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The Recovery Continues When disaster strikes, The Salvation Army mobilizes its forces to begin the process of helping people recover. An ongoing presence in nearly every ZIP code in the country and years of experience in dealing with disasters give The Salvation Army unique skills in getting services to the people who need them and putting volunteers to work in the most effective ways. This level of commitment also means the Army will continue with the long-term recovery for as long as it takes. Impressive as the Army’s resources are, they can’t do it alone. The Salvation Army works closely with corporate partners, community organizations and nonprofit agencies.

Following the 2013 storms, The Salvation Army also became a founding member of the Oklahoma Disaster Recovery Project (ODRP), a multi-agency case management partnership to help administer long-term aid. Disasters may happen in mere minutes, but their effects can linger forever. That’s why The Salvation Army’s recovery efforts don’t stop with immediate disaster relief. We stay connected to the families we serve and continue to serve them — especially the poorest and most vulnerable people, who often spend the next decade trying to recover. The Salvation Army will be there for as long as they need us.

Tornado “watch,” “warning” and “siren” During a severe weather event, things happen fast. Here is the difference between a tornado watch and a tornado warning and what you should do.

Tornado Watch This means conditions are conducive to tornadoes developing in your area. If you have not already prepared your safe area or tornado shelter, do so now.

Tornado Warning A tornado has been spotted in the area. Take cover immediately. If possible, cover yourself with a mattress or a sturdy piece of furniture.

Tornado Siren Stay under cover until the all clear is sounded. Even if the siren stops, you may not be out of danger — a tornado could have damaged the siren.

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Salvation Army  

The Storms That Changed Oklahoma Forever

Salvation Army  

The Storms That Changed Oklahoma Forever