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Booklet Trainees A Brief of The Project

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Mandarin and sharing your culture to children (6th – 15th years old)

Joyful Life Community

About Joyful Life Community

Joyful Life Community is an Mandarin


institution established in 2007. JLC realized the importance of Mandarin Language nowadays and they focused on building Mandarin skills for everyone whether they are rich or poor, since an early age.

About Your Work in Joyful Life Community Job Description: 1. Teach JLC’s students (6th - 15th years old) as directed by the Academic Coordinator whether in JLC building or off-site, to establish effective classroom management practices and regularly evaluate own performance and progress. 2. Maintain students records, and also to advise and assist student s who want to prepare for exams. 3. Plan and prepare appropriate lessons and suitable teaching materials, exercises and examination papers. 4. Work with staffs at JLC. Attend and participate in activities, seminars and workshops for teacher development offered by JLC. 5. Participate and contribute at JLC’s meetings. Actively involved in curriculum review and development with other staffs about a good teaching system each week. Intern should be creative to create the best interactive teaching session. 6. Intern should prepare a documentary about the internship. Intern is expected to be creative to make this documentary (it should be presentation, slide show images, video). 7. Intern should attend evaluation meeting with AIESEC LC BINUS at least 2 times during their internship.

Measurable Results expected from the Intern: Students score and ability in Chinese language is increasing. (Proven by the examination conducted by the Intern). Always aiming to create happy students and colleagues. (Proven by zero drop-out rate, increase in the number of students,increase in the students' confidence to speak Chinese, and positive feedback received from the students or other staffs at the end of every lesson.)(Intern will be informed about the current condition on the first day of work).Encourage students and colleagues at JLC to create Chinese language speaking environment all the time.

Preparation required from the Intern before the arrival: Intern should bring laptop to work.

Facilities Provided    

Host Family Lunch Internet access Personal Workspaces

Learning Points that the Intern might obtain during the Exchange Program: Intern will have the experience in teaching Mandarin as foreign language, effective classroom management, preparing teaching curriculum, plan and modules. Intern will also learn more about children psychology, our culture and educational situation

Intern should apply VISA Social Culture for this internship

You are more than welcome!!! :)

How can you survive in Jakarta? Money $1.oo US = IDR 12,000

Basic Words Hello = Hallo Bye = Selamat Tinggal Yes = Ya No = Tidak Please = Tolong Thank you = Terimakasih Your welcome = Sama – sama How much? = Berapa? How are you? = Apa kabar? Can you help me? = Bolehkah saya meminta tolong? I don’t speak Bahasa = Saya tidak berbicara Bahasa

In Case of Emergency Police = 110 Ambulance = 118 Fireman = 113

Taxi, Minimum = IDR 20,000

Bus, IDR 3500

Bajaj, IDR = 10,000

Cultural Places





And Many More...

We are waiting for you!:)

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