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PANORAMA Palos Verdes Peninsula

No. 205 • May 27 2017

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BASEBALL CRUNCH TIME Playoffs and Championships Take Over Peninsula

The Race To Victory . . . Peninsula middle school girls have an active spring week with the South Bay League championships and lacrosse tournaments.

Music Concert

Student Music Concerts

The end of the school year is around the corner with student music concerts. See Page 4

Hockey Tournament

Local Ice Chalet Plays Host

Area teams compete at the Promenade Ice Chalet for hockey tournament glory. See Page 25

Challenger Kids

Challenger Baseball At PVLL

Bill Foltz and Steve Gherardi lead the Challenger Dodgers at PV Little League. See Page 20


Rolling Hills Prep Gives Back

RHP students bring STEM programs and encouragement to other schools. See Page 5

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May 27 2017

Panthers Hold Prom On Hollywood Backlot Prom Night

• Peninsula High students enjoy the Prom at Henson Studios.

By Katie Hageman From one Los Angeles attraction to another, Prom is always held at a unique location. This year, the Peninsula High School Prom was held at Henson Studios. Greeted by Kermit the Frog statues coming out of various building, juniors and seniors enjoyed their time in the backlot. Prior to arriving at the actual venue, many friends and/or couples choose to meet and take photos together. Popular locations for photos include the Palos Verdes cliffs near Lunada Bay, Point Vicente Interpretive Center and the Malaga Cove area. Once everyone is pleased with their photos, arranged limos or buses for certain groups typically arrive and take everyone to the Prom. The majority of the Prom festivities this year were outside. With the weather on Prom night perfect, a good

John H. Trotter,

More Photos . . . Peninsula and Palos Verdes High students pose for pictures before their high school Prom. amount of students spent their time primarily outside. Upon entering the Prom, there was a donut wall with the quote, “A little donut never killed nobody.” The donut wall was particularly appreciated because the amount of donuts never ran out. There were people constantly refilling the spots of eaten treats. Also in the area was a photo booth

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May 27 2017


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May 27 2017

Spend Summer Singing and Dancing

For kids of all ages who love to sing and dance, the Palos Verdes Performing Arts Conservatory is offering the opportunity to join one of their four premier performance groups. Auditions for both male and female performers will be held on Thursday, Aug. 31 at 5 p.m. at the Conservatory studios in Rolling Hills Estates. There is a troupe for every experience level for students ages 6–17. Members train to become true “triple threats” and perform throughout the area at charity events, theme parks, fairs and many other community events, as well as special showcases at the Norris Theatre. The PVPA Conservatory works with each young performer to cultivate their talents and build confidence through quality artistic training and peer camaraderie in a supportive team setting. The performance groups are a tuition-based program, and students attend weekly rehearsals led by top industry professionals in vocals and dance. Members also participate in specially selected dance classes, which are a part of the Conservatory’s regular schedule of almost 40 classes in acting, dance, and singing, which are offered each week throughout the school year. The 7,000 square-foot Palos Verdes Performing Arts Conservatory is located at 27525 Norris Center Drive in Rolling Hills Estates, on the lower level of Peninsula Center. For more information about the performing groups auditions or other Conservatory programs, including summer camps, call Joel Sluyter at (310) 544-0403, ext. 303, or go to palosverdesperformingarts/education. — email reports

Student Concert Sounds Like Summer


• Joyful Music & Arts 10th annual student concert opens the door to summer sounds. Music students of all ages and skill levels played in front of a large and enthusiastic crowd at the Peninsula Community Church. The concert featured many piano soloist and singers. Also a flute band, acoustic band, a Jazz and a chorus band. There also were a number of brother and sister combinations as well as family bands, including the Garcia Family band, Graves Family Rock Band and the Makinto Family Band.

On Note . . . The United Flute Connection with Pierson Cai, George Makinto, and Casey McCoy perform Prelude for Johann. Looking, Sounding Sharp . . .

Nick and Luke Tafoya play at waltz in front of a large and receptive audience.

Just Another Morning Run . . . Bright Stars . . . Jonathan Louie and Paul Makinto celebrate their music during the Joyful Music & Arts 10th annual student concert.

Ava Cai plays piano and sings “City of Stars” from the La La Land Soundtrack accompanied by Jennifer Holly.

Brother Duo . . . Ethan and Jacob

Sanchez play the always entertaining “The Entertainer.”

Always Up To Something . . . Katara Chang and Jennifer Grennan keep the performance lively with a short skit between songs.

May 27 2017

Page 5

RHP Students Showcase STEM Programs Service Rolling Hills Prep School seniors Rafi Bernal and Chris Kitchen have been prominent leaders in their school’s robotics programs for seven years, starting with Lego Robotics in middle school and moving through FIRST Tech Challenge and then FIRST Robotics Challenge programs during high school. This year they took their technical and engineering knowledge and expertise on the road. After recognizing a lack of STEM education at nearby, underserved schools, the two boys took the initiative to launch their own non-profit organization, First GEAR Robotics, a program that specializes in teaching hands-on robotics courses to local elementary schools. Over the course of five weeks this spring, First GEAR Robotics launched its robotics program at Normont Elementary school in Los Angeles. They visited

the school twice a week to instruct the students on how to build and program their own robots. The young students worked together as a team to prepare their robots for a friendly competition to finish off the course, and at the end of the program, First GEAR donated a game table, two laptops and two EV3 Lego Robotics kits to the school so they can continue the program and compete in next year’s First Lego League competition. Bernal says he was inspired by participating in the robotics program at Rolling Hills Prep, and wanted to share the knowledge and skills he gained with young students in his community and make an impact by inspiring them to pursue STEM-related fields themselves. He adds, “Watching students become inspired and finding a passion for robotics is a humbling experience. Being introduced to a robotics program starting in the sixth grade has helped

Palos Verdes Peninsula


Huskies Giving Back . . . First GEAR Robotics launched its robotics program at Normont Elementary in Los Angeles this spring. me value and appreciate a STEM education.” Both students have expressed the desire to pass First GEAR along to younger students at Rolling Hills Prep, so that the program can continue to play an integral part in serving the community.

For Active Families Living On The Palos Verdes Peninsula

They both add that their dedication to community service will continue as they attend college next fall, Bernal at UC Riverside and Kitchen at Minnesota’s Carleton College. — email reports

For Advertising Information, Please Contact Peninsula Resident — ­ Tom Combs 424-206-9796

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May 27 2017

Cress Ends Education Career


• Mitiz Cress ends long career with Peninsula education.

By Nina Li As the years go by, change becomes inevitable. This school year is the last for Peninsula High School Principal Mitzi Cress as an administrator. She has been with Peninsula since 1995, as a counselor, as assistant principal and, eventually, following Kelly Johnson as principal. “I never imagined myself as principal,” Cress said. “I said it would be too big of a job, but Kelly Johnson said ‘No, I want you to follow me,’ so I am here today as the principal of Peninsula.” Before she came to the Palos Verdes Unified School District, Cress loved to spend her time volunteering with children who were severely disabled, and she helped with the Culver City Police Department with “Project Culver”, where she helped juvenile delinquents.

Any Other Suggestions . . .

Peninsula High Principal discuses campus events with the school mascot at a recent home football game. She then went into elementary education for a kindergarten to third grade mixed class. After teaching, she got a job as a counselor at that school and realized she loved helping people. However, she had her own children, and took 15 years off of working for schools. When a counseling position opened

Citations Of Honor . . . Peninsula

High Principal Mitzi Cress receives recognition from State Assembly person Al Muratsuchi at this year’s Black & Gold Affair.

at Peninsula, she applied and was accepted. This is her seventh year as Peninsula’s principal, and she has left her mark on not only the school, but the people in it. “I have a philosophy of addressing things head on,” Cress said. “When I see that there is an issue, I do not believe in ignoring it or not talking about it because it is uncomfortable. When I see there is a concern about a very serious topic, I research and educate myself about it.” High school is filled with drama and unfortunate events that could raise concern among admistrators, parents and students. She decided she needed to take action on problems, and she participated in many summit meetings and conferences to learn how she could resolve the problems. Cress decided to spend a year on educating students on topics that are sensitive or uncomfortable for some people, including mental health, sexuality and other concerns about students. Cress held many school assemblies addressing the possession of drug and alcohol among minors. This year she brought in the retired police chief of Manhattan Beach to talk about underage drinking. She also talked about eating prob-

lems and being aware of online activity. Additionally, she has been visiting different city councils with a group of other people urging the passage of the social host ordinance, which would fine parents if their child was found illegally consuming alcohol. With Cress’s retirement, first-time high school principal Brent Kuykendall will assume her leadership role at the start of the new school year. “We have some of the best and brightest in the country, but interacting with all of our students is the highlight of each day,” Kuykendall. “Getting to know them and learning how we, as their teachers, staff and parents can help them achieve their goals is what motivates me to stay committed to the job,” he said. Kuykendall has been in the district for 19 years. His first 10 years were spent as a teacher at the intermediate and elementary level. The other nine years were as an administrator for Miraleste Intermediate, Palos Verdes High School and Ridgecrest Intermediate, all at varying levels. “Throughout each of my transitions to new  positions in this district I have felt mixed emotions,” Kuykendall said. “Each new opportunity is filled with excitement, but also sadness, knowing how much I will miss the relationships I have made with students, parents and staff,” he said. “However,  moving from the intermediate to the high school level  will allow me to reconnect  with many of the families and staff that I have worked with in the past.  Being able to continue to guide students before they embark on the next chapter of their lives, after high school, is an experience that I look forward to with a warm heart and sense of pride,” he said. Kuykendall is looking forward to being part of the Panther family again, and will continue in Cress’s footsteps to support students as they are prepared for the future. He believes that  Peninsula has a long standing tradition of excellence while providing a variety of experiences and opportunities for students. “The Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified School District has a special place in my heart. I have been fortunate to be a

Palos Verdes Peninsula

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Palos Verdes Peninsula


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May 27 2017

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Students Find Voice In Poetry


• Palos Verdes High students express themselves with words.

By Michael Liu At a time when some students feel that they have to follow a prescribed path of classes and activities to get into the best colleges, self-expression may be deemed unimportant. Often English classes focus on analytical and thesis-based writing, rather than on creative and personal expression. Luckily, Ashley Brockman, former PVHS English teacher and current librarian, realized the problem and decided to take matters into her own hands. For the second year, Ms. Brockman held a school-wide poetry contest to provide students an outlet to express themselves and explore something new. Many people believe that poetry is difficult and beyond their grasp. However, according to Ms. Brockman, “Poetry can be anything. It can be very strict in rules or it can be free expression. It can also be funny and playful. Poetry is available for anybody and sometimes it is an easier way to express themselves for people who have a difficult time writing in prose.” For senior Angela Yang, a finalist in the contest, poetry not only holds a special place in her life, but also provides her a way to voice her opinions and concerns. She says, “Slam poetry is about raising awareness about an issue and being able to rant about something in a poetic way that doesn’t anger people.”

Finding Your Voice . . . Palos Verdes High seniors Angela Yang and Katherine Tsai express themselves through poetry. Yang believes that poetry is a more peaceful approach and that through her delivery, people are more prone to accepting and respecting her ideas. On May 18, 14 finalists recited their poems at Barnes and Nobles book store in Torrance for friends, family, teachers, administrators, and some other curious listeners. Poems were serious and funny, covering topics ranging from heart-

break to newfound love. In addition, these poems provided a gateway for people to gain insight on the lives of students outside of the classroom. Marissa Hong, a junior finalist, describes her experience: “I wasn’t expecting to see so many familiar faces. I liked being able to see another side of them and understand them a little bit more than I did prior to the contest.” After the finalists recited their poems, three were named the winners

for their literary style, personality and delivery. Congratulations to sophomore Tiana Vibhakar, junior Jonathan Wang, and the senior team of Angela Yang and Katherine Tsai. Hong said, “I think everyone should attempt to participate in the contest because it’s really important for anyone to get out of their comfort zone, even if it doesn’t seem fun at first.”

Mitzi Cress Retires As Peninsula High Principal . . . Continued from Previous Page part of this district for most of my life as a student (attending Vista Grande, Ridgecrest and PVPHS), employee and more recently a parent,” Kuykendall said.  “Experiencing these different perspectives has allowed me to better understand the district from inside and out, while also truly appreciating all our community has to offer,” he said. Before Cress was a counselor, teacher or principal, she was a student at Miraleste High School. One of her teachers, Jim Maechling, who still works at Peninsula teaching comparative religions and philosophy, remembers

Cress as a hardworking and passionate student. “Mitzi was full of fun and life,” Maechling said. “She was involved and engaged in everything. Most importantly, she was a leader, and I was not surprised who she became.” Next fall, Maechling will be teaching in his 50th year at Peninsula, and he commends Cress for the wonderful work she has done for the school. “Mitzi was an extremely good counselor,” Maechling said. “I think her greatest asset was being able to connect with people really well,” he said. “She made very wise decisions with students and helped me and other

teachers on how to deal with students that required different kinds of needs. When she became the principal, she took those skills with her. She expanded what Peninsula was, and now you can see how these students are with all the opportunities she has provided for them,” he said. As the leadership transitions throughout the new year, Cress will be remembered by students, parents and staff as a passionate principal who would do anything for her school and those in it. “I think that Peninsula High School is a really special place,” Cress said. “My advice to Mr. Kuykendall is to get out

on campus and get to know the kids, soak it up, enjoy it and do not get too stuck at your desk because it is the most incredible position in the world for somebody who loves kids,” Cress said. “When you are a principal at this school, with so many things going on here, all the students that do so much in so many different areas and all the teachers that support you, you get to see how truly unique this place is. If you enjoy it, this can be the best job anyone can ever have,” said Cress.

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May 27 2017

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PEN High Library Gets New Resources By Lily Shah

Recently, Peninsula’s main librarian, Silvia Guiterrez, applied for a grant called “Library Services and Technology Act”, a grant specifically meant to aid libraries enhance their resources. Ms.Guiterrez applied for this grant in February of this year and participated in an additional interview in March, with intentions of expanding resources of the library and expanding the libraries role in supplying tools for the students beyond textbooks. Guiterrez says, “There has been an increase in student stress and I would like to help combat stress with more education, resources and activities through the school library.” With the money that Ms. Guiterrez receives for the grant she plans to make wellness kits and programs for the staff,

students, and parents that helps increase awareness on mental, emotional, and physical health. Each wellness kit will contain a DVD or book with instructions on the specific topic, as well as needed materials for the activity described by the book. “ For example, the kit on healthy eating will contain a cookbook and then cooking supplies like measuring spoons and cups, baking sheets, etc. Everything but the food,” Guiterrez says. Guiterrez hopes that the grant can increase the schools awareness on mental illnesses and their severity, and integrating these programs into PE classes, parent workshops, and staff training. The activities and workshops are planned to start in the September of 2017 and wellness kits will be available in the following month.

Panthers Find Prom Magic At Henson Studios . . . Continued from Page 2 where friends could dress up together to take funny photos to bring home as momentos. In terms of food, a wide variety was offered. Students ate tacos, pizza, and chicken tenders as well as an assortment of fruit. Later into the night, the fruit table turned into a candy bar and the main dish tables were filled with cookies and other sweet treats. Where the buildings opened up into a larger courtyard area, the Prom theme, “The Great Gatsby,” was really able to shine through. The tables were decorated with flowers and feathers. A few women, dressed as flappers, performed throughout the night, and a live band played ‘20s music for the outside audience. While students danced to the live band’s music outside, different

students danced to the DJ’s music inside. Although it was loud and sweaty, people stayed inside dancing and having a great time. Many of the young women opted for the more comfortable option of changing out their heels or wedges for the flip flops available to them outside. Overall, Peninsula Prom 2017 was a huge success, with one of the largest groups of students attending compared to previous years.

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A Wall Of Donuts . . . The Peninsula High Prom featured a wall of donuts plus other great food and snacks.

May 27 2017

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Local Teens Earn Community Service Awards Service

• The Palos Verdes Peninsula Coordinating Council held its annual Teen Service and Community Service Awards presentation at the Penisula Center main library Thursday.

By Michael Liu The Teen Service awards honor some of the many young people on the Peninsula who volunteer their time and talent to make our community a better place. Those chosen for this year’s Teen Service Awards: Naomi Akiyama, Hanalei Emnace, Keaton Heise, Blake Pickman, John Quinn, Emily Rener, Emma Sams, Joshua Sanchez, Emily Schluper, Jonathan Schmidt and Kate Skaff. Since 1961, the Community Service award has been presented to an organization whose programs greatly benefit the community. The recipient of this year’s award goes to The Palos Verdes Peninsula Athletic Booster Club. Palos Verdes High School junior Keaton Heise has been named the recipient of the 2017 Palos Verdes Peninsula Coordinating Council Teen Service Award for his volunteer work with the Palos Verdes Peninsula Land Conservancy. This prestigious award is given annually to a teenager who lives or attends school on the Peninsula in the 90274 or 90275 ZIP code who has demonstrated outstanding service to the community. Keaton has volunteered at many Conservancy events, such as its annual Earth Day celebration at the San Pedro White Pointe Nature Preserve in April. As a member of a Los Hermanos volunteer group since eighth grade, Keaton has helped to maintain a plot of land on the Hill for the Conservancy. He also delineated a trail on the Peninsula for his Eagle Scout Service project because hikers venturing in the particular area could not discern where the trail was. Keaton is passionate about land conservation and raised $500 for the Conservancy. Instead of holing up at home playing video games in his spare time, Keaton would rather be outdoors. “My friends and I have always en-

Here For Service . . . Palos Verdes High Principal Dr. Charles Park, Peninsula High Principal Mitzi Cress, Rancho

Del Mar Principal Rosemary Humphrey and Steve and Ceci Watts were on hand to present local students with the PVP Coordinating Council annual Teen Service and Community Service Awards at the Main Library Thursday. joyed being in nature, whether it be backpacking in Catalina or just walking outside,” said Keaton. Keaton doesn’t yet know what career he would like to pursue but continuing to volunteer and give back to the community is something he plans to do for life. The Palos Verdes Peninsula Coordinating Council, formed in 1956, provides programs of interest to the community and publishes an updated calendar of community events as a service to the community. The calendar is printed and distributed to members and is also available at The PVP Coordinating Council also provides the BackPack Flyer program, in cooperation with the PVPUSD, to circulate to all K-5 grade students during the school year. If you are a member, your organization can promote your events and activities for children for a small fee. Membership in the PVP Coordinating Council is open to individuals and non-profit organizations. The membership fee supports the printing and mailing of the monthly CALENDAR and the annual Teen Service and Community Service Awards. For membership information visit www.palosverdescc. — email reports

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May 27 2017

South Bay Middle Schools Hold Final Race Track & Field

Raiders On The Move . . .

Ridgecrest held off Miraleste to take third place in the girls’ 1500 meter run.

• Middle schools from all over the South Bay traveled to Palos Verdes high school to compete at the annual South Bay League track and field championships. Teams from PVIS, Ridgecrest, Miraleste and Chadwick competed against teams from Manhattan Beach Middle School, Parras and Adams Middle Schools and others from the South Bay. The highlight of the meet was PVIS 7th grader Anna Terrell, who ran Southern California’s fastest middle school girls 1,600 this season at the meet. Terrell’s 5:27.37 clocking is also the second fastest middle school time in the state in 2017 and the fastest mark by a California 7th grade girl this season and one of the Top 10 7th grade clockings in the nation. PVIS girls now have three of the four fastest 1,600s by Southern California middle school girls this spring. Claire Hardesty took the Southern California 800 lead from Terrell with a 2:31.90 clocking at the South Bay Championships. PVIS girls now rank 1-2 in Southern California in the 800.

Can’t Win The Relay Without The Baton . . . The Parras Middle School relay team dropped the baton on the final exchange leaving the door open for Miraleste to take the victory with the Ridgecrest team coming in second.

Miraleste Takes The Lead . . . The spring races for both boys’ and girls’ runners were the most exciting of the day.

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May 27 2017

Page 11

Sea Kings Have A Lot Of Support . . . The Palos Verdes Intermediate School track and field team offer support to 7th grader Anna Terrell as she wins the girls’ 1600 meter run at the South Bay League championships.

PVIS Runners Still Setting Records Running Club

Anna Terrell of the PVIS Running Club ran the fastest 1,600 meters by a Southern California seventh grader this season at the Malaga Cove Festival of Miles at Palos Verdes High School. Terrell’s time of 5 minutes, 38.25 seconds is also the second fastest middle school time in 2016 for schools in the CIF’s Southern Section, just onetenth of a second off the Southern California leading time of 5:38.15. PVIS girls now have three of the top five, five of the top nine middle school times in Southern California this spring. Gabby Collatos (5:43.60) is third

on the Southern California list, Claire Hardesty (5:54.88) fifth, Alicia Lala (6:04.94) eighth and Shaylie Atashi (6:07.37) ninth. Grace Bonvechio (6:17.62) is 14th on the SoCal list. Lala, Atashi and Bonvechio are the third, fourth and seventh fastest 7th grade girls. Owen Ladinig (5:33.36) is the 10th in Southern California, Tor Gasteiger (5:40.40) 15th. Matthew Cartmill (5:48.09) is the seventh fastest 7th grade boy. — email reports

More Medals For Us . . . The PVIS Running Club is spending this spring

and summer adding to its medallion and records collection.

PANORAMA Webcast Productions Palos Verdes Peninsula

Local News Online NOW Palos Verdes Peninsula

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“STEM Symposium 2017”


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May 27 2017

Closing Day On Deck For Baseball Little League

Go For It . . . The last games of the season means players go all out on every play, win or lose.

• Closing Day is coming up with King of the Hill, Tournament of Champions and All-Star competition left on the schedule. There are a number of strong teams competing for league championships this season, with the Major Division championship winners playing in either the King of the Hill tournament or the Tournament of Champions. In 18 games Niall Collins of the PV Majors Dodgers has hit 15 home runs to lead the Peninsula. Garren Rizzo of the Rolling Hills Orioles has hit 10 while Bradley Kakazu of the PV Royals has knocked out nine so far this season. With All-Star competition beginning in late June, the old Big Daddy Nikon camera guy still has plenty of baseball games to shoot till his summer break.

Editorial and Advertising deadline is 6 p.m. Monday the week of publication. PV PEN Panorama is published every two weeks. Our next edition is out June 10.

John Gilligan

John Gilligan, CFLS

I Was Here First . . . The Indians’ Tyler Lee takes a knee at second base while Orioles shortstop Garren Rizzo waits for the ball to arrive during Majors Division action at Rolling Hills Little League.

The Battle For Home Plate . . . The Silver Spur Cubs Edric Chao gets to home plate first during Intermediate action at Ernie Howlett Park.

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Hope First Baseman Has Padding On That Glove . . . Rolling Hills

Red Sox shortstop Benicio Brborich makes a major division throw to first base from deep in the hole for an out during Intermediate Division action against the Silver Spur Dodgers at Ernie Howlett Park last week.

May 27 2017


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May 27 2017

May 27 2017


Page 15

Pressure Builds At Third Base . . . The Orioles held back the Indians, 7-8, in Majors Division action at Rolling Hills Little League.

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Angels begin Major Division Lunada Bay playoff action next week.

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May 27 2017

Dodgers Snag A Win . . . The Rolling Hills Intermediate Dodgers got an 8-5 win over the Silver Spur Cubs at Ernie Howlett Park last week.

Indians Prepare For Post-Season Play . . . The Indians look to battle

through Lunada Bay Major Division playoffs for a chance to play in the King of the Hill tournament.

May 27 2017


Page 17

PV Dodgers Move To First . . . Looking For A Strikeout . . . The Dodgers big win over the Angels last week earned them first place in the Major Division standings.

Mariners pitcher Nolan Estrada gets ready to throw a fast ball against the Indians in Intermediate Division action at PV Little League.

Pitchers Looking Strong . . . Pitcher Lucas Lees leads the Rolling Hills Blue Jays in Major Divisions action.

Every Play Is Close . . . The Dodgers and Angels played one of the best games of the season at PV Little League.

Make Plays . . . Giants shortstop

Matthew Ngo makes a great play during Silver Spur Minors Division playoff action against the Dodgers last week.

Page 18

May 27 2017

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Playoffs Underway With Rays Top Team To Beat Pony League

• The Rays finished the regular season in first place and have already won its first playoff game against the Athletics. No games are scheduled over the holiday weekend. The next playoff game will feature the Rays against Rockies at George Allen Field Tuesday. The Rockies defeated the Diamondbacks to begin its playoff season.

In Color!

Pony League Home Run Leaders

Alec Kudo Quinn Massey Nick Grau Josef Govednik John Van Gieson Grant Thornburgh Gavin Peters Ayden Harper

Mets Dbacks Rays Rays Dbacks Dbacks Rays Mets

2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

2017 Pony League Standings P W L T RF RA

Rays 34 Rockies 30 Reds 28 Athletics 20 Dodgers 17 Diamondbacks 16 Mets 15 Yankees 8

Hosted by

17 4 15 6 14 7 10 11 8 12 8 13 7 13 4 17

0 0 0 0 1 0 1 0

227 122 156 105 161 121 155 131 133 173 166 187 116 158 86 203

Click Photo Galleries Make The Play . . . Beau Demerjian

makes a running catch during the Athletics first playoff game against the Dodgers at Ernie Howlett Park.

Club Basketball

Check Out The Photo Galleries And See The Latest Edition Of PANORAMA Online! Palos Verdes Peninsula


PV Cagers Collect Trophies . . . The PV Cagers 7th grade Red team

won the Focus Basketball Mayfest last weekend. Pictured from the left, coach Brian Edelman, Nick Stiebel, Liam Miller, Noah Lee, Trent Tachiyama and coach Mark Coffman. Front: Carson Kim, George Bornheimer, Aaron Brandt and Phil Kelly. Not pictured Troy Takahashi.

May 27 2017

Garren Rizzo Lucas Lees AJ Maes Justin Mabry Grant Govel Chance Nikolaus Drew Sunahara Koa Van Scoyoc Braden Sakamoto Joshua Mercer Joshua McGovern Nick Morris Jack Weitzman Hasaan Haq Tommy Kallman Griffin Hur John Harris Niko Pasquariello Dylan Mercer Alex Forman Luke Martoccia Luke Mansir Dylan Abrajano Jake Silverman Jeffery Taylor Jack Matthews Dawson Sarner Vaughn Kissel Jake McDonald Jake Gallo Dominic Ungaro Tristan Drake

10 7 6 6 4 4 3 3 3 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

Silver Spur Little League Allan Tsay Kendall Ward Nico Simonian Brendan O’Donnell James Worsham Itai Conforty Hudson Sinik Jacob Ma Nick Cosgrove Will Deley Takuya Wakuda updated 5/24

7 3 3 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

Palos Verdes Little League Niall Collins 15 Bradley Kakazu 9 Michael Cho 7 David Zavarella 7 Zack Moore 6 Henry Carr 5 Oscar Park 5 Jason Roah 4 Camden Friedman 4 Eli Fast 3 Dylan Zavarella 3 Matthew Farnsworth 3 Samuel Hodges 3 Reed Woodland 2 Tyler Tellenbach 2 Charlie Beuerlein 2 Justin Rand 2 David Wingard 2 Christopher Mantas 2 Daniel Stender 2 Miles Hong 2 Charlie Werts 2 Will Zane 2 Nicholas Semmer 1 Enzo Somers 1 Kaleb Woodward 1 Michael Decker 1 Ty Kim 1 Stone Townley 1 Tommie Phillips 1 Collin Shiang 1 Seamus Molony 1 William Molony 1 Timmy Niemann 1 Kevin Theodora 1 Aiden Kudo 1 Adam Hardesty 1 Gavin Martin 1

Lunada Bay Little League DJ Cicero Owen Brown Derrick Bobb Wren Woods Vincent Chor Thomas LaPine Sam Bonner Willie Gray Lukas Lizdenis

4 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

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Peninsula Little League 2017 Home Run Leaders Rolling Hills Little League

Silver Spur Little League MAJORS Dodgers Cubs


10 6 1 146 108 6 9 1 124 160

INTERMEDIATES W L T RF RA Orioles Cubs Dodgers Angels

MINORS Cardinals Cubs Giants Dodgers Yankees

12 2 6 8 3 10 4 12

1 0 2 0

202 133 119 142

120 180 146 197


12 0 6 6 6 8 4 6 2 10

1 1 0 3 3

180 142 141 133 160

108 127 153 154 214

Palos Verdes Little League MAJORS Dodgers Angels Red Sox Cubs Royals Pirates


15 2 13 4 13 5 8 10 7 11 4 14

1 1 0 0 0 0

97 84 118 127 154 148

97 84 118 127 154 148

INTERMEDIATES W L T RF RA Red Sox Blue Jays Rockies Dodgers Athletics Marlins Nationals Indians Mariners

MINORS Cubs Red Sox Athletics White Sox Giants Cardinals Pirates Dodgers Reds

15 2 11 7 10 8 10 8 9 8 8 9 8 10 7 11 2 15

1 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 1

216 202 163 152 169 151 165 190 105

100 157 140 130 169 164 180 203 246


10 3 10 4 10 6 9 6 7 8 5 7 5 9 5 10 4 12

3 2 0 1 1 4 2 1 0

156 142 155 175 140 119 114 122 118

107 121 109 136 144 173 129 172 150

Rolling Hills Little League MAJORS Orioles Tigers Indians Blue Jays Dodgers


12 5 12 6 11 7 9 9 4 14

0 0 0 0 0

139 121 126 122 93

89 84 104 132 158

INTERMEDIATES W L T RF RA Cardinals Cubs Brewers Red Sox Tigers Dodgers

MINORS Tigers Dodgers Nationals Pirates Padres Athletics Giants Angels

15 2 14 3 14 4 10 7 9 7 5 11

1 1 0 1 2 1

198 222 234 248 207 179

110 148 124 210 184 207


13 1 9 4 8 5 6 6 5 7 4 7 5 9 1 12

0 105 50 1 112 53 1 71 55 2 93 78 2 57 83 3 58 73 0 79 80 1 26 129

Lunada Bay Little League MAJORS Angels Indians

W L T PT 7 13 0 3 14 2

14 8

INTERMEDIATES W L PT Orioles Red Sox Blue Jays Giants Reds

MINORS Giants Red Sox Cardinals Yankees Cubs

updated 5/24

11 7 10 8 6 10 5 13 1 16

22 20 14 10 3


11 1 6 4 4 4 5 7 1 10

22 14 11 10 2

W-wins L-losses T-ties P-points RF-runs for RA-runs allowed

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Tsay Leads Silver Spur . . . Allan Tsay celebrates with his Dodgers teammates after hitting his seventh home run of the season. It’s been a few seasons since so many players have hit so many home runs for Silver Spur Little League at big Ernie Howlett Park. "We Can’t Be Everywhere" (but we’re real close . . . )

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May 27 2017

• The Old Big Daddy Nikon Camera Guy sees a lot of things at local Peninsula Little League games - here a just a few of things he noticed the last few days.

Photo by Lisa Roah

Palos Verdes Peninsula


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Photo by Lisa Roah

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May 27 2017

League Playoffs Underway . . .

Pitcher Grant Grovel leads the Indians in Major Division playoff action at Rolling Hills Little League.

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May 27 2017

More To Come . . .

Still not enough baseball pictures. More coming next edition out on June 10. League championships and KOH.

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May 27 2017

PV Storm Battles Old Foe For First Place Victory PV Storms Defeats West Torance . . . PV Storm clinched first place in the Gold Flight of Palos Verdes Spring Select after a hard fought 2-1 victory over West Torrance. The two teams are local (friendly) rivals and have played each other five times in different competitions this year with each game being decided by a single goal. West Torrance edge the series 3-2 but PV Storm have the opportunity to even the series this weekend at the Strawberry Cup in Camarillo where they play each other again in the first game. Although no team likes to lose, these games are played in competitively with great sportsmanship. Pictured from the left, front row: Kendall Oda, Zora Haasnoot, Alicia Tavera, Sara Silvestri and Elle Witkowski. Back row: coach Kieran Callanan, Aishling Callanan, Lexi Wetzel, Roya Khaleeli, Catherine Christen and Brynne Snaguski. Not pictured, Teresa Turbide.

PV Dynamite Spring Select Champions . . . The boys’ U14 PV Dynamite won the AYSO Spring Select League PV Wins Again . . . championship this season. Coaches are : Billy Candella and George Brunn. Players are : Dylan Brunn, Cameron Greene, Ryan Eurich, Michael Callahan, Jake Zamel, Xander Chang, Will Padian, Will Deley, Ricky McElwee, Cole Whitten, Anton Kastelan, Caiden Cunningham, Gordy Boyle, Mazan Hassan and Ethan Shanofsky.

The AYSO Region 10 Spring Select season ended with a number PV teams winning division championships.

Softball League Champs . . . The 12U Killer Bees won the U12 PVP fast-pitch league championship. Pictured from the left, back row: Assistant coach Jaubin Nguyen, lauren Havens, Lindsey Eisenman, Lucy Eaton, head coach Brian Fetters, Stephanie Libby, assistant coach Virginia Silvestri, Lindsey Burress, Elle Standring and assistant coach Brent Havens. Front Row: Kaitlyn Fetters, Sophia Speiser, Jiselle Nguyen and Sara Silvestri.

Ice Chalet Hosts Hockey Tournament . . . The L.A. Kim’s won the Promenade Ice Chalet’s "Run-N-Gun" hockey tournament.

May 27 2017

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Tournament Season Hits The Ice . . . The PIC Knights finished the “Run-N-Gun” tournament in fourth place in the Mites Division.

Show Time At The Ice Chalet . . . The Promenade Ice Chalet held its annual Spring Recital called “Come Fly With Me” last week.

Girls Lacrosse Takes Over Peninsula Middle School

• Teams from PVIS, Ridgecrest and Miraleste battle at Miraleste Stadium last week. Girls lacrosse continues to grow on the Peninsula as all three Peninsula middle schools fielded two teams each and played a competitive spring schedule that also included a team from Chadwick. The teams capped off the school season with tournament action at Miraleste Stadium featuring the Sea Kings, Raiders and Marauders. Miraleste picked up four wins on the day, while PVIS and Ridegcrest teams each won a match. All three Peninsula schools, including Chadwick, are making plans to continue to grow their programs and host competitive tournaments featuring local schools.

Girls Lacrosse On The Rise . . . Miraleste midfielder MacKenzie Olsen takes the ball to the goal during girls’ lacrosse action at Miraleste school.

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May 27 2017

Quick In The Net . . .

Miraleste goalie Avalon Doherty gets ready for a shot against PVIS last week.

Marauders On Offense . . . Harper Skeie leads the Miraleste offense on a scoring drive against PVIS.

May 27 2017


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May 27 2017

Baseball Magic . . . James Worsham greets his teammates after hitting his first home run during the final regular season game of the year for the Silver Spur Dodgers at Ernie Holwett park.

PVP-PANORAMA No. 205 • 05/27/17  


PVP-PANORAMA No. 205 • 05/27/17