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Our 59th Year


“Rachel gained a sense of independence, improved her Spanish, and met and lived with students from various parts of the country. This Putney program was exactly what we were looking for.� Karen & Michael Hill, Nashville, TN Apply now at

“Matthias says he learned more in the month with Putney than during his entire school year.” Sylvia Malzache Mercer Island, WA

“The bonds I made with the locals and my group have changed my perspective on the world.” Dominique Lee Woolwich, NJ

“Emma learned about art history, improved her photography skills, and gained confidence in traveling and being independent.” Jason & Sandra Honeyman Weston, MA

“Kendall came back confident, empathetic, appreciative, and energized about her future.” Ben and Leigh Carpenter Greenwich, CT

“I gained a better sense of the world. I learned from the people I met in Rwanda that there will always be hardships but what matters is how you deal with them.” Frances Hong Berkeley, CA

THE PUTNEY DIFFERENCE For 59 years, Putney has offered young people a wide range of opportunities for personal growth, learning, and fun. Each year alumni report that their time with Putney was “the best summer of my life,” and parents describe their child’s growth as “far exceeding the benefits of a year at school.” What makes Putney different? The pages that follow highlight key features that allow us to create an ideal environment for forming close friendships, making personal discoveries, and conquering new challenges.

Putney group in Grenoble, France, July 1958


EXPERIENCE Putney’s long track record of delivering successful, safe, and fun programs gives parents and participants confidence that they are in the best possible hands. When George and Kitty Shumlin planned the first Putney summer program, they didn’t anticipate that over half a century later their dream would be a reality for over 1,000 students each summer in over 50 programs around the world.

Putney Student Travel Founders “Putney’s philosophy remains unchanged over the last 59 years. We believe that an essential component of every young person’s education is active participation in a new culture with a community of carefullyselected peers – an experience that goes far beyond looking out the window of a tour bus. In a seaside village in Brittany, a rural school in the mountains of Ecuador, a sheep farm in New Zealand, or a collegestyle seminar on the ivy-covered campus of Amherst College, Putney students play a vital role in local communities. It’s an experience that vastly broadens their perspective on the world and on themselves while inspiring them to learn more. In short, it’s critical preparation for life in the 21st century.”

George & Kitty Shumlin, 1951

Putney was founded as the European Travel Camp

Putney Founders, George and Kitty Shumlin

George & Kitty with sons, Jeffrey & Peter, 1982

Putney Alumni Family The Sacks Family Story New York, NY

Patty Sacks (on left), in Scandanavia, 1974

Olivia Sacks (top left), in Tanzania, 2004

Patty Sacks, her two siblings, and her three daughters, Olivia, Elizabeth, and Haley, are all Putney alums. Patty describes a summer with Putney as a ‘rite of passage’ in her family.

“When our daughters traveled with Putney far away from home, we were confident that they would join exceptional groups of peers. The other students came from different geographical areas, the group was not ‘cliquey,’ and the leaders were extraordinarily talented and charismatic people. Everything was handled with great attention to detail. Olivia is now at Dartmouth, itching to return to Africa; Elizabeth is at Colgate, helping out in the local community; and Haley is a freshman in college, planning a Peace Corps experience after graduation. Putney had the same effect on me a generation ago — after returning from my Putney programs in France, Scandanavia, and Russia, I kept in touch with the friends I made and studied Russian in college.” Patty Sacks

Haley Sacks in Tanzania, 2007


GROUP DYNAMICS Every Putney program has as a central focus—the development of a positive and supportive group dynamic. Through their engagement in structured activities with the group, participants learn leadership skills, take responsibility for their program’s success, and make life-long friends.

Tim Deary, a graduate of Amherst College, led our Language Learning France program for 8th and 9th graders this past summer.


LEADERSHIP Putney leaders and instructors are fun, energetic, creative, safety-conscious, and knowledgeable. They enjoy working with teenagers and are attracted to the opportunity to go beyond the superficial level and to get to know each participant as their mentor and friend. For a complete list of all leaders and their bios, visit

Putney Student Travel Leaders

“The supervision was great. The leaders instilled confidence in and motivated our daughter and the other students in the group. They were positive and well educated and left a lasting impression on our daughter. They enlightened the students and shared every experience together.”

Brenna Casey, Community Service Argentina

Barbara & Paul Brensilber, Tenaf ly, NJ

“I absolutely loved both of our leaders! Fiona is not only incredibly intelligent, but she is also very responsible, kind, and fun. Dan is an extremely funny and kind person. It was great to have someone with medical knowledge to further explain all the medicine we saw in clinics, hospitals etc. I HIGHLY recommend that they be leaders in the future. They were both fantastic!”

Mike Le Chevallier. Global Action Rwanda

Christina Goldbaum, Bethesda, MD (on camel) Joanna Cantor, Global Action India

Rob Berretta, Community Service Dominican Republic

Friends of Putney The Killerai Family Story Arusha, Tanzania

Munka Killerai with Putney leaders

A key to the success of Putney programs is the unique friendships we have with special people wherever we travel. In Tanzania, the Killerai family has been helping coordinate our community service programs for 15 years. Munka and his close personal friends, including local school and government officials, welcome us warmly each summer. Munka organizes housing, transportation, and construction projects, and is always ready to lend a helping hand if our leaders encounter a challenge along the way.

Killerai Killerai on safari

Mama Killerai and several of her friends cook for our groups and act as mothers in residence, joining Putney students each day in their village to nurture them and keep them happy and healthy. Their son, Killerai, a graduate of the College of African Wildlife Management, is one of our safari guides, and shares his vast knowledge of Tanzania’s extraordinary wildlife with our students in the field.

Mama Killerai preparing food with a Putney student

“I help organize Putney’s community service programs because it is so valuable for students to participate in the development of positive change for the disadvantaged people of the world. I also immensely enjoy seeing the spirit of volunteerism that Putney’s visit inspires in the young Tanzanian people in the host villages.” Munka Killerai


PROGRAMMING Since its earliest days, Putney has offered an unusually diverse range of opportunities. These include destinations seldom visited, and interesting, uncommon activities in familiar locations. We take pride in our careful, thorough preparation and attention to detail.


ACTIVITIES There’s nothing passive about a Putney program. Whether building a house in Vietnam or creating a portfolio of your work at Amherst College, participants are actively engaged. Putney groups work with and learn from local people and each other and have fun along the way.

Gabby Madden ( right) | Student Longmeadow, MA Community Service Ghana 2009

“My summer was particularly meaningful because I became very close with the local Ghanaians and to our Putney group and leaders. I discovered a love for Ghana and a new outlook on the world. This was an experience that I will treasure for a lifetime!�

Gabby in Cape Three Points, Ghana working on a classroom.

Putney Alumni Family Kevin & Emily Doyle Fairfield, CT

Kevin with friends in Nkotakota, Malawi

Emily at a local HIV/AIDS support organization

Siblings, Kevin and Emily, have both participated in Putney’s Global Action Malawi program. Kevin also traveled on Putney’s Community Service program to Senegal. “It is impossible to spend time in Africa and not be affected by the people you meet. The experience demands that you look at the world in a much more global way. On our trips, we saw firsthand the problems that exist and how everyone could and should make a difference. We wanted to help increase awareness of these problems in our hometown so we formed the Student Refugee Alliance ( After two successful fundraising events over the last year, we both plan to take SRA to our colleges in the fall and expand the membership to college students around the world.” Kevin & Emily Doyle

Kevin in Lozi, Malawi


GOOD STEWARDSHIP Putney is committed to the communities that we visit around the world. Because Putney programs emphasize genuine cultural immersion, participants must earn their welcome by always being mindful of the effect they have on the local ecology and society.


Community Service

Argentina Costa Rica Dominica Dominican Republic Ecuador Ghana India Nicaragua Nusa Penida Peru Senegal Tanzania Vietnam HIGHLIGHTS • Join local workers in My Lai, Vietnam to build a house for an impoverished peasant family • Teach English to eager young children in Rajasthan, India, who have few educational opportunities • Organize and join in a soccer tournament in a small Senegalese village

For more information, please visit

Community Service participants give of themselves to people in need in developing countries and disadvantaged communities. Students and leaders live together in a small town or village, and work side by side with local people on projects ranging from construction to education and environmental action. On weekends, groups explore the geographic and cultural landscape of their host countries, traveling to rainforests, volcanoes, beaches, and mountains. Working together as a group alongside local people, students learn they can help others and make a difference by reaching out. For students completing 9th - 12th grade.

Jake Nonweiler | Student Tulsa, OK Community Service Peru 2009

“My greatest sense of accomplishment came from building the classroom, but learning about Peruvian culture stands out the most in my mind. From observations to speaking with locals to exploring ruins, I was always learning about the culture and comparing it to mine. I loved spending time and interacting with people; weaving with the local women was a great experience that I will always remember.�


Global Awareness in Action

Cambodia El Salvador India Malawi Rwanda Uganda Vermont HIGHLIGHTS • Discuss public health challenges with a doctor at a Partners in Health clinic in rural Rwanda • While teaching English, learn the challenges confronting students at a school serving a squatter settlement in Phnom Penh, Cambodia • Prepare and broadcast a radio show about HIV/AIDS prevention in Santa Marta, El Salvador • Work with small-scale farmers and renewable energy experts in Vermont, learn how to implement a greener future

For more information, please visit

Global Awareness in Action participants immerse themselves in a detailed, hands-on study of a particular global challenge. Each small group works alongside local people, meets with community leaders and experts and, through extensive discussion and collaboration within the group, analyzes real-life conditions. After 3 ½ weeks, all the groups come together at Yale University for a 2-day cumulative session to present their findings to each other and to parents, and plan for continuing action. For students completing 9th - 12th grade.

Sofia Parody | Student Miami, FL Global Action Cambodia 2009

“I loved helping the children, building a playground at the orphanage, learning about how much poverty exists, riding elephants, visiting temples, and tasting tarantulas and silk worms. This experience has made me grow and learn in a way that a classroom and books will never be able to teach me. I feel I have become more aware of the world around me and find myself constantly thinking about the children and people I met in Cambodia.�


Language Learning

Argentina Costa Rica France Spain Participants sign a pledge to speak French or Spanish with the leaders, within the group, and with the many foreign friends they meet during the summer.

HIGHLIGHTS • Learn to make crêpes and other French specialties^ at a culinary workshop in Aix-en-Provence • Talk with local workers as you help build an addition to a health clinic in a tiny village in the mountains of Costa Rica • Eat at a sidewalk restaurant with your homestay brothers and sisters, and then listen to music and dance at a street fiesta in Spain • Chat with your local guide as you ride horses across the altiplano at the base of the Argentine Andes

For more information, please visit

Language Learning programs in France, Spain, Costa Rica, and Argentina encourage students to have fun as they improve their skills in French or Spanish. Carefully planned, non-touristy itineraries combined with Putney’s special active language learning method bring students in contact with local people and encourage them to immerse themselves in the language and culture. Students move toward fluency by experiencing a wide variety of natural, everyday living situations. All Language Learning programs include a one week homestay with a local family. Separate programs for students completing 8th-9th grade and 10th-12th grade.

Fred Stillman | Student New York, NY Language Learning Spain 2009

“This was an incredibly fun and exciting trip - I thoroughly enjoyed my experience in Spain. My conversational Spanish improved tremendously. My greatest sense of accomplishment was at the end of the trip when I was able to speak with Spanish people and not have to repeat things or feel nervous about approaching a Spanish person. This program taught me a lot about how hard work and dedication can really pay off, and helped me grow tremendously as a person.�


Cultural Exploration

Australia, New Zealand, & Fiji Switzerland, Italy, France, & Holland Theatre in Britain

HIGHLIGHTS • Take in a contemporary art show or theatre performance in Paris, Florence, Amsterdam, or Sydney • Ski or snowboard in untouched powder in New Zealand’s Southern Alps • Prepare and present an original theatre production at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival • Join local mountain guides for a spectacular three-day trek through the Italian Dolomites, staying in mountain rifugios

For more information, please visit

Cultural Exploration programs either follow travel-based itineraries or focus on intensive, hands-on involvement in arts-related activities. Participants in travel-based programs learn about the countries they visit by joining in local life rather than touring in an isolated group of Americans. Each program includes a series of extended stays and brings students into close contact with local people, while exploring history, traditions, the physical environment, and contemporary life. Arts-based programs encourage students to expand and develop their skills and to engage their creativity through daily activities. For students completing 10th-12th grade.

Mikenzie Ginsberg (left) | Student New York, NY Cultural Exploration Australia, New Zealand, Fiji 2009

“My Putney experience was unlike any other trip I have ever been on. I met people that I wouldn’t usually meet, and did activities that I would never have done on my own. From something as adventurous as going class 4 white water rafting in Australia, to something as meaningful as my homestay in New Zealand, this trip has changed the way I view the world.”


Excel Pre-college Enrichment

Excel at Amherst College Excel China Excel Madrid/Barcelona Excel Oxford/Tuscany Excel Paris/Provence

HIGHLIGHTS • Take interesting field-based, college-style seminars taught by energetic young professionals • Develop your photography portfolio under the guidance of a professional photographer and invite friends to your gallery opening • Play pick-up games of soccer, basketball, or ping-pong on one of Excel’s international campuses • Improve your skills in Spanish, French, or Mandarin by interacting with native speakers

For more information, please visit

Excel Pre-College Enrichment

programs offer challenging, active, fun summer enrichment programs that give students insight into college life while fostering personal and intellectual growth. Whether at Amherst College or abroad, energetic and knowledgeable instructors, diverse participants, and a commitment to community are what make Excel so meaningful and fun. Students broaden their minds, refine their artistic abilities, sharpen their athletic talents, and become active members of a campus community, while making life-long friends. For students completing 9th - 12th grade.


Drawing and Painting instructor, Alex Gutierrez, shares his expertise with a student at Excel at Amherst College.


In addition to engaging seminars, Excel at Amherst College offers a variety of activities and sports clinics including golf, tennis, and soccer.

Rob Miller | Excel Director

Rob Miller | Excel Director Pasadena, CA Rob has taught and directed Putney’s Excel at Amherst College program for over 10 years. He is a screenwriter in California. An excerpt from Rob’s welcoming address, July 2009:

“Opportunities for involvement in this program are endless: concerts, community service, college visits, athletics, and excursions to name a few. You might find yourself trying to do everything. Be curious. There are no grades here, so explore new things. Reinvent yourself.”

Tom Kane | Excel Director Concord, MA This will be Tom’s 14th summer with Excel. During the year he directs the Theatre program at Middlesex School.

“One of my favorite memories is from a

night in Paris, en route to an Afro-Cuban jazz club. One student said that his favorite artist was an American pianist/vocalist named Peter Cincotti. When we arrived at the club we learned that Peter Cincotti was, by chance, playing across the street! We cancelled our prior reservation, got the last twelve tickets available for Peter Cincotti, and walked in as he was opening his act by saying, ‘Thank you. This is my first time playing in Paris.’ It was a great moment of synchronicity.”


On an Excel program, the world is your classroom.


Putney Foundations

Costa Rica HIGHLIGHTS • Make your way through the vine-draped rain forest, spotting howler monkeys, sloths, and kinkajous in the treetops • Work with community members to build a much needed health clinic, and learn how to make tamales for the goodbye celebration • Spend every afternoon experiencing something new: learn how to dance salsa and merengue, play a game of pick-up soccer with local youth, or look for starfish and baby octopi while snorkeling in the shallow bays • Grab a board and ride the waves at one of the best surfing beaches in Central America

For more information, please visit

Putney Foundations is designed for creative, energetic, and engaged 7th and 8th grade students who want to transition from a traditional camp setting to a program that incorporates elements of Putney’s exciting educational offerings for older students around the world. Using a beautiful beachside village in Costa Rica as a base, students participate in a variety of activities including Spanish language learning, community service, environmental studies, and recreation. For students completing 7th - 8th grade.

LeAndre Key with a friend in Tujankir, Costa Rica

Scott Green | Leader Chicago, IL Putney Foundations 2009

“Putney is known for stellar programs, community service experiences, hands-on learning, and teaching kids about being responsible travelers. I really enjoyed my summer with the Foundations program and look forward to working with Putney again in the future.�

Scott kayaking with students in Costa Rica.

Opportunities for Financial Aid

LeAndre Key | Student Memphis, TN Putney Open Door Fund Recipient

LeAndre is currently a senior at Central High School in Memphis. He was awarded a full scholarship through the Putney Open Door Fund to attend the Costa Rica Community Service program this past summer.

“Following my recent Putney experience, I now live a more active, adventurous life. I have come to see that there is more out there in the world than what is in Memphis, Tennessee: beauty, adventure, and new cultures just to name a few. This experience has also prompted me to take further action getting involved with community service.� Photos: LeAndre in Tujankir, Costa Rica

Visit to learn more about the Putney Open Door Fund. Help fund unique opportunities for students like LeAndre: The Putney Open Door Fund is a non-profit foundation whose purpose is to provide support for individuals seeking educational summer experiences who could otherwise not afford them. The success of the Putney Open Door Fund depends on the generosity of its donors, most of whom are alumni or parents. One hundred percent of donations goes directly to funding future scholarship students. Your support is greatly appreciated!

“Everything on the program was one massive highlight - the entire experience was amazing.” Kasya O’Connor Grant, Washington, DC

PUTNEY STUDENT TRAVEL comes to a city near you! During the winter months, Putney directors travel to meet with students and parents at information sessions hosted by alumni families. Please join us to learn more. Call 802.387.5000 or e-mail to RSVP. “Elizabeth gained a lot of confidence by trying many things that she had never attempted before. Her French improved greatly.” Laurie and Jonathan Foster, Los Angeles, CA

Boston, MA Chicago, IL Dallas, TX “Everything on the program was one massive highlight -- the Los Angeles, CA entire experience was amazing!” Kasya O’Connor Grant, Washington,Miami, DC. FL New York, NY Philadelphia, PA Princeton, NJ San Francisco, CA Washington, D.C. ...AND MORE! For details and to see if we are traveling to your city, visit us at


HOW TO APPLY Apply Online Today! The easiest way to apply for a Putney program is online at Simply click on the ‘Apply Online’ link on our homepage. Then follow the steps to be guided through the application process. If you have questions or would like a complete program catalog and paper application call 802-3875000 or e-mail us at


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Putney Student Travel: Viewbook Summer 2010  

Putney Student Travel: Viewbook Summer 2010

Putney Student Travel: Viewbook Summer 2010  

Putney Student Travel: Viewbook Summer 2010