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GN Resound ReStore™ Drying Case Quickly Removes Damaging Moisture from Hearing Aids

The Resound ReStore uses a selfregulating, temperature sensitive film that can dry hearing aids quickly in three hours or less.

Other benefits are: •The sturdy case will hold two hearing aids of any size, including SuperPower BTE models

•It is lightweight and small making it extremely portable •Hearing aids are safe as the unit will not overheat

Other things you can do to help eliminate moisture getting into your aids include: •Wiping off your hearing aid every day •Wiping off the battery

•Wiping off the moisture behind or inside your ears before inserting your hearing aids •Avoid leaving your hearing aid in a steamy

With proper daily care and consistent use of the GN Resound ReStore, your hearing aids will remain in top-notch working condition.

Ensuring you will enjoy many years of amplified hearing.

GN Resound ReStore - Lake Havasu City AZ  

55 S. Lake Havasu Ave., Suite L Lake Havasu City AZ 86403 (928) 855-9770 Visit With proper daily...

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