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Statement of Work Proposal:


Job # TBC June 16, 2009

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June 16, 2008


Headquartered in Dubai, THE BOOKING ENGINE is posed to stand out as the fastest growing website for online booking of hotels that specifically identifies its market from consistent monitoring and research. Booking is committed to offering an informative, user-friendly website with competitive rates. Their goal is to provide business and leisure travellers worldwide with a pleasant, efficient and cost-effective way to book hotel accommodations. THE BOOKING ENGINE has engaged Purple Patch as a potential partner for the development of their website. Purple Patch is ideally suited to provide THE BOOKING ENGINE with this website due to their significant experience within the online e-commerce sector, their robust design management system, and their turnkey solution incorporating media planning and search engine marketing.

2. PROJECT BACKGROUND AN online hotel reservation system. 2.1 Business Objectives • • •

Establish a dynamic and vibrant online presence that presents their vision and philosophy, their latest news and activities, and serves as a central point of reference for any interested parties. Provide a clear overview of their offering. Grow into the future to constantly innovate and offer new features and functionalities.

2.2 Desired Results • • •

A secure platform for growth and future development. An easy-to-use administration module for the ongoing management of the website. A strong platform for lead generation.

3. FUNCTIONALITY 3.1 Content Management System – PURPLEHAZE PURPLEHAZE is Purple Patch’s complete website content management solution aimed at making the management of your website easier and more convenient. Originally developed on the core of Word Press, Purple Patch has extended the system with additional features and modules. PURPLEHAZE allows authorized users to: • • • •

Add / edit / delete pages to their website managing their slugs and tags Upload / edit / delete media items to their website at single and at batch, managing their tags and arranging them into sets Add / edit / delete global content tags of the website Add / edit / delete navigation menu items on the website

Purple Patch FZC © 2008 Confidential

June 16, 2008

PURPLEHAZE has been designed to be naturally search engine optimized through the use of CSS-based design, RSS feeds, smart links and Google Sitemap, and provides support for double-byte languages and Right-to-Left languages, including Arabic and Farsi. It features a number of innovations: • • • • •

Plain-English titling: Categories are logically and cleanly structured to help search engines index them. Text2Image: Menus can display custom fonts that are still rendered as plain text when read without styling, enabling search engines to follow text links. CSS-based design: makes the site compatible with multiple mobile devices and search engines

Clean mark-up: Clean tags and header avoid excessive clutter in the source code, allowing search engines to easily navigate a site. Google Sitemap: pings Google every time a site is updated, thus enhancing its search-engine ranking (Google rewards sites that are updated often).

3.2 Localization Localization plug-in allows authorized users to manage multiple language websites centrally. 3.3 Contact Form(s) By integrating the following contact forms in PURPLEHAZE (e.g. Contact Us, Register for newsletter, Enquiry), authorized user will: • •

Receive email notification when a visitor submits a contact form. Maintain an archive database of contact form entries on the backend with exporting capabilities.

And allowing site visitors to: • Fill in and submit forms. • Upload attachments with pre-defined size and type. 3.4 Booking Module By integrating the Booking Module into PURPLEHAZE, authorized users will be able to: • • •

Add / edit / delete job listings with required information on the booking section on the website. Maintain an archive database of the hotels / resorts with detailed input on their location and prices on the backend with online booking system linked with a Credit Card Merchant for payments online Contact applicants and update them about their application status.

And allowing site visitors to: • •

Browse hotel listings on the site. Book hotels by filling in required predefined data and date.

4. DELIVERABLES 4.1 Agency Deliverables •

Information Architecture o Development of the sitemap. o Development of main wire frames (Homepage, generic page).

Design o Development of 2 design concepts based on approved wire frames. o Finalizing one approved design route into the final design for the site.

Purple Patch FZC © 2008 Confidential

June 16, 2008

XHTML Templates o Development of the site templates based on the approved designs.

Site Build o Integration of the templates and the content management system. o Build of the website to the sitemap attached approx. 30 pages x 1 language.

Testing & quality assurance.

4.2 Client Deliverables/Responsibilities •

All necessary approvals by client for the following items: o Briefs o Information architecture o Sitemap o Wire frames o Design o Amendments o Final site prior to launch

All site content in a suitable electronic format: o Copy (in word doc format) – following sitemap structure from Purple Patch. o Logo (in PDF, EPS, or AI formats) o Font files (in windows true type format) o Images (in JPEG format) o Video files (in MPEG / AVI format) o Brochure and CI documents (in PDF format) o Domain registration and management, or any necessary legal approvals o Payment according to payment terms otherwise no release of creative or site launch

5. DELIVERABLE FORMATS 5.1 Information Architecture • •

Sitemap document will be delivered in XLS (Microsoft Excel) format Wire frames will be delivered in PDF (Adobe Acrobat) format

5.2 Design

Concept designs will be delivered in JPEG (image) format

5.3 XHTML Templates

The templates files will be delivered in XHTML format

5.4 Site Build • •

Site will be developed on a testing server and a beta link will be provided to the client to access and check the site. Site will be moved to a live server upon client confirmation.

6. ESTIMATED DELIVERY SCHEDULE The schedule below indicates Purple Patch’s current, reasonable estimate regarding the expected number of business days required to complete the Booking Online System website. Please note that these timelines are provided as a guideline, and are subject to change. A final project timeline will be agreed by Purple Patch and THE BOOKING ENGINE before commencement of the project. If due to change of scope the estimated time period for quality assurance, proof reading and technical testing Purple Patch FZC © 2008 Confidential

June 16, 2008

7. ASSUMPTIONS • • • • •

Revisions beyond scope or past-approved dates will be billed as change orders in addition to this estimate and will affect the schedule. Does not include postage/shipping and travel expenses. Does not include stock images, stock music, photography or other out-of-pocket costs. Work will not begin until a signed Cost Estimate or Purchase Order is received from the client, as well as any initial payment detailed in the Terms and Conditions detailed in this document. Delays in this payment will result in overall delays to the project timelines. Purple Patch develops their websites to the following software guidelines o Windows XP onwards with IE 7 or Firefox 2.0 o Apple Mac with SAFARI Version 2.0.4 (419.3), Firefox 2.0 o Flash version 7 onwards – if there is a requirement for Flash Video, then Flash 8 will be used. PURPLEHAZE is compliant with the following platforms and internet browsers o Windows XP, Firefox v2 and above (Firefox is a free download, available from o 1024 x 768 pixels is the default screen size for all Flip websites -other sizes are available on request.


The initiation of the project is dependant on the approval of this proposal and receipt of the initial 50% payment. The development of the wire frames is dependent on the approval of the sitemap and the creative brief, and the provision of at least 50% of the content. The development of the design is dependant on the approval of the wire frames. The development of the XHTML templates is dependent on the approval of the design.

Tasks Project proposal/ approval Kickoff meeting: all assets are provided & scope agreed Sitemap & Creative brief client approvals Wireframe development Wireframe approval and amendments Design: design development Design: design amendments and approvals Design: design balance templates Site build: site goes live (beta testing) Site build: CMS & templates integration Site: data Entry and Update with hotels information Site build: beta link & client review Scope of work for BOOKING ONLINE website

Start Day 1 Day 1 Day 2 Day 5 Day 9 Day 10 Day 14 Day 18 Day 20 Day 24 Day 42 Day 61 Day 1

Finish Day 1 Day 1 Day 4 Day 9 Day 10 Day 14 Day 17 Day 19 Day 20 Day 40 Day 60 Day 65 Day 65

If due to change of scope the estimated time period for quality assurance, proof reading and technical testing is shortened, the final delivery timeline to launch the project may get delayed. If the client decides to launch a website project without proper and full quality assurance, all change requests after launch are chargeable and may be subject to availability of Purple Patch’s resources.

Purple Patch FZC © 2008 Confidential

June 16, 2008

9. FINANCIAL SUMMARY 9.1 Estimated Fees for this project Project costs (estimated) Design development (two options) PURPLEHAZE Content Management System + Booking System Data Entry SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Hosting + Domain Registration with SSL Certificate from Verisign Advertising Management Cost of Development

Cost in AED 10,000.00 65,000.00 50,000.00 (incl.) (incl.) (incl.) AED 125,000.00

9.2 Estimated Payment Plan for this project






Upon Approval of the proposal



Upon Design Approval



Upon Site completion

The estimated payment schedule for this project is as follows: By signing the statement of work or any related quotations, the client acknowledges that payment has to be made promptly and will otherwise delay the project. No creative or technical work can be released without full payment for the services provided. Any website projects will only be launched if full payment is done on time. Late payment will result in disconnection of the client’s website as Purple Patch FZC will only pay its internet service provider for accounts that have no balances outstanding with Purple Patch FZC. If the project value exceeds 150,000 AED, a nominal administration fee of 5% of total project value applies unless full payment is done upfront and prior to the start of the project. The 5% administration fee will be paid back to the client in cash or as credit note in case payment is done on time e.g. received in cash, or check/transfer by 3pm during the working day as per the dates outlined in above payment plan.

________________________________________________ Signature of client .3 Invoice address and contacts Invoices will be delivered in electronic format to the following address: Mr. Farrukh Nisar Butt CEO +971.50. 483 4025 The contact details for the finance department to follow up for payments are: TBC

Purple Patch FZC Š 2008 Confidential

June 16, 2008

10. NEXT STEPS • • • •

THE BOOKING ENGINE accepts the proposed solution and signs this document. THE BOOKING ENGINE provides payment as per schedule. Purple Patch authorizes the assigned project team to begin development. THE BOOKING ENGINE and Purple Patch begin development of the project which typically involves a meeting at the client offices with the account management, technical and creative team. The client must ensure that both marketing and technical decision makers are part of the meeting.



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12. TERMS AND CONDITIONS 1. This entire document is the property of Purple Patch FZC and is protected by copyright. It is confidential and issued on the express condition that without the written consent of the authors, it is not to be copied or used except for the purpose for which it is communicated, nor is it to be communicated to anyone outside the recipient’s company. It is returnable on demand together with any copies made by the recipient. These proposals or adaptations of them can only be used after all parties have reached agreement. 2. Purple Patch FZC terms of payment are 50% upon approval of this proposal, 25% upon design approval, and 25% upon completion of the project. Delays in this payment will result in overall delays to the project timelines. By signing the statement of work or related cost quotation the client agrees that the services provided by Purple Patch FZC to the client will only be delivered upon receipt of full payment. 3. If this project is cancelled at any point, Purple Patch FZC will not refund any payments made in relation to this project, and reserves the right to invoice any additional work not covered by the initial payment. 4. If the client delays the project ‘s milestones as outlined in the section “estimated delivery schedule” and this subsequently affects Purple Patch’s booked resources, the client agrees to pay actual day rates over and above this contract for any resources booked as part of the delivery schedule of this Statement of Work. In case the client is not capable of remunerating Purple Patch for the loss in booked resources caused by a delay, Purple Patch shall subtract any amounts due from the down payment made and subsequently stop all work until balance payment is made to recover the loss due to booked resources. 5. Purple Patch’s general Terms and Conditions apply.

Authorized Signatory & Stamp

_____________________________ Mr. Noman Naeem For Purple Patch

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_____________________________ Mr. Farrukh Nisar for Booking Online System

June 16, 2008

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