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Getting to Know Sugitani-San


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Project Awards & Updates


New Faces


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Service Anniversaries


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Photo captions


The Chairman address employees at the anniversary celebration


Chairman of the Board shaking hands with employees

Message from Management In October, the IHI Chairman of the Board, Kazuaki Kama, addressed all Houston based IHI employees. In case you missed it, here is his message.

2 IHI will celebrate its 160th anniversary this year. This enormous feat has been because of previous generations of employees, their hard work and dedication to the company and to society.

I have been with IHI ever since I graduated from university, and this is my 43rd year with the company. It has not always been easy—there have been both good times and trying times. IHI has persevered through several recessions and will celebrate its 160th anniversary this year. This enormous feat has been because of previous generations of employees, their hard work and dedication to the company and to society. These past efforts have allowed IHI to expand and become involved in a wide variety of industries, ranging from aerospace to offshore and also onshore. We have built the largest oil tanker in the world (for its time), constructed one of the world’s largest bridges and most recently, we have been a part of a major rocket launch in Japan- the Epsilon rocket. In July of last year, IHI acquired Kvaerner’s Houston EPC Center and established IHI E&C International Corporation. Our main reasons for the acquisition were to establish a strong foothold in Houston’s booming industrial economy and to grow our presence in the Americas. After working as a joint venture partner for the Cameron and Gulf LNG receiving terminal projects, we knew we could combine strengths to successfully establish the new company. IHI is proud of IHI E&C and what it has accomplished in a very short time. In addition to

executing FEEDs and feasibility studies, you were awarded the Dominion Cove Point liquefaction project, which is considered one of the most significant awards in IHI’s long history. Because of it, IHI has received a lot of attention among other EPC contractors and owners in Japan. I am confident that together with our joint venture partner, Kiewit, the project will be a success- both from an operations and a profit perspective.

IHI Tokyo will do whatever is necessary to support IHI E&C. We have engineers involved in the EPC business in your office as well as in Japan, who are supported by a full-scale R&D Center. Close communication between these groups should be the top priority- listening, expressing points of view and better understanding each other is key to IHI’s project execution, but more importantly to IHI’s future as a company.

I would now like to make a request to all of you. Please make your best effort to execute this project and any other projects to the highest and safest standards. In Japan we say that “well planned preparation is the decisive factor in eventual success.” As you move forward, I ask that you please keep this in mind and also make an effort to communicate effectively with IHI Inc. in New York and IHI headquarters in Tokyo. Together we are stronger, and together we can execute not only LNG liquefaction projects but also feasibility studies, FEEDs and EPC jobs for other markets. As you know, the shale gas market in the United States will drive many future projects, and IHI wants to capture these opportunities. It is essential that we make the effort to build strong lines of communication now so that we can win future projects and stay true to our strategy of “growth” and “globalization.”

At IHI we have two principal management philosophies. One states that we “contribute to society through technology” and the other emphasizes that “human resources and people are our most important asset.” I would like to thank all of you for your efforts thus far and encourage you to use your capabilities and technical expertise to further assist the IHI group and its contributions to society. Finally, I want us all to adhere to IHI’s message of “Realize Your Dreams” by realizing the dreams of our clients. Lastly, I would like to wish you good health and much success. I look forward to building the future with you. Sincerely, Kazuaki Kama IHI Chairman of the Board


LPG Plant (Algeria)

Getting to know


Brooke Anding What interested you in the field you chose? Why did you choose engineering? When I was in elementary school, I watched my father work in a shipyard. I wanted to build something since I liked to assemble and disassemble things. Naturally I became an engineer.

Have you always been in Plant Engineering or were you in a different part of the company? I started working at IHI in 1981 after university. I have been working in Plant Engineering ever since.

What do you consider your biggest accomplishment?

Where do you see IHI E&C in one year?

IHI completed a $1.3 billion LPG expansion project located in Algeria in 2010 for Sonatrach, the largest oil and gas company in Algeria and Africa. The expansion included 9 trains and is one of the largest LPG plants in the world. I was the site manager on this project for three years and consider this to be my big recent accomplishment. While executing the project, I lived on a compound and had to have a military escort every day to go to work. In the end, the project was successfully completed and made a strong profit for the company

The engineering on Cove Point will be on its way to completion, and I believe IHI Tokyo will be happy with what we have accomplished.

Have you lived in the United States before? What do you like most about American culture? I have traveled to the United States many times but never lived here. I have lived in India, Yemen and Algeria but not the United States. I like the sports here, such as football and baseball. I also like American music so I just bought a guitar.

Industry and Community IHI Invents

Tough Mudder

Congratulations to Kamal Shah, who was granted US patent #8,499,581 for inventing a new LPG/NGL recovery process from LNG. This energy efficient process is suitable for separating ethane and heavier components (C2+) from the imported LNG. The benefits of the process include more controlled gas heating value for the re-gasified LNG for the send out gas to pipeline and the ability to use higher value extracted C2+ for petrochemical feedstock.

On a warm October afternoon, a group of seven brave individuals on the One Cove Point project team ran 12 miles and conquered 22 obstacles during Houston’s Tough Mudder challenge. The One Cove Point group experienced teambuilding to the maximum degree and persisted through miles of mud, freezing water and electric shock to raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project charity.

In 2012, Abraham Liou and Mo Islam were awarded a patent (US patent # 8,097,172 ) for inventing a new process to recover heavy hydrocarbons from saturator feed streams.

To honor of one of our long time employees, Lanna Doggett, who lost her battle to cancer this year, IHI held an all employee lunch. During the lunch, donations were taken and matched by the company. In total, over $10,000 was raised for St. Jude Children’s Research hospital. Lanna will be missed by all who knew and worked with her.

Lunch in Honor of Lanna

Patents Pending


IHI E&C International Corporation has also received notice it will receive a patent for a truck unloading fall protection system, and Amit Patel and Abraham Liou applied to receive a patent for a syngas process design that would increase efficiency and prevent burning feedstock when utilizing methanol loop purge gas.

Salvation Army Angel Tree

During the holidays, IHI partnered with the Salvation Army by hosting an Angel Tree to benefit disadvantaged children and seniors. Over 75 “angels” were adopted by IHI employees, which helped the Salvation Army brighten the holidays for over 24,000 children and seniors in Harris, Fort Bend and Montgomery Counties.


Several members of IHI E&C attended the annual ECC (Engineering and Construction Contracting Association) conference in Palm Springs, California, where the theme of this year’s conference, “Conquering the Summit,” focused on effectively planning and executing projects. Compelling presentations were made on safety, leadership development, risk management and the future of the professional workforce. IHI E&C also sponsored the conference for the third consecutive year and hosted a beach themed party for clients that included a band with original touring members of the legendary Beach Boys.


Photo captions


Hal Bouknight and Cassie Brady strike a pose by a 1963 Thunderbird before entering the IHI client party at ECC.


Jon Burr and Jack Williams take part in the lunch benefit for Lanna Doggett.


Project Awards and Updates Dakota Team Completes FEED

The Dakota Gasification project team successfully completed Front-End Engineering Design, which was submitted to the client in November and traveled to North Dakota to meet with the client’s board in December. Many thanks to all the team members that strived diligently to complete this FEED package.

OCI Methanol and Ammonia Are Ongoing

Engineering and procurement services are ongoing for both the OCI methanol and the ammonia revamp projects. For the methanol project (OCI MeOH), detail design is 75% complete. All equipment is on order and major instrumentation quotes are being evaluated. Equipment expediting and shop surveillance is in full swing. The project team is working closely with OCI Client and Construction Management in preparation for construction. The OCI ammonia project was started 6 months after the OCI MeOH project, but is tied to the same plant turnaround date. The project team has successful pulled the project engineering schedule timing to coincide within 1 month of the MeOH project. All equipment is on order and instrument inquiries are in progress.

subcontractors and vendors. Major equipment orders with a long lead time will also be placed at the end of December. The FEED is due in the first quarter of 2014.

Cove Point Rolls On Through EPC

The Cove Point project is successfully rolling on through the EPC phase of the project. Recent accomplishments include the completed validation of scope and budget for provisional items (exhibit HH estimates) that have been built into the schedule and control budget. The One CP team has also submitted draft level 3 engineering, procurement, construction and startup to owner items. Its construction team has located to an office around the corner, and the soccer team is in its second season of play.

Photo captions


The One CP soccer team smiles after its 1st season of play.


Team One CP cheers on the Texans at Reliant.


Sundrop Shines

After being selected as contractor of choice for the Sundrop Fuels inaugural gas to gasoline plant project in Alexandria, Louisiana, the IHI E&C project team has signed a FEED amendment and started the path forward program to realize the EPCC phase. They will submit the progress estimate to the client, tackle HAZOP reviews and look over bids from



New Faces JULY HIRES Deepak Bawa Project Engineer Claude Bankston Senior Principal Designer Wendy Bode Principal Designer Basem Hassan Senior Principal Engineer David Headrick Senior Principal Engineer Jerry Hensley Principal Engineer Frederick “Paul” Keegan Technical Specialist


Rex Engle Sr. Principal Engineer

Dana Washam Designer

Kevin New Senior Designer

Ike Ojiaku Process Engineer

Kitagawa-san (Tokyo) Senior Principal Engineer

Morteza Panbechi Senior Principal Engineer

Timothy Theiss Sr. Principal Designer

Norihiro Okumura Process Engineer

Gonzalo Rochina Principal Planner Scheduler

Thomas Cherian Principal Engineer

Alberto Molina (Commonwealth) Lead Mechanical Engineer

Kushal Srivastava Engineer

Iain Christie Sr. Director Maqsud Khan Process Manager Michael Mooney Sr Expeditor Eric Keifer Principal Engineer

Feng Cheng “James” Kuo Technical Manager

Reuben Starr Sr. Principal Planner/ Scheduler

Patrick Nealon Principal Mechanical Engineer

Gupta, Ashish Sr. Engineer

Max Day Principal Process Engineer Lazaro Hernandez Buyer Hitoshi Miyamoto (Tokyo) Process Engineer Kamal Ahmad Sr. Technical Manager Lisa Saunders (Commonwealth) Senior Designer

Gabriel Casteneda Principal Process Engineer Brian Dunagan Principal Consultant Andres Valverde Engineer Mauricio Arias Principal Electrical Engineer Nicanor Prado Sr. Principal Engineer Jeffrey Stroh Project Engineer

Takahito Akita Process Engineer

Juan Velasco Business Manager

Emily Artley Engineer

Dan Ramirez (Commonwealth) Sr. Engineer

Tamara Alexander Engineer

Nicolas Gutierrez Engineer

Jason Kisch Process Manager

Kara Febles Intern

Matthew Wirges, Technical Support Analyst

Dilipkumar Kapasi Sr. Process Engineer

Richard Izaguirre Controller


Taro Hashimoto Senior Engineer Seiji Kanoka Principal Engineer Gary Deale Sr. Project Manager

Hieu Tran Project Engineer

Steve Emerson Sr. Consultant

Versie Cuthbert Sr. Process Engineer

Jaime Saenz Senior Designer

Nicolas Guiterriez (Commonwealth) Engineer

Yo Hiraoka Engineer

Larra Margerum Sr. Process Engineer

William Gilcoat Sr. Principal Estimator

Bharat Batra (NES) Sr. Principal Technical Specialist

Boukari Harris Sr. Designer Darlene Keen Administrative Assistant Steve Martin Consultant

Geetha Muppidi (Commonwealth) Engineer Sharon Smith (Commonwealth) Engineer

VJ Alagharu (Commonwealth) Engineer Rency Shah Engineer Lynda Parker Administrative Assistant Francisco De Los Santos (Northam) Engineer

September HIRES

Steven Kleinsteuber Drafter Michelle Paul Designer Andrew Picard Designer Bryan Tucker Drafter James Windau Engineer Nelson Awayan Sr. Principal Engineer Sailen Choudhury Sr. Principal Engineer Alfons Genzer Sr. Project Engineer

Suyash Gadkari Engineer

Carmen Gomez Principal Process Engineer

Francisco De Los Santos Engineer

Benjamin Jackson Principal Engineer Swati Kale Sr. Engineer

Tushar Poddar Project Director Moe Mofazzal Hussain Principal Engineer Roy Sierra Principal Designer April Turner Administrative Receptionist

october HIRES Carl Angelelli Sr. Principal Designer Liana Caciula Sr. Process Engineer Nicole Edgmon Sr. Benefits Specialist Shawn Goodwin Principal Engineer Taiga Yamamoto (Tokyo) Process Engineer Diane Maxson Sr. Buyer Zheng (Allen) Zhuang Sr. Engineer Yushi Kameoka (Tokyo) Mechanical Engineer Swetha Neelagiri Process Engineer Thanneeru (T.D.) Rao Sr. Principal Designer Ricardo (Rick) Guzman Sr. Principal Designer

November HIRES

Shaun Kusek Consultant

Luis Villoria Sr. Principal Engineer

Garry Ludwig Sr. Principal Designer

Lazaro Hernandez Project Process Manager

Jerry Maxey Sr. Principal Designer

Rajinder Soni Principal Engineer

Nobuyuki Tsukamoto (Tokyo) Mechanical Engineer

Juan Pena Sr. Principal Designer

Reggie Simons Construction Manager

Sergey Rudik Principal Estimator

Jenne-Ren (J.R.) Fang Principal Engineer

Robert Beech Completion Manager

Manuel Sanchez Principal Expeditor

Stephen Whistler Sr. Buyer

Saori Ijichi (Tokyo) Engineer

Yung-Tand Yen Sr. Principal Engineer

Michael Billingsley Sr. Principal Designer

Khanh Hoang Sr. Principal Designer

Bo Zhang Sr. Engineer

Barbara Davis Administrative Assistant

Kasi Tallapaneni Principal Engineer

Peter Blott Sr. Principal Designer

Sam Nguyen Principal Accountant

Gregory Wood Principal Engineer

Taro Wako (Tokyo) Engineer

Aderibigbe Sabitu Sr. Principal Project Controller

King Mak Technical Manager

Shunsuke Taniguchi (Tokyo) Engineer

Michael Gaffney Sr. Principal Planner/ Scheduler Andrew Heyl Project Manager Marie Helms Project Administrative Assistant

Alexandru Sturza Sr. Principal Designer Diane Mushinski Sr. Principal Designer Mary Ann Curiel Administrative Assistant Luke Gledhill Engineer Bill Greenland Consultant James “Brandon� Hill Manager of Procurement and Subcontracts

Glen Beal Technical Manager Edgardo Soriano Designer Balmurugan Raman Principal Engineer Bryan Palmer Systems Analyst Swapan Das Senior Engineer Michael Kalish Sr. Principal Planner/ Scheduler

John Doherty Drafter Jimee Burns Sr. Principal Designer


David Kaminski Piping Department Manager Don George Sr. Principal Designer Rick Straight Consultant Amanda Larson Project Engineer

Board Signing

IT info

IT has helped secure several discounts for all IHI employees. To learn more about these and take advantage of the offers, please see below.

Microsoft Office Offer All IHI employees are eligible to purchase Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013 for just $9.95. If you are interested in purchasing, please email the IT Help Desk. We will send you the link and code to purchase it online.

IHI and AT&T Discount Effective immediately all employees are eligible to receive a 18% discount on qualified monthly recurring charges for new or existing service with AT&T! If you have any questions about this program you can call our AT&T Discounts Hotline at 1-877-290-5451 or email me directly at To get this benefit you need to: Option 1: Register via the Premier website at - Click “register for discounts” and follow the corresponding prompts. You will receive an email confirming enrollment. Option 2: Visit an AT&T Corporate Owned Store (to locate go to wireless.att. com/find-a-store) 1. Provide the IHI Individual Responsible User (IRU) Foundation Account Number (FAN) 3117140 to the store employee.

2. Please remember to provide proper proof of employment such as

• Pay Stub containing your name along with IHI

• Business Card

• Company ID Card


Service Anniversaries Congrats to these IHI E&C employees who have demonstrated longevity at the company. Your dedication to the company is greatly appreciated.


3rd Quarter

4th Quarter

Courtney Davis

Rogelio Cortes

2 Years

15 Years

Jonathan Burr

Keith Halstead

20 Years

2 Years

Jerry Efurd

Frank Hoagland

2 Years

2 Years

Malcolm Gage

Terje Hovda

2 Years

20 Years

Milagros Korchnak

Jimmy Johns

25 Years

25 Years

Stephen Marcum

Shelly Lamb

25 Years

5 Years

Dan Mater

Dennis Melcher

2 Years

25 Years

Walter Reed

Bill Ong

2 Years

30 Years

Chad Roesti

Asaad Shini

10 Years

25 Years

Pamela Skains-Sproat

Xiangzheng Tao

15 Years

10 Years

Prakash Sule

Alan Townsend

10 Years

2 Years

Holiday Season Safety Facts and Tips Decorations Wear gloves while decorating with spun glass “angel hair.” It can irritate your eyes and skin. A common substitute is nonflammable cotton. Both angel hair and cotton snow are flame retardant when used alone. However, if artificial snow is sprayed onto them, the dried combination will burn rapidly. When spraying artificial snow on windows or other surfaces, be sure to follow directions carefully. These sprays can irritate your lungs if you inhale them.

pulled or broken off. If you are giving toys to several children in one family, consider their age differences and the chances that younger children will want to play with older kids’ toys.

Fireplaces You should not try to burn evergreens or wreaths in the fireplace or in a wood stove to dispose of them. They are likely to flare out of control and send flames and smoke into the room. Also, do not burn wrapping paper in the fireplace because it often contains metallic materials which can be toxic if burned.

Plants Small children may think that holiday plants look good enough to eat. But many plants can cause severe stomach problems. Plants to watch out for include: mistletoe, holly berries, Jerusalem cherry, and amaryllis. Keep all of these plants out of children’s reach.

Candles Never use lighted candles near trees, boughs, curtains/drapes, or with any potentially flammable item. Toys and Gifts Be especially careful when you choose toys for infants or small children. Be sure anything you give them is too big to get caught in the throat, nose or ears. Avoid toys with small parts that can be

Older adults Select gifts for older adults that are not heavy or awkward to handle. For persons with arthritis, make sure the gift does not require assembly and can be easily opened and closed. Choose books with large type for anyone with vision impairment.

Food and Cooking The holidays often mean preparing large meals for family and friends. Wash hands, utensils, sink, and anything else that has come in contact with raw poultry. Keep in mind that a stuffed bird takes longer to cook. For questions concerning holiday turkey preparation and cooking call the USDA Meat and Poultry Hotline at 1-800-535-4555. Refrigerate or freeze leftovers in covered shallow containers (less than two inches deep) within two

hours after cooking. Date the leftovers for future use. Alcohol, Parties, and Driving Being a smart party host or guest should include being sensible about alcoholic drinks. More than half of all traffic fatalities are alcohol-related. Use designated drivers, people who do not drink, to drive other guests home after a holiday party.


Stress The holiday season is one of the most stressful times of the year. You can’t avoid stress completely, but you can give yourself some relief. Allow enough time to shop rather than hurry through stores and parking lots. Only plan to do a reasonable number of errands. When shopping, make several trips out to the car to drop off packages rather than trying to carry too many items. Take time out for yourself. Relax, read, or enjoy your favorite hobby at your own pace.

Happy Holidays from

Anniversary Celebration

worth a thousand words 2




6 5


8 11

9 1

IHI proudly honors its Veterans on November 11th.


The One Cove Point team and their families pose with the Sugar Land Skeeters mascots.


Audra and Adalyn Hill with their best friend Sadie.



Madelynn Richarte, granddaughter of Shelly Lamb, dresses up as a pretty princess for Halloween.


Jamal Anthony & Jamichael Anthony Deville are honored as a part of their high school class with the most military enlistees.


In the spirit of true teamwork, Brett Wink accidentally kicks teammate Brian Reinhart in the face while participating in Tough Mudder.


Lisa Carter plays Cosette during a live performance of Les MisĂŠrables in Colorado.


The only time the Morrison kids are nice to each other is when they think Santa is watching.

10 Little Samuel Jiang lifts his head. He was born on August 20th. Welcome to the IHI family, Samuel!


11 The Ray crew proudly displays their Aggie spirit!

Tanishka Mapara was born September 28th. Welcome to the IHI family, Tanishka!

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