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Just Tonight Music Video Treatment

And here I am Watching the clock that's ticking away my time I'm too numb to feel right now

Overview An edgy performance video in the damaged vein of Audioslaveʼs “Like a Stone” with the deconstructed editorial and visual style of 9 Inch Nails “Closer” The Performance Powerful, moody and beautiful. The band is set up as though recording or rehearsing, a live feeling. Amps are live, red glow and sick green LED as cues for the lighting palette. This will the band performance video the fans have been calling for. Look Beautiful chiaroscuro lighting, coming from one side gives the feel of an oil painting and makes each shot a classic portrait. The setting is dark, but highlights on faces and instruments are radiant. Location. A vast gothic space. Vaulted architecture barely defined in the gloom.The aging patina of opulence and decadence. Gotham city. Additional elements In addition to the band performance we intercut a series of Taylor portraits shot around the same location. These would be a series of weird romantic dream vignettes. Strange and beautiful, gothic themes: flowers die and candles bleed. Freaky but beautiful. Several extreme wardrobe and make up looks. Taylorʼs strange movements, the use of moving shadows and sculptural lighting FX, enigmatic props and set dressing, all combine to create a dark and beautiful Gothic dream world. Delivery A concept like this, being mostly performance, can be edited and turned around very quickly. ©meiertavis 2010


Tpr just tonight perf only  
Tpr just tonight perf only