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< MJP GLOBAL SERVICES > “At MJP our mission is to bring our unique and effective training approach to every single athlete on the planet, no matter age, gender, natural ability, limitation, sport, or athletic goal, in an effort to help EVERY INDIVIDUAL who considers themselves an athlete, reach his or her absolute full potential.” – MICHAEL JOHNSON, 4-TIME OLYMPIC GOLD MEDALIST


Michael Johnson Performance provides smart effective training programs, consultation, biomechanical analysis, injury prevention and injury rehabilitation to athletes and teams of all ages and all sports. Our training programs are based on a proven successful philosophy and designed to help athletes achieve their athletic goals.





Our results speak for themselves and our focus is on producing results for our clients. We are singularly focused on helping our clients reach their goals and his or her absolute full potential.Â

Our deep understanding of all facets of athleticism and our staffâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s collective experience and broad backgrounds, having specialized in particular sports prior to their role at MJP.


Our expertise in creating bespoke training solutions that are effective and efficient, and fit within the parameters set by our clients.

MJP has a range of experience in all facets of athleticism due to our work with athletes from a wide range of sports ranging from traditional mainstream team sports to non-traditional sports.

We serve as a resource to the athletes, teams, and organizations we work with. As an athlete centered and athlete focused organization, serving in a support role is at the core of our ethos.

“The technology at MJP is impressive and has helped me to make the small improvements that can mean the difference between gold and silver.” – Jeremy Wariner, Olympic Champion, 400m

“The coaches and the Facility were always alive with energy. It provided us a unique training environment to challenge the players. The facility is world class.” – Sabri Lamouchi, Ivory Coast World Cup Team





During his 11 year professional career, Michael established a record of 13 Olympic and World Championship medals, all of them gold. He became known as the “Fastest Man in the World” in 1996, when completing the historic 200/400-meter Olympic double. Michael founded Michael Johnson Performance with a mission of helping athletes of all ages and all sports reach their full potential, using the same training philosophy and training approach he used in his own career. As one of the most successful Olympic sprinters of all time, Michael’s understanding of linear speed is unmatched and his ability to explain and teach athletes and coaches in this particular area and of the sport of track and field provides a tremendous benefit to many of our clients. As one of the most focused athletes of our time, Michael’s motivational techniques are a benefit to athletes and coaches desirous of improving the work ethic, focus, and professional approach needed to achieve at the highest level.


VICE PRESIDENT AND GLOBAL PERFORMANCE DIRECTOR As Global Director of Performance and Sport Medicine, Lance is primarily responsible for managing MJP Performance directors at each location and the results and innovative training systems that MJP is world renowned for. Lance has become a key trusted advisor to Nike’s sport research lab and “The Kitchen,” Nike’s secretive lab responsible for the development of some of the most innovative and cutting edge products on the sports market. Lance brings his 20 plus years of experience working with athletes in all sports and for some of the most respected sports organizations in the world, along with his educational back ground with degrees in exercise physiology, kinesiology, and physical therapy to all MJP projects. As a former coach on the staff of the Dallas Cowboys and University of Oklahoma, Lance’s understanding of the role of coaches within a team and his relationship with the coaching staffs of our clients serves to ensure the MJP team has a clear understanding of the goals of our clients and how to implement our systems into their program with minimal disruption, all while ensuring we serve as a valuable resource to the client and it’s staff.

“They specifically trained me for what I’ll be doing in a match. The experts at MJP taught me the technique needed for sprinting, changing direction and long endurance sprinting. I feel like a kick start to the season” – Sean Murry, Watford FC Midfielder

“Amazing facilities and expertise. I was very impressed with MJP’s approach that it’s athlete first, then footballer. Their long term athletic development program is excellent.” – Paul Lambert, Aston Villa FC

PERFORMANCE SPECIALISTS All MJP Performance specialists have extensive experience in the performance training world and have completed University level sports performance related degrees before coming to MJP or have completed our very popular MJP externship program. Our performance specialists come from a wide variety of sports backgrounds through their participation and coaching of athletes from various sports.


Our coaches train athletes utilizing unique MJP proven effective systems. We can base a coach at your location for short or long term assignments, depending on the need. And we run off-season training programs for professional athletes from all sports.


Our team designs and helps implement MJP training systems into your existing program to be executed by your coaches. This program includes analysis of your current systems and identification of key areas of opportunity, coach education and athlete development as our coaches educate your coaches how to train athletes utilizing MJP methods.


MJP’s proprietary athlete assessment leverages our sports science, sports therapy and sports performance expertise to provide valuable feedback of general athletic fitness and more performance based and sport specific measures of athleticism. The objective is to identify areas of training opportunity that improve performance, improve career longevity, and reduce injury potential.


Our state of the art facilities are stocked with the latest technology and designed specifically to inspire, motivate, and elicit maximum training effort. Coupled with the world’s best training programs and some of the best coaches in the world, training camps at MJP put athletes on a track toward improved performance, regardless of sport. Our power in this is our way of thinking/organizing “methods” into our system which keeps us constantly evolving as best-practices are continually upgraded/ challenged/revamped in this space. Our education programs provide a coach a system by which they can organize many different methods yet still benefit from the MJP program.


MJP Remote Coaching is a web based portal allowing MJP coaches to provide follow up and continued support to athletes, coaches, and teams who have participated in an MJP training program. This platform allow MJP coaches to remain in constant contact, feeding information forward to clients and receiving information from clients via the web. This platform gives coaches and athletes access to our extensive video library of MJP exercises with demonstration of proper technique and explanation of each exercise.



“They were able to realise the discrepancies about my body, especially my left side. I wasn’t able to generate as much force from my left foot compared to my right foot. I wasn’t able to be as stable from my left side compared to my right side.”



– Jehue Gordon, World Champion, Trinidad and Tobago, 400 meter hurdles

“I had the choice of three other training facilities, but I decided to come to MJP. You need to learn from the best to become the best.” – Ndamukong Suh, Detroit Lions DT



LOCATIONS & FACILITIES MJP – World Headquarters, Dallas, USA is located at Craig

Ranch, a master planned community featuring world class baseball, football, ice hockey, golf, track & field, and swimming facilities. Our 24,000 square foot headquarters is a state of the art facility including physical therapy clinic, locker rooms, regeneration and recovery suite, indoor track, outdoor pool, and synthetic turf football field. MJP – Dallas is home to the only Nike Sports Research lab ever established outside of Nike’s headquarters. The lab features the latest sports technology and software analysis programs designed specifically for the NSRL/MJP lab, including force plates and high definition, high speed, 3D motion capture systems. Nike works in conjunction with the MJP staff to test new product concepts, collect athlete performance data, and conduct wear tests.

MJP – Great Britain is located at St. George’s Park (SGP) the England Football Association’s Football Excellence Center. SGP features a sport science lab, large state of the art resistance training gym, indoor and outdoor football pitches, indoor track, recovery and regeneration facilities, and two Hilton Hotels. SGP is located 90 minutes from London and 45 minutes from Birmingham. /MJPC360



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