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No. 218 • February 3, 2018


Rise Above . . . PVBA season heading into playoff.

• Winter sports teams are about to head into playoff action with spring sports on deck. Today is the opening of the PVP Girls’ Softball League with Little League and Junior League ready to begin action in a few weeks. Check out the next mega edition of Panorama on Feb. 17 for extensive coverage on the Opening Day of girls’ softball, the VEX Robotics tournament at Miraleste, high school and middle school sports, PVBA playoffs and a spring sports review.

Battle For The Hill . . . High school soccer teams renew the Hill rivalry.

JV’s Looking Strong . . .

Panthers Rule The Pitch . . . The boys and girls Peninsula High soccer programs are chasing Bay League titles.

Soccer Elites

Peninsula Teams Win Area

PV Region 10 has two teams competing in Sectionals after Area wins. See Pages 18-19

Always Baseball Season . . . The Lunada Bay Little League club team the Admirals coached by Dave Leeper is set for play.

RIS vs. Chadwick

Middle School Sports

The Ridgecrest took on Chadwick in soccer and basketball last week. See Page 18


Panthers To Host TEDx Talks

The Peninsula High campus is making plans for a TEDx Talk this spring. See Page 6

The Palos Verdes High JV basketball team took down Mira Costa Thursday to avenge it’s only Bay League loss for a 6-1 record.


Field House Galaxy

The Tusken Raiders face the Chewballers in PVBA 2nd Grade Division action. See Pages 8-17

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February 3, 2018

RHP Instructor Discusses U.S. Founding Principles Teaching

John H. Trotter,

DDS, MS Orthodontics

Diplomate, American Board of Orthodontics

1706 South Elena Ave. Suite D Redondo Beach, CA 90277 (Located in the Riviera Village)

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• Rolling Hills Prep renowed U.S. history instructor offers free lecture series for the public. “What were the true intentions behind the foundation of the United States government?” This question repeatedly appears in conversations ranging from the political to sheer educational interest. In most cases, these conversations are skewed to favor modern perspectives and lack an awareness of historical context. Katherine Hagee, History Department Chair and Global Studies Program Coordinator at Rolling Hills Prep and Renaissance Schools, is offering a three-part lecture series that is open to the public to provide additional clarity and context to the American Founding. During the first evening on Thursday, titled "Colonists to Enemies of the State," Mrs. Hagee discussed various themes contributing to the colonization of North America. Her lecture addressed how the

Clarity And Context . . . RHP instructor Katherine Hagee is revisiting the Founding Principles in a three-part lecture series open to the public. Seven Years War shaped North America before the revolution, with an awareness that many revolutionaries fought alongside the British army as countrymen 13 years before the revolution.

Please continue on Page 6 . . .

February 3, 2018

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PV High Formal Out Of This World

The Formal

• Palos Verdes High hold Winter Formal underneath the Endeavour Space Shuttle.

By Katie Hageman On Saturday, Jan. 27, Palos Verdes High School hosted its Winter Formal at the California Science Center in Los Angeles. Before the dance, many students took photos at the PV cliffs, where, because of the big crowd, parking was difficult to find as was meeting up with friends. Once at the venue, students entered the Science Center through a tunnel, where fish could be seen through glass

in all directions. Once inside, the Kelp Forest section of the Science Center was open as well as the Endeavour exhibit, which is where the dance was primarily held. The Endeavour Space Shuttle was in the center of the large room. Buffets of finger food were placed around the outside of one side of the room with several tables scattered around. On the other side of the room, students danced to a DJ’s music. Nick Thompsen, a PV senior, commented on the venue. “I had never seen the Endeavour Shuttle prior to formal night, and I was amazed by its size. The experience was definitely something different and super cool.”

Please continue on Page 6 . . .

Under The Space Shuttle . . . Palos Verdes High students attended the Winter Formal at the California Science Center in Los Angeles last week.

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Coming Up: Girls Softball Opening Day VEX Robotics Tournament With Studio Host Lucas Demerjian


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February 3, 2018

Heritage Students Show Their Kindness Service

Every Kid Should Have Crayons . . . Students at Peninsula Heritage

• Heritage students take on the Great Kindness Challenge with Crayon Cellection. Peninsula Heritage students recently participated in the international Great Kindness Challenge, a week of focusing on doing kind deeds for others. The school’s signature project for this week was the Crayon Collection, a national charity initiative that repurposes gently used crayons for underserved children. With the generous donation of crayons from students, parents, and teachers, Mrs. Kim Nygaard, the school’s physical education teacher, beautifully packaged these crayons

for the children at the Head Start Center Preschool at the Learning Center on Pennsylvania Avenue in nearby Lomita. In addition to the crayons, each child’s package included a multi-colored heart-shaped crayon created by Mrs. Nygaard. The Great Kindness Challenge was a natural fit for the Peninsula Heritage students, as “Caring” is one of the school’s six Character Qualities along with “Respect,” “Attitude,” “Gratitude,” “Self-Control,” and “Perseverance.” Students shared their personal kindness experiences at the recent all-school Assembly focused on the quality of “Caring.” — email reports

School show donated crayons for children at the Head Start Center Preschool at the Learning Center in Lomita.




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LISTEN! To Our PREMIER Episode Traveling To Cuba For Softball THE

PANORAMA PODCAST Panorama podcast host Sarah Liu talks softball on the Peninsula, travel sports, dedicated parents, University of Notre Dame and traveling to Cuba with Palos Verdes High freshman softball player Rachel Allen.

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February 3, 2018

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TEDx Comes To Peninsula High Learning • Peninsula High student club brings TEDx speaker series to the community.

By Nina Li On Peninsula High School’s campus there are many different clubs and classes that students can join to express their opinions or showcase their interests. Now there’s one more. Peninsula’s Service Learning Leadership (SLL) has added another event that allows not only students, but members of the community and teachers to talk about whatever they are passionate about. TED Talks have always been shown to students in various classes and are used as a way to further students knowledge about a topic through the words of another individual. With that in mind, SLL teacher Heather Myrick decided to bring TEDx to Peninsula High and invite students, teachers and community members alike to audition for a spot in the event. She created a TEDx committee in SLL with nine students: Diego Sheng, Monet Shibata, Michelle Fredericks, Riley Ng, Kasey Chou, Ariana Bucur, Leslie Castro, Miho Tanaka and Katherine Cruz. Together, the committee and Myrick organized the logistics of the event and were able to narrow down the search for speakers to about five. “I enjoy TED Talks and, having learned much from them myself, was eager to bring the possibility of hosting our own event on campus,” said senior Ng. “We hope that students and community members who attend the event are inspired - be it to create a change, explore a new subject, or see the world in a different way,” said Ng. In order to bring TED onto campus, the committee had to go through a rigorous set of applications that included many questions such as: Why do you wish to host a TED Talk? What themes would you create your event off of? And other general questions referring to the people and community in this area.

The committee sent in their application, got it back, revised it, and then sent it again. This went on for a few months while exchanging emails with TED Talk and sending in new ideas until they were finally granted the license. “I remember the first time I watched a TED Talk on Youtube. I was in sixth grade,” junior Monet Shibata said. “I remember how inspired and motivated I was. Since then, I have been a huge fan of TED and what they do. I love how a talk can get me inspired and motivated while introducing me to new concepts and ideas that I’ve never thought about before,” said Shibata. Once the TED license was finally approved, the committee started to look for community members and students who were willing to speak. They held about 15 auditions for students and confirmed three adult speakers for the event. The final decision will limit the student speakers to about five. The committee was looking for speakers who had unique and engaging ideas to share that would honor TED’s mission of sharing “ideas worth spreading.” “I have always been a huge fan of TED Talks and my ultimate dream is to give one at the big, main events,” prospective speaker Samantha Liu said. “So when I saw that Pen got the opportunity to host, I immediately knew I wanted to do it. Public speaking is something I enjoy, and being in Speech and Debate has helped me further my interest. I wanted to find a way to incorporate humor into my speech while also delivering a strong and thoughtful message,” Liu said. In hosting this event, Peninsula is opening the campus to their students and the community as a whole. This will bring everyone together and inspire those in the audience to share the same passions as the speakers and learn more about the things that they do. “I am really enjoying getting to work with the incredibly creative and driven students that comprise our committee, as well as curating what we hope will be an exciting and thought-provoking event for our Peninsula community,” Ng said.

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The TEDx speakers series will be open to the Peninsula community. Some of the members of the selection committee pictured from the left: Leslie Castro, Kasey Chou, Monet Shibata and Katherine Cruz.

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February 3, 2018

RHP History Lecture Series PV High Holds PANORAMA Winter Formal Palos Verdes Peninsula

. . . Continued from Page 2 As the evening progressed, Hagee pointed out various events and occurrences that caused many loyalists and centrists to radicalize in the name of independence. In addition to providing context to events, she also introduced the beginnings of core American principles, such as the separation of church and state. The evening concluded with events that occurred shortly before the American Revolution. The next two lectures, The First

Government: The Articles of Confederation and The Constitution: The American Miracle, will take place on February 20th and the 27th. Although each evening follows events in a chronological order, the lectures can all stand-alone without attending prior dates. There is no entrance fee, however donations are invited to support Service Learning volunteer trips for the Rolling Hills Prep Global Studies Program. ­— email reports

At Museum

. . . Continued from Page 3

Outside of the Space Shuttle room a table was set up where students could receive airbrush tattoos. Some couples, or groups of friends, chose matching tattoos, such as sunflowers or dinosaurs. Individual students chose different designs. Students chose different body parts for their temporary tattoos, from their cheek to their chest to their wrist. Inside the main entrance of the museum was a photo booth where individuals dressed up using the provided props and took photos with their friends. Julia Davis, a PV senior, spoke highly of the dance. “The Formal was a lot of fun and a great conclusion to the start of my senior year.” After the event, many students continued the tradition of ending their night with a burger or milkshake from In-n-Out Burger.

Place Bottom Of Foot On Top Of Head . . . Peninsula High wrestlers go up against Mira Costa during Bay League action at Peninsula High last week.

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Tattoos For The Formal . . . Panthers Love The Water . . . The Peninsula High girls’ water polo team goes up aginast Mira Costa at home during Bay League action.

Some Palos Verdes High students got dinosaur tattoos at the California Science Center during the Winter Formal.

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Keep Us In The Loop Hippies Invade PVIS . . . Palos Verdes Intermediate held its annual 1960’s-70’s theme Cotillion a few weeks ago.

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February 3, 2018

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PEN Soccer Takes Hold Of Bay League Soccer • The Penisulua High soccer program has varsity boys’ and girls’ teams are competing for first place in the Bay League standings.

By Sarah Liu The Peninsula High School Panthers soccer team is out to hunt this season, dominating its competition. The girls’ varsity has a 10-1-3 season record and a league record of 4-0-1, just behind Mira Costa High. On Jan. 19, the Panthers tied Redondo Union, 1-1, and on Tuesday night topped Hill rival Palos Verdes High, 1-0, when the only goal scored was on a free kick by captain Kailey Yim. For the team, the PV game was more significant than other games, and not just because of the rivalry. “It held a little more weight because many of the people on the PV team we are friends with, which results in a friendly rivalry, and we were determined to beat them,” said freshman Rachel Yu. However, PEN’s game plan stayed the same: they stayed aggressive and

Please continue on Page 18 . . .

Eye Level . . . Peninsula High goal-

ie Allison Marcure keeps the ball out of the net against Morningside Tuesday.

Notch Another Bay League Victory . . . The Panthers’ Joanne Lee scores a goal against Morningside Tuesday to help keep Peninsula undefeated in league play.

Keep The Ball Alive . . .

The Panthers’ Rachel Yu controls the ball during Bay League action.

Let’s Play Again . . .

The Palos Verdes High boys’ and girls’ teams will have another opportunity for victory when they face Peninsula High next week to end the regular season.

Peninsula Boys Compete For Bay League Title . . . Peninsula High goalie

Tanner Johnson keeps the Sea Kings out of the goal during the Panthers’ 3-1 win at Palos Verdes High last week.

Palos Verdes Peninsula


Sea Kings In The Mix . . . PV High senior captain Davis Moore heads the ball during Bay League action against Peninsula High last week.

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February 3, 2018

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PVBA Divisions Set For Playoffs PVBA 6th Grade

The Palos Verdes Basketball Association is getting ready for playoff action.

By Timothy Niemann As the PVBA season winds down, it gets more exciting. This past weekend, in the Sixth Grade Division, five of seven games finished within 10 points, and two of which were within one. There’s only one word that can describe this season, “exciting.” Now what will the playoffs bring? South Carolina defeated Duke by one point, thanks to a shot from the key with three seconds remaining. Both of these teams are set for a run deep into the playoffs. South Carolina has come off two last-minute wins, while Duke has come off two tough losses. Don’t be surprised if you see either of these teams playing into late February. Miami suffered its first loss this season in a close, three-point loss to Indiana. This was an exciting matchup to start with, and it didn’t disappoint. Both of these teams will most likely be top seeds in the playoffs and could even face each other again in the championship. Another exciting game involved Indiana vs. California. California barely pulled off the win, 37-36, even though Indiana led by more than 10 at times in the second half. This game showed that Indiana had the grit needed to win a title, even though they couldn’t pull off a win against Cal. Almost every team in this division has a chance to win a title. As of now, there is no clear-cut favorite. Miami, Indiana, USC, South Carolina, and Duke all have the talent to win the grand prize, the championship.

6th Grade Battles . . . With PVBA “Picture Day” over, players can keep their focus on their shots and the standings.

Palos Verdes Basketball Association 6th Grade Miami California Indiana USC South Carolina Duke UNC UConn Arizona

W L T PF PA 8 7 6 5 5 4 3 3 0

1 2 3 4 5 4 6 7 9

0 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 0

359 241 339 308 281 254 297 293 318 338 287 274 256 242 289 323 175 328

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February 3, 2018


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Page 10

February 3, 2018

Not Getting Through . . . Indiana stopped Miami’s quest for an undefeated record with a 26-23 win in the 6th Grade Division Sunday.

John Gilligan

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The Saga Continues . . .

The Jedi Stars battle The Force during 2nd Grade Divison action at the Peninsula High Field House last week.

Charting a path to Growth J D Factors helps companies meet their ever-increasing cash flow demands, enabling them to run their businesses successfully. 500 Silver Spur Road, Suite 306 Palos Verdes Peninsula

February 3, 2018


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New Bulbs . . . The old Big Daddy Nikon camera guy is very pleased with the new lighting at the Peninsula High gym.

Peaceland Music Instrumental Music Lessons

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Galaxy Battles . . . The Tusken Raiders face the Chewballers in 2nd Grade play.

My Rebound . . .

Keegan Cross grabs a rebound during 6th Grade Division action at Peninsula High last week.

Aim high and you will go far!

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February 3, 2018

Skywalker . . . 5th/6th Grade girls

compete have only one more regular season game before the playoffs.

Beware The Canes . . . Despite taking a loss, Miami will be the team to beat during 6th Grade playoff action.

February 3, 2018

Here To Compete . . . The Palos Verdes Basketball Association attracts

hundreds of players from Kindergarten though 8th Grade to play basketball.

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February 3, 2018

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Sharpshooters Take Aim . . . With PVBA playoffs two weeks away, teams are playing for a better seedings in hopes of playoff matchups.

Playoffs Mean Defense . . . The North Carolina Tar Heels will rely on good defense to go far in the playoffs.

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February 3, 2018

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Girls Visit The PEN Field House . . . PVBA girls’ 5th/6th Grade Division teams head back to the Miraleste gym this weekend.

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PAC-12 Battle . . . Cal defeated Arizona in 6th Grade Division action at Peninsula High last week.

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February 3, 2018


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PVBA Picture Day

Basketball Smiles . . . The Palos Verdes Basketball Association held its annual Picture Day at Peninsula

Easy Layup . . . UConn and UNC

High school last with hundreds of players and teams getting their official pictures taken.

look to improve before entering playoff action in two weeks.

Playoffs Coming Up . . . The Trojans and Tar Heels are getting ready for 6th Grade Division playoffs that open in a few weeks.

Knock Them Down . . . Cal took Break Away From The Pack . . . USC and Cal battle for a good playoff seeding during PVBA action last week at Peninsula High.

down Arizona and is chasing Miami for first place in the PVBA 6th Grade Division.

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Page 18 •

February 3, 2018

Real Madrid Rules The South Bay

Real Madrid Adds To Championship Medallion Collection . . . The Palos Verdes AYSO Fall boys’ U12 Real Madrid team is having a special post-season run. They won the BU12 Division in the Region 10 regular fall season, won the "King of the Hill" and recently won the Area 1F Championship. To win Area, Real Madrid had to defeat the top fall season teams in the South Bay. They advance to Sectional Playoffs and will face other teams from around the State. Pictured from the left: Adan Gomez, Cole Vranich, Connor Bradley, Chuck Idleman, Nate Yee, James Kim, Anthony Goldberg, Diego Valdez, Diego Gomez and Nathan Ivan. Coach Spencer Yee.

Ridgecrest Takes On Chadwick At Home

Middle School Sports Play On . . . Ridgecrest Intermediate soccer and basketball teams got wins over the Chadwick Dolphins last week at home. The Raiders boys’ soccer team picked up a win as did the boys and girls basketball teams. The South Bay League winter sports season continues with key a match-up for the Raiders against PVIS scheduled for next week.

Palos Verdes Peninsula


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February 3, 2018

Page 19

Lucky Charms Move On To Sectionals


Palos Verdes Region 10 will have two teams competing in AYSO Sectional championships after winning the local Area F1 championships. The girls’ U12 Lucky Charms and the boys’ U12 Real Madrid each won the tough Area 1F championship tournament and will now play the best teams in the State in Sectionals Feb 24-25.

Luck, Charm And Lots Of Skill . . . AYSO Region 10 girls’ U12 fall team the Lucky Charms competed and won Area

Pool Play, the quarterfinals, the semifinals and then Area F, Section 1 Championship. The Lucky Charms pictured from the left: Emily Heinze, Ava Puccio, Ione Eaton, Jessica Magana, Kaylin Hansen, Shannon Donahoe, Eshani Prasad, Ashima Bhatia, Lauren Wells, Tatum Severns, Sophia Reddy. Coach Mike Heinze, assistant coaches Colin Donahoe and Shawn Hansen.

Peninsula Soccer

. . . Continued from Page 7 stuck to what they had been working on in practice. Peninsula is ranked second in the league, after Mira Costa. Palos Verdes is in third place and Redondo Union fourth. Even though the Panthers are proving to be fierce competition for other teams, they are taking things one game at a time, and hoping to do well in the Bay League and CIF. “Among the four top teams in the Bay League, it is very competitive,” said goalkeeper Allison Marcure. “Any one of the teams could walk away with the championship.” Did You Know —

That in 1995 Palos Verdes on the Net (PVNet) held standing-room-only “Meet the Internet” training workshops at the beautiful PVP Library, held the first ever Computer Art Competition with the PVP Art Center, and in 1996 opened the country’s first of a kind Technology Center right here on the Peninsula at RPV City Hall? Ground floor at the Peninsula Promenade

Georgiana Rosenkranz Broker Associate, JD CalBRE# 01411097


Page 20


February 3, 2018

Sunset On The Cliffs . . . The beautiful people come out to play as the paparazzi and parents send the kids of Palos Verdes High School out for a night of fun at the Winter Formal.

PVP-PANORAMA No. 218 • 02/03/18  


PVP-PANORAMA No. 218 • 02/03/18