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Review 2008/2009



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The Competition The Finalists Brief one: Ian Pieterse (Scotland) Alastair Parvin (UK)

LOS returns with 3 inspirational briefs, giving you the opportunity to put your vision before a truly global audience.

Brief two: Martin Angelov (Bulgaria) Stewart Kearney (Michael Pitman) (England) Animish Kudalkar (USA) Brief three: Richard James (United Kingdom) David Adar (Isreal)

Brief one

Brief two

Brief three

The final

Northern Lights Observatory

City Transportation Interchange

The Meeting Point

Witnessing the Northern Lights is an awe-inspiring experience. The sweeping green and red displays that fill the night sky leave those who see them deeply moved. To capture this experience is the challenge set by the first Line of Site brief.

There is no city in the world that does not suffer from road congestion and pollution. One solution to what is a growing problem is to encourage the use of sustainable modes of transport such as the bicycle.

There can be no more important building serving a community than its ‘meeting point’. It is the place that defines the people that use it, where they come together to socialise, integrate, exchange ideas, discuss issues and, above all, relax in the company of others.


One of the best places to see the northern lights is in northern Norway. Far into the Arctic Circle, the location selected is remote and inhospitable. Here we would like you to envisage a unique observatory where visitors will be able to view the full majesty of this natural phenomenon.

Many view the bicycle as incompatible with the commercial needs of a city, but with the correct infrastructure this can change. This is the driver behind our second Line of Site brief. Can you envisage a transportation concept that can alter the perception of sustainable transport? We are challenging you to conceptualise a City Cycle Interchange structure/building where people/commuters entering your chosen city – be it by car, rail, bus – can efficiently access a bicycle to complete their onward journey.

This third and final Line of Site brief takes us in a new direction: we want you to decide where your Meeting Point is to be constructed. We would like you to propose a new building that will lie at the heart of your community, a new building that will draw people to it, be familiar - in the way that it reflects the values of the community and the directions in which it is developing – and impart sense of belonging.

Venue: Building Design Offices Ludgate House 245 Blackfriars Road, London. Judging Criteria: Demonstration of innovation Pragmatism - a 'within the realms of possibility' solution without compromising design innovation The quality of the sketch The ability to engage with the cultural and economic issues that might relate to specific aspects of the project The Judges Brief one: Neven Sidor (Grimshaw) Dirk Krolikowski (Rogers Stirk Harbour) Brief two: Matthew Wells (Techniker) Wolf Mangelsdorf (Buro Happold) Brief three: Edward Jones (Dixon Jones) Mike Tonkin (Tonkin Liu) Final: Edward Jones (Dixon Jones) Neven Sidor (Grimshaw) Dirk Krolikowski (Rogers Stirk Harbour) Wolf Mangelsdorf (Buro Happold) Matthew Wells (Techniker)

330 submissions were made for the three briefs – a very impressive effort from all those who put in so much work. Thank you. The original competition plan meant six finalists would be selected with another six runners-up. There are, in fact, seven winners owing to the adventurous spirit of Line of Site and the inclusion of an entry that our judges saw potential in, so watch out for “Line of Bike”.

“The quality of the entries to this year’s Line of Site has been very impressive. ACO is proud to be involved.”

It is always sad to have to reject any entry when there has been time and effort spent on design, none more so than the runners-up, who produced some excellent work. Congratulations to them.

Richard Hill Managing Director, ACO UK

We would love to hear your thoughts, comments and ideas, so do email us on

Brief two: Martin Angelov


Brief two: Michael Pitman


Brief one: Alastair Parvin


Brief one: Ian Pieterse


The Finalists Judges’ statements

Ian Pieterse “Took the challenge and developed it in an exemplary way”

Michael Pitman “potentially a very nice piece of Industrial Design”

David Adar “Many places have a sub text but this place is bare and beautiful”

“The central quality was carved into the landscape and merged into it”

“answered the questions well”

“Extremely lyrical”

Animish Kudulkar “done with a good feel for the aesthetics behind it”

Richard James “Turned the brief upside down”

Alastair Parvin “A very, very strong idea” “A terrific architectural plan” “A very fine presentation”

“presentation that was extremely elegant – very handsome” Martin Angelov “light and touched the buildings like Spiderman – a solution which excited”

Brief two: Animish Kudalkar


Brief three: Richard James

(United Kingdom)

Brief three: David Adar (Isreal)

“out of the vacuous nebulous he has created something different” “Invented a new building type [which] perfectly fits into today”

The Final BD Offices Blackfriars Road, London

Who’s who? 1. George Dimov

(ACO Bulgaria)

2. Animish Kudalkar 3. Neven Sidor

4. Edward Jones


5. Amanda Baillieu 6. Ian Pieterse



(Building Design)


7. Anna Grancharova 8. Dirk Krolikowski

(ACO Bulgaria)


9. Wolf Mangelsdorf


10. Matthew Wells


11. Martin Angelov


12. David Adar


13. Richard James


14. Stewart Kearney


15. Alastair Parvin


16. Peter Ridgway

(ACO UK, Sponsor)

















The Winners Richard James Alastair Parvin Martin Angelov

Richard James Winner, brief three: The Meeting Place

Winner: Overall

Day Perspectives

Selva oscura 'under the shadow of the darkling forest'

Night Perspectives


Day Perspectives

Construction Sequence

A forest storytelling pavilion. The last rays of evening sunlight burn there flickering path across the darkest corners. This is the time for the drummer to arise from his forest home and begin his tales. From this place Imagination gives rise to the lurking shadows cast by the chimneys around which we huddled. The wild forest mushrooms roasting in the fires embers.

Alastair Parvin Winner, brief one: Northern Lights Observatory

Inverted Sky Spanning the Sverdrupbyen valley above Longyearbyen - a mirrored deck. Less building than surreal man-made tectonic; it is almost a dam, almost a lake, almost a plateau . It is a mechanism designed to engineer its own absence, pulling the valley's infrastructures through itself to generate total suspension above. During the Aurora, heating elements in the surface-glazing cause snow to melt, and moisture to suddenly evaporate, masking fellow observers behind a thin veil of low mist.

Martin Angelov Winner, brief two: City Transportation Interchange

LineOfBike An alternative way of biking by changing the level, the experience and the wheels :) 2008/2009

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Line of Site Review 2008/2009