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0. Introduction

0. Introduction


I. Architecture Haze

Entropy Path Cova Dynamo Revolution

II. Furniture and Product Design Swing Catcher Chess Box

III. Robotics

Environmental Design Major in Architecture Minor in Furniture Design

2 0 1 Now--5

2 Central Peel Secondary School 0 Brampton, On 1 Grade 11 - 12 3 -15

Port Credit Secondary School 2 Mississauga, On 0 Grade 09 - 10 1 13-1

Software Tarsus

IV. Fashion

Ocad University

Auto-Cad, Revit, Inventor, Sketch Up, Rhino, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign


Cova Entropy Path Dynamo Revolution


Haze A long term micro shelter that is completely off the grid and located on the bay of Toronto’s Humber River. Size: 110 sq-ft Material: Corrugated Polycarbonate (Ploy-gal),

Ceder, Steel

Location: Humber Bay, Toronto, On Project Type: Long Term Use Residential use for 1 year Commercial Use after 1 year Residential Use: One person client (myself) Commercial Use: Museum regarding the history of Humber River + Resting Area Power Supply: Micro-hydro Power Year Designed: September-December 2016 (Fall of Second Year)

Site Information Location: Humber Bay, Toronto, On Route with history from the aboriginal settlements and trade, the fur trade route for the Europeans, as well as, the reason to modernize the city of Toronto.

- Shared Path

This site was home of the Mississaugas, Anishinaabe-speaking first nations. the River divedes the land that was sold as new Toronto creating the saperation between Toronto and Etobicoke.




Exploration Interior

Haze Interior

Structure frame test result:



Traditional longhouse

Abstraction & Haze:

Concept Tapered beams structures 2nd Structure frame test result: Pass

The loss of identity Similar to the experience of the culture of the Anishinaabe and Mississaugas, this structure’s concept was to enforce how the structure takes form, what materials are used, and the program in the building.


Commercial Use Facade material: Corrugated Polycarbonate Wall

This shelter is used as a living space with the living and kitchen and bath in the first floor and the study and the bed room on the second floor.

Figure : Floorplan for the Residential Use

Residential Use

Museum to show information regarding history of the people of Huron living there as well as the entry point of the European settlers

Acrylic Transparent and White Furnishing

Furniture material:

Figure : Floorplan for the Commercial Use

Entropy Path is a pedestrian crossing in the entry way of Toronto’s entrainment district. Structure Type: Bridge Material: Steel ‘I’ Beam, Glass Location: King anf John Street in Toronto, On Project Type: Long Term Use Pedestrian Crossing Year Designed: November 2016 (Fall of Second Year)

Entropy Path

Inspired with the idea of theater and Calatrava’s architecture style.

Sketches of various conceptual l ideas

Entropy- unpredictability of a perfect order. Entropy Path creates a diversion for the pedestrians allowing for the individuals at the bus stop feel comfortable. Sketch of final conceptual idea overlay the site.

Size: Small Scale Material: 2 layer Metal Mesh Location: Underpass Park, Toronto, On Project Type: Pavilion Use: Rock Climbing Facade Seating Pods Storage Year Designed: January-April 2016 (Winter of First Year) Pavilion located at the west end of the Underpass Park. A location to socialize, keep personal items and/or go on a climb over the mesh.


Client Profile: Paraplegic (Wheelchair User) Material: Titanium, Brick and Glass Location: 37 Bulwer St, Toronto, On Project Type: Residential Addition Renovation Year Designed: September-November 2017 (Fall of Third Year) A residential design project based on creating a universally designed house for a client that is paraplegic


Concept Speed: Contrast of a inert object and its program

Level 2

Even though located in the heart of Queen St West, Dynamo looks like a rock but the inner program is full of life and dynamic. Level 1

Flow Wall: Using a combination of metal mesh and perforated metal sheets a divider is created between the ramps and the wall to show a visual representation of speed.

Materials Titanium sheet Existing Brick Wall

Flow Wall


Reinforcement Plates I-Beam

Titanium Wall Paneling

Titanium sheet

Rubber Flooring Concrete

Brick Construction

Detail Drawing

Revolution A installation work done with OCAD University for Winter Stations 2018 under the University Installations. Revolution is a dialog that impacts the topic of riot. Client: Winter Station 2018 Material: Steel, and Aluminum Location: Woodbine Beaches, Toronto, On Project Type: Installation/ Design Built Year: February 19- April 1, 2018 Group project Area of Charge: Manufacturing and Assembly

The concept of this project is the voice of the people that comes together to form a riot.

As a result of the concept we came up with this form of horn that are able to revolve and also allow for individuals to speak into the horns amplify their voices.

Furniture and Product Design The Catcher The Swing Chess Box

Designed and built using basic structural and woodworking methods. by having the side A-frame structure the swing is able to hold a max weight of 300 kg. Purpose: Swing/ movable structure Material: Ceder wood

The Swing

Catcher is a chandelier like product that is created to hold a pencil. Purpose: Pencil Alter Material: Steel

The Catcher

This Chess box is a product that hold the chess pieces with a drawer that has the board under lid. Purpose: Chess Storage Box Material: Maple and Walnut

Chess Box

Robotics Tarsus

Tarsus Lead the team as a Team Captian. Created for First Robotics Competition 2015.

Team Name: Team 4939 Allspark9 Year: 2014-2015 (Recycle Rush) Material: Aluminum, steel Project Type: Group Competition from school Game play: Game Objective: To lift small containers (totes) and stack them to gain more points, cap the stack using a recycling bin., Position of Robot: Capper

Robot description: The robot that we have made, named Tarsus, functions as caper. Its duty is to put a garbage can containing a pool noodle on top of a stack of totes. The height limit that this robot can cap is a stack of3 totes.

Pool noodle Garbage can

Totes A capper completes a stack of totes with a recycling bin and pool noodle.


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Purvangi p I portfolio 2018  
Purvangi p I portfolio 2018