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PANORAMA Palos Verdes Peninsula

No. 137 • January 18. 2014

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No Pressure, Everyone Makes A Team . . . The New Year begins with the annual "skill assessments" for Peninsula ball players.

• All four Peninsula Little Leagues and the PVP Pony League held "skill assessments" last weekend. Peninsula families briefly filled the ball fields last Saturday for baseball tryouts, but are back inside the gyms this weekend as the Palos Verdes Basketball Association begins to get ready for playoff action.

Best of the Best

Photo by Gilbert Yu

Tournament Season . . . Peninsula soccer teams capture another bounty of first-place medallions and trophies.

PVBA Plays Staples

PVBA president Jeff Allen leads the way into Staples Arena. See Page 10

PVBA Girls Getting Ready For Playoffs . . . The PV Red Hots and PV Surf are getting ready for 3rd/4th Grade playoff action at the Miraleste gym.

Pony League Power

PVP Pony League held its tryouts at Ernie Howlet Park last week. See Pages 8-9

PV Kids Take Over High School Gyms

1st/2nd Graders run the court at Peninsula High’s Field House. See Page 11

New Tryout Drill At RHLL

PV kids can’t wait for the baseball season to begin. See Pages 8-9

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January 18. 2014

PVP-Youth Sports News

PV United FC Feasts On Holiday Turkey Champions

• The annual Torrance Turkey tournament resumed last week after a long rain delay. Weather couldn’t stop AYSO Select PV United FC from winning the Torrance Turkey tournament boys’ U12 championship last week on penalty kicks against North Torrance. The tournament was delayed from November because of rain and resumed last week. United beat Beverly Hills A, 6-1, Beverly Hills B, 5-1, South Torrance, 5-1, and Torrance, 4-0, before beating North Torrance in the championship, 5-4, on penalty kicks. — email reports

PV United FC Sweep Through Turkey Tournament Undefeated . . .. The AYSO boys’ U12 PV United FC defeated North

Torrance on penalty kicks to win the Torrance Turkey tournament. Pictured in top row are: coach Vince Frasso, Luke Frasso, Charlie Winkworth, Brad Nolan, Dylan Barlett, Aiden Lieb, Darren Chun, Owen Rabowski and coach Jeff Nolan. Botton row are: Cameron Collier, Chase Vanderploeg, Ferin Ferdows and Noah Gustavo.

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Peaceland Music PVP-Youth Sports News

Instrumental Music Lessons James Musser - Nominated Best Guitar 1997 & Best L.A. Band 1996 - L.A. Music Awards

January 18. 2014

Page 3

Marauder Showcases Football Talent 23706 Crenshaw Blvd # 105A&B (310) 650-4021


The four day event held six hours of practice a day leading to the game this Instrumental Music Lessons • Local Pop Warner 6th Grader past Monday. James Musser - Nominated Best Guitar 1997 & Best L.A. Band 1996 - L.A. Music Awards They also had an Xbox Madden was invited to "play up" at NUC Blvd # 105A&B tournament and a very nice awards All West Football Classic23706 Crenshaw 650-4021 banquet at Pachanga Casino in TemMiraleste Intermediate School stu- (310) dent Matt Collins was one of two 6th ecula. While exiting the field after a graders invited to play with 8th grad- hard fought 14-28 West win, Matt said, ers in the National UnderClassmen All ”I can not wait to do it again next year.” West Football Classic. — email reports “It’s an honor to just be invited or recognized for the work you put in Music Lessons all year,” Matt said. “I was theInstrumental young James Musser Nominated Best Guitar 1997 & Best L.A. Band 1996 - L.A. Music Awards guy this year, so I knew my role. I was 23706 Crenshaw Blvd # 105A&B smaller and I knew I needed to earn my respect. My teammates helped get me (310) 650-4021 up to speed with the offensive line calls and I just worked as hard as I could.”

Peaceland Music

Peaceland Music Private Lessons on Guitar, Piano, Voice, Bass, Drums, Ukelele, Banjo & Mandolin

Including Theory, Reading, Tab, Composition

James Musser - Nominated Best Guitar 1997 & Best L.A. Band 1996 - L.A. Music Awards


Open 7 Days, All Ages & Styles W Cooay You pick songs you like! l



23706 Crenshaw Blvd # 105A&B

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Five-Star Camp . . . Miraleste Intermediate School 6th Grader Matt Collins with Paloma Valley High School coach.

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January 18. 2014

PVP-Youth Sports News

Palos Verdes Peninsula

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Current Team Try-Outs and Announcements

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Palos Verdes HS • Peninsula HS

PVP-Youth Sports News

January 18. 2014

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Photo by Gilbert Yu

Another Championship Match . . . Dominator Tony Prebanda controls the ball at the West Torrance tournament finals. Palos Verdes Peninsula


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Photo by Gilbert Yu

PV Dominators Enjoy EXTRA Success . . . The AYSO boys’ U12 PV Dominators EXTRA team finished in first place in

the Fall EXTRA season with a 12-1 record. Coached by Kurt Hay and Vince Prebanda, the players from the left, front row: Paul Makinto, Yoojin Kim, Derek Roah, Sutter Leach, Jake Williams and Ethan Yu. Back row: Toni Prebanda, Tucker Templeton, Ryan Hynes, Carter Harrigian, Jonathan Louie and Aidan Hay.

You’re On Deck!

Registration ENDS Jan. 26 Important Dates

Ages 5 thru 16 All Experience Levels Regular Season Schedule Playoffs • Clinics All-Star Teams FUN!




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January 18. 2014

PVP-Youth Sports News

Winter/Spring Merges For Outdoor Action Publisher’s Notes

(crazy talk) • What’s an Ice Storm? It’s January. It’s suppose to be raining, right. It’s not. We’re suppose to be able to see snow on the San Gabriel Mountains. We don’t. The Peninsula is having another nonwinter winter. It’s either dry and cold or dry and hot. Either way - it’s dry. This means there is no excuse for not being outdoors, practicing your favorite sport. It’s basketball season and the outdoor courts around the Peninsula are full of teams scrimmaging and practicing for PVBA games on the weekend. The soccer season never ends on the Hill, so AYSO Select/EXTRA and various club teams continue tournament play. You can find them playing and practicing at Hesse Park, Malaga Cove and elsewhere on the Peninsula. And with baseball and softball seasons coming up, the batting cages and ball diamonds are getting busier. There is no excuse for anyone this weekend, or next weekend, or any weekend forever and ever - to not take advantage of this wonderful dry weather and go outdoors and do something. Anything. Every weekend the Palos Verdes Peninsula is full of active people of all ages riding bikes, jogging, riding horses, surfing, walking, playing golf, swimming, playing tennis, painting and reading, eating and sleeping - all outdoors.

Be aware of your surroundings and take advantage of the opportunities that the Peninsula and this community has to offer So , again, what IS an Ice Storm?

The annual “skill assessments” were held last weekend at all the Peninsula Little Leagues, and that got us excited about spring sports. We cannot wait for the legendary Little League and Softball snack-shacks to open and start providing great food and service to Peninsula folks. We were able to get to all four leagues for tryouts, and we can report that the fields look great. The leagues continue to upgrade their facilities, which make each season better than the last. Our sources tell us that “the numbers are up” at all four Little Leagues and the Pony League for the spring baseball season. As for the tryouts, I mean “skill assessments,” which can be stressful, bordering on nightmarish, for some, it’s helpful to remember that no matter what your age or skill level, everyone will be on a team. Don’t be nervous about how well you think you performed fielding ground balls or hitting off a pitching machine with a piece of paper pinned to the back of your shirt. Everyone knows you probably haven’t been practicing, that you have a basketball game that night and your cleats don’t fit. As usual we saw a lot of really good All-Star, Club/Travel Ball players take four swings and miss the ball each time!

PV Art Center Raffle Is Back For The Lucky California’s first and longest running house raffle is back for its 12th year In 2002 Palos Verdes Art Center started the first and best California house raffle – selling out in days. The Palos Verdes Art Center continues with the most dynamic top prize to date – a $1,925,000 Palos Verdes Estates 5 bedroom residence plus $1 million in cash. Tickets will be sold at $150 each – the same price as in the previous raffles, during which the Art Center has given away over $12,500,000 in cash and prizes. The 2014 Palos Verdes Win Your Dream House Raffle will offer two Early Bird Drawings with over $120,000 in cash and prizes, including a 2014 BMW 428i, 2014 Mini Cooper, cash prizes, Ap-

ple iPad Air Tablets + large cash prizes. Special drawings will be held at each of the Early Bird Drawings, as well as the Grand Prize Drawing, for those that purchase two or more tickets at the same time and in the same name(s). Purchasing two or more tickets will offer you a chance to win an additional $75,000 in prizes, if you purchase your tickets by April 4, 2014. Early Bird Drawings will be held April 10 and May 9 at 5:30 p.m. The Early Bird Drawings will be held at PVAC, 5504 West Crestridge Road. The Grand Prize Drawing will be held May 30, 5:30 p.m. at the Palos Verdes Art Center. — email reports

It happens, and it happens all the time. There’s a big difference between swinging at 60 mph pitches in travel ball and 45 mph pitches from a machine. We did see a lot of good fielding and a few strong throws from the outfield. However, none of it really matters until April and May. Note: the PANORAMA newspaper tends to run two or three extra photos of baseball action during the spring months. So be ready. It’s just a matter of weeks before the PVP Girls’ Softball League opens its season with its annual Parade of Teams from Highridge Park to Cornerstone School. The old Big Daddy Nikon camera returned from its refurbishing late this week and will be back in action this weekend. It had taken close to 400,000 pictures and was feeling the wear and tear of many years of service for PVPYouth Sports News and the PANORAMA newspaper. But the even-older grandpa Nikon camera proved to be a capable backup at the Little League tryouts and under the bright lights at the Peninsula High gym and Kelly Johnson Field House. Next up for a good refurbishing will be the Giant Eyeball lens that’s being held together by rubber bands. It’s even older than the backup grandpa camera! As is the tradition during winter break, the Peninsula sent its best soccer teams on the road to compete in various tournaments. The results: Another big bounty of medallions and first-place

trophies. We stated years ago that one of the reasons the Peninsula has not risen higher from the ocean depths than it has, is because this part of the earth is being weighed down by millions of soccer medallions won by thousands of hotshot PV soccer teams over the last four decades. We at PANORAMA headquarters would like to thank the Peninsula soccer community for its continuing support and contributions. It has been at least five years since we published an edition that did not have a photo of a local team showing off its newly won tournament medallions. You guys are great. The Palos Verdes Basketball Association is already at the mid-season mark with teams getting ready for playoff action in a few weeks. The old Big Daddy Nikon will be at all four Peninsula gyms this weekend and next with a new shutter mechanism and clean sensor. So be ready. We’re even going to start taking “Panorama” photographs of the ocean and city views again. You can also expect a lot more “crazy talk” columns with notes and observations about some of the going-ons in this community. So check out the next edition of PVPPANORAMA on Feb. 1 We’re going back on campus for high school and middle school sports, as well as more PVBA and soccer action.

Editorial and Advertising deadline is 6 p.m. Monday the week of publication. Palos Verdes Peninsula Panorama is published every two weeks. Our next edition is February 1. Palos Verdes Peninsula

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Jill Allen

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In Memory of Jolene Combs • Jesse Lou Givens

PVP-Youth Sports News

January 18. 2014

Page 7

PV Exiles Black Add To Gold Collection Exiles Win Another . . . The PV Exiles

boys’ U11 Black team won its second straight tournament, the Pateadores Junior Cup in Irvine, including a 5-0 victory over Pateadores in the final on Jan. 12. The Exiles are seeded ninth out of 92 teams in the State Cup Presidents Division beginning in February. The Exiles pictured from the left, front row: Koki Takamura, Cade Coward, Solomon Ortega, David Gonzalez, Kevin Yardumian and Tony Martinez. Back row: Tomoi Stapleton, Tor Gasteiger, Nick Constantino, Hanser Oh, Ryan Baeza, Frankie Reid, Peyton Ott, Sasha Mytko, Beto Barajas and coach Diego Souza. Not pictured: Brett MacGowan.

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Page 8

January 18. 2014

PVP-Youth Sports News

Same Place, Same Time, Same Game . . . Rolling Hills Little League will celebrate its 59th year of Little League baseball this season.

Been There, Done That . . . The “Tryout Experience” is no big deal for experienced Pony League players

Better Not Miss This One . . . Baseball players from Palos Verdes and Peninsula high schools were everywhere last weekend helping out with drills and shagging balls. And no one had to run to the lighthouse and back!

A Good Pitch To Hit . . . Coach Dave Leeper helped out for tryouts at Lunada Bay Little League.

Get Ready . . . Coach Dan Spring led the tryout drills at Rolling Hills Little League.

Club Sports Get That Glove Dirty . . . Youth baseball coach Mark Mainini goes over the fundamentals of fielding a ground ball to T-Ball age baseball players during Silver Spur Little League tryouts at Ernie Howlett Park.


PVP-Youth Sports News

January 18. 2014

Page 9

Only 42 Days Until Opening Day Baseball • All four Peninsula Little Leagues plus PVP Pony League held player skill assessments last week. Everyone makes a team and everyone is going to have a good time this season, but that doesn’t mean those "skill assessments" are fun and relaxing for kids or adults. At every league, players are divided by age and then are led through a series of fielding, throwing, batting and running drills. Players are observed by managers and coaches who determine a player’s

baseball and athletic skills by numbers one through ten. A player’s age is the most determining factor in deciding which division a player will be placed - not necessarily skill or baseball playing experience. After tryouts the leagues conduct their players’ draft where the managers and coaches determine where players are placed, hopefully on equally matched teams. Once the number of teams is set in each division, the real hard part begins when the leagues have to schedule practice and field times and a game schedule for the entire season.

Meet And Greet The Coaches . . . Players get to meet the coaches at the Palos Verdes Little League tryouts held at Malaga Cove Fields Saturday.

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January 18. 2014

PVP-Youth Sports News

PVBA Players Compete At Staples Center Staples Night

• The Palos Verdes Basketball Association sent its best players downtown to experience the NBA-Staples experience. PVBA president Jeff Allen made it possible for Peninsula basketball kids to live out their dream to play a game at Staples Center. PVBA players got the chance to warm-up and scrimmage a game of basketball in the place where greats like Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal and many other NBA players once did and still do . During a mockup game between the "Clippers" and "Timberwolves," PVBA players battled it out for a chance to score at Staples Center. Overall, a great experience and memory to remember for many years to come. — email reports Photo by Juan Bueno

PVBA Players Ready For The Big Time . . . The Palos Verdes Basketball Association sent a contingent of players, coaches and officials to play, compete and experience what it would be like to play at Staples Center.

PVP-Youth Sports News

January 18. 2014

Page 11

PVBA’s Undefeated Face Showdown; Heat, Blizzards, PV Thunder Step Up Basketball • The Palos Verdes Basketball Association is entering the final period of regulation action. The 4th Grade Heat and Blizzards will take their 8-0 records into today’s key match up at the Miraleste gym. The undefeated 5th Grade PV Thunder (6-0) will take on seccondplace Showtime (5-1) at the Peninsula Field House Sunday night. For some teams the PVBA regular season will end Feb. 1, with playoff action beginning the following week.

Photo by Juan Bueno

PVBA Action At Staples . . .

Panthers In The Race . . . Peninsula junior Tanner Weiss takes on the runner from West High during the PV High Invitational last week.

2014 is here…bring out your BEST!

Take The Open Shot . . . Guard

Joe Meyers takes a shot for the Salamanders against the Baby Blue Clouds during 7th Grade PVBA action.

Peninsula Soccer Teams gameresults@

Page 12

January 18. 2014

PVP-Youth Sports News

Ducks Fly Into First Place . . . The Ducks got a 36-26 win over The Wave to begin the New Year and are in first place in the 6th Grade Division.

Hands Up For Good Defense . . . The Blue Devils and Blue Bombers battled hard in PVBA 1st/2nd Grade Division action at the Peninsula High Field House.


Georgiana Rosenkranz

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Basketball Girls Rule Miraleste . . . The PV Red Hots and PV Surf played a fast-paced game in 3rd/4th Grade PVBA action at the Miraleste Intermediate school gym.

PVP-Youth Sports News

January 18. 2014

Page 13

PVBA Girls Run The Court . . . 3rd/4th Grade girls’ teams take advantage of turnovers with fast breaks and quick scores. Palos Verdes Peninsula


Take It To The Hoop . . . The action

is fast and furious in the PVBA boys’ 1st/2nd Grade Division.

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PVP-Youth Sports News

PVP-Youth Sports News

January 18. 2014


Page 15

Palos Verdes Basketball Association 2013-2014 League Standings

4th Grade

Heat Blizzards Red Raiders Annoying Oranges Lob City Stingers Titans Lasers Hurricanes Warriors Blue Bombers Blue Tide Black Mambs Waves

5th Grade PV Thunder Showtime Celtics Lakers Hawk The Red Stuff Brandt Howlers PV Lions Panthers Tsunamis

W L PF PA 8 8 7 6 5 5 4 4 3 3 2 1 0 0

0 0 1 2 3 3 4 4 5 5 6 7 8 8

300 249 240 237 233 222 226 205 156 179 176 160 198 138

W L PF 6 5 3 3 3 2 2 1 1 1 0 0

0 1 3 1 1 1 1 3 4 3 5 4

198 237 196 117 103 101 80 120 97 80 113 67

6th Grade

174 Ducks 125 Warriors 125 Crocodiles 198 Heat 207 Tar Heels 167 Average Joes 229 The Wave 201 Solid Gold 169 Flaming Pandas 217 7th Grade 269 Sasquatches 271 286 Jayhawks 281 Bluenicorns Baby Blue Clouds PA Kings 143 Celtics 165 Burnt Toast 166 McNuggets 94 Elite 8 77 Salamanders 86 Kool-Aid Monsters 72 119 131 105 181 170

W L PF PA 5 5 4 4 3 1 1 1 0

1 1 1 2 2 4 4 4 5

218 228 141 146 147 153 117 114 45

W L PF PA 6 6 5 4 4 4 4 2 1 1 0

1 1 2 4 2 3 2 4 6 4 8

277 213 272 286 266 245 203 191 184 174 214

181 145 226 250 192 241 201 242 267 213 367

Updated 1/15

Good Time For A Winning Streak . . . The Baby Blue Clouds got past the Celtics, 27-15, in 7th Grade Division action at Peninsula High Sunday.

Palos Verdes Breakers PVBA Club Basketball Boys & Girls - 3rd thru 8th Grade We are looking to develop players to be ready to compete at the High School Level. All our coaches have previous High School level coaching and are very aware of what is expected at the next level. If interested please call coach Frank Salceda 310 431-6424 for more information.

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149 173 118 127 167 166 139 165 105

Page 16


January 18. 2014

PVP-Youth Sports News

Palos Verdes Peninsula

PANORAMA 14,000+ Action Photos

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Sasquatches Spotted In First Place . . . Power forward Joe Kelly takes a shot during Sasquatches 44-14 win over the Elite 8 in PVBA 7th Grade action.

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PVP-Youth Sports News

January 18. 2014

Page 17

FRAM Soccer Club 2014-2015 Season Tryouts U8 — U14 (born between 7/31/07 - 8/1/00)

FRAM Soccer Club is holding tryouts for the upcoming 2014-2015 soccer season. We will be building new teams in the age groups and are seeking players to strengthen our existing teams. All tryouts will be held at Miraleste Intermediate School

PV Force Shows Off Powers . . . After a thrilling final game and extra time,

the AYSO Select boys’ U14 PV Force lost on penalty kicks to take second place in the Fountain Valley Hi – 5 Tournament. Pictured from the left, front row: Jack Winkworth, Carson Coffey, Jordan Loo, Matt Giuliano, Kevin Crump, and Kyle Staple. Back row: Coach Paul Giuliano, Tom Hoyne, Justin White, Aidan Wait, Chris Esposito, Will Allen, Michael Maes, Grant Van Der Ploeg, Matt Salomon, Seitaro Kataha and coach Sandro Winkworth.

U8 Boys & Girls: March 10th, 11th & 17th – 4:30-6:00PM U9 Boys & Girls: March 12th, 13th & 18th – 4:30-6:00PM U10 Boys & Girls: March 13th, 19th & 20th – 4:30-6:00PM U11 Boys: March 11th, 17th & 18th – 4:30-6:00PM U11 Girls: March 12th, 19th & 20th – 4:30-6:00PM U12 Boys & Girls: March 10th – 4:30-6:00PM and March 11th & 20th- 6:00-7:30PM U13 Boys & Girls: March 12th, 13th & 19th – 6:00-7:30PM U14 Boys & Girls: March 10th, 17th & 18th – 6:00-7:30PM Please bring the FRAM Tryout Application form with you to the first try-out session. The form is available for download on the Tryouts Page of the FRAM Soccer Club website.

FRAM Juniors Winter 2014 Skills Session For players ages 7 to 11

The Winter 2014 Session will start the week of January 13th, 2014 and finish the week of March 17th, 2014 • The cost of the ten (10) week session is $155 per child (sibling discount) • Players attend once a week. • Session are held 4:00PM - 5:00PM at Palos Verdes Intermediate School – session days not yet finalized • Register online at For more information email or call (310) 963-7101

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Page 18

January 18. 2014

PVP-Youth Sports News

Close Battle . . . The Strikers earned

Photo by Gilbert Yu

Dominators On Tournament Tour . . . The PV Dominators’ Jonathan Loui

a 2-1 win over the Silver Bullets in boys’ U14 Division action.

leads the team to another tournament final. Photo by Gilbert Yu

PV Dominators Play For Another Championship . . . The PV Dominators played in the championship game and lost, 6-5, in overtime at the West Torrance Christmas Classic soccer tournament.

Editorial and Advertising deadline is 6 p.m. Monday the week of publication. Palos Verdes Peninsula Panorama is published every two weeks. Our next edition is February1.

Palos Verdes Peninsula

PANORAMA Deadline: Monday, Jan. 27

Next Edition: Feb. 1

PVP-Youth Sports News

January 18. 2014


Page 19

PV Force Begin As Champions . . . The AYSO Select U14 PV Force boys were

champions in their first tournament of the season. They beat Fountain Valley 2-0 in the final to win the 2014 Huntington Beach Turkey Tournament over the Thanksgiving weekend. Pictured from left to right are Jack Winkworth, Seitaro Kataha, Aiden Wait, Michael Maes, Kyle Staple, Grant Van Der Ploeg, Jordan Loo, Carson Coffee, Tom Hoyne, Matt Giuliano, Kevin Crump, Matt Salomon and Chris Esposito. Not pictured: Andrew Lai, Justin White, Will Allen and coaches Paul Giuliano and Sandro Winkworth.

Editorial and Advertising deadline is 6 p.m. Monday the week of publication. Palos Verdes Peninsula Panorama is published every two weeks. Our next edition is February1.

Starting New Year With Hi-5 Finish . . . The AYSO Select boys’ U11 PV Strikers

started the New Year by competing in the BU12 Division of the Hi-5 tournament. With undefeated records in pool play, the Strikers advanced to the championship game and became finalists in a close match. Pictured from the left front row: Nick Constantino and Tristan Messerli. Middle: Ryan Baeza, Jack Padian, Brandon Lee, Narumi Takashi, George Zhang, Riley Umbrell and Lukas Jarasunas. Back: Kurtis Chan, coach William Zhang. Not pictured: Aidan Regan, Michael Malone and assistant coach Mike Regan.


Page 20

January 18. 2014

PVP-Youth Sports News

Palos Verdes Peninsula

Youth Sports News

In Line For Fame And Glory . . . With hard hats, new bats and nervous chat, Little Leaguers wait for a turn to show what they’re made of at the Palos Verdes Little League "skill assessment" on Saturday. Most of the boys we’re a little rusty — youth baseball season was a long time ago — but with a warm sun above, other sports coming to a close and dads eager to play catch, they will be ready to go by opening day in March.

PVP-PANORAMA No 137 • 01/18/14  
PVP-PANORAMA No 137 • 01/18/14