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Do you have a passion that needs guidance? Food? Nature? Cycling? Photography? Art? Israel? If you answered yes to any of these questions, Puzzle Israel's Summer Teen Tour is just for you! Choose one of the four specialty tracks; photography, cycling, culinary, or art, and start your Israeli summer adventure. Our goal is to help nurture your passions and bring them to life!



Who is in charge of the Summer Teen Tour? Nir Margalith and Guy Marom, along with their dedicated staff of specialized mentors.


Nir Margalith, co-founder and Guy Marom, co-founder and

CEO, grew up in Yuvalim in the Lower Galilee. Hikes and trips through nature have always been in his soul, and over the years he has traveled extensively with his family, friends, and on his own. Nir has always been passionate about cooking and cuisine and after years of kitchen experience, Nir established his own catering company that now works in cooperation with Puzzle Israel. Every single day Nir makes a habit of taking a moment to explore new areas, discover new places and meet new people. Nir has led cooking workshops for kids and has worked at three summer camps in Israel, including one for children with special needs. Nir is passionate about investing in the future generations, as well as strengthening their connection to the land he calls “home.”

president, was born and raised in Koranit in the Lower Galilee. Guy’s appreciation for nature and love for Israel stems from his grandparents’ history, who helped build Israel with their own hands. Guy loves horseback riding, cooking, traveling, music, and has a B.A in behavioural sciences from Bar Ilan University. Guy’s extensive travels around the world have given him a fresh perspective on Israel and an understanding of what makes his homeland unique. Guy’s passion for creating a summer camp has long been in the making. Horseback therapy for children with special needs or violent backgrounds and counseling teen tours are a few of Guy’s previous experiences with guiding children. Guy is a certified paramedic and served in a special unit of the IDF. 5

What you need to know about our Summer Teen Tour Q. How much does the tour cost? A. $5,750 Q. How long is the tour? A. 21 full days & 21 nights Q. How many staff members are with the group at any given time? A. 3 staff members & 4 mentors Q. How will the group get from point A to B? A. With a van/bus - depending on size of group Q. How large will the group be? A. 15-20 participants Q. Where are we going to sleep? A. In 3-star hotels, campgrounds, and hosting families Q. Do I need to choose a specialty group before I come? A. Yes Q. How old do I need to be to participate in the tour? A. 14-17 years Q. Why choose the Puzzle Israel Teen Tour? A. Because the tour combines Israel's must-sees, for those who are visiting for the first time, and also includes many activities and destinations that you would never reach without the experienced guidance of Puzzle Israel! 6


Week 1 - Northern Israel Day 1: Sunday, June 28 › › › › › › › › › ›

Pick up from airport by Puzzle Israel staff members. Travel from Tel Aviv to Vered Hagalil Guest Farm. Group breakfast and opening session at the Vered HaGalil horse ranch. Ice breakers - trust activities. Horseback riding with explanations and fantastic views of the Kinneret. Group lunch - get to know your new friends. Split into four groups for bonding activities. Each group will go over the tour itinerary. Group dinner - more time for mingling. Fun musical evening and group discussion. Accommodations at the Vered Hagalil Guest Farm.

Day 2: Monday, June 29 › › › › › › › › › › › ›

Breakfast and pack lunches for the day. Discover the revolutionary robotic cowshed with a tour and explanation of the facilities. Get your hands busy with a cheese-making workshop. Travel to the ancient Jewish city of Gamla. Visit one of the largest waterfalls in Israel. Admire the view from the viewpoint overlooking the Gamla vulture colony. Tour the historical ruins at the Gamla site. Enjoy an interactive activity portraying the story of Gamla. Travel to the Yehudiah campsite, set up camp*. Cooking how-to: interactive outdoor cooking workshop. Group dinner around the campfire. Q and A session with army veterans of the Second Lebanon War and discussion about the strategic importance of the Golan Heights.

* All group camping equipment will be provided by Puzzle Israel. Public facilities will be accessible to participants on campsite.



Day 3: Tuesday, June 30 Joint activities › › ›

Group breakfast + pack lunches for the day. Enjoy an exciting jeep trip along the northern borders of the Golan Heights. Split into specialty groups.

Art Group › ›

Ancient art activities at Kibbutz Hukuk: basket weaving, soapmaking, mosaic project, carpet looming, and more. Drive to the Galilee.

Culinary Group › › › › ›

Welcome to the Wild West of Israel. Visit Kibbutz Ein Zivan and meet the local farmers. Lend a hand to the local cowboys! Yeehaw! Cooking how-to: BBQ workshop at Gillis Restaurant in southern Ramat HaGolan hosted with Puzzle chef Nir Margalith and Gillis home chef. Drive to the Galilee.

Cycling Group › › › › › ›


First morning ride through Mas’ade - a local Druze village stopping for tastings of local delicacies along the way. Continue the ride through the scenic route of the colorful Odem Forest. Take a dip in one of the ancient Syrian pools followed by a picnic lunch en route. Ride through the city of Katzrin and take a tour of the ancient Katzrin Park. Cycle down the famous snake roads to the shores of the Sea of Galilee (Kinneret). Drive to the Galilee.


Photography Group › › › ›

How-to: photography workshop focusing on the special Hula Valley wildlife. Learn from the bird specialists about bird life, and how to help preserve the organic nature of the National Park . Head to Safed to embark on a cultural artists' journey: meet local artisans and photograph beautiful ancient ruins in the Artists' Colony. Drive to the Galilee.

Joint activities › ›

Meet peers from the Galilee and spend your evening hosted by their families. Accommodations at hosting families.

Day 4: Wednesday, July 1 Joint activities › ›

Breakfast at hosting families. Split into specialty groups.

Art + Photography Groups › › ›

Hike the circumference of Mt. Meron and capture its beauty using different materials: acrylics, pastels, and more. Make your own decorative postcards to send home to your friends and family. Capture the artist as his paintbrush strokes his paper.

Art Group › ›


Hike to a nearby spring and learn various water-painting techniques. Head to Achziv Beach.

Photography Group › › ›

Visit Hurfeish, a quaint Druze town, and enjoy a traditional Druze Lunch and tour of the village. Visit the Circassians museum and capture the ancient history through film. Head to Achziv Beach.

Culinary Group › › › › › › › ›

Travel to the Western Galilee. Cooking how-to: learn how to make your own tea at Moshav Betzet. Enjoy a delicious Israeli breakfast. Climb up the Montfort Fortress and participate in a walking tour of the site. Lunch break. Hike to Tamir Spring. Cooking how-to: experience sheep milking and making homemade yogurt. Head to Achziv Beach.


Cycling group › › › ›

Begin your day with an early ride on the single trails of the Misgav Forest. Picnic lunch break. Continue your ride toward the Mediterranean shore from the lower Galilee to the northwestern Galilee. Finish the ride at the Achziv beach.

Joint activities › › ›

Set up campsite while enjoying the magnificent Mediterranean sunset*. Group dinner at campsite. Musical activities around a campfire.

Day 5: Thursday, July 2 › › › › › › › › ›

Group breakfast on the beach. Enjoy a cool summer breeze on a private yacht sail along Acre's ancient city walls. Get your taste buds ready for a culinary tour of Acre's open market. Cooking how-to: choosing the freshest fish in the market. Get your hummus on! Find the best hummus in town! Drive to the Jezreel Valley through the ancient city of Tzipori. Learn about the first settlers of Israel, following the ancient landmarks of the region. Group dinner - make your own pizza! Accommodations in Kfar Tabor guest house.

* All group camping equipment will be provided by Puzzle Israel. Public facilities will be accessible to participants on campsite.



Day 6: Friday, July 3 › › › › › › › › ›

Early morning yoga practice (optional activity). Group breakfast at the guest house. Begin the journey to "the Arab capital of Israel", Nazareth, stopping at scenic lookout to hear an explanation of the Galilee settlements and local Arab agriculture. In Nazareth, experience Muslim and Christian cultural lessons and admire the unique example of co-existence that exists in the city. Visit the Church of the Annunciation, Mount Precipice, and a local Mosque. Group lunch in Nazareth. Preparation activities for Shabbat. Festive group Shabbat dinner. Accommodations at the HaOn guest house on the Kinneret.

Day 7: Saturday, July 4 › › › › › › › ›


Enjoy a late sleep in. Group breakfast at the guest house. Interactive activity learning about the 'Kibbutznik' lifestyle in the Galilee. Free time on the Kinneret beach. Get wild with water-sports activities on the fresh waters of the Kinneret. Group dinner combined with a Hebrew lesson. Warm up your vocal chords for a musical evening and jam session. Accommodations at the HaOn guest house on the Kinneret.

Overlooking the Sea of Galilee 17

Week 2 - Central Israel Day 8: Sunday, July 5 › › › › › › ›

Group breakfast on the Kinneret beach. Drive to Mt. Gilboa and hike around the peak. Meet the local Bedouin community. Cooking how-to: Dolmas Galore! (Filled grape leaves) Head to the artists' colony in Ein Hod. End the evening, eating dinner, in a local 800-year-old fortress. Accommodations in Nachsholim.

Day 9: Monday, July 6 › › › › › › ›

Group breakfast in Nachsholim. Begin the day working in the fields of Ofer Farm with the local community of individuals with disabilities. Outdoor educational activity: Bal Tashchit (do not waste/destroy), Shomrei Adamah (Guardians of the Earth), and Tikkun Olam (repairing the world). Head to Tel Aviv. Visit and tour at the Palmach Museum. Free night out at the Tel Aviv-Yafo Port. Accommodations at Jaffa Guest House.

Day 10: Tuesday, July 7 Joint activities › › ›


Group breakfast at the guest house. Overview of the Old City of Jaffa. Split into specialty groups.

Art Group › › ›

Out with Nature: Hike from Ha’Yarkon Park to the beach, gathering materials from nature to build your own hanging mobile! Bedazzle yourself: Create your own macramé amulet with crystals and colorful beads, while learning the spiritual significance of wearing artifacts from nature. Fashion tour Tel Aviv: Meet local fashion designers and learn about their work in an urban setting.

Culinary Group › ›

Visit the famous Dr. Shakshuka restaurant. Visit the open market of Tel Aviv (shuk). »» Shakshuka cook-off in the shuk - let the people be the judge! › Tour the Yemenite Quarter and taste some delicious Yemenite home cooking.

Cycling Group › › ›

Cycle along the Tel Aviv beaches toward the Tel Aviv port and Ha’Yarkon Park. Meet with a group of blind bikers and runners and join them for their daily practice. Hop back onto your bicycle and ride down the colorful streets of Tel Aviv, back to Jaffa.

Photography Group › › › ›

Capturing expressions: Photograph people in their natural environment; eating, reacting, in-motion, portraits, etc. Visit Tel Aviv's shuk, capturing the motion, colors, and general atmosphere of the place. Photograph the culinary group's 'shakshuka cook-off' in the shuk. Tour the Yemenite Quarter and taste some delicious Yemenite home cooking.

Joint activities › › ›

Group dinner at the guest house. Meet with local musicians and enjoy an evening filled with Israeli music. Accommodations at Jaffa Guest House. 19

Day 11: Wednesday, July 9 Joint activities › ›

Group breakfast at the guest house. Split into specialty groups.

Art Group › ›

Urban Art - Tikkun Olam Graffiti Art Project. Make your own magnets using fimo, fabrics, plastic, and more.

Culinary Group › › › ›

Cooking how-to: Make different chocolate delights; pralines, truffles, mousse, and more. Meet one of Israel's leading chocolatiers - Roi Geva of ChocoLoco - handmade chocolate. Practice your Hebrew and find all of dinner’s ingredients in a produce scavenger hunt. Cooking how-to: Ice cream, gelato, sorbet, yogurt, and more!

Cycling Group ›

Drive to Lachish Fortress and learn how professional cycling groups work together to boost their cycling performance.

Photography Group › ›

How does color change our perception of the world? Play with different filters and capture the city in black and white. Head to Jaffa's flea market and find your inspiration: Choose a person or couple, and photo-document their story.

Joint activities › › › 20

Group dinner at the guest house. Evening beach activities. Accommodations at Jaffa Guest House.

Taking a perfect picture of the Western Wall


Day 12: Thursday, July 9 › › › › › › ›

Group breakfast at the guest house. Drive to Jerusalem. Begin the day at the Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum. Climb Mt. Herzl and stop for lunch on the way. Visit the National Cemetery of Israel. Final Session at Israel's House of Parliament (Knesset). Accommodations at Beit Shmuel guest house.

Day 13: Friday, July 10 › › › › › ›

Group breakfast at the guest house. Feast your eyes and stomach with a tasting tour at the Mahane Yehuda open market (shuk). Enjoy lunch in the shuk at Mama Restaurant - a slow cooked, hearty meal. »» Each group will create a course for a picnic Shabbat lunch to be eaten together the next day. Head to the Kotel and Kotel Tunnels - experience the enchanting atmosphere as the Old City dwellers prepare for Shabbat. Back to the guest house; free time to relax. Accommodations at Beit Shmuel guest house.

Day 14: Saturday, July 11 › › › › › ›


Group breakfast at the guest house. Art group takes lead of today’s morning group activity. Shabbat picnic lunch with the dishes prepared by the group. Free time to relax. Evening out on Ben Yehuda St.; music, shopping, and street performances. Accommodations at Beit Shmuel guest house.


Week 3 - Southern Israel Day 15: Sunday, July 12 › ›

Group breakfast at the guest house. Take a guided tour of Jerusalem walking through the old and new streets and alleyways. Learn about the different cultures of Israel on a tour through the quarters of the Old City of Jerusalem. Visit the Muslim Market, Jewish Quarter, and the Christian Via Dolorosa. Finish the day watching the sunset from the Mt. of Olives Promenade. Accommodations at Beit Shmuel guest house.

› › › ›

Day 16: Monday, July 13 Joint activities › ›

Group breakfast at the guest house. Split into specialty groups.

Art Group › › › › ›

Reduce, reuse, recycle - how to make art from composted items. Fabric - make your own shopping bags from old t-shirts. Make new clothes from old discarded clothing. Plastic - make your own sculpture using paper mache. Paper - make new paper from old paper. »» Make greeting cards to send home to your family. »» Make your own piñata. »» Make your own puppets.

Culinary Group › › 24

Head to the shuk to purchase ingredients for dinner. Spend the day in the kitchen, preparing group dinner, following recipes from the Puzzle Israel Teen Tour 2015 Cookbook.

Cycling Group › ›

Spend the day cycling through the Ben Shemen Forest. How to read maps and their legends: Learn navigation basics.

Photography Group › ›

Food Photography workshop - to be used in the Puzzle Israel Teen Tour 2015 Cookbook. Learn the techniques, useful methods, and the lighting and styling of a food photo shoot.

Joint activities › ›

Group dinner at the guest house. Accommodations at Beit Shmuel guest house.

Day 17: Tuesday, July 14 Joint activities › ›

Group breakfast at the guest house. Split into specialty groups.

Art Group › ›

Tour the Bezalel School of Arts and Design in Jerusalem. Spend the day in an artist's home in the German Colony working on group giveaway.

Culinary Group › › ›

Wake up at 2am to attend a morning bakery workshop; bake challah, bread, pastries, and more. Return to guest house and go back to sleep after the night's interrupted rest. Turkish delight workshop in the Muslim Quarter.

Cycling Group ›

Putting our navigation skills to test: navigate your way through the Jerusalem Forest and discover the magical hidden springs along the way. 25

Photography Group ›

Spend the day in the studio: learn how to edit and create the Puzzle Israel Teen Tour 2015 slide-show and postcards.

Joint activities › › ›

Group dinner in the German Colony. Return to guest house for a relaxing evening. Accommodations at Beit Shmuel guest house.

Day 18: Wednesday, July 15 › › › › › › › › › ›

Early wake-up, breakfast, and head to Masada. Recharge yourself with a sunrise hike/yoga exercise on top of Masada. Discover the ruins of this ancient fortification. Late morning hike through the waterfalls of “David’s Riverbed”. Lunch at a Moroccan restaurant by the water. Spend the afternoon floating on the Dead Sea's water, covered in soothing mud... Enjoy being in the lowest place on earth! Head to a nearby Bedouin village to set up camp. Interactive cooking class and Bedouin-style homemade dinner. Evening of star-gazing and singing around the campfire. Accommodations on campsite*.

Day 19: Thursday, July 16 › › › › › › › ›

Start the day at a magnificent observation point overlooking the makhteshim (craters). Group breakfast and pack up camp. Camel ride through the desert. Topography and navigation lessons. Group scavenger hunt - teams are awarded prizes after completing the different tasks. Head back to Tel Aviv. Clean Eating - healthy cooking workshop with Chef Chanah Auerbach. Accommodations at Montefiore Hotel, Tel Aviv, or similar.

* All group camping equipment will be provided by Puzzle Israel. Public facilities will be accessible to participants on campsite.


Day 20: Friday, July 17 › › › › › ›

Group breakfast at the hotel. Head to Tel Aviv's open market to pick up ingredients for a group familystyle lunch on the beach. Return to hotel and relax, preparing for Shabbat. Group dinner at the hotel. Relaxing evening with guest speaker. Accommodations at Montefiore Hotel, Tel Aviv, or similar.

Day 21: Saturday, July 18 › › › › › › ›

Enjoy your last late sleep in. Group breakfast at the hotel. Start the day with a rejuvenating walk along the sandy Tel Aviv beaches. Group lunch at the hotel. Free time. Closing session with mentors and staff. Final banquet and dance party!

A magical sunrise at Masada 27

Important Resources › For additional questions, please contact Nir Margalith at: Email: nir@puzzleisrael.com Israel: +972.52.223.1323 US: 215.764.6412 › Puzzle Israel website for sample itineraries, ideas, testimonials, and pictures: www.puzzleisrael.com › We will do our utmost to ensure that the information on our website is as accurate as possible. However, pictures and descriptions are representations and not a guarantee that everything will be exactly as described or operational year round.




Terms & Conditions

Tour in Israel does not include

Land Cost

Food and Beverages

› The total land price based on a group of 12 participants or more for the full 21-day itinerary is $5750 US per person. › The total price includes VAT. › Singly supplement - $1550 US. › The total land price for participation in 14 full days of the program is $4750 (minimum duration for participation in the tour).

Terms of Payment for Land Service › Reservations can only be confirmed once the non-refundable deposit of 10% has been paid by credit card at the time of booking. › Final and full payment is required 45 days prior to arrival. › Payment accepted by Pay Pal check in the mail to Israel or wire transfer. › All above prices and all payments must be made in US dollars.

Arrival and Departure › Puzzle Israel provides participants with two options for arrival and departure to Israel: 1. Participant will join flight accompanied by a Puzzle Israel representative. 2. Participant will arrive on his/her own. › Flight details will follow.

Touring Services Include › VIP meeting / assistance upon arrival. Puzzle driver will await you as you exit customs. › Transportation services for all tour sites and destinations per itinerary. › 21 days touring with a professional Englishspeaking tour guide, specialized mentors highly fluent in English, and Puzzle Israel's logistics services. › All tour coordination services. › All entrance fees to national parks, museums and visiting centers. › Specified activities and attractions as listed in the itinerary. › Transfer to and from Tel Aviv Ben Gurion Airport by van.


› › › ›

Cost of round trip airfare to and from Israel. Any expenses of a personal nature. Meals and dinners in restaurants as mentioned. Insurance for baggage, personal items, health coverage and trip cancellation and interruption is not included, but is highly recommended. We suggest obtaining coverage through your local travel agent.

› Bottles of mineral water will be provided to participants on the bus each morning. › All breakfasts are included in total price. › Out of the 21 tour days, Puzzle Israel provides participants with 17 lunches and 17 dinners, all catered by Margolis Catering. › 15 meals are not included in total price. Participants are required to bring with them enough allowance to cover costs of meals. › Approximate meal prices according to region: › Lunch in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem: $15 US per person. › Dinner in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem: $30-$40 US per person. › Lunch in Haifa: $10-$15 US per person.

Accommodations › As listed in itinerary. › Hotel accommodations are in three star hotels. › At hotels/guest houses the sleeping arrangement will be three participants per room. In some cases there will be shared accommodations for the whole group.

Safety and Health › Please inform us in advance if you have any dietary restrictions or food allergies. We will make every effort to accommodate to any special restrictions. › A certified paramedic will accompany the group 24/7. Any required personal medication will be available to participants at all times of day and night. › In case of a medical emergency, participants will be evacuated to a medical facility within 30 minutes.

Please note › Each specialty group will open with a minimum of four participants. If this number is not reached, participants will need to choose a different specialty group to join. › Photography group - participants are required to bring their own entry-level/semiprofessional camera with them.

› Cycling group - bicycles will be provided. › The above suggested program includes many elements that have not yet been booked. They are pending final booking and confirmation. As such, there may be slight changes in the final program. The above cost is subject to change at any time as per notice from hotels and other suppliers of services. If the number of participants and/or rooming arrangements and/or flights schedules are changed, an additional supplement may apply.

The Tour Day The above proposal has been quoted based on the itinerary, mileage and hours designated per day, and the other touring elements noted above. The base tour day is based on a maximum of ten hours per day. Any additional charges will be billed to the customer’s credit card at the end of the trip and must be settled locally prior to departure from Israel. Should you decide to extend your stay at the end of the program and require a taxi to join the group; this arrangement will be at your own expense.

Gratuity in Israel › It is customary to tip your Israeli guide some $20 - $50 US per day, per guide. (This sum depends on the size of the group and the number of guides assigned. The usual policy is 1 guide per 20 participants.) › We ask parents to send with their daughter/son $200 US in cash to cover all gratuity expenses.

Passport Validity All passports need to be valid for at least six months from the date of departure from the US.

Puzzle Israel Cancellation Policies › Any cancellations or requests for refund must be submitted in writing and will only be considered in effect as of the date received. › Up to 45 days before arrival date full refund will be made less the nonrefundable deposit of 10% as indicated. › Within 10 days prior to arrival - the payment becomes 100% non-refundable. › Cancellation of various elements in the program less than 48 hours prior to the event will result in the payment made being 100% non-refundable.

NEW VAT TAX REGULATIONS Please be aware that according to the new Israeli tax laws, being strictly enforced by all hotels, all guests holding Israeli citizenship, even those with

dual citizenship/passports both for individual travelers and guests part of a group, or invited local guests, will be charged the applicable VAT tax. Therefore the necessary documentation must be received from the participants within 14 days prior to arrival in order to finalize the bill. Should this information not be provided in a timely manner, we reserve the right to charge the VAT accordingly.

Responsibility Puzzle Israel (hereinafter called the Tour Coordinator), acts only as an agent for the various companies, owners or contractors providing the means of transportation, accommodation and other travel services. All exchange orders, coupons and tickets are offered subject to the Terms and Conditions under which such services are offered or provided. The issuance and acceptance of such tickets shall constitute your acceptance of the terms and conditions as set out. The airline and transportation companies concerned are not to be held responsible for any act; omission or event during the time passengers are not on board their planes or conveyances. The Tour Coordinator reserves the right to cancel/alter any part of the itinerary above as may be found desirable for the proper execution of the tour and the safety and comfort of the passengers. This without penalty to the Tour Coordinator itself. The Tour Coordinator reserves the right to change any hotel/s listed and replace with a property of a similar category if circumstances necessitate. Additional expenses, if any, shall be borne by the passenger/s. The right is reserved to decline to accept or retain any person as a member of any group at any time should they require services beyond those which can be provided. If room requirements are altered due to cancellation of one or more passengers, the passengers still traveling must pay the applicable rate for the accommodation to be occupied. If you must leave the tour early, regardless of reason, no refunds will be granted for unused services. Participants should expect to pay extra for the use of facilities such as sauna, health clubs, safety deposit box, etc. Regardless of the flight arrival or departure time, most hotels have a check in between 1 PM – 4 PM. Requests for immediate check in outside of the normal check in hours will be subject to additional fees levied by the hotel. Prices quoted are based on current tariffs and rates of exchange and are subject to change without prior notice. We reserve the right to cancel a departure should there be an insufficient number of participants to make the tour viable.


Israel US

+972.52.226.1323 215.764.6412

info@puzzleisrael.com www.puzzleisrael.com


Profile for Puzzle Israel

Puzzle Israel Summer Teen Tour  

Specialty summer camp, split into four tracks, for those looking to enhance their passion and skills in cycling, culinary arts, photography,...

Puzzle Israel Summer Teen Tour  

Specialty summer camp, split into four tracks, for those looking to enhance their passion and skills in cycling, culinary arts, photography,...