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Place of Victory for all Nations, Northern Ireland Live 58: House Fellowship Discussion Guide Week 9 Live58 DVD Clip Timing: 54.02- 58.44 The Most Vulnerable A. Prayer and Worship

20 mins

B. Watch the Movie Clip from timing: 54.02- 58.44

5 mins

C. Group Discussion Guide

30 mins

1. The former investigator in the film said that it was possible to put an end to the sex trade and trafficking of children. He also said that it was high time for the church at large to put an end to this because if we don’t stand up to an evil practice like this it will just carry on. Do you agree and believe that an evil practice like this can be put to an end? 2. Did you know that human (including sex) trafficking in the UK is rising with Northern Ireland’s sex industry as the fastest growing in the UK, and that much of the traffic is coming from eastern Europe and Africa. What do you think is the role of the church and Christians here in the UK in putting an end to this? Start to reflect on the role you could take in ending such evil practices. Note: The NI Government website has some tips on what to look for if you suspect someone has been trafficked. See 3. The former marine said it was hardest job he's ever done but he felt more used to advance Gods kingdom than anything he's ever done in the past. He encourages us to find that hard thing that God has called you to do because he says there is nothing better in life than God building you up for a purpose and having god use you for that purpose. What is that hard thing God is building you up for and calling you to do? 4. In light of this discussion what is God saying to us through the following Scriptures: a. Psalm 82:3 c. Amos 5:21-24 b. Micah 6:8 d. 2 Corinthians 10:3-7 5. Let us spend some time in prayer. Pray: a. That we would see the ways in which God is already at work b. That we would have the courage to take up the calling and mission of God c. That we would remember the plight of trafficking victims d. Against the corruption of police forces and governments who allow trafficking to happen e. For compassion towards those directly increasing trafficking: slave owners, buyers, middle men who perpetuate the system. [Remember we need to pray for our enemies too]. f. For children who are trafficked g. For children exposed to or forced into making pornography h. That the activity of God in eliminating human trafficking would continue

Week 9 – The Most Vulnerable  

Isaiah 58 Study Material

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