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Joshua Hernandez p. 21

Samnang Xen p.11

Sean San Jose & Jessica Hagedorn p.7

Todd Morris p. 31

Claudine del Rosario p. 43

Aleks Figueroa p. 59


p.3-4, tribal symbol: a representation of Aleks’’s pitbull, Oakland

It's like this...

p.10, alibata/baybayin: The terms are used interchangeably, but are said to be 2 different pre-Filipino writing systems

We are Purple haze In your window. Natural Mystical Soulistic.

p.36, adobo: a Filipino meat dish, usually chicken, but other meats can be used p.45, ube: Filipino dessert made from purple yam p.48, PCN: aka Pilipino Cultural Night. Many Filipino student orgs have an evening of performances that typically include theater, dance, spoken word and music celebrating Filipino culture p.50, ling-ling o’s: a Filipino symbol used in jewelry. Common meanings include luck and fertility p.50, kasamas: Tagalog for “comrade“ p.52, monkey-eating eagle: national bird of the Philippines p.58, Manila Town: Filipino community center in San Francisco p.58, headhunting: taking and preserving one‘s head after killing them p.61-62, painting of a “honu”: Hawaiian sea turtle, a common image in Polynesian tattoos

We are A collective. Kababayan--- you, me, us --- imported and home-grown Making waves and art With love and light. We are Roots Foundation A creation; Abundant, Beautiful, Dark, Tangled... We go deep. ...Can you dig it?

Purple Root Collective, No.1 , Aleks Figueroa PREVIEW  
Purple Root Collective, No.1 , Aleks Figueroa PREVIEW