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Place of Victory for all Nations, Northern Ireland Live 58: House Fellowship Discussion Guide Week 3: Wednesday 10th October Live58 DVD Clip Timing: 13:50 to 22:02

Lessons from Kenya

1. Prayer and Worship

20 mins

2. Watch the Movie Clip from time: 13:50 to 22:02

9 mins

3. Group Discussion

30 mins

1. What do we learn about poverty from this movie clip? What are the problems faced by this community? 2. Is poverty only related to physical resources? 3. Do you agree that with the Pastors statement that "God's people simply cannot stand by while people live in this way"? Why? Is it out of pity? God doesn’t want us to give our pity to the poor. See Leviticus 19:15. Why do you think God says this? 4. What do we learn about our response to the poor from these scriptures? See: • Proverbs 14:31 • Proverbs 19:17 • Job 31:16

Week 3 – Lessons from Kenya  

Isaiah 58 Study Material

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