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Philadelphia in Pictures

P U R S U I T I S S U E 1.5

Philadelphia City Hall Photo by Mike Dillon Blog by Kori Moore Illustration by Jennifer Izaguire

Editor’s DECLARATION A View from Chadwick Street Just over eleven years ago, my obsession began. Today, it has manifested itself in this special issue of Pursuit Magazine. What happened during the summer of 1999 was that my family and I moved to Chadwick Street in South Philadelphia. I have always been from South Philly, so the move was simply from one neighborhood to the other. But, the interesting thing about my street that I found very quickly is that it lies between 16th and 17th Street, giving what appears to be a straight ahead view of One Liberty Place. In no time, Liberty One became my favorite building in the world. Completed in 1987, it is now the second largest skyscraper in the entire state of Pennsylvania behind the Comcast Center. While its sister building, Liberty Two, houses the multi-million dollar condos associated with Philadelphia’s athletes and “old money,” One Liberty Place represents the progress of a city from top to bottom. From the retail stores and food court on the first floor to the brokerage, real estate, and law firms that climb 945 feet into the sky, Liberty One is far from just an office building. Any time I am on Schuylkill Expressway or the Walt Whitman Bridge returning to South Philly, Liberty One is my compass. When I fly, I jockey for that window seat on the flight home just to gain a glimpse of the red, white, and blue lights I hope to see shining there. If and when I write fictional works about Philadelphia, I feel obligated include mention of the skyline. There is a book devoted to skylines on my desk, but I rarely make it past page 10 because I study the Philly skyline as if it is something I have never seen. Whenever there is a heavy fog that envelopes my skyline, I feel lost. Throughout this issue, you will see pictures of Philadelphia and Philadelphians that struck the Pursuit photographers the same way Liberty One struck me as a young teenager. It was Patrick Henry who said, “Give me liberty or give me death!” He was right. Give me my view from Chadwick Street. Sincerely

Steve Ziegler is a graduate of La Salle University’s School of Communication and is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree from La Salle in Professional Communication. He is a native of South Philadelphia and has a tremendous love of film, especially anything directed by Martin Scorsese. Steve has a screenplay in pre-production and when he is not juggling the duties of Pursuit, his home, and his 9 to 5 job, he is usually writing or headed to the movies. By the way, you can call him Zig. He prefers it.

Founder, Editor-in-Chief Pursuit Magazine

We Hold These Truths to be Self-Evident

January 2011 I Pursuit I 4

“Paint My World, as Bright As This Wall Wants to Be.” Pictured left: Wall Mural at a house in North Philadelphia Photo and Caption by Kori Moore

“We Can Have whatever we desire as long as we are willing to create it for Ourselves.” Above: Friends collaborating on a painting at an art party in North Philadelphia. Photo and Caption by Kori Moore

January 2011 I Pursuit I 10

The Liberty Bell at Dusk Photo by Nicole Leyrer


January 2011 I Pursuit I 13

...AND DAMN PROUD OF IT Photos Courtesy of Mike Dillon

Philly Underground Subway Entrance at City Hall Station

Photo by Mike Alvarez

Kelly Drive Trail Photo by Jennifer Izaguirre Caption by Kori Moore January 2011 I Pursuit I 18

“From water to sky, beauty always trances the eyes”

Magic Garden, South Street Photo by Jennifer Izaguirre


“A colorful city, full of character, is so mosa

Caption by

Ninth Street Italian Market Photo by Nicole Leyrer

Piazza at Schmidt’s - Northern Liberties Photo by Nicole Leyrer


aic even the name itself is captured brightly”

y Kori Moore

Philly Phanatic - Love Park Photo by Mike Dillon

“Why wouldn’t a history ridden city go by any other name than liberty?”

Liberty Two Photo by Nicole Leyrer Caption by Kori Moore

Pursuit Magazine 1.5 - Philadelphia in Pictures  

Pursuit Magazine Picture issue

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