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F O O D P O I N T FoodPoint is a mobile application for restaurant specialized for choosing a combination of healthy foods. The main objective of FoodPoint is helping users to choose a combination of healthy foods for their meal menu. The design goal of FoodPoint is to provide a simple but memorable experience for users.


The front page The FoodPoint page, acts as navigate to the button.


e welcome users with simple and calm screen. logo, which become the focus on the front s the restaurant identity. Users can easily e menu selection by clicking ‘Get Your Food’

C A T E G O R I E S The main objective of FoodPoint is helping users to choose a combination of healthy foods for their meal menu. For FoodPoint, that combination should consist of main dish, dessert, and beverage. FoodPoint wants user to choose one type for each of the three menus. To achieve that, users is guided to choose sequentially, starting from main dish, dessert, then beverage. To navigate between the three menus, users can click the arrow on the top left and right of the screen.

S W I P E L E F T - R I G H T Selecting food is so easy here. Users just need to swipe left or right to choose a food. Information about the food name and price is displayed below the food image. FoodPoint aware that the food image is the most appealing part, thus it puts food image in the center and make it as the largest element on the screen. To let users know about the selection available, FoodPoint puts an indicator on the lowest part of the screen

S W I P E L E F T - R I G H T

S W I P E L E F T - R I G H T

S U M M A R Y After selecting food for each menus (main dish, dessert, and beverage), users are provided with a brief summary, which lists all the selected foods, together with the price, and the image. The aim of providing summary is to let users check that their selection is correct. If users think their selection is correct, they can directly proceed to payment process by clicking ‘Pay ’ button. Otherwise, users can click ‘Cancel’ button and repeat the selection process.

TURE is a mobile application for online furniture store which offers various flavor of furniture. The main objective of TURE is to help users find their furniture needs quickly and easily. The design goal of TURE is to provide efficiency: users can have good overview among all flavors of a furniture product in a shorter time.

F R O N T P A G E The front page of TURE is mostly white, which is identical to being clean and neat. The logo, which become the identity, as well as the button on the lower part does not take much space. It results on a clean and simple look of the screen.


Navigating to the main page of TURE, users are provided two ways of searching furniture items: browsing through categories and searching. If users want to browse through categories, they can slide left and right the primary category menu, represented by several tiled icons. Otherwise, users can click on the magnifier icon, which will be followed by search bar appearing. Users then can type what furniture searching. items they are searchin

M A I N P A G E Still on the main page. TURE wants to give users overview of featured furniture item. To make it interesting for users, the featured furniture item is displayed in a full-sized image, which takes place on the remaining space of the screen. It does take much space, but it is still neat to be seen as the color scheme of the image is matched.

C H O I C E S Now these are the most important design. After users select the furniture item, they will be presented with all choices of flavor the item has. In the picture above, the armchair has three different flavors. To make users easily navigate between flavors and compare them, TURE provides buttons below the item’s image. The button as well as background color are suited to the item’s color, so that users can “feel” the ambience better.

D E T A I L S If users want to know more detailed information about the item, they just need to click “View Details� button and will be navigated to the screen above. Still, with the similar color between background and item to improve ambience, TURE provide brief information about price, volume, and weight of the item.

C H E C K O U T At the end, after users have done searching and decided to checkout, they will be taken into this checkout screen. All selected items together with their price and the total is displayed. Users then can pay by clicking “Pay � button on the lower part of the screen.

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