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Love Mommy & Daddy

Welcome To Platteville

It was Christmas Eve night and Quinn was so excited because Santa was coming soon! The Christmas stockings were hung and the tree was lit. Everything was perfect!

“Quinn, time for bed!” Mom called to Quinn. “Coming! I am just leaving some cookies and milk out for Santa. He‛ll need something to keep him going. He has a busy night,” Quinn said to Mom. “OK, but don‛t forget to leave some carrots out for Rudolph and his buddies,” Mom said.

Meanwhile, up at the North Pole, Santa and his elves were busy getting Santa‛s sleigh ready. “This sack sure is big this year, “ Santa said to his chief elf, Brent. “Well big guy, there‛s been a lot of good little boys and girls this year,.” said Brent “Or the toys we make keep getting bigger, “ replied Santa.

Running furiously toward the sleigh, another elf shouted to Santa, "You almost forgot your list!" "Oh dear, I'm so excited, I can't believe I almost left it behind. Thank you so much. Said Santa. Santa hoisted the gigantic list onto the sled and shouted, "Ok reindeer, light up the night and lead the way!"

In an instant, the reindeers lifted the mighty sled into the dark night and raced to the sky above. Down below, all the little girls and boys slept in their beds, dreaming of what was yet to come tomorrow morning.

Up above, Santa cried out to Rudolph, “It‛s go time! Bring her down and let‛s get to work.” Santa landed on the first house in Platteville, and checked his list. “Brent” Of course, I remember that little camper, who was an angel all year." Santa grabbed the bag of toys, and slid down the chimney. At the Christmas tree, Santa opened the sack, found Brent's present and placed the gift next to the tree.

Quick as a flash, Santa was back in the sleigh, ready for his next delivery. Checking the list, Santa called out, “Take me to Quinn‛s house.”

Lying in bed, Quinn opened his eyes, startled by a loud noise from above. “Somebody‛s on the roof! Maybe Santa is here!” Quinn jumped out of bed and hurried downstairs.

Quinn looked around for a moment, waiting for Santa to make his grand entrance. He waited and waited, but nobody appeared. "I must have been dreaming," Quinn said to himself as he headed back upstairs.

Once the coast was clear, Santa peeked out from behind the tree. “Whoa, that was close!! That sleigh really makes a lot of noise.�

Back to work, Santa opened the sack to get Quinn's present. Looking through the sack, Santa could not find his present. “Hmmm, I know he‛s on the list. Maybe I should check it twice. Again!” Looking at the list, he read;

Brent Ryan Quinn Anjali Joanie Kris Janice Megan Scott “Oh dear,” murmured Santa as he shot back up the fireplace.

"We have a problem, ELF!" Santa said to his chief elf. "We forgot to bring Quinn's present. Say, we don't happen to have any extra presents lying around the sleigh, do we?" The ElF said, "Sorry, we don't." "Well", said Santa. "There is only one thing to do."

Santa slid down the chimney again, and made his way up to Quinn‛s room. “Quinn,” Santa whispered in his ear as he lay sound asleep. Quinn‛s eyes opened. “Santa!" “Yes, yes, shhhh, it‛s me little angel. Let‛s not wake anyone else up dear. Listen, I need you help,” said Santa. ‘Help? Me? For real? What is it? Is it really you?” Quinn excitedly asked Santa.

“Indeed it is I, and, ah..ah..ah…, you see Quinn, I have a problem.” Santa said. “Oh, Santa I‛ve tried really hard this year. I really worked on a lot of things, but my Mom says I still need to work on keeping my room clean,” Quinn said. “I hear the same thing from Mrs. C,” Santa said. “But listen, Quinn, I have some bad news. I seem to have misplaced your present.” Quinn began to cry but Santa said to him, “So, I was wondering, won‛t you drive my sleigh tonight? You know, take a little trip up to the North Pole, and pick up your present.” Quinn leapt up from the bed, grinning from ear to ear and said, “Let me get my coat.”

As they headed to the sled, Quinn stopped in the kitchen and grabbed the piles of cookies and carrots. “These are for you and the reindeers, Santa,” said Quinn. “One more reason you always make my nice list. Thank you," said Santa.

Back on the roof, Quinn and Santa jumped in the sleigh. Quick as a comet, the reindeers soared through the night sky, and led the majestic sleigh back to the North Pole. "Santa, this is the best Christmas ever. And boy, is Rudolph's nose bright! " said Quinn. "Well, let's ďŹ nd your present and make it the greatest Christmas ever. I'm glad you are having fun," said Santa.

When they arrived at the North Pole, Santa led Quinn to a huge building. "Quinn, behind this door is where all the magic happens. All the elves work extra hard here to make wonderful gifts for all the nice little boys and girls like you. Now, let's hope your present is in there." Santa opened the door and turned on the light.

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