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2011 Annual Report Eanes Independent School District

Full Steam Ahead! The new school year brings a sense of excitement that fills our campuses and the community. With this excitement, we at Eanes ISD look forward to improving on our successes of 2010-11 and continuing our tradition of excellence.

It is with drive and determination that our students and staff overcame the doom and gloom coming from the legislature last year to attain impressive results inside and outside the classroom. As the new school year continues with a $3.7 million decrease in state funding, thankfully, our Board of Trustees and administrators began preparing early to decrease expenditures and increase revenue. This planning and preparation helps ease what could have been a drastic situation. No doubt, we will face more challenges ahead, but be assured that our Board of Trustees and staff will keep students at the forefront of any decisions made. The passage of the May bond referendum helps tremendously during this budget crisis. Bond funds are not recaptured by the state, which is valuable for taxpayers in that every dollar raised can be used for District projects. With these bond projects funded, students in Eanes ISD will leave our District better equipped to face their next chapter, both in what they have learned and the manner in which they learn.

This progress report is an opportunity for the District to boast its accomplishments, show how we rank across the state and nation and what we plan to do in our quest to constantly improve.

Thank you for your support and for helping us to provide a top notch education for our students. Sincerely,

Nola Wellman, Ph.D. Superintendent of Schools

District Points of Pride Eanes ISD was rated Exemplary by the State of Texas for the third consecutive year. Statewide, only 44 districts (4.3 percent) earned the honor, a dramatic drop from 241 districts last year. Eanes ISD is the second largest Exemplary district in the state. Eight Eanes ISD campuses were rated Exemplary. Statewide, only 14.5 percent were designated as Exemplary, down from 31.1 percent last year. Exemplary schools are: Barton Creek Elementary, Bridge Point Elementary, Cedar Creek Elementary, Eanes Elementary, Forest Trail Elementary, Valley View Elementary, Hill Country Middle School and Westlake High School. West Ridge Middle School was tabbed as Recognized. All four Eanes ISD Child Development Centers achieved national accreditation equivalent to the US Blue Ribbon honor and TEA Exemplary rating. The centers at

Barton Creek, Cedar Creek, Eanes and Valley View were recognized.

Overall results on TAKS tests continue to be extremely strong and show improvement in many areas. In 23 of 27 categories of grade level and subject, 98 percent or more of students met the standard. At least 94 percent of Eanes ISD students passed every test given, including 100 percent of students in fourth-grade Writing, fifth-grade Reading and Math, 10th-grade Social Studies, and 11th grade Social Studies.

Eanes ISD had an extremely high number of students who scored at the Commended level, which only allows a student to miss a minimal number of answers. On 23 of 27 tests, more than 50 percent of Eanes students scored at the Commended level. On 11 tests, more than 70 percent scored at the Commended level.

Champion and also the National Champion!

• Bridge Point Elementary students read 340,233 total pages in the Bookspring Read-a-thon, capturing first place in the region and raising $24,064 for Austin’s neediest children. • 100% of Valley View students participated in the Marathon Kids program.

Campus Points of Pride • Westlake is ranked 72 by Newsweek’s 2011 list of the top 1,300 schools in America and has been included on the list every year it has been published.

• Westlake has had one senior selected as a U.S. Presidential Scholar each of the past four years. • Westlake had 44 National Merit scholar finalists for 2010-11. Another 37 students were designated as Commended.

• Westlake had nine National Hispanic Recognition Program Finalists. These students were recognized by the National Hispanic Recognition Program (a part of the College Board) for their outstanding PSAT/NMSQT scores and their GPAs. • Westlake also had a semifinalist in the 2011 National Achievement Scholarship program, an academic competition for Black American high school students. • The Austin Chamber of Commerce recognized Eanes ISD as

having the highest direct to college enrollment rate in Central Texas with 87 percent. This is the third consecutive year for this honor.

• Barton Creek Elementary, Forest Trail Elementary and West Ridge Middle School were named to the 2010 Texas Business and Education Coalition Honor Roll. The TBEC Honor Roll includes less than 4% of Texas public schools and is awarded for sustained academic excellence. • Three Cedar Creek Elementary students placed first in the inventor competition at the TCEA Area Robotics competition, becoming the first Cedar Creek students to advance to state in the program’s two-year history.

• Hill Country MS students garnered 54 individual medals, 9 first place trophies and 11 second-andthird place cerNational Merit Finalists tificates at the UIL (Top 1/2 of one percent on Academic Meet. 11th grade PSAT) HCMS placed second in 6th, 7th 2007: 20 and 8th grades as 2008: 25 well as second in 2009: 28 the overall compe2010: 32 2011: 44 (37 commended) tition. • Students from West Ridge Middle School Future City Engineering team won First Place at the Central Texas Regional competition. The Future City contest endeavors to inspire students to explore concepts and careers in engineering. • WRMS students were the National School Team Gold medalists in the American Scholastic Achievement League. One Wildcat was named the State of Texas

• Valley View Elementary fifth grade library volunteers conducted a book drive to support literacy both locally and in Africa. They sold books during the lunch hour, and raised more than $200 to purchase new books in Kenya for the Mahiga Hope School library. • Barton Creek Elementary was ranked in the top five elementary schools for the greater Austin Area by the Houston-based Children At Risk Foundation for the 4th consecutive year.

The 2011 Bond Program is well underway after the $54 million bond package passed in May. Eanes ISD continues to work on prioritizing bond program projects and developing a timeline that will cause as little disruption to students as possible.

Some projects were completed over the summer, including replacing flooring in the cafeteria at Barton Creek Elementary, painting in Westlake High School and installing safety features in Chaparral Stadium. Some Americans with Disabilities (ADA) projects are in the design phase, and some technology purchases, such as iPads at Westlake HS, have also been procured so that teachers and students had them for the start of school. In addition, 400 computers were purchased and imaged and more than 1800 computers were upgraded with more memory.

Bond Program Update

Other projects such as playground upgrades are being scoped to further define costs so the projects can then begin the bid process. A final timeline of the three-year bond program is online under the Bond Program section. Eanes ISD cleared the way on construction of the Adult Transition Services (ATS) building, which will serve the District’s young adults with special needs during their transition from post-high school to the adult world. The program focuses on assisting these young adults in developing vocational and independent living skills.

By the Numbers 2011 ACT Scores

2011 SAT Scores 1792



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1800 1700 1600 1500 1400 1300 1200





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The District’s Bond Oversight Committee (BOC), led by Ms. Vilma Luna, continues to monitor the progress of the projects to ensure the effective and efficient use of bond proceeds.

Project updates and BOC agendas and meetings are available online:

Eanes ISD

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Construction for the middle school fields begins in November and is scheduled to be completed in March. Both fields will have synthetic turf installed, saving the District up to $70,000 per field annually in maintenance and operations.

Board of Trustees Dr. James “Kal” Kallison, President Ellen Balthazar, Vice President Rob Hargett, Secretary Paul Stone, Past President Dr. Colleen Jones Ronna Martin Beau Ross Administration Dr. Nola Wellman, Superintendent Bill Bechtol, Asst. Superintendent, Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment Larry Keiser, Asst. Superintendent, Business Services Lester Wolff, Asst. Superintendent, Human Resources

Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment Strong instructional programs in core subject areas are complemented by a wide variety of elective options. Specialized programs meet student needs and allow students to reach their highest potential. • Curriculum at Eanes ISD is based on the concept of “vertical alignment,” which coordinates curriculum from grade level to grade level. This “12 through K” approach considers what skills and knowledge a graduate needs to succeed in college and career, then challenges teachers to provide students with the tools needed to succeed at each grade level leading to graduation. • Instruction prepares students for challenges they will face in a fastpaced world influenced by forces such as multiple information sources, globalization and advancing technology. High school courses supporting this focus include Chinese, Robotics, Health Science Technology and Film Production. An Independent Mentorship course also allows students to gain real-world experience.

• Westlake High School students may choose from numerous Advanced Placement courses, as all but one AP course is offered. All students are encouraged to take AP exams to potentially earn college credit. Last year, 3,104 AP tests were taken. • Eanes ISD provides specially designed instructional supports for students with disabilities who are

eligible for Special Education services. This full range of supports, provided in the least restrictive environment possible, are available for grades 12-K on every campus. Special Education students who participated in the TAKS Exit test last year showed significant improvement when compared to the performance of the same class on the 10th grade test from the previous year.


District Goals 1. All students achieving higher levels of performance through improved instruction and assess- ment.

2. Differentiated learning opportu- nities that prepare students for the future and inspire them to realize their highest personal and educational potential.

3. A technologically-rich educa- tional environment that enhances individual learning.

4. A safe, secure and supportive learning environment that allows students to be productive, creative and successful. 5. Exemplary employees who are actively committed to and sup- ported in improving their practice. 6. An effective and efficient alloca- tion of resources to meet the district’s prioritized needs.

7. The engagement of the community in meaningful ways.

• Special Education students who have completed the required credits and graduate under an Individual Education Plan, but need additional instruction to transition to adult living, may attend the Adult Transition Services Program. Students spend the majority of their instructional day in work or independent living activities.

• Elementary students who require a higher level of challenge are provided differentiated instruction to meet their needs. The Eanes ISD Gifted and Talented program offers opportunities for students to maximize their creative and intellectual abilities throughout elementary and middle school.

Secondary students take Advanced Placement or Pre-AP courses.

• Through Early Intervention services, campus staff implement instructional supports to help students with skill deficits in Reading or Math. The purpose of these services is to avoid students falling behind their peers and to reduce the need for Special Education services in later grades.

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Outside of the Classroom • The WHS Orchestra received the Gold Award at Festival Disney in Orlando, Florida.

• The Hill Country MS Orchestras won Sweepstakes at their UIL competition, marking perfect scores.

• The WHS Robotics team qualified for the State/Regional contest for the third consecutive year, winning several first place and best robot awards. Eanes ISD offers a variety of activities outside of the classroom that help to provide a well-rounded education. Students excel in academic clubs, athletics and fine arts, to name a few.

• Two Westlake HS Destination Imagination Teams advanced to Globals . One team placed 8th in world, another received a score of “excellent” that translates into a 6th place win for their overall score.

• The 2010 El Paisano was named a Crown Award Finalist by the Columbia Scholastic Press Association. • The Final Draft: Hullabaloo won the Highest Award rank to recognize excellence in student literary magazines. Magazines were received from 413 schools; Westlake HS was one of only two Texas schools to receive this award.

• Students from the West Ridge MS Future City Engineering team won first place at the Central Texas Regional competition.

• The Westlake HS Girls Golf team captured its second consecutive state championship. • The WHS Volleyball team went 10-0 in District, and finished as a state regional finalist.

• WHS Baseball, Girls Cross Country, Golf, Swimming, Tennis and Girls Track were District Champions while Football was CoChampion. Girls Soccer was an Area Finalist, Team Tennis a regional semifinalist and Boys Golf a state tournament qualifier. • The Westlake HS Band finished in top 10 in state competition.

Eanes ISD Staff... Have an average of 13 years of experience 52 percent have 11+ years experience 39.7 percent have advanced degrees

Staff Honors Eanes Elementary math teacher Elizabeth Hudgins was named a recipient of the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching. Hudgins was one of 85 math and science teachers in the nation to receive the award, which earned her $10,000 from the National Science Foundation. Westlake HS teacher Denise DeMartino received a Presidential Scholars Teacher Recognition Award from the Department of Education after being identified the Presidential Scholar’s most influential teacher.

Westlake HS teacher Robert Witowski was selected for the Teachers for Global Classrooms Program, a program of the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the U.S. Department of State. More than 300 teachers applied from 45 U.S. states and Mr. Witowski was among 65 teachers who were selected to participate.

Financial Summary Eanes ISD faces the ongoing challenge of funding the high-quality education expected in the Eanes community and last year’s state financial crisis put even more of a strain on operations. As expenses rise and the cost to operate a classroom increases as a result of inflation, the district’s revenue from the state remains capped at a level that does not take these factors into account. Eanes ISD continues to have more than half of its tax revenue recaptured by

the state. At this point, District priorities include preserving instructional programs, maintaining a competitive position with teacher and staff salaries, and reducing class size when possible. However, tough decisions will have to be made over the next few years, as news from the state legislature proved detrimental. Support from Booster Clubs/Parent Teacher Organizations help address material needs at individual campuses.

2011-12 Budgeted Revenues 12%

The Eanes Education Foundation provides crucial financial support for staffing on a district-wide level. In 2011, EEF’s record-breaking grant of $1.19 million will help fund teacher positions, as well as the Partnership for Teacher Excellence Program that reimburses half of tuition costs to teachers seeking master’s degrees.

2011-12 Budgeted Expenditures

1% 2% 1%

4% 3% 9%

48% Recapture

Property Taxes Property State Taxes Revenue State Revenue

Other Local Revenue


Property Tax Revenue State Revenue Other Local Revenue Other Resources Federal Revenue TOTAL

Instructional Admin/Operations

Other Local Revenue


Federal Federal

Student Services

Student Services

Instr. Leadership Instr. Leadership

Other Resources


Instructional Recapture

Other Resources

95,991,789 13,624,037 2,514,384 1,181,318 1,126,582 $114,438,110

Recapture Payment Instructional Administration & Operations Student Services Instructional Leadership TOTAL

53,756,309 40,036,595 10,543,722 4,561,215 3,510,304 $112,408,145

Permit No. 2501 Austin, Texas

Eanes Independent School District 601 Camp Craft Rd. Austin, TX 78746

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2011 Annual Report  
2011 Annual Report  

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