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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Hearing Aid Batteries

Battery Sizes Have a Universal Color Code Did you know that all brands of hearing aid batteries are identified by a universal color code? This is particularly convenient if you forget the battery size you need. Just look for its corresponding color on the packaging or tab located on the back of the battery! Color codes, ranging from the smallest sized battery to the largest, are:     

Size Size Size Size Size

5: RED 10 (or 230): YELLOW 13: ORANGE 312: BROWN 675: BLUE

How Long Should a Battery Last? The life expectancy of amplification power of used each day. On especially if you follow life:

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a battery depends on the type and the your hearing device and how long it is average a battery will last 7-10 days, a few steps to achieve maximum battery

 Keep batteries at room temperature. Do not store them in the refrigerator.  Don’t carry loose batteries in your purse or pocket. Keep them in the card they came in until you are ready to use them.  Do not remove the tab covering the air holes on the back of the battery until you are ready to use it. Then give the battery ample time to charge before inserting it into your hearing aid. Thirty to sixty seconds should do it.  Turn off your hearing aid and open the battery compartment door when not in use. Words of Caution about Batteries Batteries are small and as we all know, children and pets are attracted to tiny, shiny objects. If an accident occurs and a battery is swallowed, call the emergency phone number printed on the back of the battery card. For more information about batteries and the care and maintenance of your hearing instrument, check out the Better Hearing Institute’s Guide to the Care and Maintenance of Your Hearing Aids at Hearing_Aids.pdf.

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Hearing Aid Information Tips on how to extend the life of hearing aid batteries.