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PANORAMA Palos Verdes Peninsula

No. 207 • June 24, 2017


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Major Division Kings of the Hill . . . The Palos Verdes Little League Dodgers won the season-ending tournament.

Minor All-Stars In Action . . . The more games the better.

• Little League baseball takes over the summer action with local tournaments and All-Star games. The Palos Verdes Dodgers won the Major Division King of the Hill tournament, and the Rolling Hills Cubs won the Intermediate Division championship game. The Rolling Hills Indians reached the championship game in District 36 Tournament of Champions held at Perry Park in Redondo Beach. District 36 All-Star action begins this weekend with games at Palos Verdes and Rolling Hills little leagues. Watch for the Summer Edition of PANORAMA out in July for complete All-Star and summer activities coverage.

Intermediate Division Kings of the Hill . . . The Rolling Hills Little League Cubs bring the trophy back to RH.

You’re Famous Now . . . Friday night at the PV Street Fair is an annual tradition for local students of all ages to celebrate the beginning of summer.

Summer Nights

Spin Spin Spin

The 30th annual Palos Verdes Street Fair takes over the Peninsula. See Page 3

Sea Kings Hockey

PV Hockey On The March

Peninsula athletes take to the ice and play in the championship game. See Page 5


RHP Students On The Job

Rolling Hills Prep senior Bria Booth works in UC Irvine’s research lab. See Page 4


Softball & Baseball All-Stars

See the best of the best with Peninsula Little League and Softball All-Stars. See Pages 17-18

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June 24, 2017


June 24, 2017

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PV Street Fair Opens Summer Season Summer Fun

• The Palos Verdes Street Fair officially opened the summer season last week with three days of amazing amusement rides, great food and live music.

By Shelby Ponce

Friday Teen Night Opens Peninsula Summer . . . Peninsula teenagers

The Palos Verdes Street Fair is a fun and exciting event for South Bay residents and families living on the Hill. With the Palos Verdes Peninsula Chamber of Commerce and the City of Rolling Hills Estates at the helm, along with a number of major sponsors, the annual Street Fair is a fun way to begin summer for children, teens, and adults. The local event, held on the grounds of Peninsula Center near the Promenade and the Norris Center, has anything and everything from games, prizes, food and carnival rides. The fair is held after the Palos Verdes School District’s last day of school with the rides-only Friday night special and then two more days of fun and food.

Come Hear The Music . . . The PV Street Fair featured great music and terrific food and drink.

take over the rides-only Friday night special at the annual PV Street Faire.

This Never Gets Old . . . Nothing better than riding a few roller coasters for students to settle down and relax before . . . summer school.

Inside The Belly Of A Spinning Bear . . . It’s the same silly rides and games every year, but Peninsula kids look forward to the PV Fair every year.

This Is The Easy Part . . . The slow ride to the top of the Super Shot is the exact opposite on the way down

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June 24, 2017

RHP Students GainRHP From Internships

Learning From Professionals . . . Hanna Soroush had the opportunity to work in film production with a professional in digital media.

• Rolling Hills Prep students gain experience and knowledge with internships. It is a mission of both Rolling Hills Prep and Renaissance Schools to prepare its students for college and beyond. As part of the efforts to fulfill this mission, all seniors must complete a two-week internship as part of the graduation requirement. Each student is given close and detailed guidance to ensure that they are matched with a valuable and relevant internship. In order for them to complete a successful internship, seniors are asked to observe professionals at work; assist with any tasks they can accomplish; responsibly follow orders and fulfill commitments; show interest and enthusiasm for their chosen field; practice business etiquette; and learn new skills. The seniors conclude their internships by presenting their experience to middle school students back on campus. The class of 2017 participated in a diverse and impressive array of internships this year. Rafi Bernal served his internship at Northrop Grumman Corp.; an American global aerospace and defense technology company formed by Northrop’s 1994 purchase of Grumman. Rafi was assigned to the I&T team on the JWST satellite and was able to shadow engineers as they worked on the project. Rafi said that this experience was invaluable in getting to know the field of aerospace engineering, both the pros of working in an innovative and exciting field, and the cons of the long hours and the limit of government funding. Another senior, Bria Booth, worked in UCI Irvine’s infectious diseases research lab where they take samples of sera to test for reactions to proteins and antibodies. Bria’s duties included preparing slides for the research team

Share The Knowledge . . . Rolling

Hills Prep student Rafi Bernal served his internship at Northrop Grumman Corp.

and assisting with E. Coli DNA extraction and gels as well as run and export Mircoarrays of the slides. Hanna Soroush was thrilled to have the opportunity to work in film production with a professional in digital media. Her mentor, Spencer Balliet, who previously worked on the production team for South Park, took her on filming shoots, taught her how to set up lighting and camera equipment, and provided her the opportunity test her hand at social media marketing. Whether students were running social media campaigns for non-profits, or learning that being a professional artist requires a great deal more than painting, it’s clear that spending some time in the workforce is essential for students as they begin their journey through college. Through this experience, graduating seniors learn how to navigate the professional world, while becoming further inspired to pursue their chosen field. — email reports

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June 24, 2017

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PV Hockey Plays For Championship Local Players Take To The Ice . . . The Palos Verdes Sea Kings congratulate El Segundo after the overtime championship match.

Ice Hockey • Top-seeded Sea Kings play in league championship against El Segundo last seek.

By Lane Karlitz The championship for the L.A. Kings High School League was held Wednesday, June 14, at the Toyota Sports Center in El Segundo, the practice facility for the National Hockey League’s L.A. Kings. The top-seeded Palos Verdes Sea Kings played El Segundo in an exciting back-and-forth offensive battle. The scoring started early with El Segundo striking first. The Sea Kings came back with Noah Speiser scoring to tie the game at one.

The game continued to be full of offensive firepower and as regulation time ended the teams were tied, 5-5. The Sea Kings’ crowd, known as Red Tide, were full of energy and support for their varsity hockey team. Sea Kings goalie, C.J. Emery, proved to be a crowd favorite as there were constant chants of his nickname, “The Wall”. The Sea Kings were without top defenseman Aidan Metcalfe, which proved to be troubling. After regulation, the game went into a threeround shootout, to decide the championship. The Sea Kings and their coach, Gary Matura, elected to shoot first, and known sniper, Michael Hill, was chosen to start the shootout. Hill skated down the ice like a lion

stalking his prey and utilized his trademark toe-drag. Unfortunately, the El Segundo goalie made an all-world save to stifle Hill’s attempt. The first shooter for El Segundo was up next to face Emery. The El Segundo player skated down the ice and beat Emery with a deke worthy of the NHL. Up next to try to tie up the shootout was PV’s best player, Preston Park. Park, clearly exhausted from the long game, was unable to beat the El Segundo goalie. With the Sea Kings down by a goal, Emery needed to deny the next El Segundo player or else Palos Verdes would lose the championship. The second shooter for El Segundo was their best player. He tried to deke Emery out once again, however, “The

Wall” denied him with an outstanding kick save. With El Segundo still up one goal, the Sea Kings needed a goal to stay alive. But the next player for the Sea Kings, Gabriel Giammarco, was denied as well, and the title went to El Segundo. Although the Sea Kings lost the championship, 6-5, in a shootout, it was a successful season and one that many of the graduating seniors should be proud of as their finale in high school hockey. PV hockey has a bright future with many returning players, including Chris Emery, Lane Karlitz, Preston Park, Ryan Perry and the Red Tide to cheer them on.

Color Me Green With Envy . . .

We don’t think the Panorama printer or the entire Bay League is prepared for the vibrant colors on the new Palos Verdes High school athletic turf.

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June 24, 2017 Palos Verdes Peninsula

PANORAMA Celebrating Peninsula Families Active In Sports, Science and the Arts. On Staff Rachel Allen Sebastian Atashi Avalon Doherty Alexis Ferguson Sammy Funk Chiara Grimes Katie Hageman Nina Li Michael Liu Jenna McFarland Joey Moussalli Shelby Ponce Dean Porter Frankie Reid Marco Robles Noah Rowe Heather Schubert Lily Shah Asumi Shuda Jana Wallace Publisher/Editor: Tom Combs Copy Editors: Sue Demerjian, Winton Combs Cartoonist: Jack Dickason

PLAY Installation At PV Art Center

PLAY, an installation of interactive sound sculpture by Silvie Deutsch, offers the conditions for play and community open now through July 9. Constructed specifically for Palos Verdes Art Center, the installation contains seven harp-shaped string instruments that line the walls, are suspended in space, or recline on the floor. All visitors are invited to touch and play the artwork. Accompanying the sculptures is a series of drawings made to blueprint the sculptures’ construction. — email reports

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In Memory of Jolene Combs Jesse Lou Givens

Everybody Wants To Be A King . . . The Peninsula real estate industry

was out in force for the 11th annual King of the Hill softball tournament at Ernie Howlett Park last week. The Saturday afternoon event included competitive games on the “A” and “B” fields, a barbecue and “Dunk the Broker.” Vista Sotheby’s won the tournament. Proceeds go to the Palos Verdes Peninsula Association of Realtors’ scholarship program. Pictured from the left: Edward Barrios, Realtor with Vista Sotheby’s and Vista’s softball team captain; Julia Parton and Kim Edwards, both of Premier Bank of Palos Verdes – field event sponsor; Marla Virgin, executive vice president, and Jennifer Goorchenko, president, PVP Association of Realtors.

Next Edition Out July

Palos Verdes Peninsula


Play Art . . . Sound sculpture components of PLAY in progress.

Sports, Science and the Arts Plus Much Much More . . . The Next Edition In July

June 24, 2017

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Summer… More like Bummer Summer Studies • Many Peninsula keep their brains on SAT courses and school while finding the beach.

students working summer time for

By Nina Li Summer marks the start of family vacations, beach days and relentless sun. After staying in school for seven hours a day, the free time is a release for all students. However, for some students, summer marks the beginning of rigorous test prep, tutoring, volunteering and summer school. Just when the fun began, it was stopped by homework, essays and work. Students on the Hill, especially the ones going into their junior year, feel the pressure of performing as well as or beyond their peers in order to get

their name out there to be viewed by colleges and corporations. Balancing all the academic focuses and spare time to do fun activities is a tough task to handle. “I knew that my summer was going to be busy,” incoming junior Ari Cho said. “I feel like this summer I needed to work hard since all of my past summers I did not do anything academically related, but I am glad I chose to do this.” Online summer school demands commitment and rigorous focus on the curriculum in order to not fall behind on assignments. The recommended work time is four hours or more per day sitting and looking at the computer screen. On top of that, SAT prep from nine in the morning until two in the afternoon with volunteering sprinkled in from time to time is the recipe for a summer filled with non-stop work.

“Summer is the time when I can sit back, relax and read a good book,” incoming junior Nicole Tam said. “This summer is totally different with my SAT prep and volunteering, but all my friends are with me and that is all that I need.” Despite all the negative opinions about a work-filled summer, in the long run, there are some benefits of working hard daily. Completing summer school would be one less class to take during the year, which could lessen the load during the competitive junior year. In addition, preparing for tests such as the ACT and the SAT can help with receiving offers for opportunities such as scholarships. “I am doing many academically related activities this summer, which could be overwhelming, and I would not have time to just relax, but I know

it is all to help me,” incoming junior Anne Lee said. “Honestly, I am kind of excited to be surrounded by a different environment with different people,” she said. Most teenagers focus on the here and now, and do not really plan on the future at this age, so a time-consuming summer is not the ideal summer they imagine. Some may choose to do summer school voluntarily, while others are forced to attend, but in the end, they are all in the same boat. They may have an abundance of work and no play, but they are still surrounded by their friends since they are all in this together. Summer does not always represent either the sun or test packets, but it symbolizes the time when peers become friends inside and outside of the classroom.

READY TO PLAY WITH FRIENDS IN A FUN AND RELAXED ATMOSPHERE? Fall Ball is for you, a short season and fun play around the South Bay. Registration is open now and closes on August 15, 2017. Play Ball !!! Register through the link at

Palos Verdes Peninsula


For Active Families Living On The Palos Verdes Peninsula

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June 24, 2017

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"Fame - The Musical" Opens At The Norris This Summer Summer Shows

• The Palos Verdes Performing Arts Conservatory will present the pop culture phenomenon, “Fame – The Musical” for seven performances, July 14-23, at the Norris Theatre in Rolling Hills Estates. Based on the electrifying film and hit television series, “Fame” follows a class of aspiring performers attending the legendary New York High School for the Performing Arts, from their admission to graduation. With a bittersweet, but inspiring story full of burning ambition, heartbreak and triumphs, the group of students strives to excel in dance, drama and music, while struggling with personal issues that continue to challenge today’s youth. The high-octane musical features exhilarating choreography and a stunning score that includes new, original songs and the Oscar-winning title tune, “Fame” -- the universally known

anthem that drives the students in their quest for stardom. Conceived and developed by David De Silva, “Fame” was originally released as a highly acclaimed movie in 1980. The film earned four Academy Award nominations and the network television series of the same name ran for six years in the 1980s, inspiring generations to fight for fame and “light up the sky like a flame!” The series won a number of coveted Emmy awards, making “Fame” one of most highly received movie-turned television series events, garnering millions of viewers each week. The stage musical’s book was written by José Fernandez, with music by Steve Margoshes and lyrics by Jacques Levy. An American classic and international sensation, “Fame” has achieved a worldwide attendance of over 60 million since opening in 1988. The PVPA Conservatory production is directed by Russ Marchand with musical direction by Sean Alexander Bart

Please continue on Next Page . . .

June 24, 2017

Page 9

Fame Lives Forever This July At The Norris

. . . Continued from Previous Page and choreography by Joel Sluyter. With a cast of 28 talented Conservatory students, the production features Adelaine Mollo (Serena); Anthony Karambelas (Nick); Peter Kuyper (Joe); Makiko Donville (Carmen); Tanner Hickson (Jack); Linden Ebling (Iris); Ethan Hoffman (Schlomo); Britney Acosta (Mabel); Cassidy Amberg (Miss Sherman); and Alexa Lampe (Miss Bell). Show times for the student-cast production are 7:30 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays and 2 p.m. Sundays, as well as a 2 p.m. show on July 22. The production is not recommended for children under age 13. Tickets are $15 for youth ages 17 and under and adult tickets range from $25 - $28. For more information or to purchase tickets, call 310-544-0403 or visit The Norris Theatre is located at 27570 Norris Center Drive in Rolling Hills Estates. — email reports

80’s Flashback . . .

Photo by Melissa Mollo

The fast-paced musical features exhilarating choreography and a stunning score that includes new and original songs plus the Oscar-winning title tune “Fame."

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June 24, 2017

John H. Trotter,

Safe At Third . . . The Lunada Bay Red Sox were aggressive on the base DDS, MS Orthodontics

Diplomate, American Board of Orthodontics

1706 South Elena Ave. Suite D Redondo Beach, CA 90277 (Located in the Riviera Village)

(310) 373-0093 Find us at or on Facebook at Trotter Orthodontics

paths and made the Intermediate championship game fun and exciting.

Charting a path to Growth J D Factors helps companies meet their ever-increasing cash flow demands, enabling them to run their businesses successfully. 500 Silver Spur Road, Suite 306 Palos Verdes Peninsula

June 24, 2017


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PVLL, RHLL Win King of the Hill Championships

Little League

• All four Peninsula Little Leagues were represpented at the King of the Hill finals at Ernie Howlett Park last week. The Palos Verdes Dodgers defeated the Silver Spur Dodgers in the Majors Division game, and the Rolling Hills Cubs defeated the Lunada Bay Red Sox in the Intermediate Division game. Baseball continues into summer with the District 36 All-Star tournaments beginning this weekend.

Peaceland Music Instrumental Music Lessons

James Musser - Nominated Best Guitar 1997 & Best L.A. Band 1996 - L.A. Music Awards

23706 Crenshaw Blvd # 105A&B (310) 650-4021

Cubs Win! . . .

The Rolling Hills Cubs win the Intermediate Division King of the Hill championship at Ernie Howlett Park last week.

Instrumental Music Lessons

23706 Crenshaw Blvd # 105A&B (310) 650-4021

Peaceland Music Instrumental Music Lessons

James Musser - Nominated Best Guitar 1997 & Best L.A. Band 1996 - L.A. Music Awards

A Blue-Ribbon Season23706 . . . The Crenshaw Blvd # 105A&B Dodgers took first place in regular (310) 650-4021 season action at PV Little League and won the King of the Hill tournament to finish the season.

Private Lessons on Guitar, Piano, Voice, Bass, Drums, Ukelele, Banjo & Mandolin

Including Theory, Reading, Tab, Composition

James Musser - Nominated Best Guitar 1997 & Best L.A. Band 1996 - L.A. Music Awards


Open 7 Days, All Ages & Styles W Cooay You pick songs you like! l



23706 Crenshaw Blvd # 105A&B

The Silver Spur Dodgers and the Palos Verdes Dodgers battle for the Major Division King of the Hill championship.

Have A Great Summer!

James Musser - Nominated Best Guitar 1997 & Best L.A. Band 1996 - L.A. Music Awards

Peaceland Music

The Race To First . . .

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June 24, 2017

June 24, 2017


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Cubs End Great Season . . . The Rolling Hills Cubs finished the regular season in second place, but won the Intermediate King of the Hill trophy.

A Season Of Leadership . . . The Dodgers’ Jason Roah turns on the ball and hits a line drive down the third base line for a double during King of the Hill action at Ernie Howlett Park.

Page 14

June 24, 2017

The Palos Verdes Dodgers King of the Hill Champions . . . The Major Division Dodgers include manager

Mark Roah. Players are Tate Ballard, Michael Cho, Michael Decker, Hayden Edwards, Nicholas Headon, Ty Kim, Christopher Mantas, Jason Roah, Stone Townley and Kaleb Woodward. Also on the team for the final game were Reed Woodland and Matthew Farnsworth.

Dodgers Get The Trophy . . .

Dodgers’ pitcher Ty Kim got the start for the King of the Hill championship game.

Stay Aggressive . . . The Rolling The Rolling Hills Cubs King of the Hill Champions . . . The Intermediate Division Cubs include manager

Brian Elliott. Players are Gregory Cisneros, Beau Elliott, Matthew Feingold, Harper Holden, Bryce Lim, Vuk Merell, Ryan Mona-Hunter, Nicholas Morris, Austin Roach, Kenneth Won and Joshua Yockey.

Hills Cubs’ Nicholas Morris hits a triple during King of the Hill action at Ernie Howlett Park.

June 24, 2017

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Peninsula Little League 2017 Home Run Leaders Rolling Hills Little League

Incoming . . . The PV Dodgers score the run and get the win over the Silver Spur Dodgers at the Majors Division King of the Hill championship game.

Garren Rizzo Lucas Lees Justin Mabry AJ Maes Grant Govel Chance Nikolaus Luke Mansir Drew Sunahara Koa Van Scoyoc Braden Sakamoto John Harris Joshua Mercer Joshua McGovern Nick Morris Jack Weitzman Hasaan Haq Tommy Kallman Griffin Hur Niko Pasquariello Dylan Mercer Alex Forman Luke Martoccia Dylan Abrajano Michael Robertson Jake Silverman Dawson Sarner Jeffery Taylor Jack Matthews Vaughn Kissel Jake McDonald Jake Gallo Dominic Ungaro Tristan Drake Josh Yockey Noah Bandy

10 9 7 6 4 4 4 3 3 3 3 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

Silver Spur Little League Allan Tsay Kendall Ward Nico Simonian Brendan O’Donnell James Worsham Itai Conforty Hudson Sinik Jacob Ma Nick Cosgrove Will Deley Takuya Wakuda

7 3 3 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

Palos Verdes Little League Niall Collins Bradley Kakazu Michael Cho David Zavarella Zack Moore Henry Carr Oscar Park Jason Roah Matthew Farnsworth Camden Friedman Eli Fast Dylan Zavarella Samuel Hodges Charlie Werts Will Zane Gavin Martin Reed Woodland Tyler Tellenbach Charlie Beuerlein Justin Rand David Wingard Christopher Mantas Daniel Stender William Molony Miles Hong Nicholas Semmer Enzo Somers Kaleb Woodward Michael Decker Ty Kim Tone Townley Tommie Phillips Collin Shiang Seamus Molony Timmy Niemann Kevin Theodora Nathan Diercks Aiden Kudo Adam Hardesty

16 9 7 7 6 5 5 4 4 4 3 3 3 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

Lunada Bay Little League DJ Cicero Sam Bonner Owen Brown Thomas LaPine Derrick Bobb Vincent Chor Willie Gray Lukas Lizdenis Wren Woods

4 3 2 2 1 1 1 1 1

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Blue Is In Position For The Call . . . The Cubs score on a passed ball during the Intermediate King of the Hill championship game against the Lunada Bay Red Sox at Ernie Howlett Park. "We Can’t Be Everywhere" (but we’re real close . . . )

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June 24, 2017

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Numbers Formulate Home Run Totals Numbers • Without calulating wind and weather, which is different at all four Peninsula Little Leagues, use formulas to study home run totals. With much of the baseball season already behind us, it’s fun to reflect on this year’s accomplishments. Not only are win-loss records starting to take shape, but individual achievements, including home runs, are starting to tally up. It’s in the pages of the latest Panoramas where Little Leaguers rush to see the updated numbers. As a parent and coach of youth baseball on the Hill for many years, I’ve received this question numerous times in various ways, and it typically

amounts to, “Why does Little League X have more/less home runs than Little League Y?” This is always a fun topic, and one that, if you take off your particular League’s hat, is interesting to consider without bias. Though how does one remove bias on such topics? Mathematically, of course! While this article isn’t an exhaustive Harvard Business Review caliber assessment, it should still provide some insights to many parents, coaches, fans and players that may not otherwise be obvious. For starters, let’s talk about the size of the fields where home runs are tracked (at the intermediate and major level, so 9-12 year olds) for the four Little Leagues here:

Click Photo Galleries

Check Out The Photo Galleries And See The Latest Edition Of PANORAMA Online! Palos Verdes Peninsula


While these distances may surprise some, we must note, they were taken from the base of each field spot noted (left field, center field and right field) on April 19, 2017, to the point of home plate, per standard baseball field measuring techniques, using a 200 foot measuring tape – i.e. no cutting corners with lasers or wheels in this analysis. If you happen to see discrepancies between these distances, and those labeled on the fields themselves, we suggest you raise those questions or concerns with your specific Little League board.

Please continue on Page 19 . . .

June 24, 2017

Page 17

2017 Peninsula All-Stars Palos Verdes Little League 2017 All-Stars

Silver Spur Little League 2017 All-Stars

10-12 Year Old All-Stars

10-12 Year Old All-Stars

Charlie Beuerlein Henry Carr Niall Collins Bradley Kakazu Seamus Molony Zack Moore Justin Rand Jason Roah Luke Wells Kaleb Woodward David Zavarella

9-11 Year Old All-Stars Michael Decker Eli Fast Riley Horn Jay Kakani William Molony Oscar Park Patrick Roche Enzo Somers Tyler Tellenbach Nathan Yakubik Dylan Zavarella

8-10 Year Old All-Stars Craig Aikens Joey Balcom Teagan Ballard Nick Buhl Nathan Diercks Samuel Hodges Patrick Klink Aiden Kudo Brody Leipzig Nick Moulton Max Park Cole Sipes Will Zane

Lunada Bay Little League 2017 All-Stars

10-12 Year Old All-Stars

Samuel Bonner (L) Samuel Bonner (L) Owen Brown (L) Owen Brown (L) Nicholas Cha (S) Nicholas Cha (S) Kenton Chao (S) Kenton Chao (S) Vincent Chor (L) Vincent Chor (L) Nicholas Cosgrove (S) Nicholas Cosgrove (S) Owen Griffiths (L) Owen Griffiths (L) Trent Hollingsworth (S) Trent Hollingsworth (S) Owen Hong (L) Owen Hong (L) Declan Schultz (L) Declan Schultz (L) Takuya Wakuda (S) Takuya Wakuda (S) Kendall Ward (S) Kendall Ward (S) (Silver Spur and Lunada Bay Little Leagues have a combined 10-12 year old All-Star team this year.)

9-11 Year Old All-Stars Ty Arvizo Will Bengston Jack Fletcher Jake Krull Jett Lim Brendon O’Donnell Sui Sakai Nico Simonian Hudson Sinik Christopher Vasey James Worsham

8-10 Year Old All-Stars Alex Kim Henry Tunney Jake White Max Bates Alex Han Jacob Ma Krish Thakr Broden Llamas Sean Yanko Sam Fujii

Palos Verdes Peninsula

PANORAMA PVP-PANORAMA wishes to congratulate all Peninsula All-Star teams and their coaches and say thanks to all Peninsula Little Leagues for another great season.

9-11 Year Old All-Stars Sandro Bonvechio Justin Camel Peter Chang Anthony Chor DJ Cicero Keegan Cross Lucas Lizdenis Mikey Mackiewicz TL Mills Eric Mulkey Wren Woods

8-10 Year Old All-Stars John Bonvechio Luke Bowen Nicolas Brae Kristofer Duarte John Duffy Mateo Mackiewicz Nicholas Perrakis Bradyn Sheldon Navraj Singh Riley Vuoso

Rolling Hills Little League 2017 All-Stars

10-12 Year Old All-Stars Alex Forman Grant Govel Tommy Kallman Lucas Lees Justin Mabry AJ Maes Luke Mansir Luke Martoccia Darren Rizzo Drew Sunahara Koa Van Scoyoc

9-11 Year Old All-Stars (Blue) Tristan Drake Jake Gallo Griffin Hur Gavin Kato Ethan Kim Vaughn Kissel Jack Matthews Tate Rioux Braden Sakamoto Niko Tsangaris Jack Weitzman

9-11 Year Old All-Stars (Gray) Beau Elliott Matthew Gualeni Andy Koeberle Xander Lorraine Trey Mastandrea Jake Masuguchi Ryan Mona-Hunter Matthew Nguyen Niko Pasquariello Kaden Stone Owen Traina

8-10 Year Old All-Stars Kyle Colaruotolo Westin Conklin Gavin Eades Colby Hammond Hunter Kim Ronnie Ogusuku Taiki Oikawa Ryan Rakowski Jacob Silverman Kai Van Scoyoc Josh Yockey

Page 18 •

June 24, 2017

Palos Verdes Peninsula


The Palos Verdes Peninsula Girls’ Softball League 2017 All-Stars 12U All Stars

Isabella Aguilar Deya Ahluwalia Kaitluyn Christy Annalise Fournier Frankie Grgas Lauren Havens Eliza Levy Julia Long Mia Mastan Katie Robinson Sara Silvestri Sarah Wang Manager: Brent Havens Coaches: Virginia Silvestri, Peter Mastan, Beny Levy and Willie Wang

10U All Stars

Softball All-Stars Win Tournament Gold . . . The 10U Gold PVP Girl’s Softball All-Star team won first place at the “La Habra Field of Dreams Tournament” last weekend. Pictured from the left: coach Ron Fukushima, assistant coach Jake LaBreche, manager John LaBreche, coaches Jaubin Nguyen and Kevin Ding. Middle row: Madison Gregory, Mallory LaBreche, Mingfei Chen, Kylie Paolucci and Alexandra Ungaro. Front row: Molly LaBreche, Jiselle Nguyen, Kate Fukushima, Sedona Ding and Sophie Hasegawa. Not pictured is Malia Apor.

Malia Apor Mingfei Chen Sedona Ding Kate Fukushima Madison Gregory Sophie Hasegawa Molly LaBreche Mallory LaBreche Jiselle Nguyen Kylie Paolucci Alexandra Ungaro Manager: John LaBreche Coaches: Ron Fukushima, Kevin Ding and Jaubin Nguyen

8U All Stars

Isabella Aldana Sofia Burwell Maven Ding Sophie Izzo Reinah Lee Madaline Loorya Kalysta Lund Lotus Skeldon Leah Nunez Manager: Matt Loorya Coaches: Jeff Skelton, Marc Izzo and Kevin Ding PANORAMA Thanks the Palos Verdes Peninsula Gils’ Solftball League

Young All-Stars Begin Trophy Collection . . .

The 8U PVP Girls’ Softball All-Star team won first place at the La Habra Field of Dreams Tournament. Pictured from the left, back row: coaches Paul Cyril, Matt Loorya and Steve Lakos. Players pictured, from the left, top to bottom: Sofia Burwell, Maven Ding, Isabella Aldana, Madeline Loorya, Amelia Cyril, Lily Booth, Grace Booth, Lotus Skeldon, Reinah Lee, Leah Nunez and Kalysta Lund.

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June 24, 2017

Page 19

Formulate Home Run Numbers

. . . Continued from Page 16 Next, we reviewed the number of games where each League will play this year. This, as you could imagine, should paint a picture as to which leagues should have the most home runs. For example, more games played at smaller fields should equal more home runs for those leagues. Here are the game summaries:

Host Team In The Finals . . . The Silver Spur Major Dodgers.

Now, to simplify, we’ll do a similar chart in order of “average home run distance,” meaning we averaged the right field, center field and left field distances at each field (note, two fields averaged 192’, so we combined those)

Sox Have Awesome Season . . . The Lunada Bay Red Sox. This starts to paint an interesting picture, which leads us to this final chart, showing the total games played (simply, more games equals more at bats, and more at bats equals more home run opportunities) vs the average home run distance (how far, on average, does each league have to hit a ball to achieve a home run?) This helps answer the original question, “Why does Little League X have more/less home runs than Little League Y?” Well, it’s simply number of at bats and distance, my dear Watson, number of at-bats and distance. — LBLL coach Mike Cross

Georgiana Rosenkranz Broker Associate, JD CalBRE# 01411097


Page 20


June 24, 2017

Minors Take Control . . . All four Peninsula

Little Leagues competed in Minors Division All-Star tournaments to keep the players sharp and ready for District 36 All-Star competition.

PVP-PANORAMA No. 207 • 06/24/17  


PVP-PANORAMA No. 207 • 06/24/17