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Why Are Marketing And Sales Different? February 10, 2018

We are still in an era where business owners think that marketing and sales are the same thing, in fact, some say they don`t need to learn how to market their businesses, which it is curious. Not only is marketing an important piece of every business`s long-term existence, it is also very different from sales. Marketing could be summarized as anything and everything you do to bring a prospect into your funnel or database, sales is the act of converting a prospect into a customer, occurring a transaction. Probably you have come across with some kind of salesperson chasing you and basically shoving their service or product down your throat. There`s a notion that sales is the only piece that makes the ship go, and don`t get me wrong it`s the livelihood of every business, but it`s all. The problem is that most entrepreneurs spend all their time doing the selling part and forget about marketing. That`s why you come across with pushy salespersons who just want you to buy their stuff. Not to say that this approach is totally wrong, I`m just saying that it`s my philosophy. Knowing that the best return you get from a business is by investing in marketing, my question to you is why focus only on sales when you can get the best of both worlds? 1/2

Putting in a dollar in marketing and getting a 2 or 3 dollar return is perfectly possible, I would say it`s considered criminal in the stock market… it will be pretty hard to do this trying to hard sell everybody and forgetting about your positioning. “If You`re Not In Business To Win, Pack Up Your Bags And Go Home.” – Pedro Campos That`s what marketing is about, positioning, along with many other aspects like branding, social proof, your message. The better your company is at positioning the easier it is to sell your offering, on the other side, if your marketing sucks you`ll be forced to do more hard selling and convincing. Is it sustainable for a business nowadays with the digital economy expanding, to focus only on selling? Probably not… we are moving towards a world where offering value in advance it`s gonna be a very important piece in converting someone as a multi-time buyer. If you look at the gigantic, billion-dollar companies, like Coca-Cola, McDonald`s or Apple and analyze their successes, you`ll quickly realize that there`s more to it than just hard selling and convincing. Times are changing and we need to adapt ourselves to the reality, the robot revolution, the internet and the growing awareness of consumers who are making wiser decisions when purchasing products or services.


Why Are Marketing And Sales Different?  
Why Are Marketing And Sales Different?