Verdes came to visit and learn how to prepare for an earthquake. Among them was Mayor Steven Zuckerman, who talked about enjoying the Expo experience for the first time. “I am really impressed with the turnout, both the exhibitors and the crowd. It’s nice to see the community coming together to help each other and share information concerning these dangers,” Zuckerman said. Some departments that set up booths at the Expo, include the Los Angeles County Fire Department, Department of Animal Care and Control, and the American Red Cross. A main interactive booth was op-

Girl Scouts Come Prepared . . . Local scouts came together to present a wide variety of ways to prepare and cook food in case of an emergency.

Don’t Let This Happen To You . . .

Rescue services practice their trade in the event disaster strikes the Peninsula.

Open House At The Fire Station . . . Our favorite Peninsula fire station No. 106 in City of Rolling Hills Estates provided tours and answered questions.

Norris Pavilion Plays Community Host . . . Representatives from a wide variety of originations were in attendance.

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November 5, 2016

Peninsula Enjoys Halloween

Making Money And Smiles . . . Peninsula kids are out with the sunshine selling cupcakes and lemonade to passing drivers and residents.

Although Halloween took place on a Monday, a school day, kids all over the Peninsula dressed up and headed out for a night of fun. For the younger kids, The Promenade, as well as the Peninsula Center, put on special Halloween events that included activities such as cookie decorating, balloon art and face painting. There was even a haunted house, and store fronts participated in trick or treating. Those who chose to trick or treat in neighborhoods seemed to gravitate towards flat areas such as Golden Mead-

ow (A street parallel to Vista Grande Elementary School), which had more than 1,000 trick or treaters. Now, what to do with all the unwanted candy? Peninsula High School’s Music Boosters has teamed up with San Pedro Packages for Patriots for an event called Treats for Troops. If you find yourself near Peninsula high with some extra candy in hand, stop by and drop it off in either the main office, band room, or choir room to help a good cause.

­— Lily Shah

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Questions: Justin Bowen

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Sign-Ups End: 12/31/16 T-Ball and Farm

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All New Players Need a Birth Certificate and a Utility Bill For Residence Verification. Please See Little League Boundary Map at

November 5, 2016

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Expo Motivates Residents To Be Prepared . . . Continued from Page 3 erated by the Girl Scout troops who showed off their silver award projects and solutions for cooking when there is no electricity. “(The Girl Scouts) are trying to teach people what to do in an emergency situation, so that way they know how to respond,” said PVIS eighth grader Andrea Lin. “We came up with this project for our silver awards by thinking about a

problem in our community, then addressing it. For example, children do not know how to perform CPR and

give First Aid help, so we decided to inform the public with our project, Lin said. The Palos Verdes Unified School District also has emergency plans in in case of a disaster. Each school in the district has an emergency organization chart, which entails the position

each person plays in case of an actual event. In addition, each classroom contains equipment and survivalessential supplies, such as food and water. Each school has a shed where emergency supplies are kept. Every year, fire drills, earthquake drills, and intruder drills are practiced to prepare students and teachers in case of an ac-

tual emergency. “The fact that Peninsula runs through these drills constantly really helps students in case of an emergency,” said Peninsula sophomore Nicole Tam. “If something really were to happen, I am grateful we students would know how to react and behave, said Tam. One can never be too prepared

for anything, and at any time disaster might strike, but the Palos Verdes community will be well-informed and have the necessary supplies to protect themselves. The Peninsula Expo provided information that people needed to know and when disaster does come, Palos Verdes will be ready.

PALOS VERDES PENINSULA PONY LEAGUE 2017 Spring Registration Ages 12-15 Age 15 - 8th Grade Only

Sign Up Immediately On-Line at: Sign-Ups End: 12-15-16 OR receipt of 120 registrants, whichever occurs first.

Questions: Lee Frantz 310-346-9250

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November 5, 2016

For Class of 2017 - “Mr Kinney”

Publisher’s Note (crazy talk)

So, let me try to explain “Mr. Kinney” to the class of 2017 and all the classes after that. There’s this teacher or coach that everyone likes. They seem young. They get the joke. They’re funny. They’re relaxed. They’re involved. They are different from the other teachers. Their words and voice are clear, and they make you listen. You never know what they might say, because their stories seem real. They teach with knowledge and authority, but their words are kind and empathic. They bring the story or lesson to you in a way that you have to listen. And they have expectations. An expectation of intellect, of participation, of leadership. You do not want to let them down.

So, 5th graders, 8th graders, sophomores and seniors . . . do you know what kind of person I’m talking about? Have you ever met that guy? Was she your coach once? So take that person - and place them in an important position like “Student Activities Director” where it is part of the job description to interact with as many high-school age students as possible. You mentor student leaders. You organize student clubs, fundraisers and events. You form student partnerships, you help set up student government and all student events And with your job and with the type of person that you are, your personality and expectations of others influences all parts of campus. And then have that same person remain on the same campus, beginning the year it opened, and have them stay there for the next 30 years. That’s seven U.S. Presidencies. The Beatles and Disco came and went in 30 years. So did bell bottom trousers

By Jenna McFarland On Oct. 18, the Palos Verdes community lost not only a beloved former teacher and student activities director, but, to many, a role model and an inspiration. From PV High’s beginning in 1961 until it closed in 1991, Mr. Jim Kinney helped shape the school and its environment into the spirited and positive place it is today. He influenced multiple generations of young people and left them with fond memories as they forged their way into adulthood. Before his legacy began, Jim Kinney graduated from USC in 1961 and then went on to teach at a brand new school, known as Palos Verdes High School. He soon began to make his mark, sweeping the school with his genuine heart and love for the students. Best articulated by former student Leah Baker, Class of 1977, “Whether you were in student government, an athlete, a thespian, a surfer or hung out

PANORAMA Celebrating Peninsula Families Active In Sports, Science and the Arts.

Taking The Lead . . . This summer

Mr. Kinney was at the Malaga Cove July 4th celebration to announce winners of the annual essay contest. and big frizzy hair. Pop culture fashion exists in a blink of an eye in 30 years. Through all the social and cultural waves that teenagers surf in high school, Palos Verdes High had continuity and a legacy of high expectations through Mr. Kinney. And it will be through his former students that his legacy will live on.

Man Of Wisdom Leaves Us Tribute at the wall, Mr. Kinney made an impact on your life.” Mr. Kinney was a man who exemplified the ideals of inclusivity and positivity, with involvement in all areas of the school, spreading his acceptance and kindness throughout the campus. He helped create a safe environment that permeated through the halls that he walked during his 30 years at PV High. Tracy Compton, a former student from the Class of 1974, fondly remember him. “He had this amazing tone to his voice that just sounded like he smiled through every word that came out. He had a huge heart and never judged anyone or their situation,” she said Not only did Mr. Kinney exemplify acceptance, he also encouraged each student to better themselves and be the person who they wanted to be. He inspired achievement and confidence in his students through his optimistic outlook and ability to see the best in others. “Although I was a good student, I was an even better student in his eyes.  He treated each person as if they were the

Palos Verdes Peninsula

best version of their self,” Compton said. This genuine support and constant encouragement that he provided students for 30 years inspired multitudes of young people to go out into the world with their head held high and a strong belief in their abilities. As expressed by former students, “Mr. Kinney’s tireless energy and devotion to each and every student at PV was unsurpassed.” (Leah Baker), and “His legacy will live on forever because he was one-of-a-kind genuine.” (Tracy Compton). The Palos Verdes community lost a great man who impacted generations of students who went out into the world as better people because of him. He single handedly shaped the culture of PV High, and provided students with an inspiration and a role model, simply through a smile and encouraging word. His will be remembered for his love and care for each and every person he came into contact with. “Jim Kinney was a decent human being with a heart of gold.” (Tracy Compton).

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November 5, 2016

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Local Legend Leaves Mark On Generations Tribute By Michael Liu Last month, the Peninsula lost a man who made a huge difference in the lives of so many students who attended the original Palos Verdes High School. James William Kinney, longtime PVHS activities director, passionate history teacher and community leader, passed away on Oct. 18 in Palos Verdes Estates. Kinney graduated from the University of Southern California in 1961 with a bachelor’s degree in history and in 1968 earned a master’s degree. As a freshly minted college grad, he started teaching history at the newly opened Palos Verdes High School. Kinney was an amazing raconteur, making history come alive for his captivated students with his animated storytelling and love of history. With attendance growing at the high school, Kinney became its full-time activities director in 1968. But Kinney was more than his title describes: he was a mentor, friend and caring advisor to students and was always there for them in their time of need.  According to Rosemary Humphrey, the principal at Rancho del Mar, “Jim dedicated his life to serving high school students. He forged the path for a fantastic student life at PVHS, upon which successor activities directors have built and extended.” Said Wayne Powell (PVHS 1970), “I had many wonderful conversations with Mr. Kinney, typically during school events and often at lunch. He personally helped me cope with the divorce of my parents.”  Currently a Manhattan Beach Councilmember, Wayne recalls, “Mr. Kinney was a very kind, compassionate, allaround wonderful person who was always accessible and treated everyone with respect.”   Mr. Kinney stayed connected to students long after they graduated from high School. Dan Gruen, (PVHS 1973), recalls how Mr. Kinney helped his family plan a driving trip through Ireland as Mr. Kinney had made the trek himself several times. “Mr. Kinney even took the time to provide our family with a notebook of meticulously handwritten driving directions, Gruen said. As the Gruen family ventured farther in the Irish backcountry, they found that many roads were unnamed

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November 5, 2016

Mr. Kinney Remembered By Students

I stared as a freshman at Palos Verdes High School in Sept. 1978. My two sisters attended PV before me, graduating in June 1978 and June 1979. So I knew about Jim Kinney, as would my two brothers, who came in the two years after me (we graduated in 1982, 1983 and 1984). Looking back, I realize that Mr. Kinney knew that it was important for students to enjoy their days in high school. There were many lunchtime activities, and I’m sure he encouraged the drama and music department to motivate the students in performing arts, instrumental, and vocal music to fully participate. The only time I ever remember anger expressed at Mr. Kinney was in 1980 A band was playing during lunch, and Mr. Kinney realized just how loud that band was. He asked the band to lower their volume and/or tone down things. The band did not agree to this and abruptly stopped playing and left. Some people

were upset, but I realize Mr. Kinney had to assert his control over the lunchtime events. Although we never expressed it to each other, I know Jim Kinney and I were kindred spirits when it came to Disneyland. One year the school semester started late, so by the time graduation was done, Grad Nights at Disneyland were already over. Mr. Kinney, I believe, arranged it so that the graduating class did get in to Disneyland, possibly on a complimentary day. After that, he made sure the school board did not schedule the school year so that Grad Night would be missed. When we had an assembly to discuss the upcoming end-of-school-year activities, and graduation, it was no surprise that Mr. Kinney, not Principal Nancy Detjen or Senior Class President Maria Hart, talked about Grad Night. Lucille Crane, the former principal,

even made it a point to make sure Mr. Kinney had a great time at Grad Night, and got home safely. One year Mr. Kinney was in an accident after trying to drive back home after being up all night. After that, Crane made sure he got home from Disneyland safely by driving him to the park and taking him home. After she retired, Jim Kinney made it a point to ride on the buses with us. I vaguely recall he was on the same bus with me in June 1982. Nowadays, high school graduation celebrations take place during regular Disneyland hours, mostly on Saturdays. I’m glad we got to do the special nighttime hours. Looking back to when Disneyland held its 60th anniversary celebrations, I wondered how often Jim Kinney would go to Disneyland. I could easily imagine him alongside me on Labor Day night in September, when I joined the crowds that accompa-

nied the ‘Paint the Night Parade,” following it during its final performance and cheering it on. Watching two of the videos of the people following the final “Paint the Night Parade” left me thinking about Grad Night. Yes, I admit it, I’m the “Eternal Disney Fan,” and will always be. Sometimes I even refer to myself as “the oldest kid in my family”. I think Jim Kinney had that same quality, even as he had to make tough decisions, including disciplining some students. But having the quality of enjoying working at the high school, and with the students is essential to doing an excellent job. Jim Kinney embodied that. May Jim Kinney rest in peace, knowing that so many students, parents, and faculty admired him. — John Clifford

Mr. Kinney’s Directions Help Guide Lives . . . Continued from Previous Page or had no signage. Even a GPS was of no help. They had to rely solely on Mr. Kinney’s notes. Added Gruen, “Thinking back, and with the benefit of hindsight, those handwritten notes now feel like a metaphor for the guidance he provided all of us during our time at PVHS.” Wayne, a national radio show host, attributes much of his success to Mr. Kinney and wishes that he could have said to Mr. Kinney, “Thank you so much for being such an inspiration and for

much of the success I’ve achieved in my life and career.” Services for Kinney will be on Dec. 1 at 11 a.m. at St. John Fisher Catholic Church, 5448 Crest Road., Rancho Palos Verdes.   In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to USC, Providence TrinityCare Hospice Foundation, in honor of James W. Kinney, 5315 W. Torrance Blvd., Suite B1, Torrance, CA 90503 or Hospitaller Foundation for Benefit of Saint John of God, in honor of James W. Kinney, 2468 South St. Andrews Place, Los Angeles, CA 90018.

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November 5, 2016

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Sea Kings Finish Fall Sports Strong Tennis • Peninsula and Palos Verdes girls’ tennis teams begin CIF playoffs looking for victories.

“Other teams have gotten very good and our team just needs all the fight and support we can get when it comes to CIF. We want to win again,” Ko said.

By Katie Hageman The regular season ended two weeks ago with a slight surprise when the PV team defeated Peninsula for the first time in several years. “Overall, I think we played too safe,” said Peninsula player Serena Ko. “We should have taken more of a risk because that could have given us the win.” The Sea Kings will begin CIF action on the road against Rio Mesa. The Panthers defeated Westlake in its first round match and will advance to the second round. “The team is looking great for CIF and we are excited to play,” Peninsula player Allison Masuda said. “Compared to last season, it seems like we have lost a lot of good players, but we are still very strong this year.” The Panthers have been improving through the season and will be a force during CIF playoffs.

Photo by Noah Rowe

Take Notice Bay League . . . The Sea Kings finished the regular season with a win over Peninsula.

Photo by Noah Rowe

Sea Kings Defend The Home Field . . . The Palos Verdes high junior varsity football team rallied in second half to defeat Mira Costa, 35-26, in the final game of the fall season at Palos Verdes High last week.

Photo by Noah Rowe

Sea Kings End Season With Perfection . . . The Palos Verdes JV cheer Palos Verdes Volleyball Queens Of The Hill . . . The Sea Kings’ Elise squads gave a great halftime performance during the Mira Costa game.

Austin spikes the ball for a score during PV’s 3-0 win over Peninsula.

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November 5, 2016


PV Golfer Is Determined To Succeed In Golf And School . . . Continued from Page 2 game for 11 years. She won the girls’ age 12-14 tournament last month at Los Serranos Fall Challenge in Chino Hills. Since the end of July, Megan has placed in the top 10 of the last five PGA Southern California Junior Tour tournaments she’s played in, earning the top spot at the Dad Miller Golf Championship in Anaheim as well. Following a parent’s path is never easy and, Meghan says, “I do feel pressured sometimes because I know that I have a lot to live up to with my dad being a professional golfer.” However, Meghan is determined to succeed in golf and practices two to five hours per day. Her father has been her main coach. Given that Jim Gormley has coached a number of players on the Ladies Professional Golf Tour, that sounds like a smart decision. It’s not easy to balance being a

student-athlete, especially when golf tournaments take about five hours, causing Meghan to miss an entire day of school. She works hard to keep up with her school load, communicates often with her teachers and manages her time well. As in all sports, there are highs and lows in golf. Said Megan, “If I’m playing really well, then I’m energetic and happy. If I make some mistakes, I get down on myself, but I will always try to pick myself up and think about the positives.” When she’s not playing golf or studying, Megan likes to spend time with her friends and family. She also does a lot of volunteer work and loves listening to music and going to sporting events. “I really love golf. I have fun doing it and I want to follow in my father’s footsteps and hopefully play golf professionally,” she said

Sea Kings Down Panthers Set For CIF Playoff Run

Water Polo

• The Palos Verdes Sea Kings took down Peninsula in their final Bay League game of th season.

By Sebastian Atashi The Sea Kings, hoping to clinch a share of the Bay League title with a win, did exactly that, breaking away from Peninsula in the second and third quarters with an offensive onslaught to win by a score of 19-9. On senior day for the Sea Kings, seniors David Feingold, Griffin Mactavish, and Quinn Stoneman all had first half goals to propel them to a halftime lead. Junior Andrew Burda had two first quarter goals to get PV off to a hot start.

At the end of the third, the Sea Kings had stretched their lead substantially, and closed out the game. After the game, senior Stoneman, when asked about the win, said, “It felt great to get back in our pool. Clinching a share of the league title is awesome, and doing it against your rival makes it feel even better”. Peninsula will look to improve on this performance, as they stayed with the red hot Kings in the first quarter. They will take the positives as they begin the Division 5 playoffs in the coming weeks. Palos Verdes will try to build on their strong season end, and continue it into the CIF playoffs, looking to win the CIF Division 2 title.

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November 5, 2016

Page 11

PV Still Alive In CIF Playoff Action


• The Palos Verdes high girls’ volleyball team continues to win in CIF playoff action.

By Katie Hageman

Photo by Noah Rowe

Editorial and Advertising deadline is 6 p.m. Monday the week of publication. PV PEN Panorama is published every two weeks. Our next edition is out Nov. 19.

The Sea Kings earned a 3-1 win over Valley Christian high school Tuesday and will faced Marborough at home Thursday night in CIF Southern Section Division II tournament action. PV ended the regular Bay League season by defeating rival Peninsula at home, 3-0. The Panthers fell to Arroyo Grande, 3-0, in first-round playoff action. “The PV game showed us that we needed a lot of improvement and that we did not do our best,” said Peninsula player Maxine Wayng. “We have been working hard mentally and physically to do really well at CIF.” Peninsula has grown as a team this season and continues to strive for greatness. At first, the team had several

new players and it took a while to find a rhythm. Now that the team has had a lot of time to train and play together, they hope to continue working well with one another. “This season has really been about improving every aspect of our game. Coach B always emphasizes that we need to move faster and speed up our game in order to get an edge on our competition,” Peninsula player Yuna Kim said.

Page 12


November 5, 2016

Make Way For The Still Undefeated Mavericks . . . The Palos Verdes Jr Pee Wee PV Mavericks defeated Ventura White at Redondo Union high school last week to win the Pop Warner Los Angeles County Championship. The team remains undefeated in the regular and playoff action. Pictured are the victorious Jr Pee Wee Mavericks with coach Tony Gayton and LAC Championship trophies.

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November 5, 2016


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November 5, 2016

November 5, 2016

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P!nk, Juventus Still Untouched

AYSO Soccer

• With only two matches left in the regular fall season, Palos Verdes Region 10 has only two teams with no losses or ties. Juventus in the boys’ U10 Champions Division is 7-0 and will be the top seed going into the playoffs. P!nk the girls’ U14 Division 8-0 and will face second place Liverpool to finish the regular season. The Raptors and PV Lightning will battle today for top playoff seed in the boys’ U14 Division. The boys’ U12 Vikings, the boys’ U9 EPL Killer Whales and the Mighty Mints from the girls’ U9 Division are the only teams that have not taken a loss.

Battle For First . . . PV Lightning and the Raptors play today for first place in the boys’ U14 Division.

Stay In The Hunt . . . Liverpool settles into second place in girls’ U14 Division after a 2-2 tie the HeadBangers at Highridge Park.

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November 5, 2016

The Season Speeds Up . . . The Mighty Mints Stay Mighty . . . The Mighty Mints held back the Green Gummies to stay at the top of the girls’ U9 Division at Ernie Howlett Park.

boys’ U7 Division teams battle at Point Vicente school.

Last Chance For A Crown . . . The Race Tightens . . .

PV Lightning out raced the South Bay Spitfire before taking its first loss of the season to the Hornets at Highridge Park.

The girls’ U14 Division is getting ready for the playoff season which begins in just a few weeks.

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November 5, 2016

Still Undefeated . . .

P!nk remains undefeated in the girls’ U14 Division but will face second place Liverpool to end the regular season at Highridge Park.

Page 17

The Rain Comes Down . . . Purple Reign continues to play great defense and got a 2-0 win over Dash to stay in first place in the girls’ U12 Division at Point Vicente school.

Battle For Animal Kingdom . . . The first-place Red Foxes will battle the second-place Panthers today in girls’ U10 Animal Division action.

AYSO Region 10 2016 Fall Standings Girls U11

Girls U9

P 22 Mighty Mints 19 Candy Kickers 16 Candy Crushers 15 Jolly Ranchers BerryBlueGobstoppers 15 12 Cherry Bombers 9 Hurricanes 6 Purple Nerds 1 Green Gummies 0 Bubblegum Bandits

W 7 6 5 5 4 4 3 1 0 0

Girls U10 Animal Red Foxes Panthers Blue Hurricanes Electric Eels Flamingos Foxy Moxies

P 17 14 11 10 9 0

W 5 4 3 3 2 0

Girls U10 Weather

P 21 Navy Hurricanes 18 Lightning Bolts 16 Storm GoldnLightningStrikrs 13 3 PV Force PurpleLightningStrikrs 0

W 7 6 5 4 1 0

L 0 1 2 3 1 4 5 4 7 8 L 1 1 3 3 2 7 L 1 2 2 3 7 8

T 1 1 1 0 3 0 0 3 1 0 T 2 2 2 1 3 0 T 0 0 1 1 0 0

Ice Breakers Red Pandas PV Storm Candy Crushers Black Widows PV United Oragne Crush

Girls U12 Purple Reign Dash Stars & Stripes Spirit PSG Flash

Girls U14 P!nk Liverpool Barnes The Blues Eye of the Tiger HeadBangers

P 16 16 14 13 10 3 2

W 5 5 4 4 3 1 0

L 1 2 2 2 4 6 5

T 1 1 2 1 1 0 2

P 19 14 10 9 9 6

W 6 4 3 2 2 2

L 1 2 4 3 3 6

T 1 2 1 3 3 0

P 24 15 11 8 5 4

W 8 4 3 2 1 1

L 0 1 3 4 5 6

T 0 3 2 2 2 1

Boys U9 EPL Killer Whales Blue Sharks Spartan FC Titans Sunburst Lasers Silver Bullets PV United

P 15 14 13 13 10 8 3 2

Boys U9 MLS Riptide The Galaxy White Lightning Dynamos PV Heat Yellow Jackets Barracudas Tornadoes

P 16 15 15 13 10 6 4 3

W 4 4 4 4 3 2 1 0

L 0 1 2 2 3 3 6 5

T 3 2 1 1 1 2 0 2

W 5 5 5 4 3 2 1 1

L 1 2 2 2 3 5 5 6

T 1 0 0 1 1 0 1 0

L 1 1 2 4 4 4 5 6

T 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 1

Boys U10 Premier Arsenal Manchester City PSG Ajax SSC Plymouth Manchester United Wolfsburg

P 18 16 15 9 9 9 6 1

W 6 5 5 3 3 3 2 0

Updated 11/2

Boys U10 Champions Juventus Liverpool Bayern Munich Leicester City Real Madrid Inter Milan AC Milan Barcelona

Boys U12 Vikings Spartans The Green Machine Blue Tsunami Wolf Pack Arsenal PV Orange Crush PV Savages

Boys U14 Raptors PV Lightning Thunderbolts Hornets PV X-Wings Black Widows PV Hurricanes Zepplins PV Phantom South Bay Spitfire

P 21 13 13 10 10 7 3 3

W 7 4 4 3 3 2 1 0

L 0 2 2 3 3 4 6 4

T 0 1 1 1 1 1 0 3

P 19 13 13 12 10 7 4 3

W 6 4 4 4 3 2 1 1

L 0 2 2 3 3 4 5 6

T 1 1 1 0 1 1 1 0

P 18 18 11 11 10 7 7 7 6 4

W 6 6 3 3 3 2 2 2 1 1

L 1 1 2 2 3 4 4 4 3 5

T 0 0 2 2 1 1 1 1 3 1

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November 5, 2016 The Local Gateway To ALL-THINGS Sports On The Peninsula On-Line Since 1995

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November 5, 2016

Red Foxes On The Move . . . The Red Foxes got a 3-0 win over the

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Raptors Claw Into First Place . . . The Raptors got a 3-2 win over the Zepplins in boys’ U14 action and will face the PV Lightning today.

Electric Eels and move into first place in the girls’ U10 Animal Division.

Palos Verdes Peninsula


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November 5, 2016

Pass And Catch . . . The teams that can pass and catch in flag football are usually the teams that win.




PALOS VERDES PENINSULA PONY LEAGUE 2017 Spring Registration Ages 12-15 Age 15 - 8th Grade Only

Sign Up Immediately On-Line at: Sign-Ups End: 12-15-16 OR receipt of 120 registrants, whichever occurs first.

Questions: Lee Frantz 310-346-9250

November 5, 2016

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Middle Schools Battle In Fall Sports

Middle School

• Peninsula middle school athletes compete in flag football and girls’ volleyball in the South Bay League fall sports season.

By Sammy Funk All three flag football teams suffered one loss from another Peninsula school during the South Bay League season. Ridgecrest, which fell to Miraleste earlier in the season, jumped out to a solid lead and held on to beat PVIS at home Tuesday. Against PVIS, the Miraleste team opened with two quick touchdowns before PVIS rallied in the second half to defeat the Marauders, 30-24, at home. Sea Kings’ Kevin Rahman celebrated his birthday by scoring two touchdowns during the Sea Kings’ win.

Volleyball Girls Rally . . .

The courts were busy at Ridgecrest school with two matches going on all at the same time.

Highlight Catch . . . Miraleste used a strong passing attack to defeat the Ridgecrest Raiders on the road during South Bay League fall action.

Raiders Defend The Home School . . . Ridgecrest quarterback Joe Rhodes leads the Raiders to a close win over PVIS on Tuesday.

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November 5, 2016


PV Hoops On The Road For A Cure . . . PV Hoops participated in

the first annual "Ballin’ for the Cure Tournament" in Orange County. The two-day tournament had the girls competing against tough teams from Orange County, Inland Empire and San Gabriel Valley. The girls were able to come together and win for a true team effort. Pictured from the left, top row are Melanie H., Sofie Z., Melanie T., Shayli A., coach Tricia Olsen, Sarah P., assistant coach Al Walsh, Meg W., Mafalda C., Eliana H., and Rian H.

November 5, 2016


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Fall Ball In The Zone . . . Spring

registration is now open for fastpitch softball at Cornerstone School.

Georgiana Rosenkranz Broker Associate, JD CalBRE# 01411097


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November 5, 2016

Photos by Jana Wallace

PVP-PANORAMA No. 193 • 11/05/16  


PVP-PANORAMA No. 193 • 11/05/16