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MORE THAN MUMS issue 3 - FEBRuARY 2011


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From the Editor

It’s the end of 2010 already and Christmas is fast approaching. I’d like to take this time to say Merry Christmas to all our readers, advertisers, contributors and of course MWWAH members. I Hope that everyone has a joyous festive season and extremely good New Years but also I’d like to remind people to be stay safe and responsible. 2011 is going to be a big year for with many changes to come including the launch of our “New Year… New MWWAH” event. Also our designer Denni of Purplex Design & Print is expecting another baby in her family, as am I, in the first half of the year so expect a few changes in working hours for us both. Please know that our quality of work and commitment to service will remain the same just our families’ needs will be greater meaning reducing our working load for a short time. We are looking forward to a bigger brighter 2011 and look forward to bringing you the very best of MWWAH businesses again next year. Regards Jess Simpson

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Acknowledgements Denni Slorach - Purplex Design and Print Big Thanks to Denni @ Purplex once again. With all the recent pregnancy related issues she has faced Denni still managed to create a fabulous Ezine for “More Than Mums” whilst juggling her own business needs with Purplex.

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12 How to Look Fashionable While Pregnant Maternity clothes are not all created equal!

14 Adelaide Mum Unmasks the Secret Pregnancy Loss Society Helen Abbott was unprepared for the emotional tsunami her decision to write about pregnancy loss, including her own tragedy four years ago, would unleash.

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Language Delay in Children I am a Mum of an 8 year old boy who has a Severe Language Delay. My son was never formally diagnosed with a delay until around 4 years of age. I knew it seemed quite obvious that something wasn’t right. He didn’t reach those ‘normal’ speech milestones that toddlers do, but my GP kept telling me he’s a boy, boys are slower to develop than girls etc, so we just progressed with no intervention and gave him some time. There was something more to it – call it ‘mothers intuition’ but I knew there was a problem – that’s where my journey began and I’m still on that journey. Seeking and finding out information for him, for me. Watching and supporting his development, meeting new people, finding speech pathologists and other dedicated specialists that can assist with intervention but also they offer support. They are the specialists and can answer the questions and more importantly guide us. So what exactly is a Language Delay? When a person is unable to produce speech sounds correctly or fluently, or has problems with his or her voice, then he or she has a speech disorder. Difficulties pronouncing sounds, or articulation disorders, and stuttering are examples of speech disorders. When a person has trouble understanding others (receptive language), or sharing thoughts, ideas, and feelings completely (expressive language), then he or she has a language disorder/delay. Both children and adults can have speech and language disorders. They can occur as a result of a medical problem or have no known cause. * Source: American Speech and Language Hearing Association So why does it matter whether or not you get intervention if your child has a language delay? Firstly, kid’s speech matters. With no intervention there are obvious learning difficulties which can lead to and can


be the result of behavioural issues and frustrations. Imagine not being able to say what you want. Or not being able to understand what is going on around you? This is what it can be like for a child with a language delay. In my son’s case he was speaking jargon or he would repeat back to you partly what you said. He didn’t make sense but that was because he wasn’t able to hear the spoken words clearly. Once this was rectified with grommets he was on his way to hearing and learning - he was 4.5yrs. He has exceptional visual skills and relies on them most of the time. It gives him the assistance needed to work out what is going on. So he has ‘winged it’ at the best of times and got himself through. As he steps into Year 3 this year – winging it isn’t going to cut it. He has developed and progressed very well, is able to read, works on the computer independently, interacts appropriately socially and joins in with the class activities. He has required constant intervention at school and home to assist with this learning. A statistic that I found quite interesting, ‘one in seven Australians has some form of communication disability. This means that one in seven people has a problem understanding other people or being understood by people. ‘ ‘An example, 13% of school aged children will have a speech and language disability.’ As quoted for Speech Pathology Australia’s website. What to do if you think your child could have a Language Delay? In the first instance you can visit your GP or your maternal health nurse. They will point you in the right direction. Please note if you are sure there is something wrong you can go direct to a speech pathologist to check things out and they will offer assessments. If you feel there is something wrong look into it. It can’t hurt to check things out and know for sure what is going on. If money or funding the visits to specialists is a concern, as they can be expensive – there

are pathways for funding via Medicare. Your doctor, speech pathologist and paediatrician can help you activate this funding which will help with part of the cost. Where to get support and further information A step in the right direction it to look at sites who have other parents sharing their knowledge (including myself) stories and supporting one another. It’s important to feel that you can relate with other parents and not feel isolated. You can find information on the web, be sure it is current by checking dates. I have my website you can subscribe to; this is a network to assist parents and teachers This information is being updated regularly. The focus being on language delay and education information. There are government sites and early childhood intervention. Information from your maternal health, local children’s clinics and speech pathologist even try Speech Pathology Australia’s website. If in doubt keep asking those questions and get the information you need. What is available for my Language Delayed child at school? Late last year I started to explore for more options/alternatives where my son was concerned. I’d like to share this information with you as some or all of my experiences and contacts I found as I searched through Google and followed up through endless conversations or phone calls may be of help. A great resource for you is your local support officer with Association for Children with a Disability (ACD). Admittedly I wasn’t really in the frame of mind that my child had a disability or that language delay could appear in this category as a disability - but it is. They are also very helpful with giving you support if and when you need it. On my quest for information there is a book that I feel is a must read for parents who have children with language delay, speech delays, learning difficulties and/or

auditory processing disorders. The Positive Education Planning Guide it’s free. I was very excited to see the government are supporting this guide. Now they just need to educate more teachers on language delay and give them more resources. The book can be a heavy read i.e. you have to refer to the glossary now and again. If you preserve it did answer a lot of questions when I needed to know what I was entitled to and what some of the jargon meant. There are parent stories and some practical advice for getting yourself prepared for Parent Support Groups (PSG’s). Some schools just don’t tell you this, or aren’t ensuring you get what you are entitled to so it’s good to be informed. Some key points on what you can be looking out for when your language delayed child starts school. Primary school – what you can request and should be offered to you if you have a child with a language delay or language disorder: • Program Support Group meetings (PSG’s) at least 2 per year

• •

• •

• •

• •

Minutes from these meetings with clear realistic goals An individual learning plan (ILP) for your child set by the school with input from teacher, speech pathologist and other specialists or staff if applicable. Integration Aide – if eligible for funding. Dependent on scores from assessments which the school can undergo if you don’t have your own. These need to undertaken by an accredited speech pathologist or school speech pathologist A face to face meeting with your child’s teacher each term – minimum A communications book for your child so you have ongoing dialogue with your child’s teacher – or email if this can be set up and is easier for you both. Access to school speech pathologist if you aren’t privately funding your own. If you don’t have your own assessments from private specialists – access via the school to their speech pathologist and psychologist to gain up to date testing.

The biggest piece of advice where education is concerned is be sure to advocate for your child and there are support groups out there that can help you.

I hope this article has been insightful and ensure that you do talk about language delay. It’s a very niche topic but the more awareness created – it will be identified and given the right diagnosis and more government support, especially where education is concerned. ... every child deserves to be able to communicate and learn to the best of their ability. If they aren’t achieving that, then the people around them, in their lives, need to be able to accommodate and support them where possible. Article written by Sandra Ahlquist Owner Language Delay Network About LDN Network: An information source and network on Language and Speech Delay, Language Disorders, Learning Difficulties and Auditory Processing Disorders in Children. Email: Twitter: LDNNetwork Facebook: Language Delay Network

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Clear Blue Pregnancy Tests

Baba Slings

Babybaby Bath Wash

Check out these brilliant new digital pregnancy tests by Clear Blue.They boast a new fantastic feature… the conception indicator. This new design with smart dual sensor not only tells you in words if you’re not pregnant but if you are it also shows you how many weeks pregnant you are. No more interpreting lines now you can read your results from this sleek new digital display. Clear blue Digital pregnancy test is also 99% accurate from the day your period is due and is the only test to tell you the number of weeks since you conceived. According to Clear blue these tests are so sensitive that you can test up to 4 days early*.

Babaslings caters to every parent’s needs. These stylish slings are fully adjustable (with double strapping system) with easy to release buckle and also safety strap meaning it’s versatile for both mum and dad to use. Baba sling also adjusts to suit baby as he/she grows which is a great advantage. You can adjust the top and bottom padded rail to give greater comfort and of course allowing you to secure your baby in the best way.

If you like to use only the best organic/ natural products on your babies skin that check out this range from This Calming baby wash has a beautiful aroma made from baby safe organic essential oils of lavender and chamomile combined with organic herbs and plant extracts gently cleanses the skin and sooths baby (and mum) Free from chemicals and made from all natural organic and certified organic ingredients and completely vegan friendly.

We had 6 testers for this product and ALL of them just loved the new feature. We had 4 “Not pregnant” results and a fantastic 2 with conception dates showing which was fantastic news. If you are trying to conceive or think you may be pregnant this test is a MUST to buy. Available from:


Another great feature to this sling is the padded shoulder the point the wearer holds the most weight from bubs.And the “railings” are also padded to ensure there isn’t any cutting into bubs legs. Baba slings allow you to also carry baby in many different positions meaning you are not restricted to just an upright position. If you’re after a versatile carrier with extra comfort for baby and the wearer you have to check out these little beauties. RRP $35.00 Available from:

BabyBaby is committed to prevent harmful chemicals reaching your child’s bath tub and this organic calming baby wash is also PTPA (Parent tested - Parent Approved) award winning. Check out babybaby today for more of these fantastic products. RRP - $19.95 NZD

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U Beaut Check out these ultra cool, funky, dishwasher safe lunchbox systems where eco-sense and style meet lunch! Revolutionary lock and seal compartments ensure your child's lunch stays fresh and they even come with their own insulated carrier (which comes in many funky designs). Also included is a 266ml single wall stainless steel grade 304 drink bottle with sports cap. They even have a nifty and unique white board inside the insulated carry case to write reminder notes on. Keep your children’s food in separate containers and keeps fresh with the lock and seal feature. Our tester is raving about it! Her son (in Kinder) was always losing his lunch boxes/ drink bottles until the go green system. Her son loves that everything is in the box (incl. his drink bottle) and that everything stays fresh with no more opening those zip lock bags because of the lock and seal feature. She also loves to write messages for him on the white board. RRP $49.95 Available from:

Nature Baby Care Eco Disposable Nappies With many mothers looking for an alternative to regular disposable nappies (which contain harsh chemicals) we have discovered an alternative from a mumpreneur. These award winning, high performance, eco-friendly nappies are perfect for helping the environment. Made from natural material based on maize starch, 100% chlorine free, based on biodegradable materials, biodegradable back sheet film based on maize and 100% GM free, these slim and soft nappies are made for comfort and are perfect for baby’s bottom. Tested by our MWWAH review panel we had rave reviews about these nappies and our member’s loved that they were a safer alternative.With many mums looking to be more eco friendly and being more cautious about the environment it’s fantastic to see products like these becoming available. Also available are natural eco friendly products for baby including these nappies, pull on pants, wipes, bath wash, shampoo and eco disposable nappy sanitary bags. RRP From $59.54 Available from:


Massage your baby's eczema away With one in five children, including babies, suffering from eczema, and dry skin the most common trigger in an outbreak, finding an easy and cost effective therapy you can implement into your baby’s daily skin care will work wonders for you both. And there is nothing better than massage for babies who suffer from eczema. More and more new mums and dads are experiencing the wonderful pleasures massage can bring, not only in terms of relief, but the total sense of relaxation and look of pure happiness on their baby’s face. Science Says Researcher, Dr Tiffany Field, Ph.D., from the Touch Research Institute in Miami, who has spent the past twenty five years researching massage therapy, conducted a study on young children with eczema who received daily massage from their parents, to see whether their symptoms decreased. For one month, the parents of the first group massaged their children’s prescribed skin treatments into their skin for 20 minutes each day. The second group applied the skin treatment to their children’s skin with no massage. The study found that the children from the first group who received the daily massage were less anxious and that the symptoms of redness, scaling, itching, thickening and skin abrasions had decreased significantly. The parents also reported feeling calmer themselves after giving the massage. The second group had a decrease in the scaling of the skin but there were no other improvements seen. Other research has found that baby massage also strengthens the baby’s immune system, helps the baby sleep longer and deeper, develops coordination, relieves wind, colic, reflux and constipation, promotes weight gain in premature babies and can be therapeutic for mums suffering post natal depression. Massage and your baby While massage in the study was conducted for 20 minutes, this may be overly stimulating, so watch for cues as to when your baby has had enough. Indications may be crying, pushing your hands away, turning away or facial grimacing. It’s also important to only massage skin that is not broken and avoid massaging areas that are weeping, bleeding or have open sores. Only use downward strokes, so from hip to ankle, upper back to lower back and shoulder to wrist as the hair follicles grow in this direction and as baby already has dry, inflamed skin massaging against the hair growth may cause infection and be uncomfortable. Skin Sense When massaging your baby, use either natural, organic cold pressed plant oil such as Sweet Almond, Apricot Kernel or Sesame Oil, as these oils are rich in vitamins and minerals and may assist with the healing of skin irritations. Another good option is an emollient moisturising cream that has no fragrance or essential oils, and is suitable for sensitive, eczema prone skin. UK based paediatric research has found that massaging with Sunflower oil has shown significant results in repairing baby’s skin barrier. With so many products on the market you may need to try a few until you find the product most suitable to your needs. So take time out each day for baby massage– it’s precious time for you both and will result in a happier, healthier and more content baby. Nadine Hall is an Aromatherapist, Certified Infant Massage Instructor and mother of two. Visit her website:

Tell us about your child(ren): I am a proud mum to 6 year old twin boys who are my world and keep me on my toes! They have just finished year one and I cannot believe how well they both are doing and how much they have learnt this year. They are growing up way too fast. What made you become a MWWAH? I have always loved my computer time and have always had a creative flair. Being at home with 2 little ones I had to find something to keep me sane and what better way to do that than by doing something I love - DESIGNING!!! And that's how atomicbutterfly designs was born. What sort of business do you run? Graphic Design + Website Design + Blog design work for both your personal and business needs Where can I find out more?

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How to Look Fashionable While Pregnant

Our Best Tips for a Trendy Maternity Wardrobe

Just because you are going to be a new mum does not mean you have to give up style for the next nine months of your life. Look trendy from your first week to your last week by choosing comfortable, stylish clothes that grow with you. Wear Clothes For You: Don’t wear your boyfriend’s, husband’s or partner’s clothing. It is tempting to pull on a pair of your boyfriend’s or husband’s sweats or jeans when you are pregnant. The best maternity advice is to stay away from clothing that isn’t made for you. Celebrate your new body with clothes for you. Wearing men’s clothing or plus-sized clothing is not flattering. Your partner’s jeans may fit around the waist, but they will be too large for you everywhere else. Having extra, loose fabric around the legs, hips, and behind will only make you look larger.The same concept goes for larger women’s clothing. It will be more comfortable, but it will not fit your pregnant body how it is suppose to, resulting in an overall larger appearance.

Take the Lazy out of Loungewear: Avoid looking like you just got out of bed. Sweats and track pants look too sloppy for wearing outside the house. Instead, choose yoga pants which are better fitted and more stylish. Pair yoga pants with cute shirts for a comfortable, trendy look.

Cover That Tummy: While your pregnant tummy is adorable, it should still be covered. Don’t wear tops that are too short or small. Instead, invest in fashionable maternity shirts that are purposefully made longer in the front. To make sure your tummy does not peak out, layer shirts for a cute, covered look. Camis are also a great basic for everyday wear because of its stretchable fabric and variety of colors. Camis can be worn on their own or worn underneath shirts and dresses for coverage and extra tummy support. Dress a cami up by throwing a stylish cardigan or shrug over. Dress a cami down with a casual vest or denim jacket. When the weather is hot, tube tops are the best choice. A tube top worn alone or

layered will provide growing mums with the support and comfort they need. Unrestricted Fashion: The easiest way to feel your best is to wear unrestricting clothes. Maternity jeans can be tight and expensive – not good for your body or your wallet. Instead, choose leggings and tights. Leggings and tights look perfect under long shirts, tunics, dresses, and skirts. Leggings and tights are also much lighter and cooler to wear than stuffy jeans. Long, flowing maxi dresses are also a good option for mums to be because they broadcast your cute tummy, while hiding any other flaws. Go for a style with a bodice cover if you are larger on top. Shoe Smarts: Accessorise with cute, flat sandals for summer. Flat boots are fab in the winter. Adorned flats are also a cute choice to wear with dresses and yoga pants. If you must wear heels, choose wedge shoes instead of tiny, thin heels.Add extra comfort to wedges with gel insoles and do not wear them if you have a lot of walking to do.

'Woolgrub' of Australia have a beautiful range of organic and all natural items for your children. Everything for keeping your little ones comfortable in any conditions. Our lovely range includes baby swaddles, cot sheets, t-shirts, singlets and wool 'blankies' and baby sleeping bags/ dressing gowns. All are lovingly made here in Australia, using Australian made fabrics that are 100% Organic Cotton and Pure Australian Merino Wool. Their amazing wool products are soft and silky to touch, and even react to changes in body temperature. Great to use throughout the year in some climates, with the bonus of being completely machine washable. Woolgrub specialises in fabrics that are the ideal choice for your active, healthy kids! 13

Helen Abbott was unprepared for the emotional tsunami her decision to write about pregnancy loss, including her own tragedy four years ago, would unleash.

to have October 15 declared National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day which is gaining strong political support.

When word of her book ‘Beyond Pregnancy Loss: From Heartbreak To Healing’ got out, she was besieged by friends and strangers who poured out their hearts about their own or loved ones tragedies and thanked her for drawing attention to the issue.

Helen’s own excruciating decision with her husband David, to undergo the medical termination of her first pregnancy in 2006, is one of dozens of personal accounts in ‘Beyond Pregnancy Loss: From Heartbreak To Healing’

For some of the women who sought her out, it was the first time in decades they had braved speaking publicly of their tragedy.

Helen said she, like the other women featured, found sharing her story a cathartic experience.

For Helen, a life and business performance coach, the overwhelming response validated her decision to place the issue of pregnancy loss in the spotlight.

She said her book was unique because it went beyond facts and figures to provide women with a guide to healthy grieving.

Helen said while it was estimated one in five pregnancies resulted in the death of the baby - whether by miscarriage, still-birth, medical terminations or death shortly after birth the topic was rarely discussed in public. “It’s like the last taboo; a secret society which no one wants to join where membership is only talked about behind doors in hushed tones,” she said. “Women who have experienced this kind of tragedy tend to form instant intense connections with each other. It’s because we are often the only ones who can fully understand the intense pain of arriving home from the hospital maternity unit with empty arms. “Unless you’ve been there it’s hard to understand the depth of anguish caused by the loss of a person you never even had the chance to know.” Helen, now a mother to four-year-old Evan, is one of the leading figures in the campaign


To do this it draws heavily on the expertise of leading Australian personal development coaches Paul and Mary Blackburn from who have experienced two pregnancy losses of their own and have counseled women who have undergone similar tragedies.

welcome but she was particularly excited about ‘Beyond Pregnancy Loss: From Heartbreak To Healing’. “I read every thing on the topic of pregnancy loss and this is the first book I’ve seen that not only offers truly practical advice on the grieving process but also connects emotionally with readers as well,” Trudi said.

Mary Blackburn said it was important that women didn’t fall victim to societal pressures to suppress their grief and took the time to work through their pain, anger and guilt. “You deal with the pain now or later, but regardless you’ll end up dealing with it and buried grief and anger can impact you way beyond your emotions. They have been linked with many chronic health problems,” Mary said. The Teddy Love Club, a national support group for bereaved parents, will be recommending ‘Beyond Pregnancy Loss: From Heartbreak To Healing’ to clients. Trudy Penrose-Starr, the founder of the Teddy Love Club, said any effort to lift the profile of the issue of pregnancy loss was

The book ‘Beyond Pregnancy Loss: From Heartbreak To Healing’ is available for purchase at

The new Epona Yoga DVD is a children’s yoga program created by Debra McCormick, Australia’s only Chopra Centre Certified Ayurvedic Master. It provides a great mix of relaxation, entertainment and gentle exercise for children. The Epona Yoga DVD is beautifully animated with yoga-practising characters: Mali the Monkey, Sunni the Sunflower, Rafferty the Rooster and Tula the Turtle.They travel on a series of adventures and demonstrate the various moves in the DVD. Children can also sing along with their favourite songs by putting the DVD into the PC or laptop. Debra McCormick is eminently qualified to teach yoga moves to children. She has had over 17 years working with kids at Camp Quality and other children’s organisations, providing one on one care and organising activities. Debra is also certified as a practitioner for the Yoga for the Special Child program, a yoga programme for babies, children and teenagers with special needs. “I have personally seen the benefits of yoga on young children and I wanted parents to be able to recreate that in their home” Debra said. “There is a pretty comprehensive instruction book for parents that can help them understand the benefits and any cautions to be observed for the individual poses. I want the whole family to enjoy the DVD!” Debra feels very strongly that “the benefits of yoga can be very helpful for children. Yoga helps them relax, gain self-confidence, increase creativity, learn acceptance of themselves and others, just to name a few. Physically it helps with coordination, body awareness, flexibility, balance and strength.” The 60 minute EponaYoga DVD and the accompanying storybook/ instruction manual will be available at Big W, Target, Myer, Sanity/ Virgin, David Jones, Rebel Sports, Borders and where all good health and fitness DVDs are sold. RRP is $29.95 each.

WANT TO WIN A COPY OF THE EPONA YOGA DVD? Just email us on and tell us in 25 words or less why your kids would benefit from this amazing DVD and you could win your very own copy! Competition closes February 14, 2011 and entries will be judged by the editor of More Than Mums with the prize being sent out in March 2011.


Vanchi - OUR STORY Giving birth to identical twin boys can give anyone’s career a good shakeup; however, former high school teacher Sarah Van Bentum (pictured below with her family) saw this as her opportunity to become more family focused and to re-direct her creative energies towards a new venture.What began as a personal search for the right nappy bag became a mission and VANCHI Nappy Bags and Accessories is the result! During her 3rd pregnancy in 2005 with twins, Sarah searched high and low for a value packed, functional nappy bag that reflected her sense of style. After many months of research she came to the realisation that there appeared to be a distinct gap in the market for the type of product she was looking for.


deterred the more faint hearted would be mumpreneurs. As Sarah reflects on VANCHI’s modest beginnings, her fitting school day adage seems appropriate “if you aim at nothing you are sure to miss it”. Now entering their fifth progressive year of trading, VANCHI designs beautiful, premium nappy bags and accessories for mums who refuse to compromise on fashion, function, quality or price, available nationally and internationally in New Zealand, the UK and the Netherlands.

All VANCHI nappy bags include their signature accessory pack which contains a bottle holder, dummy safe, wetpack, and change mat. If you’re a fashionable mum, or know one, you’ll almost certainly have seen VANCHI’s signature dummy charm swinging from the nappy bag of its proud new owner. VANCHI is the hot parenting accessory for 2011! Find out more at

VANCHI Nappy Bags and Accessories launched in Oct 2006. Spurred on by her vivacious brood of four boys ranging at the time from 0-13 years and with the full support of her husband John, Sarah made the difficult decision to leave her well loved teaching career, to pursue something completely different, as she journeyed into the exciting and often daunting world of design, overseas manufacturing, logistics, sales and marketing. Sarah is quick to say that it has not always been an easy ride as she has juggled the needs of the consumer, the manufacturers, the bank and the family. She has a collection of riveting stories which might have

READER STORIES Do you have a reader story you would like to have featured in More Than Mums, just like Saltwind and Vanchi have this issue? We are always looking for fabulous success stories from our readers, and would love to show off your business in our next issue! If you are interested, please email to find out more about how More Than Mums can help your business, and how you can motivate our readers to grow their own ideas!


STORIES A new line of children’s long-sleeved, sunsmart swimwear has been launched by a Gold Coast mother of two, just in time for summer. Mrs Tiffany Storey, who was born and raised in The Tweed and now resides in Ormeau with her family, was frustrated at the lack of affordable, long-sleeved swimwear for her daughters, and has taken matters into her own hands by designing a collection of long-sleeved rashguard-style swimwear for children aged 2 – 12. “Having very fair skin, and a history of melanoma in my family, I was always concerned about my own levels of sun exposure and the risk of skin cancer. Once my daughters were born, sun safety became a passion. I wanted my daughters to lead


a healthy and active outdoor lifestyle, but I was concerned about the risks that accompany the joys of the Australian sun. I was disappointed to find that after my children grew out of baby sizes, long-sleeved swimwear was hard to find. If I could find it, the prices were not realistic. And I just wasn’t satisfied that the more common, short-sleeved swimtops were providing adequate coverage and protection from the sun”.

tops and swimshorts, sold as sets, which are SPF50+ and chlorine resistant.

After several years of lamenting the issue with other similarly concerned parents, Mrs Storey decided to create a line of affordable, long-sleeved, practical, yet attractive swimwear herself.

Saltwind’s Spring 2010 collection is now available for purchase through their website for $29.95 per set.

The result is Saltwind, a business specialising in matching long-sleeved rashguard/rashie

“I am so proud of my first collection, Spring 2010, because it is the realisation of almost a year of research and investigation. I wanted to design swimwear that provides the level of protection that I think my own children deserve, in modern and attractive styles, at an affordable price… and I believe that with this collection, I have achieved my aim.”

WIN WITH SALTWIND! See back cover for details on how you could get your own fabulous kids swim set!

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Sometimes knowing you are pregnant is not enough now you can find out how far along you are! Clearblue introduces the new, breakthrough Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test with Conception Indicator - the first and only home pregnancy test that is so advanced it is capable of telling a woman if she is pregnant, and if so, indicating when she conceived. This groundbreaking pregnancy test from World’s no.1 selling pregnancy test brand has built upon the benefits, top accuracy and unmistakably clear results, of the original Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test, but has the unique advantage of the additional ‘Conception Indicator’ feature to give women double confirmation. The results of Clearblue’s conception and pregnancy study were launched today, showing 89 per cent of women would find it useful to learn how many weeks along they are at the same time they discover they are pregnant. The desire for a conception indicator test was one of the key insights generated from years of qualitative consumer research. Women consistently mentioned the desire to know when they conceived, upon discovering their pregnancy. Quantitative research also reiterated the need for additional information, as women claimed they wanted secondary confirmation of the pregnancy so they had the confidence to begin planning next steps as soon as possible. Almost 60 per cent of women want to know how far along they are in their pregnancy so they can announce their pregnancy to their family and friends. Other reasons include so they can book their doctors appointments (58%) and so they can consider the health of their baby (58%). Dr Jayne Ellis, Director of External Affairs for Clearblue says, “The Conception Indicator is something we have been researching for a number of years, and the final product is unique. We are excited to be able to offer women double confirmation about their pregnancy as soon as the ‘Pregnant’ result is confirmed.”


When it comes to pregnancy tests, 79 per cent of women said they have used an at-home pregnancy test in the past, and 97 per cent of those users consider them to be reliable. In laboratory tests, Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test with Conception Indicator is more than 99 per cent accurate in detecting pregnancy, when used from the day the period is due. The Conception Indicator result is 92 per cent accurate at indicating when a woman conceived. A large majority (90%) of women are reluctant to use pregnancy tracking tools on the internet to work out how far along they are in their pregnancy. Instead, most would prefer to calculate how far along they are by calculating the date of their last period and the date they last had sex (49%) or wait to go to the doctor (38%). However, only 70 per cent of women claim they know the exact date of their last period, making it difficult to calculate time of conception.

How the Conception Indicator makes it clear

Extensive clinical studies have pinpointed the different levels of hormone required to measure how far along a pregnant woman is. When a woman becomes pregnant her body starts to produce the pregnancy hormone, human Chorionic Gonadotrophin (hCG). The amount of hCG in the body doubles approximately every 2 to 3 days in the early stages, and reaches a maximum at around 7 to 12 weeks into the pregnancy. Clearblue pregnancy tests work by detecting the presence of hCG in a woman’s urine. Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test with Conception Indicator works the same way but it also has Smart Dual Sensor™ technology. The first sensor tests for the Pregnant / Not Pregnant result which is displayed in words on the digital display screen. If the result is ‘Pregnant’, the first

sensor then works in conjunction with the second hormone sensor to detect the level of human Chorionic Gonadotrophin (hCG) in the urine to indicate when conception took place. It is this Smart Dual Sensor™ technology that makes the Clearblue Digital with Conception Indicator the only pregnancy test capable of delivering these two pieces of information.

How the results are shown

When urine is applied to the absorbent sampler, the test is activated and automatically calibrates itself. A ‘Wait’ symbol on the LCD display screen indicates the test is working. Within three minutes an easy to read result is displayed. If the test is positive, ‘Pregnant’ will be indicated in words on the display along with the Conception Indicator result. This is displayed as an estimate of how many weeks have occurred since conception: 1-2 weeks, 2-3 weeks or 3+ weeks. If the result is negative the user will see a ‘Not Pregnant’ reading only on the screen.

As with the original Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test, the ‘Conception Indicator’ is a one-step rapid test designed to be used once before disposal. It is available nationally from major supermarkets and pharmacies in a single pack (RRP $19.99) and double pack (RRP $25.99). For more information on the Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test with Conception Indicator and other products in the range, visit or call Clearblue’s Careline on 1800 125 021.

Hiring for small business – Questions for success! Hiring for small business is not as simple as you may think. Small business owners are often so invested in their need to hire someone they often make hiring errors by making their decision in a hurry or by using emotion to make the decision instead of what is objectively best for their business. Often where emotion is involved it is better to introduce a 3rd party to the equation to get the best for your business. There are 3 Key Questions to ask that lead to Recruiting Success: 1. Do you have time to recruit for staff? If you answer no to this question, do you have some other person in the business that does have the time and that you trust to recruit for you? It is important that the person doing the recruiting has the time to recruit for staff as well as completing their work load so an unrushed and not a time poor discussion is made in the recruiting process. Your new staff member is an asset to your team and you don’t want to hire the wrong person and lose time and money by taking the next/first person who comes in off the street. 2. Who are you looking for? Take the time to identify the person you are looking for. There is no point getting weeks or months into a new employee

In Review Smartrike Six in One The 6 in 1 is more than just a trike; it’s versatile, transforming, multifunctional and caters for your child's needs as they grow. This multifunctional modular product has 6 different phases for babies through to toddlers. It transforms as your babies grows from 6 months right up to 3 years. They also come in a variety of colours. Perfect gift for any parent looking for a complete travel system that will cater for their child’s early years. Some of the features include a rocking base with 4 fold out wheels, reclining seat with back rest and

starting only to find you needed a builder instead of a plumber! So make sure you take the time to create a list of what you are looking for and then make a position description to recruit from and to give your applicants. Take the time to work out what you want in a new staff member. Prepare a list, read the resumes, interview once and interview 2nd. And reference check. It may sound like a lot but it is all worth it considering the investment you are making. 3.Will your applicant fit your business culture? Business culture is important and we all know what it is like to work with someone who does not fit the team. The damage a poor hiring decision can have on the business is enormously costly. Do your background checks, use tools like emotional profiling and behavioural interviewing; if unsure ask the experts - they can often help in these areas to allow you to make a clearer, more efficient choice. Don’t know where to start or confused? This is where experts like the Team at FC Recruitment can help. They can offer Full Recruiting Services or just help you with the specific areas you need. Have questions or want to know more - contact the team on 1300 386 387 padded (washable) seat cover for comfort, built in foot rests and locking brake system. It's designed for practicality and saves you money also by eliminating the need to purchase an upgraded travel system to suit the growing needs of your children. Reviewers Pro’s and Con’s Pro’s - Having a 10 month old and a 2 yr old we loved how versatile it was and the fact that you can modify it to suit your child’s needs. We could also use it for both children at different times which was fantastic. The bag was great for carrying keys when going for a walk or carrying a drink. Also the padded seat was awesome for the little ones providing them with comfort for the ride.

Linda Enever General Manger Family Capers & FC Recruitment Linda has a distinctive history in the staffing and recruiting arena. Linda is now combining her passions as the General Manager of FC Recruiting and Family Capers – the latter dedicating itself to all things family; with an online community for like-minded people, a business directory, support panels, forums and even a special place just for the littlies. FC Recruiting is her offering to time- and resource-poor businesses requiring staff. Drawing on her experience in the staffing and recruiting field, Linda put together FC Recruiting as an alternative to the larger – and sometimes impersonal – recruitment businesses. Con’s- Keep your instructions… difficult to put together without them. Also the parent handle does not allow you to have full control over the steering. This product would benefit greatly if the parents had better control over steering and not require them to lift the front end up to manoeuvre.


Thanks to Mushroom & Me and Red Mango Design & Photography for putting together such a fabulous photo shoot for this issue of More Than Mums! All of the clothing featured here is available from Mushroom & Me ( w w w. f a c e b o o k . c o m / mushroomandme) and all photos were taken by Red Mango Design & Photography ( w w w. f a c e b o o k . c o m / RedMangoDesign)

Red Mango D E S I G N AND P H OTO G R AP H Y

MWWAH NEW YEAR GIFTAWAYS! The businesses below would like to make your New Year just that little bit more special, and have donated some incredible prizes! To be in the running to win, simply email and tell us in 25 words or less which prize you want to win and why! Entries will be judged by the editor of More Than Mums after the closing date of February 14th, 2011 with prizes being despatched in March 2011.

Children's Applique Backpack valued at $29.95

Nourishing Hand & Body Cream (1x100ml $18.95 & 1x30ml $5.95)

$20 Voucher to spend at Machiko Baby 5 to be won

$25 Voucher to spend at Little Miss Bowz n Thingz

$29.95 Voucher to spend on a swimwear set at saltwind

$5 Off Voucher to spend on Graphic Design with KILA Designs -10 to be won

The Crystal Keepers

Crystal Collection Kit valued at $19.95


1 Job Advertisement valued at $71.50

Cupcake Skirt & Top Set valued at $28 ulliclothes

$30 Voucher to spend at Kreated by Kel

1 pair of Christmas Booties valued at $11.95

Engraved Star Pendant valued at $45

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