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Napa or Sonoma Why not try both?

Day One... The Arrival

Destination: Wine Country ❚❚ Private driver transportation from Bay Area location to Napa Valley Hotel ❚❚ Check in time: 4:00 PM ❚❚ Recommended dinner on property


the world of wine both Napa Valley and Sonoma have become mainstream destinations. The quality of wine and experiences offered in these two regions is hard to match. With both these famous regions in such close proximity, we often get the question - which one is better, which one should I visit? Our answer - why not both! One day will be dedicated to Napa, one day to Sonoma. The chosen luxury hotel straddles the two counties allowing for optimized driving logistics. Our knowledgeable driver/host will take you on a private wine tour of both regions allowing for your own opinion of the differences between the two.

The Hotel - this luxurious resort was created to provide an intimate at-

mosphere reminiscent of its unique surroundings. Nestled among 27 acres of seemingly endless rows of grape vines, bucolic farmland and scenic apple orchards, it’s design was based on cues from the local countryside - including barns, silos and ranchers’ cottages – combined with stylish, modern interiors to capture the region’s distinct charm as well as the needs of the sophisticated guests. Breakfast & Spa credit included.

Destination: Napa Valley...


egendary Napa Valley has become prominent as America’s great wine capital since the “Judgement of Paris” in 1976. Just an hours drive North from San Francisco, Napa Valley is an oasis for the food and wine enthusiast within. Napa consists of 16 distinct American Viticulture Areas as the variance of terrior has a wide range in such a small valley and is home to over 650 wineries. Given these stats, many do not realize that Napa’s wine production accounts for only 4% of California’s total wine output. This helps put the quality and integrity of the wine from this region in perspective. We invite you to explore further under our guidance, as we take you deeper into this truly incredible world of wine.

Let the tasting begin... ❚❚ ❚❚ ❚❚ ❚❚ ❚❚

9:00 AM - Pick-up from Hotel 10:00 AM - Private tasting at Winery #1 12:00 PM - Private lunch and tasting at Winery #2 3:00 PM - Private tasting at Winery #3 4:30 PM - Return to Destination

Winery #1 - What began twenty five years ago as a philosophical state of mind is now a state-of-

the-art winemaking facility where the ancient art of winemaking is pursued with a singular passion. Our wines are dedicated to mastering the craft of winegrowing. In classical music, an etude is a composition with a technical focus that allows the musician to practice a particular technique. Similarly, our wines are the product of deliberate concentration on the instructive variables of the craft. The end game is not edification alone, but rather the wine itself as a source of enjoyment. Chopin piano etudes are notoriously difficult but sublimely beautiful… this is an example of the practicing craft transformed to art.

Winery #1

Winery #2- Our grape vines, terraced to follow the contours of the gracefully arching hills, are

600 feet above the valley floor, and look out over the breathtaking terrain of Napa. We carefully tend to 14 acres, gently coaxing only 2 to 3 tons per acre so that each of the vine’s berries get enough of our sunshine and water to grow into deliciously concentrated fruit. Most of our land is planted to Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah. Cabernet Sauvignon loves the conditions in our little hamlet-- as do the other famous Bordeaux varietals--Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Malbec and Petit Verdot. Wine lore has it that Syrah loves a view, and our Syrah vines create magnificently rich and round wines when cultivated on our hillside vineyard estate, overlooking majestic Napa Valley.

Winery #2

Winery #3 - Bringing together some of the most experienced and trusted minds in wine making

and vineyard management, our founder and his world-class team have meticulously developed a vineyard of unparalleled diversity and constructed a winery to suit the complexities of the vineyard, resulting in wines that ultimately reflect the stunning beauty and individuality of this estate. Though we were founded as recently as 1998, the Sodaro Family’s wine lineage reaches as far back as the turn of the 19th century. The founders grandfather Giuseppe was a barrel cooper in Vallelunga, Sicily, making each wine barrel by hand and serving wineries throughout the region. The estate winery continues a family legacy of passion for and dedication to wine as a complement to life. - Note - winery descriptions provided are examples only. Just as you pair a glass of wine with food, we pair our clients with the ideal winery experience.

Winery #3


Sonoma County... Wine Country doesn’t get more real than Sonoma Valley, whose rich soils mark the birthplace of California’s wine industry. It’s also the closest wine region to San Francisco, just 45 miles north of the Golden Gate Bridge. Cradled between the Mayacamas and the Sonoma Mountain ranges, Sonoma Valley encompasses a rolling patchwork of vineyards, quaint farms and 13,000 acres of scenic parkland. In the center of town, the eight-acre Sonoma Plaza is a National Historic Landmark, strewn with sprawling shade trees and bordered by carefully preserved adobe buildings. Up the road in Glen Ellen, author and bohemian adventurer Jack London lived and wrote at his pristine Beauty Ranch, now an 800-acre state historic park.

Welcome to Rustic Elegance... ❚❚ ❚❚ ❚❚ ❚❚ ❚❚

9:00 AM - Pick-up from Hotel 10:00 AM - Private tasting at Winery #1 12:00 PM - Private lunch and tasting at Winery #2 3:00 PM - Private tasting at Winery #3 4:30 PM - Return to Destinations (transfers to airports etc.)

Winery #1 - this winery is nestled against the foothills of Sonoma Mountain, on the western

edge of Sonoma Valley. Protected from the west winds that chill nearby Carneros, the five acres of grapes—planted mostly to Cabernet Sauvignon with a half acre each of Malbec and Merlot—ripen in early to mid October. Our vines are head-trained and cane pruned, a practice that, in addition to increasing resistance to pests, produces small berries with exceptionally intense flavors. Organically farmed since its planting in 1996, the vineyard received certification by the California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF) in 2002. Its alluvial, well-drained soils cover an ancient riverbed of water-worn rock washed down from Sonoma Mountain by an ancient outfall of Carriger Creek. Deeply rooted Cabernet Sauvignon thrives in these well-drained soils at the mouths of canyons, producing deep colors and rich flavors. Our winery’s name comes from the water-rounded stones that are used throughout the property in the pale gray stone walls and courtyards, water channels, and sculptures.

Winery #1

Winery #2 - The tour starts with a welcome glass of Chardonnay and swings through the cool network of caves bored out of solid volcanic rock, where a cheesemaking operation is slated to join the sleeping wines. Next we hop on an all-terrain vehicle, taking in the smell of bay leaf in the air as the Polaris dips into a wooded ravine along a seasonal creek. We gain altitude past 60-year-old Zinfandel vines bordered by sunflowers and fruit trees, a haven for beneficial insects and birds. The air warms only a little, although we’re in brilliant sunlight at 1,800 feet, San Francisco and the bridges poking out of the fog on the horizon.

Winery #2

Winery #3 - this winery is comprised of three vineyards uniquely suited to Pinot Noir, all farmed by the wine maker to the same high standards. Planted in 1989-90, the the ranch includes 45 acres of vines divided into 11 blocks and sub-blocks. A variety of Pinot Noir clones and selections grows here, including “heirlooms” like Calera, Chalone, Hanzell, Martini, Roederer and Swan, and Dijon clones 115, 667 and 777. - Note - winery descriptions provided are examples only. Just as you pair a glass of wine with food, we pair our clients with the ideal winery experience.

Winery #3

The Memories You Take...

The Details: Inclusions: • • • •

Private transportation and guide Wine tasting Fees Lunch at winery #2 Pick up within 1 hour of Napa including San Francisco and Airports. • 2 Nights Stay at Luxury Hotel

Exclusions: • Guide gratuities • Extended transportation service for dinner Currently, no services are on hold. Wineries subject to change or client preferences.

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Napa or Sonoma... Why not try both?