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Letter From The Editorial Chieftess

Peace Lightbeams, It's been a minute. Your patience is most appreciated. It's been real on this end, but life's had a way of throwing a lot of us off during this time of Great shifts and balances. No matter the delays and breakdowns that interrupt our flows, we're alright when we get back up. This earth trip is not for nothing. Keep on. I hope you enjoy this impromptu Purple issuing. It's a much smaller one (as the time allowance permitted) aimed at shift preparations and celebrations of the glowing domes that have been reaching into the otherworld for a minute now. More goodies are planned for the next PurpleMag or Violet Paper periodical we release. Shine Bright -PurpleZoe or (use the latter if the glitch with our domain host hasn't yet been resolved)


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Grassroots, baby.

Few, if any of us, knew what to expect when mention of 2012 prophecies began to gain prominence in both underground and mainstream circles. but there's no denying the changes taking places in the world. Changes that will effect generations based on the choices we are making now have been appearing with rapid speed and varying degrees of intensity for some time. We are definitely seeing the earth changes, the political games and what have continued to be depopulation efforts in war bids to seize land (and, it seems, to have more control with a smaller, and therefore weaker world populace). It's easy to go into auto-pilot, and panic. We can assume the worst, and do nothing to help direct our families and communities work to build better options. We can ignore the wisdoms we've been given that can will us gain more control over our energy bodies given the chance. We can ignore the abundance of urban foraged foods available to us, suffer the burdens of allopathic doctor bills and toxic 'medicine' build-up rather than embrace the herbs that can cure us of most, if not all, of what ails us. But I say, that's what land usurping tyes want us to do. Giving up, killing ourselves in various ways, and considering the grassroots and opensource options available to us to be somehow... inadequate avails us nothing. This survival guide aims to offer direct energetic exercises and affimations that do work (if you give them time and attention). The gems from the green manual to follow take up the mundane, rooted end of matters. We are far from helpless. Keep your heads up *_^ -PurpleZoe

Clean Your Filters On your journey to find yourself, take note of your subtle body. Some of you are sensitives, and your auras are collecting debris that you probably aren't filtering out as often as you should. If you are a part of the group born with vibration-raising functions, you won't likely shrug off your experience, but you can release the vibrations you've taken in that disturb your center. When you feel like you're losing yourself to a swirl of thoughts, moods, and confusion, clean your auric filters. The energies you pick up can't "erase you," but they can overwhelm the senses when too much energetic debris has accumulated in your subtle body.

Pack your energetic toolkit with:

Distilled water Bi-weekly/Monthly seasalt baths Seasalt-water cleared quartz crystals Garlic (Nature's Way sells a great daily tablet) Olive Leaf Powder Lavender Oil (Amtimicrobial splendor) Natural soaps like Ecos (which is one of the few that actually is all green) Amethysts Citrine Black tourmaline Rhodonite

-Astralys Lightbody

Laughter Therapy

Emotional release is crucial. Illness can arise (and usually does in some form) when we hold onto toxic emotions, or attempt to suppress our feelings, and deny our earth-based learning experiences their time on the etheric chalkboard. But none of us are dependent on a box of Kleenes to process our frustrations. Humor is a gift, and is a healing tool in your innerspatial apothecary. If you need to cry out the stress (in this age, we're all doing a little of that aren't we?), do it. But pencil in more time for laughter therapy. If lol kitten memes do it for you, you know which site can deliver. If you need more of a regimen or joy discipline, look up the actual yoga practice that's based on laughter. Pop in some vintage Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy, Margaret Cho, John Leguizamo, or 'insert preferred comedian/comedienne here.' Taking control of your perception by directing your thoughts to experiences that jumpstart the joy button in your heart will help you to overcome the darker aspects of the times we're in. We're not defeated until we say decide to be.

We've had more than enough frown therapy, and it's effects are clear.


7 Innerspatial Gates

Your chakras are real. They're not mumbo-jumbo, errant Eastern philosophy, or mystical marketing hype. If you pay enough attention to them, you'll begin to notice sensations and movement in them. It might take time for you to wrap your mind around them, but once you do, you'll notice that the energy that you feel in your chakras (or "wheels") moves from chakra to chakra according to your focus. Focus on material matters, you'll feel it in your root wheel. Focus on spirituality; you'll notice sensations in your crown. The energy you feel moving is your own. Apply your willful attention to it, and you can move it throughout your entire energy system. If you encounter blocks, you know its time to begin your innerspatial clearing. What's within, manifests without. Your physical world and relationships tell you what's happening in your physical, subtle bodies, and root-thoughts. Your chakras represent states of being/consciousness.

In your etheric goody bag: Your attention is your spaceship. Master your focus = open to harmonous experience.

-Astralys Lightbody

The Land of "Can"

If you're experiencing reoccuring slumps in various areas of your life, your innerspace ship has probably stalled in the land of can't. Your perspective is your travel mechanism and your time/non-time machine. When you're tired of groaning over constant mishaps and over or undershot aims, make it a point to visit the land of 'can' on-repeat.

For the tollbridge: "I can win." "I can achieve success." "I can attract positive events, circumstances, opportunities, and long-term positions, because I deserve to enjoy balance and healing."

Energetic Lifehack #3001

Don't like your apartment number? Place a harmonious symbol on your door (or add a number or letter to the unit that changes it to a more positive vibration). Make it a gate into a position or experience you want to have.

Lightbeams from

Cooking with Stardust

Working for dolo. If you're in the 3rd strand often enough to require an influx of coins in their monetary system, you'd be wise to develop your own “brands” and clients. Inking various pulps Digital opportunities for scribes can be plentiful in the right season; the internet wouldn't be much of a draw without content. Clients (which may include companies) seeking digital content will pay anywhere from 10. to 20. per article upwards to 100. Print magazines pay more – anywhere from 250.00 to 1k and more. Try your hand at ad-copy, grantwriting, niche blogging (gather plenty of backlinks pointing to your articles), and steer clear of abusive content mills. If you're writing fiction and you feel you're stuck in an overly descriptive technique, try writing the tale first as if it were an outline. Use very short, to-the-point (active) sentences to get a feel of the story you're writing. From there add color and nuance to the tale, but only where it adds a burst of symbolic emphasis that empowers a scene, or the seeds of the story where blooms will emerge further along

the tale's chronology. Better to start with the bones first, following the blood – the feeling (emotional reason for the tale) – emerged from the kindling in your heart chamber at the root of the yarn. Imagists Sketched, vectored, and celluloid-captured imagery are important products that an imagist can earn a living from through royalties via stock photo sites to direct client orders which can easily come from the bakery down the street – for a brochure perhaps – or a high profile magazine paying you 1k or more an image. Strive to keep rights to your images, except where you're composing work-for-hire imagery from the seed of the client's idea (you can specify imagist credit, however, if you wish to attach the project to your resume...) Additionally: Invest in software and equipment that yield high quality. Useful Image editors include Gimp, Blender (Opensource 3d animation), Illustrator (pricey), Inkscape, and Pencil. Digital tutorials abound for most of them. Opensource brushes are available at Brushfu or Deviantart. DSLR cameras are professional quality. The Canon Rebel is the more affordable one –

Continued on the next page

Assisting Virtually Virtual assistants are a mercurial sort who handle various microtasks from intercepting phone calls, managing company emails and fax transmissions for a client to composing press releases and the like. If you're a lively sort desiring a change of pace every few moments, this could be the freelance focus for you. You'll earn money from within the home regularly or, if your tasks requires no phone interaction, while sipping chai at the juicebar down the street. General Freelancing Sources A social network profile on is a wise investment. Donanza allows you to search several job site listings. Allofcraigs allows you to search all of craiglist. Projectwonderful allows you to place ads on peer sites. Odesk allows you to find a myriad of freelance writing opportunities. Veer, though a challenge to get into, offers a place for your most striking images to be rented out for royalty checks. offers a freelance section where opportunities are posted and skills may be offered for roleplay and gaming content. Illustrators, writers, composers, concept artists (initial sketches and the like), modelers, coders, social network managers and more can find paying positions with fantasy and game content studios or collaborate on a project for the future revenues it brings in. With private clients, always have at least a short contract that protects your collected portion of the upfront fee if the client flakes. Give a time limit to a project and one free adjustment-revision. An adjustment revision changes small things if the client is indecisive. Once. You're time is valuable. If the client wants to change the entire vision from the original contract vision specified at the beginning of a project, you should have a clause that allows you to declare the project a brand new project if it is essentially that. You should retain the half-upfront fee for the previous scrapped project. The client should be aware of this procedure for these instances going in. If they know they can't eat up time asking for six different versions without compensating you, they will take more time to be clear on what they want at the outset. Always correct any mistakes you make, but don't allow a client to turn a two week project into a 3 month project that causes you to turn away paying customers to complete it. It's not fair to you, and there are leagues of clients that will treat you more respectfully. Always have half of the fee upfront, have a contract detailing what the client wants and how they will receive what you commit to giving. Always include a clause in that contract that retains your upfront fee for the work you've done if the client scraps the project or ignores emails you need them to respond to to proceed with a project. That counts as eating up your time as well, and you should be protected from it. Likewise, your client must be protected as well. If you can't complete a project due to a personal crisis or another vital redirection of your attention, refund them in full. It would be nice if you offered them something useful as well in apology for the inconvenience. If you're a designer, whip up a free promotional item for them. If you're a writer, write up a bit of free promotional copy for their website. Treat your clients the way you would want to be treated. Be timely and clear in your communications. If you can't finish a project, don't wait two weeks to tell them. It puts a strain on their timeline, is unfair, and they will remember it. Keep an eye on your email daily as well. You never know when a client is reaching out to you, or a matter has arisen with a previous project submission.

Gems from


Green Manuals

Greening the tongue The Green Diet doesn't impact the earth negatively through cruelty, land-stripping practices, or environment-compromising poisons, and it's cheaper and easier to adopt than is currently realized on a mainstream level. It's actually the most inexpensive diet in existence when you make the staples used in a wide array of recipes from scratch (much, much easier than it sounds), and it's very good for the soul. You'll stand taller knowing your choices are impacting the planetary community, a society comprised of all species, positively.

Enjoy experimenting with the following staples in your quest for independence from the system: Vegan Creme Vegan crème is as easy to make and versatile as the basic mylk offered in the previous recipe. Try it with a variety of flavors and degrees of thickness for your cooking needs. With a few adjustments the recipe can be used to prepare makeshift puddings and even homemade icecream. Have fun and let the spirit of experimentation lead the way to some of the other ways this can be utilized and altered. The Process: Blend equal parts seeds or nuts and water (rice can also be used in the place of tree nuts here). You may strain or keep the blended creme as it is when you've finished or adjust it according to your preference.

To give the crème personality, season it or add a tad bit (we're talking a few drops) agave or maple syrup to slightly sweeten a ½ teaspoon of oil, and a teensy pinch of seasalt. For sweet creme, add more sweetener. For thicker pudding-like crème, use less water to desired consistency. It keeps for a week refrigerated.

Mayo Vegan mayo is a beautiful thing. The commercial winner is currently Vegenaise (wityh very good reason – it even goes so far as to trump the flavor non-vegan mayo), but if you prefer making your own at home, the recipe below has you covered. The Process: Blend one cup thick vegan creme with a ½ teaspoon mustard, ½ teaspoon apple cider vinegar, ½ teaspoon lemon juice, pinch of seasalt, a small bit of optional maple syrup to taste. More sweetener makes a salad-dressing type of flavored mayonaisse (if you're into that sort of thing).

Homemade Oil You don't need an oil press to enjoy your own organically extracted cooking oil (though an oil press is an excellent investment), you can easily collect enough to serve moderate frying and sauteeing needs. The Process: Mash several cups of seeds or tree nuts (organic peanuts provide a good amount of oil) in a mortar and pestle (you can blend in a sturdy blender as well). Set the cup aside until the oil rises to the top, and strain the oil from the seeds through a mesh cloth over a non-plastic container. You can additionally hang a cheesecloth bag with the mashed seeds over a bowl to collect the oil over a longer stretch of the day. Oils have unique properties. Know which oils are good for cooking and which are better used in herbal infusions. Hummus Hummus is an amazing go-to spread that can work in flatbread wraps, on salads, and as a dip. Having a tub on hand at any given time ensures you have an easy comfort food staple within reach whenever your green foodie urges strike. The Process: Blend 2 cups of chickpeas (garbanzo beans) with a ½ cup of tahini, 2 garlic cloves, ¼ cup lemon juice, ¼ cup oil, and ¼ cup water (to preferred consistency). Optional seasonings can be included to personalize the blend. note: Garbanzo Bean/Chickpea flour can be simmered in boiling water for approximately 5 minutes and used in place of whole chickpeas. Add the remaining ingredients for traditional hummus listed above, and blend to desired consistency.

Fegg flavor

The Process: Mix a teaspoon each of turmeric powder with braggs liquid aminos (soy sauce or tamari can substitute) in a ½ cup oil. The result is an egg-yolk flavor. Stir the drizzle into your tofu and unrefined flour-based dough, or drizzle over tofu crumbles before you scramble them. Alternatively, you can order Kala Namuk (Indian Black Salt). It tastes and smells like egg yolks. It is a salt, so you will want to season with care and determine the amounts that please your tongue most. Use it to season your potato salad (and don't forget the vegenaise *-^).

Use It In:

Omelettes, Sauteed Apples over Quinoa, and Homefries Omelettes Blend 1 cup of crumbled tofu with a ½ cup of unrefined flour. Drizzle in Fegg flavor roll out into a thin (not so thin it will break, but thin enough to enable folding) dough circle. Lightly fry in coconut oil and fill the middle with solidified cheez sprinkles (or Daiya shreds) and optional onions and peppers. Fold the Fegg on one side in the pan. Flip gently. Sauteed Apples over Quinoa Prepare a cup of Quinoa with 1/3 cup water. Heat in a pot until it's ready. Saute a cup of apples in 2 tablespoons earth Balance not-butter, 1 tablespoon agave or maple syrup and an optional sprinkling of cinnamon. Pour the heated apples over your quinoa. Homefries Cut up 3 to 4 potatoes and boil in a pot of water for 20 minutes. Prepare a pan with 3 tablespoons coconut oil, 1 tablespoon garlic, 2 tablespoons onion, a dash of seasalt and one optional teaspoon Earth Balance notbutter and diced onions and/or peppers. Add your boiled potatoes, and lightly stir fry. Evenly cover the potatoes with the seasoning mixture. Remove from heat and splendor in the goodness. Continued in The Green Manuals (Available on Amazon and through Oronjo (contact CandyAnomaly (gmail) for a Purple Reader discount link)

You're stronger than you think.

image: RedFloor (cc)

LoreSpore (a Wonderdark book sneak peek)

The Anansan lifted a fluffy, striped pillow over his head with a huff. He swore to himself he'd get another roomlet if he had to hear the annoying, high-pitched voice of the smug little anomaly (and she was barely bloomed at that) and the guests on her “show.” It was a show no one had asked for, and dammit, Brookwell was tired of both her and the regular complaints of the residents sharing the tv when the program came on. “This again?” “I think it's interesting.” Brookwell rolled his eyes hearing several frustrated clicks. “Yep. The station's stuck here.” “So what? She's funny.” “Gives me the creeps.” “We've all known this was coming.” Brookwell huffed again. Maybe he'd have a talk with the anomalies' PR people at the Foundation of As. These kids sorely needed to be set straight on the lines they clearly weren't seeing. Narrowing his eyes, he rose from his bed and stole a glance at his teapot. Sending it into a boil, he lowered his spindly legs into his slippers and crossed to his trunk drawers to retrieve a packet of brew-leaves. “And now.... for the 'scope,' where we watch the street every week for underground goings-on and signs of Hester's return!” Brookwell Nfumu groaned, closing his hands around a packet of Little Beach Blackberry leaves, and shuffled across the room to the whistle of his tea pot.

Across town, a small group of registrants watched the program from the comfort of their multi-bunk room rental. The overall consensus wasn't entirely for the broadcast, but then, they weren't against it either. The High Shuffler members of the Wild Card club weren't threatened by the budding blooms, though they would have liked the option of changing the channel. “Hit me,” said Amel, drumming his fingers against the wood of the diamond-shaped desk by the window. Grinning, Shanie shuffled her large deck of cards and laid one face down in front of him. “Just one?” “Just one,” she confirmed, leaning back in her seat across from him and tucking the rest of deck into her coat pocket. Amel looked her over with a smirk. “Very well,” he replied. “Turn her down,” Shanie called to those of their friends that huddled before the bloom's weekly show. “We can't. She's locked the volume, too.” “Oh goody. We can listen to anomalous gossip for the next hour in between her worshipful celebration of Hester.” Amel looked to the card back intently. “We won't get answers by staring at the backs of cards, Amel. That much is certain,” Shanie said, prompting Amel's eyes to meet hers briefly. Looking to the card back again and squinting, Amel's leg shook beneath the table in anticipation. “What are they hiding in the center spiral?” Shanie asked, leaning in toward the lanky registrant across from her. Tapping the table and, inhaling sharply, reached and turned the card over. “Loom?” Shanie's brow rose. Amel shrugged, barely looking over the card. “But what if?”Shanie asked, meeting his eyes and raising an angled brow. “Why would a child of her stature caretake a place like this?” Amel asked, pulling the seed bowl from the middle of the table, making to pop one in his mouth. “What's the point?” Shanie watched him raise a seed to his mouth with disapproval. “You're not going to ether that?” “I'm snacking,” Amel answered plainly. “It's Sleeping Green, Amel.” Sighing, Amel closed the seed in his fist and ethered a bit of his will in its middle. “Much better,”Shani assessed with a satisfied smile. “Now the card. What do you see?” The d.o.l.l. dispensing ether-squares in Blinker's apothecary watched the show for different reasons. For one, she had no choice really; the tv wouldn't turn off when it came on. And for two, she was just as interested as any of her kind to catch whispers in the underground that might serve as alarms. Who among them wasn't packed and ready to run if a crusade against “the stitched” were to find itself sparked and spreading from mind to anomalous mind? Esther pursed her lips at the thought and folded another red square into the apothecarist's bright yellow wax paper. She sighed, looking forward to moving onto the green squares in the batch, so she could finally clock out for the evening. It was a decent job, but Blinker kept her busy enough to keep her dream of one day giving him her notice alive and thriving. Unlike some of her sisters-in-likeness, she didn't enjoy ethering dreams for pay. Not much at all.

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The Last Word

It's difficult to believe at times, but we are in the driver's seat. If we shut off the media that programs our minds to see ourselves as less than we are, and we create media that is uplifting, and celebrative of the diversity in the global village. If we tend to our children's minds by remaining vigilant about what we allow their receptive minds to be exposed to, we 'll see dramatic changes in the way our society moves forward. The changes that are taking place, the availability of natural fuel sources (see past issues of Purple Mag and The Green Manuals) and wild foods, and our own creative intelligence is all that we need to rebuild, and work to restore the state of the world. There's plenty of doom and gloom to focus on, but what do we do after that? Does it motivate the majority of us to do better? Or can we balance our awareness of what needs to be repaired with what we can actually do about it? I salute all of your efforts to enhance yourselves and those around you, build sustainable, healthy businesses, and establish resources for wiser communities. Shine bright in the coming New Year. -PZ

Maintain Your Innerspace.

PurpleMag 11  

Enjoy this smallish issuing of light and root sustenance for the glowing domes still maintaining in the underground.