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Dog Cologne Is A Lot Better Than Baths For Pungent Dogs Not only do canines have a nose that gives them the ability to smell things people are unable to, they also frequently have a pungent odor that stays on furniture, carpets, car seats, and clothing even when the pooch is not present. Many pet parents find it aggravating and problematic when their beloved pooch smells so strongly they don't enjoy them as much as they could but there are simple approaches to this particular problem. Rather than washing the dog daily, many pet owners choose to spray a dog cologne on their healthy pet so they can smell better. While people don't identify with scents like a dog can, they do notice when something unusual is happening and the smell is less than desirable. Although dogs do not possess liquid sweat, their paws and hair roots do emit a light perspiration that gives them the “dog smell†that people notice. Dogs with healthy skin and hair have that due to the oil their body creates which does have a slight scent and the ear glands also emit a slight aroma. Terrible smells emerge when a dog's systems are not working properly or when bacteria or fungi invade. Ear infections for example will produce a stinky odor as will anal glands that are not draining correctly. Skin infections can take place in any dog, although they are most common in dogs that have folds or rolls of skin, like Bulldogs. These folds often retain a lot of moisture or microorganisms and cause itching and irritation which leads to infection. In the event the dog has skin allergies, all the itching and scratching raises the potential for an infection to begin. The aroma for the dog will ultimately create a problem not only for the dog but for people as it can easily upset the balance of the family. If there is no physical issue with the dog, but it just loves to roll in stinky stuff, it can be tempting to bathe the dog too often. This creates a problem for the pet parent and might lead to difficulties for the dog. Skin infections and other difficulties can result when washing the dog too often which increases the itching and the discomfort. Extreme bathing can also lead to an imbalance of the skin oils, which could cause more odor issues along with making the dog uncomfortable. Instead of over-washing your dog, you might need to check into the possibility of dog cologne. Adding lightly scented cologne to the regular grooming routine can keep the dog's skin and coat healthier than frequent bathing would allow, while reducing some of the pesky odor that pervades any room the dog inhabits. Dog cologne may be sprayed on not only your dog but is safe to use on pieces of furniture, dog beds and carpeting. It is very important to choose a cologne that is nontoxic and will not upset the stomach or cause respiratory issues because most dogs often lick their fur or scratch utilizing their teeth and nails. Pay special attention when reading the product labels of the oil and alcohol contents as well as any preservatives that may be included that would be harmful to the pet. If you select dog cologne for your four-legged pet, you are selecting a pleasant smelling and safer alternative to the aggravation and hassle of constant baths while neutralizing the potentially offensive odor that pervades the home. Indulge your furry friend with the best dog cologne out there out of Chloe Cole Pet Couture. For Chloe Cole Pet Couture

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Dog Cologne Is A Lot Better Than Baths For Pungent Dogs lots more information on Chloe Cole Pet Couture, visit them at their website,

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Dog Cologne Is A Lot Better Than Baths For Pungent Dogs  

Indulge your furry friend with the best dog cologne out there out of Chloe Cole Pet Couture. For lots more information on Chloe Cole Pet Cou...

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