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MORE THAN MUMS issue 1 - june 2010


PLUS We help you get the best photos of your kids Marketing plans - do you have one? Quick easy recipes that kids will LOVE!

From the Editor

Photo Comps! As part of our quarterly “More Than Mums” Ezine we will be running photo competitions. The best images will be used in a spread in the Ezine. Each issue will have a different theme and the theme for Issue #2 is:

MWWAH Faces! I’m so excited & proud to take this next step with you all.Welcome to the newest feature from I hope that this Online magazine can help us in succeeding to spread the word about the extremely talented, hardworking, passionate & determined Mums who work at home. I’ve been absolutely thrilled to discover so many brilliant home businesses and the inspirational women behind them. Its hard work being a mum and it’s even harder being a working mum.Whether that be a Mum Who Works At Home or a mum who actually leaves the house and goes to work. This ezine is our way of helping to showcase how many of us are “More Than Mums”. I’d like to thank everyone for their support over the past 12 months especially those that have made working everyday such a joy! A special thanks to the many businesses who have been a part of building the MWWAH network - without the support of so many of you it would never have been possible.A bigger thanks to Denni from Purplex Design and Print for helping this idea come to life. I hope you all enjoy the ezine and I look forward to bringing you issue 2. ♥ Jess Simpson Editor


You can capture this however you like. Be creative, do it in a group, with the kids or just do it yourself for some fun.You can submit your image entry via our Facebook page or by emailing it to before August 30, 2010. More Than Mums is proudly brought to you by

Terms & Conditions This competition is open to ALL Australian and New Zealand residents. Please ensure all entries are at a respectable “PG” level and that you have permission to use the image if it isn’t of yourself. Be sure to include the photographer contact information and details of the person(s) in the image or a brief description. Professional shots are allowed but you must state that you are a professional photographer upon entering.

Acknowledgements Denni Slorach - Purplex Design and Print Without Denni the “More Than Mums” Ezine would be yet another project of’s that would be laying in a folder waiting to come to life. Her talent, skills, creativity and hard work have brought you all the magnificent publication you see today. Looking forward to issue 2 and beyond! Casey Wood - Casey Wood Photography Huge thanks to Casey Wood - our very talented MWWAH Photographer for this issue. Her passion, skills, creativity and enthusiasm have made it a pleasure working with her. Seeing the products from MWWAH businesses come to life in her pictures has been a real treat and to see how great these products can look with some professional shots has been marvellous. Special thanks to each of the businesses that have supported this publication from article submissions, advertising, story submissions, spreading the word and more. It’s been fantastic to see so much support and we look forward to sharing, supporting and most of all showcasing more of the talent from these Magnificent Women Working At Home.

2 Acknowledgements

12 How to Photograph Kids

The businesses who make this e-zine possible each issue through their donation of time and resources.

4 The Childhood Epidemics The times have changed and our kids have changed also...

5 Shaping Clay

There's an art to photographing kids, whether you do it for a living or just take happy snaps of your own...

15 Job Hunting?

16 Marketing for Mums Who Work at Home

The story of one mum's journey with her autistic child Clay

6 Cover feature - Bee & Me

Even the smallest of MWWAH businesses needs to market themselves!

20 Meals by Mel

Bee & Me's Dani has taken the time out to share her business story

8 Things we love

They're fast, easy to prepare and kids will LOVE them!

22 Search Engine Optimization

Send us samples of your products and if we love it, we will feature it!

9 Competition Corner

It's so important - but are you doing it?

23 Breastfeeding - Real Mums Tell Us How

The Things We Love are Up For Grabs!

10 Featured MWWAH Each issue we look at a marvellous MWWAH - this issue, meet the Designer of More Than Mums, Denni Slorach from Purplex Design and Print

11 Super Mum or Super Woman?

Have you taken advantage of ALL the ways to find new employment?

A practical look at breasfeeding in today's world

24 Business vs Hobby When does your hobby become a business for tax purposes?

25 Classifieds

Us MWWAH's are pretty amazing, but can you really be everything to everyone all the time?

A snapshot of some fantastic MWWAH businesses

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In the last century, science and technology has dramatically changed our world and our lives. Not surprisingly however, our health is suffering. More and more we are realising that our children are the ones who seem to be suffering the most with childhood illnesses on the rise and allergies, asthma, ADD/ADHD and autism becoming commonplace where just a few decades ago these were virtually non-existent. The MINDD foundation are calling this “The Childhood Epidemics” with more and more experts predicting that in the current generation of children, many will die before their parents. The statistics in Australia are alarming and should be a wake-up call for every parent. • • •

1 in 5 Australian children have food allergies 1 in 6 Australian children have a learning, behaviour or immune disorder 1 in 120 Australian children are diagnosed with Autism

The key point is that many of these conditions are not viruses or bacteria, but are PREVENTABLE if we choose to take action now. Chemical production has jumped from 1 billion lbs annually in 1940 to 600 billion lbs annually in 1988. Just imagine what the production is today in 2010!

The Childhood Epidemics

Science is now pointing to an overload of toxins coupled with extreme nutritional deficiencies as being the triggers for a wide range of childhood diseases that share common underlying symptoms. What’s the solution? Getting back to basics and being an educated and informed parent is a great place to start. 1000 Mums Making a Difference is committed to helping families reduce artificial additives, provide the missing nutrition and remove harmful chemicals from your home.These three key areas to start with collectively, will make a difference and get you and your family on the road to better health and vitality! Contributed by Jodie Davies


SHAPING CLAY by Laura Lewis

My son, Clay was diagnosed with Autism at age 2. We began attending a play group at Autism Qld that gave me time with other mothers and introduced us to the different specialists employed there. Once a month we would meet the occupational therapist, another physio therapist or the speech therapist. After 18 months, Clay was accepted into their Sunnybank Campus’ Early Intervention program. A two day a week fun filled, action packed day with regular contact with all the above therapists. He evolved. He was a boy with no turn taking skills, little speech and no toilet training. Amongst other things, at the end of that year, Clay was initiating games and happily awaiting his turn, he began to string words together forming simple sentences and was fully toilet trained. The staff at Autism Qld are patient, kind and loving and always take the time to listen

to your concerns or celebrate milestones. What some people consider ho hum achievements to us are miracles. Clay was five and at Prep when he uttered his first seven word sentence “Hey Dad have you seen my scooter?” I will never forget that day. We were living with my parents at the time and we were in the back yard. All four adults paused and then cheered; laughing and crying. We were so excited we went out for dinner that night to celebrate. And so it goes; Clay has gone from one small miracle to the next. A constant source of wonder and joy to us all. He is now 8 and in grade 3 at a mainstream school. We continue to deal with issues. They are different ones now and in five years will be different again. It is a relief to know that at all times during Clay’s life he will be able to access services provided by a dedicated team at Autism Qld. Be it holiday programs or sibling support for his sister. Possibly a visit from the outreach team who will attend any school in Queensland no matter how remote, if their services are required.

We are conscious that none of Clay’s successes would be possible were it not for the likes of Autism Qld. We are grateful he had an opportunity that so many kids miss out on simply because the funding is so stretched and the need so high. Clay has a very unique skill. Drive him somewhere once and he will never forget how to get there. He can draw road maps of anywhere he has been and then makes up road maps as well. He recently directed us to a house we lived in over 4 years ago. If I kept all his maps – it would fill our garage.

Danielle Wilcox from Bee and Me talks about her business

Inked girls dress & matching headband Sizes 0–4 available $35 (incl. postage)

and being a mum who works at home: Apart from totally loving my job, I have a major fabric addiction so naturally I have the need to dress my daughter Baylee (aka Bee), who’s three, in gorgeous outfits.This then led to wanting to make more outfits and her wardrobe was Clementine ultra twirly skirt and matching appliqué heart top & headband Sizes 0–4 available $48 (incl. postage)

just getting ridiculously overflowing. Needing to continue with my passion for kids fashion Bee and Me was born in March 2009. The fact that I’m doing something I love and doing it from home is just pure heaven to me. I would always hear others say how much they love their job and I would always think ‘oh that will never happen to me’. I just never found something I was totally passionate about. I liked my jobs I

Flights of Fancy dress & matching headband Sizes 0–4 available $37 (incl. postage)

had prior to becoming a mum but there just wasn’t that real love of going to work everyday. It can happen to anyone, your dream job may be just around the corner. I love creating, LOVE sourcing new fabrics and also love doing custom orders as they open my mind to other ideas. It always puts a smile on my face and makes me feel proud when I see a little girl or boy wearing my clothing. There is so much love and care poured into each and every one of my creations. Happy customers makes a happy me. Being a mum and working from home isn’t always easy, you need to find a balance between work and family time. Your little ones grow up so fast, you have to treasure every moment of their childhood.


Alphabet Soup skirt with matching appliqué top. Sizes 1–4 available $38 (incl. postage)

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Ourpassion is kids fashion

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Each issue we will feature our absolute favourite products sold by MWWAH businesses across the country. For your chance to be featured email an image, a short description of your product and a web link for more info to and if your product is selected you will be contacted to send in a physical product for evaluation.

Frilly Tushies

Swarovski Crystal Hair Barrette

Frilly tushies has taken an old fashioned idea and given it a twist.What started off as a couple of pairs of lace pants soon escalated into an explosion of colours. Catering for mums who want 100% cotton and those who just want to “wash and wear”, they have many new styles and colours are always changing.

It’s Bling for your hair!!

These gorgeous little ruffle pants are the cutest… They are the perfect accessory for your little girl. Add them under a dress to cover up a disposable nappy, use them in the summer with a cute little top. Whatever you choose these little beauties can’t be missed! RRP - 100% cotton from $16.00 RRP - Poly/Cotton from $12.00 Available from:


This 7cm silver plated barrette/hair clip by Pretty Beaded Things is adorned with 4mm & 6mm Swarovski crystals in Clear AB securely wrapped to the barrette. A perfect accessory for any colour outfit! Dress up your casual outfit or perfect to match with that evening dress. The lovely Swarovski crystals stunningly sparkle out in the sun. Item comes packed in an organza gift pouch. They are lightweight, easy to use and made very well.

Lets Party! Additive free By Melanie Avery This book is a perfect guide for parents who want to give their children (and their guests) a great birthday party while avoiding artificial ingredients that can affect children’s behaviour and well being. Some of the things you will find inside: • Introduction to artificial additives, their types and how they affect kids • A breakdown of common party foods, their ingredients and the possible reactions to those ingredients • Ideas for decorations, prizes & take home treats • Fun party games • Yummy party food recipes • Shopping lists and recommendations

RRP $20.00 RRP $19.97 Available from:

Available from:

Competition Corner One of each of the 5 fantastic products reviewed below is up for grabs! To win one of the prizes you just need to email and volunteer to be one of the reviewers for the next issue! How simple is that? Include in your email your full name, postal address, telephone number and which of the 5 available products you would like to win. On July 21st 2010 all of the entries will be split up into the 5 groups and a winner will be randomly drawn for each of the prizes. T&C''s - please only one entry per household. Winners MUST be available and able to review a product for the next issue of More than Mums.

At Baby Vegas, we specialize in hard to find, educational and play toys as well as unique gifts for children.

We are not a large toy store, but rather an online specialty store that provides one on one service. We strive to find that special toy or gift that you have been looking for.

All-in-One Modern Cloth Nappy

Candle Making Play Kit

These MCN’s look fantastic; they are part of their designer range from Weepantz featuring Dot Minkee Outer with appliquéd patch “animal friends” on the rear. They also feature Micro-fleece inner for helping keep babies bottom dry and soft, sewn in 4x bamboo fleece boosters, hidden layer of Polyurethane Laminate, snaps for securing, branding label on front and a handy sizing label inside.

RRP - Gerald Giraffe $38.00

These play kits are perfect for many ages. So much fun to be had in one box, you can be as creative as you like and it’s super easy. Why buy candles when you can have so much fun making them yourself? Make them as a gift for someone or for a special occasion. They come delivered to your door presented in a gift box, ready to give as a gift or ready to ship.The kit pictured is the larger size available and includes: • 500ml Gel & 125ml glow in the dark gel • Coloured shells • White sand • 3 ornaments (mixed), • 3 colour chips (red, blue, yellow) • 3 assorted glassware items • 1m med wick • 10 tabs/sustainers • 1x A4 sheet DIY decal paper RRP $50.00

Available from:

Available from:

An All-In-One or AIO nappy means no stuffing or snapping in boosters so very easy to use although drying time can take a little longer (as expected). Weepantz MCN’s are very well made, stitching is perfect and the items we received were of top quality.

Baby Vegas was born from a desire to make parenthood easier when shopping for your little ones with exciting, innovative and top quality products. Uninspired by what was available in mainstream chain stores, we have extensively searched for standout products and gifts for young children which any parent or child would love.

Whether you are a Mum or Dad or someone shopping for that special little person in your life we hope you enjoy the convenience of shopping at Baby Vegas and love our products as much as we do!

We also offer gift wrapping and cards to make sending a gift as simple as possible!

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Tell us about your child(ren): I have one daughter, Amelia, who is almost 4 going on almost 14. She never ceases to amaze me with what she can do already and each day is a whole host of new surprises. What made you become a MWWAH? I started off slowly, working my full time job and running my own business after Amelia was in bed but have finally managed to up the number of home business hours and reduce the full time job to a 2 day a week one. I went back to work almost straight after she was born and have always wanted to spend more time with her, this way I can! What sort of business do you run? I bought a wide format printer with the aim of specialising in top quality canvas prints but over the last 6 months it has become a whole lot more. I have been a qualified Graphic Designer for years and have always worked in Marketing and Communications roles so it was only natural that my business grow to encompass these services as well.We now offer everything from a one off photo print, to completely customised websites. Where can we find out more? For more information on Purplex Design & Print, please visit their facebook page at


Super Mum or Super Woman? Are You Trying To Be Everything To Everyone?

By Tania Avtarovski - The Business Mum Mentor

I am a Mum, I’m a Wife and I’m a Business Owner. I would like to say that is the order of priority, but at times it certainly has not been. As women, and particularly, mums who work from home, we have this underlying desire to be everything to everyone, a Superwoman, but at what expense? I myself have had some challenging weeks work wise. With orders to pack, emails to respond to, a website to amend, banking, filing and a young daughter who

Delegate Mum’s, it’s time to let go and allow others to help you if they can. Delegate some tasks. Ask your mother or mother in-law or friend to look after the kids for a morning or a day. Book them into occasional care for a morning. Ask your husband to put the kids to bed so you can work. Get a cleaner! Get an ironing lady. Do whatever you think you need to, in order to make your business journey more enjoyable. Trust me, it’s no good being a stressed out, overworked cranky mum because you feel like you HAVE to do it all. Nope - I’m not doing that anymore, thank-you very much!

Time for you to set allocated times to work- and make sure everyone in the house knows your schedule. Close the door, make sure you CAN NOT be interrupted and see how much more productive you will be. Likewise - set some good quality time with your kids without any interruptions - no phones or computer distractions! Boundaries Yes, you work from home. It’s WORK. It’s not letting visitors come over for coffee! Set some boundaries with your friends and family, and say NO to an invitation if you have to. Plan your day

Allocate times for work and play Do you check your emails frequently throughout the day, stop your chores frequently to go and check something on the internet, interrupt your kids so you can go and finish off some of your work? Sound familiar? So, this is how I run my household. I’m not going to try and be Superwoman. I know I’m not and when I try to be everyone in the family suffers. With some set allocated working times, asking for a little help from my loved ones and a little treat now and then, this working from home stuff doesn’t seem so bad after all.

You have probably been told this a million times- but it really does work. Sit down for 5 minutes at the start of the day and write down what REALLY needs to get done. Not every little thing you can think of - a long endless list can be overwhelming and not very productive.

wants to play and have endless amounts of attention, you start to feel almost like a Superwoman. I’ll be honest, there have been times I have felt really stressed, and very cranky with everyone in the house....but after many years of working from home I worked out some TOP TIPS to reduce stress levels and overcome that feeling of needing to be Superwoman to all. Here’s how:-

Write down all the pressing tasks that need to be done TODAY. Once you get through each task mark it off with a big red pen. You’ll feel so much better progressing through your list this way! Reward yourself We just don’t do enough of it. As mums, we give out our love, our attention, our house skills... and we also work from home - a very challenging and demanding job! So, when something goes rightwhat do we do? We don’t do anything ... we keep plugging along. It’s time to start rewarding yourselfeven if it is a lovely hot bubblebath, or a chocolate cake treat. Another great idea is to start up a journal and write down your successes every day. When you go back and read them, you will be amazed at how awesome you really are! Recognise your abilities as a MUM and as a BUSINESS WOMAN today!

If you would like a range of free marketing resources, tips and hints for your business then pop over to

Tania Avtarovski email:


Taking Great Photos (or how to make great fart jokes) Everyone loves getting great photos of their kids, but how do you go about capturing that great moment? Do you get frustrated with blurry, dark or flashed out photos? Are you tired of your snapshots looking like… snapshots? I’d like to share some easy techniques to help you improve your photos, whether you have a new digital SLR or an old disposable film camera, some fundamentals will help improve the quality of the photos you take of your kids. Tip #1 A fresh perspective Many photos I see are taken from the same angle- with the adult standing, pointing the camera down at their child. For a much more interesting view, try getting down to their level…no, lower, lower, yep keep going! I often get right down on my belly to photograph a child, it is a great perspective to see the world at their level and capture what they are really doing down there! Another great one is to get right over the top of them, pointing the camera straight down at them so they have to tilt their head to look up at you.Try filling the entire frame with just their face. Now get right back and take a shot that includes all of their environment and how little they look in it! You get the idea! Tip #2 Light it up If you are frustrated by ‘snap shot’ looking photos, it could be that you don’t have enough light. Try taking the kids outside, on the edge of a nice shady spot (avoid dappled light which can create harsh contrast patterns and be distracting). Overcast days make for beautiful photos, because the light is soft and diffused by the cloud cover. Another very beautiful lighting technique to use and practice is back-lighting. Particularly good in the late afternoon or winter sun where the sun is at an angle (not directly overhead), have your subject’s back to the sunshine and see the beautiful ‘halo’ affect. The most difficult


time to shoot outdoors is when the sun is high overhead- which can create very unflattering lighting conditions and squinty eyes, so find some shade or try again later. Most camera’s have a built in flash, which can save a photo in low-light situation…. but most likely won’t give very flattering results. Flash can create very ‘flat’ lighting of the foreground, or subject whilst leaving the background in the dark. To avoid flashed out photos, turn the flash off, and try to use alternative sources to light your photos, and save the flash for the priceless moments where getting the shot is more important than having good lighting. Photographing ages and stages Here are some of my favourite techniques for engaging kids and capturing the best expressions. Babies Try to get them when they are fed and rested and by dressing them fairly plainly or stripping them down bare (oh, I love that fresh newborn soft skin!) you keep the photo focused on the smallness and freshness of your baby. I usually try to capture whatever milestone they are at - sleeping lots, cuddles, lifting their head, grabbing their toes, smiling at

In a nice shady spot, and with his mum’s arm supporting him to sit, we played peek-a-boo and got this lovely smile from a very happy baby.

mum, crawling, standing… are all be great opportunities for photos. Even crying faces can lead to interesting portraits. Toddlers They don’t like to stay still, so we usually need to involve them in an activity (or use a super fast shutter speed!) if we want to catch them sitting still. Sit your toddler where you want them (in the best light) and then give them something to keep them interested/occupied. It takes plenty of patience to wait for the moment to happen, but is well worth it. Try following them around and joining in their exploration of their surroundings, you’ll get some gorgeous expressions and wondrous moments. If I notice what a toddler is up to, I very quietly grab the camera and take the shot before they notice me and lose their focus. You have to creep up on them…sort of like approaching a wild animal!

This is my favourite photo of my son. I sat him in front of some floor to ceiling windows on a warm, sunny day and asked him to make some fart noises. I snapped this pensive moment in a flash as he thought for a second.Would you have guessed from that deep, soulful expression?

Remember to pick your timing - if your toddler is tired, hungry or stir crazy, you might have a battle on your hands! But, if your toddler’s in a good mood and you want to go for a winning smile, playing peek-a-boo from behind the camera is a winner!

Keep the camera handy, because you never know when toddlers are going to do something cute. Older kids There are different challenges depending more on their personality and temperament than their age. Some kids will ham it up for the camera, which can be great, but if they’ve been trained to say ‘cheese’ (be careful what you wish for!) it can be even more of a challenge to ‘un-cheesify’ them than to get a shy child to smile (in my line of work, I get to see quite hilarious version’s of what young children think are smiles!). A natural smile is worth 1000 fake ones, so if your child is really not in a smiley mood, its better to work with how they are feeling. Cheeky, bored, pensive, silly moments are all just as important to capture as that beautiful smile. For a natural smile, try one of these: Try to out-do each other with ghoulish faces, start fairly tame and get sillier and sillier as they catch on. If they are reluctant or unsure, get them to mirror your silly

face and (if you’ve got a digital camera) take a snap and show it to them, a sure fire way to get them giggling! Keep going until they are helpless with laughter, then start shooting the in-between silly faces and you will have some beautiful, genuine smiles, giggles and laughter - precious! Not for the faint-hearted (and you may regret it later when its all they want to do!) but this one is PEFECT for boys of any age - fart jokes, noises and general grossness! Ask your child to make fart noises or make them yourself and get them to copy, a sure fire giggle inducer! Props - professionally I keep props in photos to a minimum….but behind the camera I’ll often have noise makers, whoopee cushions and silly glasses to get kids to look at the camera and (hopefully!) get them smiling. As you can see, I don’t take myself too seriously when I’m shooting and try to make it fun for the kids. I hope you’re now inspired to go and dig out the camera and have some fun with your kids! Relax and

A nice overcast day, and getting her to look up at me, gave great light and bright eyes to this busy toddler. Getting her to sit down for a moment gave me about 2 seconds to snap this shot before she was running off again.

don’t plan too much, just go with the flow and see what you can come up with. For me, kids are a really rewarding subject to photograph - their honesty, curiosity, spontaneity and warmth keep life interesting and just a little bit silly. I love being able to look back at how my kids have grown, and I’m sure they’ll enjoy looking at all the crazy photos we’ve taken as they get older too. Michelle Fulcher


Callie’s Palace is a wonderland of all things girly for your little princess. Look through Callie’s closet at the beautiful designs, browse the bookcase for unique trinkets, open the treasure chest to find stunning jewellery and enter the powder room to see pretty accessories. After all, doesn’t your little girl deserve to live like a princess? 11

Producing impressive websites! Australian owned and operated Huge portfolio Friendly service Great testimonials Competitive rates Standard websites start at $660 Online Stores start at $1350 ** special offer for MMWAH readers ** 10% off quoted website price or 500 free full colour 87x49mm business cards Offer applies only to websites booked before 30/07/2010.

Phone Amy 0404 206 006 or email


Job Hunting There are some fantastic tools available to you to help find your next job. Linda Enever from Family Capers outlines some of the best below. Job Boards: Online job boards such as The Family Capers Employment Hub, Seek, Lifestyle Careers and the like are an excellent way for employers and candidates to find each other. The advantage for Job Seekers is the ability to reach any number of employers and recruiters in one place, create a job search and submit applications fast and online. Remember to read each ad carefully and tailor your cover letter to the role to show your interest and stand out from the crowd of people who just press the ‘Apply Now’ button without further thought. Online Networking: Online networking sites such as LinkedIN, Linkme, Xing etc are professional networking sites that allow you to create your career profile online, link with current and past colleagues and get introductions to useful contacts that may be able to assist you in finding your new role. Often your

online networking activities can provide the key to the hidden job market. Recruiters and employers often look here to see what people have been up to. Recruitment Agencies: Recruiters and Recruitment Agencies are a great tool available to you. They have contact with their clients on a regular basis and are very skilled at marketing people like you into your next role. They are also a great source of feedback for interviews, resumes and careers, so befriend your local recruiter today. Resume Services and Career Advisors: Consultants such as Career Advisors and Resume Services can often assist you through your career search and interview process. Career Advisors and Resume Services don’t work in Recruitment, so their only interest is in helping you secure your new role. Friends, Family and Colleagues: Who you know is just as important as what you know and sometimes your personal network is the key to finding your next role. Inform people you are looking and what you are looking for. When looking for work it is important to utilise a combination of all tools available to you. In my next article we will talk about the hidden job market and how to tap into it. Happy Hunting!

About Linda... Linda Enever has a distinctive history in the staffing and recruiting arena; a decade with various companies where she became skilled & respected recruiter and manager valued by her clients, candidates staff and colleagues alike. Now Linda is combining her passions as the General Manager of FC Recruitment and Family Capers – the latter dedicating itself to all things families, with an online community of like-minded people, a business directory, support panels, forums and even a special (and safe) place just for the littlies! Visit

Are you a retailer wanting to do all your buying in the one spot? Do you want to showcase new and exciting products but don’t always have the time to look for them? Want to know what’s hot with updates from handpicked manufacturers? Would you like to contact your suppliers at once with one email or call?

Wholesale Baby offers you these features and lots more… but best of all, at NO COST! Wholesale Baby’s service is strictly for wholesale trade, specialising in children, baby, toy, gift and maternity products. Please send all enquiries and orders directly to Wholesale Baby Agent: Nicole McIver 0412 949 861 PO BOX 9, Narangba, QLD 4504

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Marketing for Mums Who Work at Home MWWAHs need to wear many hats to run their business and marketing is one area which cannot be ignored if your business is to be successful. Marketing comes naturally to some and others need to work harder at it. But what is marketing exactly and why is it relevant to you and your business? Marketing is a very broad term and covers a wide range of activities. There are many definitions, but one that I have found to be the most insightful is “..that marketing is entering into a a mutually beneficial value exchange” - this means bringing those together who want to do business (generally being that a business has a product or service to sell and a customer has money to buy it) and good marketing means both parties are happy and better off for having done business together. Often people immediately think of advertising as marketing, but this is only a small part. Essentially marketing is all about building relationships, whether this is with customers, suppliers, staff, business allies or even the important but often-overlooked relationship between you and your own business. It is also about communicating with people, for example to let customers know about

your product or service and special offers, but also to make it a two-way conversation to understand what it is that your customers needs and wants are. Meeting these and offering true value is one of the keys to marketing and success in today’s highly competitive business world. Understanding at least the basics and having a marketing plan is your key to ensuring your business survives and makes money. Is marketing relevant to me? Marketing is relevant to everyone in our modern society. Whether you are aware of it or not, you interact daily with numerous aspects of marketing. If you go grocery shopping, watch tv, talk to friends and family or use the internet for example, marketing is relevant to you. As a consumer, it is interesting and useful to understand the marketing messages we are surrounded by daily. As a business owner, it is absolutely crucial to your success that you understand at least the basics of marketing and apply these to your own business. It doesn’t have to be! Considering the basis of good marketing is building relationships and communicating, there are a lot of great ways to do this with a very limited budget. Social media tools such as Facebook and Twitter are very popular at the moment, and can be used very effectively. More tips on low-cost marketing techniques will be in the next issue of More than Mums. Do you have a marketing plan? Business and marketing are both extremely dynamic and there are factors both within your control and beyond it. Having some kind of written plan means that you are more likely to be able to confront and adapt to the many aspects of running a successful

business and making money. It doesn’t have to be complicated, however you need to ensure you address all the relevant points. Most importantly, marketing planning is an ongoing activity, it’s not just something you do when you start your business and then forget about. Making marketing a part of your working day is a large part of ensuring your business survives. Renèe Veldman-Tentori owns marketing consulting business which specialises in assisting Professional Parents to get great results with a limited budget. She recently completed a Bachelor of Business with a double major in Marketing & Tourism Management with honours, and is mama to Isabella (1) and Sophia (3). She is also the founder of Professional Parents Family Friendly Networking & Education Workshops which currently operate in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. - see Special offer for MWWAHs Email for a free marketing plan template!


  

 

  





 


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   

 

 

 


Boho Fashion – Clothing That Talks! By BOHO MAMA Funky Maternity Wear Fashion Culture In fashion circles they say it's not what you know, it's what you wear... Is it true that what you wear really says who you are? It certainly says a lot about how you feel at the time. At the time you choose your outfits and at the time you decide which one to put on! I mean, how many times do you think or say to yourself “No, I just don't feel like wearing that today”...several times before you hit on something you DO feel like wearing? There's just no point denying that women are contradictory and complex beings whose feelings and emotions are constantly shifting. Some would say this is particularly true of expectant mothers! Fashion is all about feel – how you feel when you put something on, how you feel when you look in the mirror, how the fabric feels to the touch and sometimes how you want to feel. When you want to feel professional you go for something sharp, strong and tidy. When you want to feel a little glamorous, you might go for something shiny and slinky. Some say that Bohemian fashion just makes them feel like themselves – but what exactly does that mean? For some it's simple comfort that gives a look they're happy with too; for others it offers a sense of freedom, simplicity or even creativity - and it does say something about who they are. There's just something about Boho style isn't there? To spice up your maternity wardrobe, why not visit and treat yourself to new, hot and funky boho look this pregnancy. Go on. You deserve it! Click Here To Join Our Fans on Facebook and To Receive our Exclusive Offers!

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Boho Fashion – Clothing That Talks! By BOHO MAMA Funky Maternity Wear Fashion Culture In fashion circles they say it's not what you know, it's what you wear... Is it true that what you wear really says who you are? It certainly says a lot about how you feel at the time. At the time you choose your outfits and at the time you decide which one to put on! I mean, how many times do you think or say to yourself “No, I just don't feel like wearing that today”...several times before you hit on something you DO feel like wearing? There's just no point denying that women are contradictory and complex beings whose feelings and emotions are constantly shifting. Some would say this is particularly true of expectant mothers! Fashion is all about feel – how you feel when you put something on, how you feel when you look in the mirror, how the fabric feels to the touch and sometimes how you want to feel. When you want to feel professional you go for something sharp, strong and tidy. When you want to feel a little glamorous, you might go for something shiny and slinky. Some say that Bohemian fashion just makes them feel like themselves – but what exactly does that mean? For some it's simple comfort that gives a look they're happy with too; for others it offers a sense of freedom, simplicity or even creativity - and it does say something about who they are. There's just something about Boho style isn't there? To spice up your maternity wardrobe, why not visit and treat yourself to new, hot and funky boho look this pregnancy. Go on. You deserve it! Click Here To Join Our Fans on Facebook and To Receive our Exclusive Offers!

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7 Hot Maternity Style Tips To Look Hot & Feel Fantastic! Call: 1300 771 801

meals by mel quick easy nutritious

MASSAMAM CURRY Preparation time: 10 minutes Cooking time: 15 minutes Serves: 4

POTATO POT PIES Preparation time: 15 minutes Cooking time: 25 minutes Serves: 4

PORK SKEWERS Preparation time: 15 minutes Cooking time: 8 mins (+ cooking of rice) Serves: 4

Ingredients: 1 tablespoon vegetable oil 1 onion, finely diced 2 tablespoons Massamam curry paste 2 cups beef stock 2 large potatoes, cut into 3 cm pieces 400g sweet potato, cut into 3cm pieces 500g rump steak, thinly sliced 1/3 cup light coconut milk 1/4 cup coriander, chopped 1/4 cup toasted peanuts (optional)

Ingredients: 750g potatoes, peeled and chopped 1/2 cup milk 1 tablespoon olive oil 1 onion, chopped 2 sticks celery, diced 1 carrot, diced 2 cloves garlic, crushed 500g beef mince 400g can crushed tomatoes 1/2 cup beef stock olive oil spray

Ingredients: 400g pork fillet or leg steak cut into 2cm dice 1/2 red capsicum, cubed 1/2 green capsicum, cubed 1/2 small pineapple, cut into wedges 1 tablespoon soy sauce 1 tablespoon honey 8 skewers, soaked in water cooked rice, for serving

Method: 1. Heat oil in a large saucepan. Add onion and curry paste and sautĂŠ for 2-3 minutes or until slightly softened. 2. Add stock, potatoes and sweet potato and bring to the boil. Reduce heat to a simmer and cook for 12 minutes or until potato is just soft. 3. Remove from heat and stir through beef for 2-3 minutes. Stir through coconut milk, coriander and peanuts. Serve with rice and natural yoghurt if desired. Note: To reduce the fat content of this recipe, replace the coconut milk with coconut flavoured reduced cream.


Method: 1. Place the potatoes in a large saucepan of water and bring to the boil. Cook for 12-15 minutes or until soft. Drain, mash and stir though milk. 2. Heat oil in a large non-stick frying pan. Add onion, celery, carrot and garlic and cook for 2-3 minutes. Add mince and cook for 5 minutes over medium heat. 3. Stir stock and cook for 2 minutes until almost evaporated. Add tomatoes and cook for 5 minutes. 4. Divide between 4 x 1 cup ovenproof dishes. Top with mash, spray with oil and bake for 10 minutes.

Method: 1. Mix together soy sauce and honey. Add pork and stir to coat. 2. Thread pork and vegetables alternately onto skewers then place on a preheated char-grill or BBQ. 3. Cook for approximately 2-3 minutes each side or until pork is cooked through. Serve with rice.

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A Vintage Baby Bonnet from Vintage is Beautiful $15 B White Standard Tutu from Seventh Heaven Creations $40 C Blue and Purple Peti-Tutu from Seventh Heaven Creations $40 A huge thankyou to Casey from Casey Wood Photography for taking these stunning photographs of MWWAH products (and some beautiful MWWAH kids)! You can find Casey Wood Photography on facebook at To submit your product for the next issue, please email




A Quick Start Guide to Understanding SEO. On the internet, ranking well in search engines can allow the smallest of websites to stand out above multinational giants and local competitors. It’s a huge topic to cover and there’s not enough space here, so to get started on our SEO journey, let’s begin with a quick start guide. What are Search Engines: Computers that “crawl” websites looking for pages to index based on the content they find on the site. What is SEO:“Search Engine Optimisation” is the process of optimising your website so it shows up as high as possible within search engine search results. E.g – You sell hair clips and someone types “handmade hairclips” into Google, you should aim to be on the first page of search results. What is Adwords: Google Adwords does not help your website get indexed faster or get better rankings. Adwords is paid advertising it is useful for keyword management, and for an advertising campaign but does not help rankings and can be expensive.

Getting Started: Choosing Keywords: To rank well in search engines you must know what to rank for. E.g – for a hairclip store: “girls hair clips” and “handmade hairclips” could be great keywords. Keyword selection can be an in depth, skilled process. Start out with the basics, look at what competitors are using, make a list, use free keyword tools or seek professional advice, your entire SEO campaign is based around keywords. Content is King: Once you have a list of keywords to get started with, it’s very important to use those keywords within your website. Search engines provide users with what they believe is “the most relevant site”. Use keywords in a natural way. Using the same word too many times will do more harm than good and is known as “keyword stuffing”. Keep each page of your site focused on one or two keywords and don’t forget to write for your readers, not just the search engines.

Links: Website links are an important part of SEO. Having well structured link navigation on site helps search engines find pages on your website and it helps users navigate easily. Having back links (links that point to your website from another site) is essential, but do NOT place your link onto just any pages or sites, for the best results you should seek back links from high quality pages, use social networking, blog commenting and article directories sparingly as part of an overall strategy. We’ll discuss this in future articles. Google Analytics: Not a ranking tool as such, analytics allows you to see who is visiting your website and how they find you along with other wonderful tools. While this article barely touches on the most important SEO topics, I hope it gives you an overview on where to get started and what to research further. Take time to understand your customers or readers, provide great content and work on the other technicalities on the way.

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Breastfeeding: Real Mums Tell You How The Longitudinal study of Australian children conducted in 2004 found that while 92 per cent of newborns were initially breastfed, by one week, only 80 per cent were fully breastfed. The study also indicated a steady decline each month with only 56 per cent fully breastfed at three months and 14 per cent at six months. It’s widely acknowledged that breast is best for babies for the health of mother and baby but why is it that women are giving it up so quickly? Young women used to being competent and capable in the workplace are questioning why they are failing miserably at something that is said to be such a natural thing to do. Women who are breastfed in public are shunned, feel embarrassed to talk to friends or their mothers group about the problems they are having due to self pride and are living in smaller nuclear families these days and are often no longer in touch with their mother, grandmothers and aunties who can help them. The statistics emphasise a lack of support and information for new mothers at what is a crucial time to establish breastfeeding. Women need information and support rather than guilt or pressure says author Melissa Macdonald of “Breastfeeding: Real Mums Tell You How”.

“Women need information and support rather than guilt or pressure” says Melissa Macdonald author of 'Breastfeeding: Real Mums Tell You How'. “Breastfeeding seems to be a Taboo subject and therefore women simply don’t know that they need to learn how to breastfeed and that it’s not such an easy thing to do. Many are not finding out how to breastfeed or getting support when needed which could quickly resolve any issues or problems they are having. “If women were better prepared for breastfeeding by learning how to whilst they were pregnant, then they would better their success” says Melissa. Melissa got together with other mothers to document their experiences with feeding their babies and the highs and lows that come with it. All mums agreed that a book like this was long over due and would be a great help to pregnant women and new mums. “Pregnant women should arm themselves with the basic fundamentals of breastfeeding to give themselves the best chance at success” mum Alison says, “It seems such a natural thing to do, but its not so easy and many women have feelings of failure when they don’t succeed.”

With women returning to work early and leading busier lives than ever before, the mums interviewed all agreed that there is too much pressure on women to solely breastfeed. All agreed that breast was best but they believed that society as a whole was changing and women were no longer only homemakers but were also involved in part or full time work. Many women run businesses from home or are the sole bread winner and this often calls for them to be separated from their babies and therefore a bottle of formula or expressed breastmilk was left for the babysitter to give the baby. “I had to go back to work early and my husband stayed home to look after our baby” Lisa said. It was therefore necessary for me to give our daughter a bottle early on so I knew she would take it when I went back to full time work. I still breastfed her at night though.” There’s a lot of pressure put upon women to solely breastfeed but quite often its not an option says author Melissa Macdonald. Feeding your baby a combination of breast and bottle is often what is most effective for mother and baby and the rest of the family. Its important for women to not feel like they are a failure or guilty if they choose to bottle feed.Yes breast is best but sometimes it’s not a realistic option. ‘Breastfeeding: Real Mums Tell You How’ is a book that gives women the encouragement and support they need to feed their babies, not the guilt and pressure that’s so often given to new mothers. The book is available at


Are yo u a b u sy en t re p ren eu r l o o k ing to lau n ch o r grow yo u r b u s in e ss?

Business vs Hobby There are important tax differences between operating a business and simply engaging in a hobby.

D o yo u wa n t me di a, p o te n t ia l b usine ss pa r t n ers and cu s to m ers to no t ice yo u ?

As the Australian tax system is a selfassessment system, you are required to know, understand and comply with your tax obligations. There may be penalties under the GST and income tax legislation if you do not properly characterize your activities as a business or a hobby.

A re yo u l o ok ing to take yo u r sm all bus in es s to t h e n ext lev e l ?

Whether or not you are carrying on a business or a hobby is not decided based on any one factor. You need to look at your business overall to determine if it is a business or a hobby. In Taxation Ruling 97/11, the Australian Taxation Office outlined a number of factors that you need to consider when determining whether your activities constitute a business:

Yes! Fo r a ll yo u r design requirements pl ease ca ll D e b o rah on

• •

• • •

Do your activities have a significant commercial purpose and character? Do you carry on your activities in a planned, organised and business-like manner? What is the scale and size of your activities? Are your activities sustained, regular and frequent? Do you have a purpose of profit as well as a prospect of profit? Is your activity carried on in a similar manner to other businesses in your industry?

Spe cial int ro ductory offe r fo r new clients

Evidence of a business

20% OFF

The ATO has also stated it may consider the following when determining if you are carrying on a business: • • • •

graphic des ig n w ww. dbad * Limit one per customer and a p p li e s to firs t completed job on first invoi ce , exclu d e s website develo pment and de s ign.

It is important to consider these questions, as well as the factors listed above when assessing whether you are carrying on a business. Implications of carrying on a business

0405 6 85750 *

Is the activity part-time, ‘side-line’ or your main income earning activity? Do you give quotes and supply invoices? Do you advertise?

• •

Do you have a business plan? Do you have specialised knowledge or skill? Have you had prior experience in this area? How much capital have you invested in your activity? Have you done market research? How much time do you spend on the activity?

After considering the above factors, if you consider that you are carrying on a business, the general tax outcomes are:The income you earn from your business activities will be assessable for income tax purposes. You can claim the expenses you incur in relation to the business activities as a tax deduction. You are entitled to an ABN and may (or must) register for GST. Implications of engaging in a hobby If, however, your activities only amount to a hobby, the general tax outcomes are: • The income from your hobby will not be assessable for income tax purposes. • You cannot claim your expenses as tax deductions. • You are not entitled to an ABN and do not have to register for GST purposes. If you are unsure about whether your activities constitute a business or a hobby, it is important that you speak to your tax adviser to obtain advice on your particular situation. If you have determined that you are carrying on a business, make sure you also read the next article in this series which discusses “Tax and the home-based business”.

Jeanette Niebling - Principal TJN Accountants (07) 5574 6445

MWWAH Business Classifieds

Weepantz Modern Cloth Nappies are comfortable for baby, practical and affordable for you, Beautiful funky bottoms!! Quality, beautiful and affordable nappies and clothing for babies and toddlers. Handmade works of art that are sometimes one of a kind and are all tailored for ease of use for parents, grandparents and other carers such as childcare.

Radge Design aims to produce Clabel Designs (formerly called original contemporary art and ceebeedesigns) is a MWWAH design, affordable by all. business dedicated to bringing affordable, quality, handmade My signature product is an original invitations, greeting cards and birth drawing lacquered onto a masonite announcements to people across square aka a Name Plate. the globe.We also supply handmade items such as clothing, jewellery, wall These make ideal door plaques or art, decor and much more for babies, placemats each being handmade children and adults. Custom sewing and unique. projects welcome - just send me an email to discuss requirements!

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Funky, fun handmade bubs and kids clothing and accessories. I'm very passionate about fashion so I put the utmost love and care into every creation.

Ellabella Prints provide custom design invitations for all occasions. We use a photo you have chosen to create something unique and special for your event. For small business, we can also design logos, Facebook welcome pages, and flyers. Contact Nicole at to discuss your idea. Look out for our new website coming soon and keep checking our FB page for updates and giveaways.

Your source for Australian handmade goods, an online craft market, open 24/7. OZ Handmade is a group of online stores each selling their own variety of lovingly handcrafted items. Most of the stores are run by Mums Who Work At Home! (or WAHMs), and all of them are located in Australia. What better way to stimulate the economy than to shop with us? Oz Handmade is 100% Australin owned and made. We love to support fellow Aussie crafters!

Bringing fun, high quality, unique children’s products and educational toys into your home and into the lives of children! Family owned Mobile Educational Toy shop/ Party plan/ direct selling My products are excellent quality business. and value for money. Come and have a browse and if you would Great business opportunities also, like something custom made Become a Sales consultant Today! please contact Dani through the websites below. Bright Bugs Australia Lee Brouwers

Items include earrings, bookmarks,rings,suncatchers and necklaces. Most items are one-offs and custom orders are always welcome.


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More Than Mums Ezine - Issue 1  
More Than Mums Ezine - Issue 1  

Welcome to the launch issue of the More Than Mums Ezine. This magazine was created to showcase the talent we have discovered amongst the com...