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Place of Victory for all Nations, Northern Ireland Live 58: House Fellowship Discussion Guide Week 6: Wednesday 31st October Live58 DVD Clip Timing: 30:46-33:42

Insights from Brazil

1. Prayer and Worship

20 mins

2. Watch the Movie Clip from timing: 30:46-33:42

5 mins

3. Group Discussion

35 mins

a. What kind of issues relating to poverty do we learn about in from this video clip? b. How does the former gang member (Ouri) go about bringing the gospel of Christ to those around him?

c. Reflect on the statement he made that drug addicts, alcoholics, thieves and murderers all have a desire to be free. Do you agree? How does this affect your attitude towards such people? Read Isaiah 58:6 d. How is Ouri living this out?

e. What do we learn about evangelism from him? (See 1 Corinthians 9: 19-23) Conclusion: God’s intent was that fasting would encourage a person to respond positively to all God’s commands, and particularly to compassion and action for other people.

Week 6 – Insights from Brazil  

Isaiah 58 Study Material

Week 6 – Insights from Brazil  

Isaiah 58 Study Material