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PANORAMA Palos Verdes Peninsula

No. 206 • June 10, 2017

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It’s Time . . .

Extremely Famous Peninsula People. Page 21.

Prom Night

More Pictures

Palos Verdes High students get ready for the Prom with cliff-side pictures. See Page 3

Silver Spur Heros

Silver Spur Gives Back

Sebastian Atashi and Ranger Woodland are honored with scholarships. See Page 5

More Good Eats

A Culinary Journey

Alexis Ferguson has found another exciting restaurant with unique foods. See Page 7


Ridgecrest Promotes 8th Grade

The cold fog did not stop Ridgecrest Intermediate from its ceremonies. See Page 6

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June 10, 2017


PV Prom Takes Over Hollywood

June 10, 2017

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Prom Night

• Palos Verdes High students enjoy the Prom at the Wax Museum in Hollywood.

By Katie Hageman Palos Verdes High School decided to lead into finals week with an extravagant dance. On Saturday, June 3, students attended PV Prom at Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in Hollywood. The venue presented the students with various things to see and do. Upon entering Prom, photos were taken and students were directed onto elevators, which took everyone to the roof. On the roof, there were food buffets around the perimeter and several tables in the middle. Students enjoyed salad, chicken, pasta and dessert as they sat with their friends. After eating, everyone began to funnel inside the museum. There were

Fun With Wax . . . PV students made wax replicas of their hands during Prom Night at the Madam Tussauds Wax Museum in Hollywood. a few wax figures in a hallway that led to a larger room where students found a DJ and a large dance floor. Many students took photos and posed next to the wax figures. The layout of the Wax Museum was simple, and there was only one main path to follow in order to see all of the figures on display. Some students explored only a little while before returning to the dance floor or roof. Others spent their entire night wandering through the wax rep-

Hollywood Nights . . . The Palos Verdes High Prom was held in Hollywood at Madame Tussauds Wax Museum which offered a fun and unique setting that students will never forget. licas. On one of the lower floors, there was a break in the line of wax figures where students were able to make a wax hand. Once at the front of the line, museum employees dunked each individual’s hand in ice water for 30 seconds, then applied a lotion type mixture to the hand. Each student put his or her hand in the pose they wanted and, once they were ready, an employee dunked the hand in hot wax. After the hot wax dunk, each student was directed to put a hand back into the ice water, where the wax formed a mold around the hand, which made it difficult to move. Each hand was then dunked into colored wax, put back into the ice water and, finally, the wax hand was slid off. The employees then touched up the wax hand, checked for holes, and made sure it could stand upright before wrapping it in tissue paper and placing it into a bag. The wax hands were a memento that many students were able to take home, along with the memories and photos. Madame Tussauds Wax Museum gave PV students a night to remember.

Remember The Good Times . . .

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June 10, 2017

Online Summer School vs. Summer School Education • Students use online summer school to get ahead in classroom.

By Nina Li After months of grueling hard work put in by students, summer finally comes to relieve them of their stress. Some students head off to popular vacation spots, while the rest go to summer school to take classes that they would not have been able to take during the year. With the field of technology rapidly growing, it is not a surprise that online summer school courses are available for students. At Peninsula High School, world history and U.S. history are two of the many classes that could be completed for the same credit a student would receive during the regular school year. This is the first year that the district has put U.S. history honors on the list of classes accessible for students online. There are three teachers who have familiarized themselves with this curricu-

lum, but John Hangartner has been teaching the online course for more than three years. “I became a teacher in school and online because when I first came here they wanted me to be the online teacher, but they also had an opening for an in-class position, so I decided to take it,” Hangartner said. For both in-class and online, it is the California standard to maintain the specific curriculum given despite the different settings used to teach. However, because of the shorter time given during the summer, the students have a big responsibility to keep up with the work without procrastinating and falling behind. Each class requires approximately 20 hours a week. Teachers are able to access each student’s work to see how long he or she has spent on the website. Online courses are very student centered, which takes a lot of discipline to stay on top of the workload. On orientation day for these online classes, teachers have outlined a pacing guide,

which shows students where they should be at a specific date so they know whether or not to pick up their pace. “Online courses may be beneficial for the student depending on who they are,” Hangartner said. “I took my master’s degree online, and I felt that it was a great way to learn. Some students have a difficult time monitoring their time and fall behind rather easily, so discipline is a really big aspect when deciding whether or not to go the online route,” he said. In summer school, students are in the same classroom with the same peers for six hours straight, and they develop relationships that are not the same as it would be online. For online courses, students only meet their teacher on the orientation day for a couple hours and do not see them again for the rest of the course. Sending announcements, commenting on their work and sending emails are the only forms of interaction between the teacher and student. “I decided to do online summer


school because I did not want to take it over the year since there were too many classes and it could be overwhelming for me,” said Irene Kim. “It would be easier to balance out my time. It is easier when you actually see the teacher, but the same information is given out anyway,’”she said. For first time online students, the courses may seem a little challenging at first, but once students get into a regular routine, the workload will seem doable. There are many pros and cons of taking an online course, but the best answer to whether or not a student should take it is up to their individual habits. “I am taking U.S. history online this summer, and at first I was a little intimidated by what everyone was saying,” said Nicole Tam. “However, I believe that this is the best option for me since I do not have space in my schedule later on, and I will try my best to not fall behind my workload, she said.

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June 10, 2017


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Silver Spur School Gives Back To Alumni • Silver Spur School alumni Sabastian Atashi and Ranger Woodland each received $1,000 scholarships toward their college educations from their old grade school.

Those Crazy PV Moms . . . The old Big Daddy Nikon camera guy is getting older by the year, but luckily he gets a lot of support from Moms and Dads from all over the Peninsula who send in photos and stories. Thanks!

Everyone Is In The Kitchen Dancing . . . PVIS Principal Frank Califano was working hard grilling hamburgers for the kids on the last day of school when the entire 8th grade class broke into a dance to salute his time as PVIS principal.

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June 10, 2017

Graduations, Promotions Hit Hill PANORAMA Passages Palos Verdes Peninsula

Someone Else Can Take Pictures . . . Everyone has a camera ready for this week.

• Students at all levels and grades have officially moved on and are set for the next level. School is over for Peninsula students, who are now enjoying the lazy days of summer and the PV Street Fair. However, summer school is set to Trouble Makers . . . Many students begin and their is plenty of brought noise makers and banners to support other students. sports and events going on.

PTAs Lead Group To Capitol

• Palos Verdes PTAs led a group of 70 students, teachers, parents and administrators to Sacramento for a two-day advocacy trip to research issues affecting our community and advocate to our state legislators.

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By Amanda Houtz and Audrey Trell On April 18 and 19, a group of Palos Verdes High School teachers and students traveled to the state’s capitol to lobby for the school district and concerning issues on education. These students and educators from PVHS were joined on the trip by other teachers, students, and administrators from the school district, including students from Peninsula High School and Rancho Del Mar High School, and teachers from the elementary and middle schools. Students had the opportunity to talk to representatives of state legislators directly, providing these legislators with input and direction from the PVPUSD. Meeting in the legislators’ offices, a group, consisting of a couple students and a mix of parents, teachers, and administrators, worked to lobby for four main points. First, the students advocated for the support of legislative bills SB 436 and AB169, which both aimed to address California’s 12-year teacher shortage, specifically in the fields of STEM, bilingual education, and special education. “It is important that students have the opportunities that come with an

Celebrating Peninsula Families Active In Sports, Science and the Arts.

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Jill Allen


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PVPUSD students had the opportunity to speak with legislators in Sacramento. education from high reaching teachers in specialized fields in order to develop the skills necessary to thrive in the modern world,” said Caroline Beecher, junior and student lobbyist for this year’s trip. Next, the students aimed to address the rising concern of mental health among teenagers. To achieve this, the students encouraged various legislators to support increased funding for wellness centers in schools, like the one on the PV campus. In addition to physical wellness centers, students brought up the benefits of supplying schools with more wellness programs and mental health counselors. Many student lobbyists felt a personal connection with this point, seeing as it frequently impacts individuals in their age group.

After lobbying for the funding connected to mental health, the students shifted gears to address the issues surrounding the CAASPP testing for juniors. To combat this concern, the students proposed substituting the ACT or SAT for the CAASPP. The students argued that this change from a week long test to one that lasts about four hours would be much more efficient for the school district. In addition, this would allow more students to take these college entrance exams and thus put more students on the college bound track. “The ACT and SAT tests make more sense because many students care and prepare for these tests. Unfortunately, I do not think the legislators completely

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June 10, 2017

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A Culinary Journey

New Restaurant Hits The Spot With Exciting Food

• New restaurant packs a powerful menu of original food.

By Alexis Ferguson One restaurant I absolutely love in Los Angeles is Sycamore Kitchen on South La Brea and, right down the street, the owners opened another restaurant. I had to try this new restaurant named Odys and Penelope. I immediately was drawn to the décor of the restaurant. The restaurant consisted mostly of wood furniture and brick walls. There was a huge wall filled will firewood and a bar-like seating area in front of the kitchen. I looked through the menu several times, but could never come to a decision because everything sounded amazing and unique. Luckily, the plates are small so I could try four plates with my mom.

We started off with the grilled calamari salad with cherry tomatoes and roasted mole carrots. I really liked the different textures and the variety in the salad. The greens were frisee, which is crunchy but at the same time bitter. The sunflower seeds added nuttiness and crunch. The calamari added chewiness and was warm, while the rest of the salad was cold. The carrots and tomatoes added more flavor and texture to the salad. The salad was also served with a sauce that I couldn’t figure out what it was, but it was salty, sweet and buttery, which added a creamy note to the salad. We then enjoyed the charred broccolini salad with a roasted beet hummus and hazelnut dukkah. Dukkah is a mixture of herbs, nuts and spices, which was sprinkled over the charred broccolini and shaved cheese over the top. I loved the simplicity of this dish and how vibrant the dish was visually and taste-wise. The seasoning wasn’t too strong, which made the charred broccolini

flavor really shine through. The beet hummus was amazing. The color of the hummus was so gorgeous and the beets added so much flavor and made the hummus a little bit sweet. The dish I enjoyed the most was the bacon wrapped chicken thigh with a lemon fig sauce. First, this dish had me at bacon, so I had to order it. The Applewood smoked bacon added a smoky note and the chicken was juicy and tender. Bacon and chicken are some of my favorite proteins, and lemon is one of my go-to ingredients, and I can never get enough of fig jam. This dish was calling my name

and I don’t know what I would do without it. The lemon fig sauce added tons of flavor and really brightened up the dish and added sweetness to complement the salty bacon and tender chicken. If you ever go to this restaurant, you need to try this dish. I will not let you

leave the restaurant without trying it. For dessert, I had the coconutcashew lime pie with raspberries and

toasted coconut ice cream. The dish blew my mind away and is my favorite dessert right now. The lime pie was smooth and creamy yet tart, and sat on a nutty coconut cashew crust. The raspberries added tart flavor and color to the dish. The coconut ice cream was creamy and balanced out the tartness of the pie. There was also a meringue disk that was crunchy and light, which brought the whole dish together. I recommend this restaurant for everyone, and I am positive you will fall in love with it. If you have any questions or comments, please contact me at

PVIS Spanish Class Takes In Olvera Street Field Trip By Shelby Ponce Palos Verdes Intermediate School’s eighth grade students taking a Spanish class went on an educational expedition to Olvera Street, an historic site in Los Angeles, on May 25. Students on the tour learned the history and birthplace of Los Angeles. They paid for their own extravagant Mexican cuisine at the El Paseo restaurant. The meal consisted of a dish of cheese enchiladas, rice and black beans. “The kids got to have lunch at one of the oldest Mexican restaurants

in L.A. It was a really great day!” said Spanish teacher Profesora Brundidge. Olvera Street couldn’t show its true colors of history without the touristy booths and venders. For the real experience, students had close to three hours to buy sombreros, Mexican ponchos, confetti eggs, guitars, and much more. Olvera Street also had many musicians playing music of the Spanish culture. The variety of different instruments and songs taught students many things about Spanish-speaking countries. The trip wasn’t only a fun, touristy adventure but also a great educational experience.

Former PVLL Players Give Back . . . Palos Verdes Little League alumni

Ryan Anderson, Grant Zane and Andre Lendi collect used cleats and used equipment for charity.

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June 10, 2017

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Irish Ends Season With School Records Track & Field • Sea King junior makes switch to 800 meters and reaches State finals with series of record times.

By Frankie Reid “Being able to see all my hard work finally pay off is not only a relief, but it gives me confidence in my future as a runner. Throughout my whole season the goal was to run 1:53 so when I saw 1:52 on the big screen I was as shocked as I was excited.” Ian Irish shattered many records this year, but his time at State Finals was just the cherry on top. Irish isn’t just your average kid who goes to school and dreads walking down to the track, carrying his running shoes, to go for a run. Irish is anything but ordinary. Following in the footsteps of his family, he managed to accomplish a feat that no one in the school has ever accomplished as a junior. Irish started his season off with a bang, edging out fellow State Finals qualifier Caleb Llorin to win the Palos Verdes Distance Invitational and set a new personal best (PR) of 1:56.97. He then carried that momentum into the rest of the season, setting him on a path destined for greatness. At Bay League Finals, Irish ousted Mira Costa junior Quinn Satow to advance to CIF Prelims and start his postseason journey. At CIF Prelims all Irish had to do was advance. That was no problem for him, finishing fourth. Next up, CIF Finals, where the ‘finals’ may send the wrong message because Irish’s season was far from over. He finished second at the meet, losing by .02 of a second, but Irish didn’t have to wait long to enact his revenge. Arcadia High School was home to the CIF Masters meet where Irish edged out the whole field, stealing the victory and almost running a new PR. This race meant that Ian would advance even farther into the track postseason.

Taking The Lead . . . Palos Verdes High junior Ian Irish takes the lead in the 1600 meter run against Peninsula this season. Fresno was the next setting, State Prelims and State Finals, and where Irish didn’t fail to impress, advancing to the Finals and setting another school record. At the Finals the next day, Irish medaled, taking sixth place and setting another school record and a new South Bay record of 1:52.81 ending his season with three straight PRs. “If you ain’t first you’re last.” This is Ian’s philosophy, and he certainly was first this season, breaking the school record, the South Bay record, winning the CIF Masters meet and dominating the Bay League.

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June 10, 2017

AYSO Palos Verdes Soccer Registration 2017 Fall Season Registration Still OPEN!!! On-Site Registration Hesse Park

29301 Hawthorne Blvd., RPV

Please pre-register online prior to arriving for registration at

Wednesday, June 21 5:30-7:00 pm

Don’t Miss Out On The Fun!!! Please go to our website for more information and directions to register.

AYSO’s Six Philosophies Everyone Plays * Balanced Teams * Open Registration Positive Coaching * Good Sportsmanship * Player Development

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June 10, 2017

Closing Day Hits Peninsula Little League

Nationals Get The Win . . . The

Nationals Landon Becker hits a single during the Rolling Hills Minors Division championship game.

• The playoff season was marked by dramatic upsets and close games. The Minors Division Silver Spur Cardinals won a seven-inning battle over the Cubs to win the championship trophy. The Palos Verdes Royals finished the regular season with three straight losses and in fifth place in the Major Division standings, but then defeated the regular-season champion Dodgers, 6-3, in the final championship game. Boston had a strangle hold on the other divisions, with the Intermediate Red Sox and Minors Division Red Sox each won their division championship games. The Lunada Bay Angles, Orioles and Giants, all first-place finishers in

Playoff Baseball Brings Out The Best . . . The Tigers and Dodgers battle in the Minor Division playoff action at Rolling Hills Little League last week.

Please continue on Page 16 . . .

Epic Battle At Ernie Howlett . . . The Minors Division Cubs and Cardinals played one of the best games of the season with the Cardinals taking the win.

Editorial and Advertising deadline is 6 p.m. Monday the week of publication. PV PEN Panorama is published every two weeks. Our next edition is out June 24.

Orioles Fly Highest . . . The Silver Spur Intermediate Orioles celebrate their 8-5 win over the Angels in the championship game last week at Ernie Howlett Park.

June 10, 2017


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June 10, 2017

Cardinals Fly The Highest . . . The Cardinals’ Anthony Hong gets the game winning RBI in the bottom of the 7th inning in the Silver Spur Little League Minor Division championsihp game at Ernie Howlett Park.

Like A Magnet . . . The Cardinals Royals Rule Valmonte . . . The

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centerfielder Taiki Oikawa makes the catch during the Rolling Hills Intermediate championship game last week.

Palos Verdes Royals defeated the Angels and then Dodgers to claim the Major Division playoff trophy.

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June 10, 2017

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No Double For You . . . Cubs’ third baseman Jacob Jongkind makes a leaping catch for an out during the Silver Spur Minor Division championshipMusic game. Lessons Instrumental

Peaceland Music

James Musser - Nominated Best Guitar 1997 & Best L.A. Band 1996 - L.A. Music Awards Palos Verdes Peninsula


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Angles Lead Lunada Bay ... 23706 Crenshaw Blvd # 105A&B Pitcher Ken Swenson helped lead

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Private Lessons on Guitar, Piano, Voice, Bass, Drums, Ukelele, Banjo & Mandolin

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home run against the Tigers during Major Division playoff action at Rolling Hills Little League last week.

Have A Great Summer!

James Musser - Nominated Best Guitar 1997 & Best L.A. Band 1996 - L.A. Music Awards

Peaceland Music

Get Ready For Post-Season Play . . . The Blue Jays’ Lucas Lees hits a

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June 10, 2017

June 10, 2017

The Race To First . . . The Cardinals and Brewers battle in the Rolling Hills Little League Intermediate Division championship game last week.

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June 10, 2017

PVLL Royals Win Major Division Championship Game . . . Team members include: Eli Fast, Brandon Hama, Riley Horn, Bradley Kakazu, Colin King, Parker King, Shaun Leone, Seamus Molony, William Molony and Patrick Roche. Manager, Chris Molony. Coaches: Alfonzo Valdez, Kyle Horne, Nate Fast and Tom Roche.

PVLL Red Sox Win Intermediate Division Championship Game . . . Team members include: Teagan

Ballard, Nicolas Buhl, Ethan ChoLau, Tyler Eng, Jake Kim, Tanner Leible, Nicholas Musgrave, William Sams, Aidan Shen, Cole Sipes. Managers, Brad Ballard and Ed Sipes. Coaches: Phil Buhl, Chris Cholau and Alex Shen.

League Champions Rise Up

. . . Continued from Page 10 the regular season, won their division championship games. The Silver Spur Intermediate Angels finished the regular season in last place, but they had a great playoff run and made the final championship game against the regular season champs, the Orioles. The Orioles took the game in a close battle, 8-5, at Ernie Howlett Park. At Rolling Hills Little League, two suprise teams made the Major Division finals, the Blue Jays and the Indians, with the Indians winning the final game. The third-place Nationals took down the first-place Tigers to win the Minors Division championship game, while the first-place Cardinals defeatedthe third-place Brewers in the Intermediate Division championship game. Rolling Hills Little League will have the honor of hosting the District 36 12-year-old All-Star tournament this summer. With big hitters Garren Rizzo and Lucas Lees helping to defend the home field, RHLL could be flying a banner this summer. We’ll have the complete Peninsula All-Star teams in the next edition of Panorama on June 24. Niall Collins hit 16 home runs in 18 games to lead the Peninsula. Garren Rizzo hit 10 home runs and DJ Cicero had four at Lunada Bay and Allan Tsay hit seven home runs for Silver Spur at big Ernie Holwett Park.

Big Hitters . . . The Orioles Jacob PVLL Red Sox Win Minors Division Championship Game . . . Team members include: Charlie Barner, Jack Barner, Aidan Fang, Asher Friedman, T.J. Funk, Maxwell Graf, Nicolas Mentesana, Luke Popovich, Carson Webster and Holden Withers. Manager Ray Barner. Coaches: Matt Withers and Cary Fang.

Ma and the Dodgers Allan Tasay were honored as the top home-run hitters at Silver Spur Little League during closing day ceremonies at Ernie Howlett Park.

June 10, 2017

Garren Rizzo Lucas Lees Justin Mabry AJ Maes Grant Govel Chance Nikolaus Luke Mansir Drew Sunahara Koa Van Scoyoc Braden Sakamoto John Harris Joshua Mercer Joshua McGovern Nick Morris Jack Weitzman Hasaan Haq Tommy Kallman Griffin Hur Niko Pasquariello Dylan Mercer Alex Forman Luke Martoccia Dylan Abrajano Michael Robertson Jake Silverman Dawson Sarner Jeffery Taylor Jack Matthews Vaughn Kissel Jake McDonald Jake Gallo Dominic Ungaro Tristan Drake Josh Yockey Noah Bandy

10 9 7 6 4 4 4 3 3 3 3 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

Silver Spur Little League Allan Tsay Kendall Ward Nico Simonian Brendan O’Donnell James Worsham Itai Conforty Hudson Sinik Jacob Ma Nick Cosgrove Will Deley Takuya Wakuda

7 3 3 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

Palos Verdes Little League Niall Collins Bradley Kakazu Michael Cho David Zavarella Zack Moore Henry Carr Oscar Park Jason Roah Matthew Farnsworth Camden Friedman Eli Fast Dylan Zavarella Samuel Hodges Charlie Werts Will Zane Gavin Martin Reed Woodland Tyler Tellenbach Charlie Beuerlein Justin Rand David Wingard Christopher Mantas Daniel Stender William Molony Miles Hong Nicholas Semmer Enzo Somers Kaleb Woodward Michael Decker Ty Kim Tone Townley Tommie Phillips Collin Shiang Seamus Molony Timmy Niemann Kevin Theodora Nathan Diercks Aiden Kudo Adam Hardesty

16 9 7 7 6 5 5 4 4 4 3 3 3 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

Lunada Bay Little League DJ Cicero Owen Brown Derrick Bobb Wren Woods Vincent Chor Thomas LaPine Sam Bonner Willie Gray Lukas Lizdenis

4 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

Page 17


Peninsula Little League 2017 Home Run Leaders Rolling Hills Little League

Silver Spur Little League MAJORS Dodgers Cubs


10 6 1 146 108 6 9 1 124 160

INTERMEDIATES W L T RF RA Orioles Cubs Dodgers Angels

MINORS Cardinals Cubs Giants Dodgers Yankees

12 2 6 8 3 10 4 12

1 0 2 0

202 133 119 142

120 180 146 197


12 0 6 6 6 8 4 6 2 10

1 1 0 3 3

180 142 141 133 160

108 127 153 154 214

Palos Verdes Little League MAJORS Dodgers Angels Red Sox Cubs Royals Pirates


15 2 13 4 13 5 8 10 7 11 4 14

1 1 0 0 0 0

97 84 118 127 154 148

97 84 118 127 154 148

INTERMEDIATES W L T RF RA Red Sox Blue Jays Rockies Dodgers Athletics Marlins Nationals Indians Mariners

MINORS Cubs Red Sox Athletics White Sox Giants Cardinals Pirates Dodgers Reds

15 2 11 7 10 8 10 8 9 8 8 9 8 10 7 11 2 15

1 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 1

216 202 163 152 169 151 165 190 105

100 157 140 130 169 164 180 203 246


10 3 10 4 10 6 9 6 7 8 5 7 5 9 5 10 4 12

3 2 0 1 1 4 2 1 0

156 142 155 175 140 119 114 122 118

107 121 109 136 144 173 129 172 150

Rolling Hills Little League MAJORS Orioles Tigers Indians Blue Jays Dodgers


12 6 12 6 11 7 9 9 4 14

0 0 0 0 0

148 121 126 122 93

99 84 104 132 158

INTERMEDIATES W L T RF RA Cardinals Cubs Brewers Red Sox Tigers Dodgers

MINORS Tigers Dodgers Nationals Pirates Padres Athletics Giants Angels

15 2 14 3 14 4 10 7 9 7 5 11

1 1 0 1 2 1

198 222 234 248 207 179

110 148 124 210 184 207


13 1 9 4 8 5 6 6 5 7 4 7 5 9 1 12

0 105 50 1 112 53 1 71 55 2 93 78 2 57 83 3 58 73 0 79 80 1 26 129

Lunada Bay Little League MAJORS Angels Indians

W L T PT 7 13 0 3 14 2

14 8

INTERMEDIATES W L PT Orioles Red Sox Blue Jays Giants Reds

MINORS Giants Red Sox Cardinals Yankees Cubs

11 7 10 8 6 10 5 13 1 16

22 20 14 10 3


11 1 6 4 4 4 5 7 1 10

22 14 11 10 2

W-wins L-losses T-ties P-points RF-runs for RA-runs allowed

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Page 18

June 10, 2017

Orioles Stay In First All The Way . . . The Silver Spur Orioles finished the regular season in first place and won the Intermediate championship game. The team includes Kyle Fearnside, Lucas Fearnside, Joonho Kahng, Kainoa Mark, Aaron Monzon, Alex Han, Pius Jeong, Neal Chang, Jacob Ma, Remo d’Agliano-Luna and Naoki Kitoku. Coaches Jack Ma and Franklin Monzon.

June 10, 2017

Page 19

Rays Top Team In Pony League

Pony League

• The Rays finished the regular season in first place and also won the season-ending playoffs with win over the Rockies in the championship game. The Rays proved to be the best team in Pony League this season, capping of the year with a 11-6 win over the Rockies at Ernie Howlett Park. Gavin Peters and Devon McVicar hit home runs to lead the Rays while Brandon Smith hit one for the Rockies.

2017 Pony League FINAL Standings

Close Plays And Close Games Mark Pony Playoffs . . . The Rays defeated the Athletics twice in the playoffs,


Rays 34 Rockies 30 Reds 28 Athletics 20 Dodgers 17 Diamondbacks 16 Mets 15 Yankees 8

17 4 15 6 14 7 10 11 8 12 8 13 7 13 4 17

0 0 0 0 1 0 1 0

Pony League Home Run Leaders

Gavin Peters Alec Kudo Quinn Massey Nick Grau Josef Govednik John Van Gieson Grant Thornburgh Ayden Harper Brandon Smith Devon McVicar

both games by a score of 5-4, before facing the Rockies in the championship game at Ernie Howlett Park.

227 122 156 105 161 121 155 131 133 173 166 187 116 158 86 203

Rays Mets Dbacks Rays Rays Dbacks Dbacks Mets Rockies Rays

3 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

A 300-Foot Line Drive . . . The Rockies Brandon Smith greets his teammates after hitting a home run during the championship game.

Circle The Bases . . . The Rays’ Gavin Peters sees the umpire signal a home run during the Pony League championship game at Ernie Howlett Park.

Home Runs Highlight Championship Game . . . The Rays’ Devon McVicar sees his teammates after hitting a home run in the championship game.

Rays Win Pony League Championship . . . The team includes: James Govednik, Riley Umbrell, Brock Brandmeyer, Alex Ewald, Ryan Attwood, Gavin Roberts, Michael Callaghan, Evan Mertins, Nick Grau, Gavin Peters, Devon McVicar and Josef Govednik. Manager Mark Busch.

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June 10, 2017

Extremely Famous Peninsula People Fame

• Just because school is out doesn’t mean Panorama is done. We’ve got the King of the Hill, TOC and All-Star edition coming on June 24 and our special summer edition on July 8. That’s plenty of time to get famous.

June 10, 2017

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PV Fusion Takes Top Prize At Top Gun


Fusion Brings Home The Gold . . .

The girls’ U16 PV Fusion took first place at the AYSO Top Gun Tournament in San Diego over the Memorial Day weekend. This was their second championship win putting a fantastic finish to a fun and successful season. Pictured from the left, back row: head coach Martin Kelly, Tally Theder, Caitlin Kelly, Jacey Taylor, Hailey Thompsen, Arden Borders, Callie Shiang and Samantha Akim. Front row: Catherine Channell, Graycen Brummer, Sarah Adams, Amalia Munn, Maddie Chun, Savannah Stellges and Serena Chen.

PVIS Runners Lead South Bay And State Running

• Sea Kings continues to find and train the best runners in the South Bay. Palos Verdes Intermediate School athletes Claire Hardesty and Anna Terrell finished the 2017 season as the fastest middle school girls 800 meter runners in Southern California. Terrell, a seventh grader, also ended the season as the Southern California leader at 1,600 meters. Terrell and Hardesty both ran 2:27.71 seconds in the season finale for the fastest 800 time among all runners from the nearly 300 middle school programs in Southern California, according to The Sea Kings’ mark was the fastest in the region this season by more than 10 seconds. Terrell’s 5:27.63 1,600 clocking is not only the Southern California leading time by nearly 11 seconds but the second fastest in the state, the fastest by a California 7th grade girl in 2017 and among the Top 10 7th grade times in the nation. PVIS girls finished the season with three of the top four 1,600 marks in Southern California. Gabi Collatos was

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Trophy Time For Softball . . . The Killer Bees won the 12U fast-pitch girls’ softball championship game at

Cornerstone School. Pictured from the left, back row: assistant coach Jaubin Nguyen, lauren Havens, Lindsey Eisenman, Lucy Eaton, coach Brian Fetters, Stephanie Libby, assistant coach Virginia Silvestri, Lindsey Burress, Elle Standring, assistant coach Brent Havens. Front row: Kaitlyn Fetters, Sophia Speiser, Jiselle Nguyen, Sara Silvestri.

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June 10, 2017

Local Players Win Memorial Day Tournament

The South Bay Curve 12U team won the Refinery Memorial Day Tournament June 10-28. Pictured from the left, front row: Taiyo Horii, Kendall Ward, Trent Hollingsworth, Anthony Chor and Declan Schultz. Back row: Allan Tsay, coach Brad Schultz, Vincent Chor, coach Lance Chor, Jacob Adelsperger, Tyler Steere, coach Chris Ward, Jeremy Kim and Nicholas Wong.

Capital Convoy Full Of Local Political Action

PV Riptides Roll Through Another Tournament . . . The AYSO girls’ U10 PV Riptides won the Tomcat Flight

of the Top Gun Tournament in San Diego last week. The team includes coach Bradley Gardner and assistant coach Andrew Willis. Players are: Avery Willis, Charlotte Willis, Ella Gardner, Eshani Prasad, Jasmine Moon, Jocelyn Grimme, Olivia Christen, Rylee Woodward. Not pictured, Cambria Cardenas.

. . . Continued from Page 6 understand the wide range of benefits this substitution would entail,” said Keaton Heise, junior. “Students need to continue advocating for changes like these that will positively impact our lives,” he said. Lastly, students advocated for more funding at the base grant level for all students in all California school districts. The disparity in federal funding within California causes school districts like PVPUSD to look for monetary support more locally. Raising the base level funding means more funding for more affluent schools while still providing for the resources necessary to maintain less fortunate school districts. This is an issue that has been pushed by our school district for years. Aside from the lobbying points, the trip had other far-reaching consequences in the lives of the students that attended, such as new ideas about future careers in government. “The experience was action-packed. We did a lot within a two-day span,” said junior Kevin Liu. “I had the opportunity to meet different people who share my opinions.” From all the students who attended Capitol Convoy, we thank you PTSA for a rewarding experience at the capital, and we hope our efforts will make a positive difference in our school district.

June 10, 2017

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Red Spurred Foxes Take Another Tournament Victory . . . The girls’ U12 AYSO Select team the Red Spurred Foxes won the Mission Viejo Classic

Tournament last week. Pictured from the left, back row: Sofia Thomas, Idge Callaghan, Mia Buriani, Priscilla Men Martin, Madison Carney. Front row: assistant coach Eddie Lok, Stella Masuda, Amanda Liaw, Zofia Lok, Katie Hoover and coach Jean-Michel Maarek. Not pictured: Sharlize Moayedi, Mia Mastan, Kaitlyn Fetters, Molly Marley and Kaitlyn Tarakji.

PVIS Runners

. . . Continued from Page 21 No. 3 in the region at 5:43.60, with Hardesty No. 4 at 5:48.72. The Sea King trio were also among only five Southern California girls to break 5:50 this spring. PVIS seventh grader Alicia Lala finished 2017 No. 10 in Southern California at 400 meters (67.63). — email reports Palos Verdes Peninsula

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June 10, 2017

PVP-PANORAMA No. 206 • 06/10/17  


PVP-PANORAMA No. 206 • 06/10/17