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Child ate an apple with an awesome alligator.


Chad Love Mommy & Daddy

Chad jumped out of bed and ran to the calendar. He drew a big red X on January 10, his birthday. Today he was 5 years old in 2010 and couldn‛t wait for his birthday party this afternoon. His mother promised there would be a surprise. He wondered what it could be. Maybe it would be a clown, or a petting zoo, or even a huge moon jump for everyone at his party.

Chad hurried to the kitchen. He knew when he finished eating mom would start decorating the table. He gulped down his breakfast of cereal and juice and then changed from his pajamas into clothes. “Mom, when can we get ready for my party?” asked Chad. “Is it time for me to make favor bags with the curly blowers, whistles, and party hats?” “Yes,” answered mom. “ Go ahead and fill the favor bags. I‛ll set the table and dad will blow up balloons.”

Mom put a birthday party tablecloth on the table and placed plates, cups, and forks on it. Then she placed Chad‛s birthday cake in the middle of the table. Dad huffed and puffed until he had ten balloons blown up for the party celebration.

The ďŹ rst guests to arrive was Brent and Ryan. Soon all his friends were there, and each one brought a gift for Chad.

“When will the surprise come?” asked Chad. “You‛ll soon find out,” said Mom.

“It‛s time for Pin-the-Tail-on-the-Donkey,” announced Dad. “Chad, who should be first?”

Chad let his friends, Brent, and then Ryan, be blindfolded and turned around and around. Brent pinned the tail on the donkey‛s nose. Ryan pinned the tail on the donkey‛s foot. After everyone had a turn, Chad was the winner. He pinned the donkey‛s tail right where it belonged!

“Piñata time,” said Mom. Everyone took a turn swinging a bat at the piñata. Finally Chad hit it just right and all the candy fell out.

Then the doorbell rang. Dad answered the door. “Chad, it‛s for you,” he called.

Standing at the door was a wizard wearing a robe, a pointed hat, and carrying a crystal ball.

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