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How do we build relationships with our customers?


Step 1: Where do we interact with them? While Matching  


Step 2. What do we consider?

State of Mind

Activities and things

1. While Matching State of Mind

While Matching   Be  clear  while  communicating,   repeat  important  things  to  avoid   misunderstandings   Be  responsive.  Reply  to  their  emails   immediately,  and  stick  to  deadlines   Be  honest;  do  not  promise  things   that  are  not  possible  and  then  try  to   cover  up  for  it   Show  excitement  about  the  country,   get  them  excited  too   Be  supportive  –  they  will  want   many  details  about  the  country  they   are  going  to,  so  provide  everything   they  ask  for  

Realization Be  soft  and  gentle  with  your  speech   and  actions   Don’t  exaggerate  things,  be  realistic   and  simple.  Be  excited  but  do  not   overdo  it.   Be  punctual  every  time  you  meet   them  –  while  picking  them  up  from   the  airport  and  to  meetings   Be  professional.  Stick  to  the  point   when  you  interact  with  them  and   don’t  get  carried  away   Give  them  the  experience  of  their   lives.  Do  whatever  it  takes  –  it  will   be  rewarding  for  you  as  well.  

1. While Matching Activities and things

While Matching   Set  the  right  expectations  –  living   conditions,  weather,  travel,  etc.   Send  all  documents  on  time!  Their   Visas  depend  on  you   Make  sure  you  read  all  preparatory   material  on  Discover  India  before   dealing  with  them   Be  aware  of  all  Indian  realities  that   they  will  face   Clarify  their  JD  with  them  and   answer  any  of  their  questions  if  any  

Realization Provide  all  support  they  need  –   Finding  places  to  eat,  and  any  other   things  that  they  might  need   Make  sure  you  respond   immediately  when  they  contact  you   Take  them  around  the  city  once  or   twice  to  get  them  used  to  life  in  it   Make  sure  the  EP  knows  to  respect   every  culture,  and  be  accepting  and   compatible  with  all  co-­‐interns   Make  sure  all  logistics  are  arranged   to  them  before  they  will  need  them  

AIESEC India Learning Academy - CEM - Building Relationships with our Customers  
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