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Letter from the Editorial Chieftess Peace and Salutations Lightbeams, and Devices of Contrast You may be wondering what prolonged the release of issue 10, having fully expected the Bloom issue, final in the Dream Definition series, to arrive at the borderline of the Fall/Winter seasons. Let us say, this surprise lapse of schedule appears to be meant. It would seem that Murphy (of Murphy's law), and perhaps even the universe felt the resources required to present a Bloom issue worthy of your dreaming eyes, were not to be available to the (ultra) VioletFete in the time required for layout flourishings in a timely manner. In general, the year 2010 seemed poised to throw off schedules of all sorts in whichever way it could, but as you by now know, perseverance, and diy resourcefulness make it possible for us to get around the worst of things to present fitting offerings, which in this case, will tide you over until most necessary Aethernet-box and visigraph (referred to as cameras or printers in the 3rd strand) resources can be procured, for the dazzling of your heartlights by way of future issues, that we cannot, as yet, announce the release date of. To avoid being a party to further disappointments, Purple is going off its traditional schedule until a time [or timelessness] yet to be announded. For the interim, future issues will be issued through a 'tba' prolamation. We extend our sincerest apologies for any inconvenience, but it seems best to approach the current challenges in this way. In this issue, we extend a preview part (to perhaps be continued in future issuings), of the first Black Faery Anthology 'LuneWing', released digitally in the warmer months of 2010 (see the link at for details), and a few words about the 2nd anthology it will be combined with, tentatively titled 'FirePetal', with which 'Lunewing' will be issued in print to raise funds for Eastern/Motherland Diasporic aid (in 2011). Enjoy also a Faerypunk offering from Loomcity (you may have heard of this city in Wonderdark as Zuza describes it... There is quite a bit more to Loomcity's intrinsic ties w/ the Loom myth as Dara has learned in the second tome), and a Zizeru offering for the greentongues among us. Plantfolk's Inspird Sis has extended a herbivorous delight from her Soy-free recipe book. Binaural and Monaural investigations of verbal magic, recommended Green Ukuu-related intel has made its way from the digital realms, applause for Shamecca, Homeboy Sandman, Galaxy of TarVegan Hood tv, Dearling Physique, Leila Adu, Milo, and Muthawit, a mythspheric inquiry' with Lady May of the 5 elements Hiphop lab can be found, as well as more Modern Mythic splendor touching on Steampunk Nusantara, Virtuoso, Steve Hyppolite, Tonya Moore's Tremendous Universe forum, the Nerd Syndicate blog, the BlueBlackAtlantis twitter feed, MediaBreeze gaming classes, recent publishings at the HuemindFantastic tumblr, and the Wonderdark RPG. Do enjoy. Despite adversity, we remain word-extending celebrators of the underrepresented othernautical. - PurpleZoe

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Inkists (Scribes&Imagists alike): Akeela, Dazjae Zoem, Q.Zoem (imagery for Vital Diaspora), Black Faery Anthologists as listed in Preview, The Sleepless (cc)Cut The Strings imagery

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Items in the presentation plans (get at us if you'd like to work on a feature): Napptural crown non-heat styling, Openmoko's inspiring tech, Self-study/Homeschooling 'degrees' in a book, OS software and hardware, Crank generators, DIY Looms/Crochet, DIY wifi,

Purple Edu/Twigs and Berries pgs 18, 19, 20, 24

Mooncups for Greenmoons, DIY radios, Soapnuts revisited (and other green cleansers, Diatomaceous earth for pest vanquisihing (external and in some instances internal), DIY off-grid living in general, Maintaining and departing from abstinence practices,Extremely simple gardening tips (save seeds, place in cup with soil, sit in the sun, water, and let grow), and Green&Violet DIY for the planned bmanuals

About: Purple Magazine serves Mela-rooted Mythmaking for underrepresented Indie culture, ranging from Speculative Fiction [Fantasy, Scifi and Magikal realism] to Indie artists of all mediums traditional and experimental. Our hope is that the 'Other Black/POC experience' can be celebrated and embraced in its beauty, rather than in the poisonous stereotypes found so often in mainstream media. We began this journey in '06, and hope to continue for many moons to come. We are not for profit (and plan to remain that way), using any coinage from donations, and print issues, for overhead/magazine projects and events. Contact us through or @PurpleZoe a 140 message. If you have trouble with these avenues is a fallback, provided you don't mind Google's 'save everything' practice which clues into potential privacy issues. We'd say use it for matters not of any

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... And from the mind's calyx; the crown does bloom.

Reemergence lit: PurpleZoe

The need for space, solitude, and privacy has been lost to some extent in rat-race consumed societies, but its periods of rest that are most needed to reconnect, defrag, and allow the psyche the time it needs to sort our experiences, and prepare us for expansion into the next. Too many of us, myself include, have fallen prey to the allure of overwork, based in the false notion that more will get done that way; that it will save time, but the inevitable redo's and lack of necessary play-stimulation cause more time to be spent, than a paced approach provides. We have to take better care of ourselves. You learn a lot about self and environment in a balanced amount of resting state. Upon reemergence, the growth taking place in the quiet place we enter through the resting state, bursts forth renewed, ready, and able to connect with our environments in the way most properly aligned with our purposes.

Purple recommends:

Cut The Strings Image: The Sleepless (cc) Word: Aetherist Zoem

Before you cut the strings you swing 'pon tangles of webbed postioning.

You may look down with some dismay Or frown the hours you contemplate the out seeming ever to elude Your demanding whys and search for clues

But if you turn your ear to the whisper in the deep.

...Wiser you will be.

And how obvious it will seem...

The strings were just the seams, making sleeping feel like being.

Long before 'The Secret', KRS dropped the gems of sound vibrational power highlighting the force of sound vibration upon the experience of the speaker: ' an MC you will study verbal magic but watch what you say cuz you'll attract it control your subconscious magnet from pullin in havoc.' One's 'Verbal Magic' also serves one's self-quest with evidence of the gears at work in both the background and foreground of the mind so intrinsically responsible for what we perceive, project, and categorize. 'Can' for instance, is a magik word, but few of us are taught by early example, to embrace it as such. The potency of Sound and frequency are seen in the effect binaural recordings have on the brain, and consequently, mood and overall mindstate/being. My mother always spoke of the power of 'the old tapes' filed away in the subconscious, containing the messages absorbed; most especially the negative. Reprogramming, through repetition, or a strong experience's impact on the mind, can and does reset/reframe the neural wiring in the brain, and the habitual chemicals corresponding with patterned moods. Negative cycles do break, given time. How about making some new tapes? Taking notes of the before and after of the neural-makeover can be helpful as well. What words are you using most frequently? Are they serving you, or derailing you? Which words will you keep, and which will you take out of frequency?

Attunement (tuning in) lit: PurpleZoe Ancient admonishments like 'Watch the company you keep', find themselves rooted in the knowledge that vibration rubs off on those in its environment. Thought, and feeling are contagious, and affect the consciousness attuned to them through osmosis, as a rule—Mob consciousness is a prime example. Attunement, however does not solely belong to the realm of the unconscious. To the contrary, an attunement of a kind of energy pattern can be extended from one energyfield to another, imparting ability, and realization shared by the sender. Reiki practitioners are familiar with this phenomena, receiving a connection to Reiki from their attuners, or for those who attune themselves, by requesting the *Higher Self attune them, and Shaktipat is said to be a practice of awakening from the hands of a master to an initiate working to raise their kundalini. There are many other configurations of energy that have practical applications in energywork, and selfimprovement in general that are in their essence, attunements. The process of setting an intention, varies from school of thought to school of thought, but it is a certainty that applying the will to an intended end produces results. Setting intention is at times looked upon as bearing fickle fruit; but in those instances only because the concept of commitment to an intention is overlooked. A true intention is one that is in alignment with the will. Doubt can't move it, infiltrate it, or seed it. A decision is made when it is made. It may not always be detectable what decision has truly been made, as the ego, in its protective function is adept in the production of illusion, to cover what we're deemed unprepared to process. When we may think we've sent out the intention for an improvement in some area of our life, we may have instead sent out a fear-based blocking intention to protect us from experiencing that success, if we either feel we could not handle the unknown territory of well-being, or are somehow unworthy of feeling the sun upon our face. In many ways, and often, we punish ourselves through an auto-pilot response, and wonder why our intentions for the enjoyable experiences we crave seem to elude us. The process of focusing itself connects the focuser with the object of concentration. Artists connecting with their medium, find new approaches to their expressive medium revealed through accidents, or sudden bursts of realization. Investigators set thought upon the cases they're scouring, to find the relevant pieces of the puzzle in their possession, and indeed those they have yet to collect, speaking to them. Our impressions and dreams are relevant. They reveal us to ourselves; unveil aspects of ourselves, our path stretching into future or reaching back into past. Our yearnings reveal the impulses that influence our actions, whether we embrace or avoid the directions in which the truest of them, seeded deeply into our heart centers, point. With attunement, specific vibrations, simple or complex designs of energies, are incorporated into our personal databases.

Rah-curious A formspring question, Sepsenahki, Marcus Patrick, and many other curiosities have influenced a rawcuriosity within the household. Initial research reveals, not much has to change from a 'cooked' green diet, if you're willing to take a bit more time with your preparation. A question on the PurpleZoe formspring:

Every Sunday, my boyfriend and I have "raw food" day where we eat all our food in raw form. Sadly, my ability to create delicious raw food ends with a big bowl of avocados and tomatoes. I know you're not raw vegan, but do you have any suggestions?

Fantastic weekly excursion. I need to think about incorporating something similar into the routine <3 I've visited the blog dimensions of a few tempting raw foodists who've made raw lemon pies, icecream with blended soymilk and (soaked) walnuts, and other delights, but have put raw experimentation on the shelf mostly(for shame). Our house smoothies have been as raw as we've gotten regularly (usually a cup or two of fruits to the same measure of rice milk and flax seed, or soy, 1/2 cup to a cup greens, with organic sugar to taste) but we do have a dehydrator that gets occasional use. As a fledgling Vegan, I sought out comfort food recipes. The more I played with comfort foods, the more I wanted to experiment ;D

Veggie Patties are a comfort food that always work.

The rawtarian has a dehydratable recipe here:

Coleslaw completes the veggie patties and fries combo: (I haven't tried this one

You can vary ingredients with patties. I'd try blending up some

yet, but the ingredients list is similar to something I have tried that definitely works)

mushrooms with a sprinkling of salt and garlic to a 1/4 part water (add some finely crushed almonds, flax seeds or similar for more hold) and

Raw food recipes seem to be dependent on advance preparation, especially

form patties, then dehydrate for at least 8-10 hours or so in a

dehydrated. If you can invest in pre-dehydrated nut flours or don't mind dehydrating

dehydrator or an oven with the door slightly cracked set to 140-170

and grinding your own, you'll have a base for your sauces, milk, pastry dough ready


made which should make things easier.

You can dehydrate a quick-drying raw flat bread and cut the patties up

Feasting on veggies and fruits straight-up can flow well too, especially experimenting

into them (or make a kind of quesadilla with them):

with different sauces/cremes for dipping. You can probably make some gorgeous

syrups liquifying organic sugar (in large amounts) with various fresh-squeezed fruits nectars/juices, and optional nut milks.

Add Raw Fries and ketchup:

I'll send links if I find extra shiny recipes. <3

(note: Vinegar and lemon juice in equal parts can simulate the taste of sour cream --a winner with ketchup and fries. For a raw solution you can mix it with soaked and blended cashews)


Zizeru: Swoonworth Cheez Starting as a pour: Swoonworth Cheez as a thick pour (or sauce) is a tad less labor-intensive, and can be adjusted to your desired thickness, and even dehydrated within a container, or mixed with a bit of boiled agar and chilled to take on a certain form (for anywhere from an hour to six to twelve dependent upon your desired thickness). A basic formula (give or take your desired extras): 1 part tahini to two 1/2 parts water (hopefully distilled to remove impurities) 1/4 part curry powder 1/4 part braggs liquid amino or soy Blend to desired consistency. Add more tahini for a sharper cheez taste, less for a milder appeal. Add garlic and onion powder as desired, or not at all. Substitute mustard for the curry and braggs, if you don't have them in stock or wish to try another version of Swoonworth Cheez. You can use coconut, ricemilk or another green milk as a base if you don't wish to use water.

As a block or pate: Block cheez can be shredded once firmed, and used on unfolded flats (pies/pizza), folded flats, and many other combinations. Agar can be added to boiling water and then to a cheez pour to create a block cheez without dehydration


Purple Recommends: The Remedy

lit: PurpleZoe

I'd heard of Supernova Slom in passing, but looking him up a few days before the release for this issue, I was moved to include the information I came across about the enormous body of work this brothah's been making available in the community. February has been a month of coming into the awareness that there are a tremendous amount of heads that are champions of awareness who've been doing this for yeaaarrrrs [Not that non-Black owned 'Black' mags will highlight them with any real fervor]. Even with a lack of support from MSM, our consciousness-raisers shouldn't have a problem spreading word through us, though. As many of us as there are, there's no reason Awareness activists who're truly about healing the diaspora, shouldn't be well-known amongst the people. When we can transcend labels enough to recognize that we're all doing the work for the same purpose, regardless of anyone's personal affiliation to a spiritual movement, lifestyle or etc, our collective power will be massive. If you come across folks doing the work, submit an article about them [even a few paragraphs can help raise awareness]. I stay seeking out the lights, but I'm one person. Purple was created to be communal in its collection and release of information about underrepresented lifestyles and culture alternative to the culture of death the Mainstream has promotedly openly, [especially during this last decade]. With that said, The Medicine Man Supernova Slom released a book last year called 'The Remedy', which includes what some are calling the best cleanse available [The Chlorophyllian Cleanse], testimonials from folks living the green life, and the like, all from a Hiphop-centered perspective. At Purple, it's #Buylisted. As there wasn't enough time to acquire it for review before the release, I can't speak on the material and highlight specific areas in the book I'd recommend, but I would urge you to add it to the list of media your checking for.

High Ether: Methuzulah 'Kemetic Aha'

Sometimes you open your inbox and its filled with so much light, you gently lower yourself onto the nearest chair, and smile stupidly at your good fortune. My friends, we have been overexposed to the mainstream's mimicry of HipHop's true suns, who would have changed the world long ago, were it not for the lack of control the average person exercises over their attention span (which unfortunately influences their dollar extending hands). Do not lament. The geniuses are still with us. Methuzulah's Aha moments (there are more than one... so much that I'd call it the Aha level of consciousness) have been and are setting the underground alight in tandem with track master sensei DJ Premier, and guest ether-lacers Kam Moye, Dinco D of Leaders Of The New School, Adrift the belle, Akil of the Jurassic 5, Boog Brown, Ekundayo, and a serious many moors of glowing domes. And even with that being enough, the Kemetic Aha is presently complimentary. Acquire this blessing for your grey matter @ Methuzulah.Bandcamp,com while it's still available with your economic condition in mind. Extreme props to @Methuzulah This ether stays on repeat. Thankyou for it. #ShineBright /Reprinted from the UltravioletUnderground blog/

Dream Merchant Sean Qualls invites us into pastel wonderlands, full of haze and starred might. Visit his watercolor lands of make-believe through the Athernet's

The Solice of SepSenAhki Aakhu 'Splain to me please why a dynamic vocalist, with a sun-saluting lifestyle worthy of the eyes of our young women and men, who embraces the beauty of her sacred crown coils, Khemetic roots, body as temple, and imbues soundwaves with soul expression that celebrates rather than bemoans the loveforce, isn't receiving the attention she's warranted? Is the artifical world really so afraid of a crown of natural hair, and sincere lyrics that grace the sonic dimensions rather than violate them? I mean, we've bemoaned lack of quality artistry in the spotlight for about a decade now, are we going to collectively heed the indie artists that actually enhance our IQs? Are we going to support the indiestream as a true vehicle for genuine not to mention healthy artistry? 'Cause I've been doing this for a minute now, and I'd really like to connect with folks that are serious about not allowing the wealth of original expressions/creations and the like fall to the wayside while complete puppets are hailed distractions, as the world burns. Food for thought. We can't complain that the art's not out there. We can check ourselves on what we're spending our money on.

Too often when herbivores are first starting out, they have little to no idea what to do with their dishes and find themselves falling into the same starch-based patterns they courted when they also reached for a side of something animal-based on their plates. The results are low energy, and likely the same lack of kitchen inspiration as before, filled with premade products, an abundance of soy-based faux foods, and little to no green or grain, despite the amazing things that can be done with beans, rice, and other slept-on joys from Mama Nature. Not everyone's sleeping on the gems in Earthen fields in favor of a quickfix, however. One green sister has stepped up to the call for more accessible information in the preparation of green foods that are rich enough in taste and chi to truly be called green soul food. To this end she's prepared a concise, information-packed work, filled with recipes that can be customized with staples the readers of her soy-free cookbook can get to know and learn the importance of adding to their diets. A herbivore for many years, she's been through the overtofu'ed phase. She knows firsthand (through trial, error, and glowing successes) the value of greens and grains, and instructs her readers how to fashion Soyless milk, Fabulous raw cakebites, Vegan Patties,Tomato Gravy, and an abundant more culinary fashionings that new and old (soy-addicted) herbivores can refer to for much needed reconsideration of their diets. This elemental of Green&Grain, Janine 'Inspired Sis' Jackson, also a Nappturality Guru, and Imagist, extending materials for freeing the om through diet, glorying in the natural resplendence of the crown follicle, and the pulse of Earth in a world that direly needs to remember its natural roots in the planet, a practice celebrated through her Plantfolk blog, granted us audience on how she came to create the Yum Facilitation Guide, her perspectives on current Vegan society,and resources she recommends for the herbivorously inclined.

Is the Yum Facilitation Guide a longstanding project worked on during your years on this path, or did you recently see the necessity that vegans have an alternative to the often soy over-celebrative focus in current vegan-ry? The guide was constructed to assist those who desire to incorporate more (soy-free) plant-based foods into their eating routines. It was also designed to illustrate that plant-based eating is a practical possibility for those who believe that eating in this way is tasteless, expensive and boring. Personally, I think variety is great and that it should extend to your plate. That is yet another reason why this guide exists. I wish that this guide existed years ago when I initially considered eating in this way. I used to go to the local Asian markets and buy tofu by the case! lol. I simply wasn't aware that there were other ways to enjoy my meatless meals. So, this guide is also for those who realize that they're consuming excessive amounts of soy via their faux foods, but don't know what else to do based upon their lack of awareness or creative inclinations. What are you loving about the current state of vegan society, and where do you hope to see serious improvements? Do you think nonvegans are getting the message on how damaging the animal-based food industry is to the soul, body, and unsurprisingly, the planet itself? I am pleased to see more folks who are genuinely interested in enjoying this way of healing/living/being and having the opportunity to do so. Seeing more health conscious folks invest in their well-being and transforming their personal worlds is a wonderful experience to witness. Improvements? I would say an improvement in attitude or mindset amongst some vegans would be great. There is a certain way of being that some exhibit that has a tendency to deter those are interested in living on the plant-based side of life. I definitely think non-vegans are considering the connections between their fork and their world. The significant changes in the way the earth shows itself currently, along with the mainstream mouthpieces that promote veglife have helped in making those connections. What are some resources, in addition to the thorough approach extended in your Yum Facilitation guide, that you would advise new vegans to seek on their journey back to the plant-eating wisdom our ancestors celebrated? Heal Thyself for Health and Longevity -- Queen Afua Sacred Woman -- Queen Afua Becoming Vegan -- Brenda Davis African Holistic Health -- Dr. Afrika Sistah Vegan -- A. Breeze Harper *check out that cover art! ;) is also a wonderful resource for all things health related. Any words of advice you'd like to impart, shout outs, or something you'd like to share that we haven't covered? Listen to your body and keep it simple. Visit Inspired Sis at to acquire a copy of her chlorophyllian splendor.

From the Yum Facilitation Guide: Cake Bites 1/3 cup whole almonds 1/2 cup macadamia nuts 2 medjool dates (pitted) 1/8 teaspoon of sea salt or a pinch 1/4 - 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon 2 teaspoons coconut oil 1 teaspoon coconut flakes 1/4 teaspoon spirulina (optional) Place almonds and macadamia nuts in a food processor and grind until crumbly or fine (depends on your processor). Add dates and process again. Then add the remaining ingredients and process again until the mixture clumps together easily. You may choose to eat it as is or you may decide to do what I did and roll the mixture into individual spheres using your hands. Note: Your hands will be slightly oily due to the coconut oil in the mix.


Vital Diaspora lit: PurpleZoe

There are treasures in the diaspora come of glowing domes intent to inspire the masses to engage with individual and communal lifeforce and celebrate its gift, by actually living. Far too many folks have forgotten even the basic building blocks of active living, through all manner of manipulations, that have gone on to become unfortunate but deftly hypnotic traditions. We have the power to change the course of the-masses-as-walking-dead to the masses as fully-experienced being. It's crucial we realize this, and fortunately there is a wealth of information available to us that can ease us into a path of well-being. In the Hood Health Handbook, critical subject matter ranges from Homebirthing with a doula to Mental Health to Survival/First-Aid, Holistic Beauty, tons of DIY approaches that honor the common wallet, and beyond. A reference guide that speaks to you in the language of a friend with your best interest at heart, this handbook duet of volumes one and two is engaging, effectively inspiring, and power-restoring. All of those matters you were conditioned to think are over your head, are simple math, when the grand-pageantry of anti-mass heirarchy is removed from the equation. To say this work belongs on your shelf, is an understatement. A classic work has been manifested here, that belongs on the bookshelf of any from the newly-aware to the 'old-hat' of the truth-seeking populace. Visit to acquire the set.

Reviewed: Homeboy Sandman - The Good Sun -lit&imaging: PurpleZoe a.k.a Dazjae 'Moonvein Eth' Zoem

Champion of the greymatter, dream merchant and awakener, Homeboy Sandman, has come at social uplift from several directions (from education to law), eventually finding the ideal medium, when he zoomed in on the root of communal ills (which are anticommunal from the seed) through the omni-influence of media, and the street-influencing steezregulation of the Hiphop medium. Goldenera-esque to the core, Homeboy Sandman emerged from the stardust of conscious dream-variations with a mind-healing mission, and satchel of glowing ethers. An Anti-gun, proherbivorous dish consuming greenman (strict Vegan), the REM-light purveyor sums up the spirit of 'The Good Sun' LP with the words: 'I'm fighting for my life and I'm fighting to the death,' finessed on the track 'The Carpenter', where the dream merchant lays the foundations for an album that proves satisfying from the drumskin pat to the wordage poised to set your dome aglow, and help society recover its lost halos. Feeling 'stranded on a strange planet', speaking on the filthiness of land, air and the putrid condition of our water supply as 'more reasons I'm broad Vegan and organic', and the dum-didum thought patterns of 'people [who] don't live in the now' because 'they live in denial' on the glowing track 'Strange Planet', the sprinkler of new dreams reminds us that it requires more strength to use face muscles to muster a smile than it takes to muscle a frown (a post-note no doubt to the Mean Mugs addressed in the earlier track of the same title). The complete absence of been-overdone-before tracks and themes, sets the refresh button with retro-thump etheric bricks for a new path in a medium that imposed insufferable brain-suck from the hiphop community for the all-corrupting American dollar after a still mourned departure from largely-conscious, community-affirming Golden-era HipHop, when corporations saw the profitable and no doubt genocidal-viability of the hiphop medium gone astray.

Music of this spirit blows the dust off of the common-man's neocortex, challenging the collective phoenix to rise from the ashes of self-destruction. 'Calm Tornado' for instance, tackles the 'be a dumber rapper' advice HipHop artists are faced with when they come with ethers of substance for the people, over the golden-era LOTU 'Funky Child' beat, complete with a spankin' new bass line of fittingly ominous tones. Lyrical gems abound, from the mockery of industry types advising the down-play of self: 'Why you call yourself a dream merchant. You're too deep.... Rappers 'sposed to be earnin', not earnest, go ahead and sip some syrup, you're not a civil servant', to commentary of the unfortunate truths that have held our ears hostage in the hands of lesser men bowing to communal poisons: 'Deejays on the payroll. No Bueno' 'You probably groggy from fluoride in Dasani' 'Industry beef is increased to keep peeps from peeping whats in their beef and broccoli' The final track, 'Angels with dirty faces' issues headchecks with: 'I know he in a bind but he can go buy beer and wine', answered by Homeboy Sandman directing our attention to the fallen amongst us, sleeping wherever they can find a spotâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;and if they're lucky that night, a patch of warmthâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;over a drummer-boy's beat of the epic variation, closing out an album of wake-up media for that lifepath: 'Imagine you was dying, nobody helped you, if ain't nobody listen you might talk to yourself too. Turnin' up your nose, holding your nose goin 'pieww...frontin' like its God's work what y'all go and do, when its time to show and prove y'all gone like phewwww.' 'Lightning bolts of energy, I've composed an elegy for bros that froze tonight.' It's Hiphop after the aware heart; the good sun outshining the burnt out stars on-front-street posing like their shedding light upon our heads. Dream merchants are needed; dreamless sleep, in this society is death. Buy 5 copies and bump this in your hybrids and skycycles. When the first disc gets scratched you'll have 4 backups. He gets it popping, but its not pop. Listen to him.

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We cannot deny that the global ecology has been affected by capitalism. Natural resources have been degraded and exploited historically as industrialization's increased. Some resources like oil, coal, and natural gas take generations to renew, while fresh water is not renewable when the air and soil are polluted. Food is impacted by this demise, which directly affects our health. Imagine living in a society where the elite are the only ones with access to food and clean water as you and the rest of the masses are reduced to eating a food source that is rationed out periodically. The movie Soylent Green (1973) is the extreme but also not too far off the mark considering that we are suffering from periodic food recalls. A peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a glass of milk has become our own personal weapons of mass destruction. Gastronomy beware! Creating a local and sustainable food system can become a way to control and reduce pathogens while simultaneously bringing a community together, educating youth, honoring elders, and creating jobs. Without a sustainable environment we will erode with the planet.

Sistar Akeela is a glowing dome of the subtle forces, bringing with her wisdoms like water for masses. You can find her via @Akeela in the Bluebird's house, when her energy has slowed enough to be trackable.

'And by or after the arrival of the toppered High Maroon of tribal-painted countenance, The Lord of Scars was born unto himself in either a stark opposition to the visitor, or for some other reason unclear. Further, this new Lord of Scars, this onceman, is believed to have created the orders or the d.o.l.l s which eventually influenced a captured ukuu of bright beaming Moors to turn first mentally, then bodily, to Brass. Much like the Anansan took on new form purportedly having been Starskin; too fixed of gaze upon some aim or configuration of energy, except the new brass ones were forcibly made into oncemen; with only the hope of relearning their true selves to restore them.

-of Dazjae Zoem's Ujuux; Wonderdark myth #Wonderdark #Loomcity

Moon Mylk soothes Galactic heart. Essential wisdoms for the seemingly mundane manifestations and beyond. Readings available on-air and privately.

Caterpillar and Red Fish (Halfstreet Archives) formerly titled: Red Fish

it: Aetherist D. Zoem

Samora tilted her head, confounded with his gesture, until reaching into her leftmost pocket, she kenned the meaning, her conic earthen fingers seizing upon three small coarse-skinned spheres. Her heartbeats took to speeding thumps within their chamber, and she beamed appreciatively at her new acquaintance, who just happened to glance her way once more, the corners of his eyes crinkling merrily. Head now raised much higher, Samora moved forward, flinching with the first clack of her slightly heeled shoes-which had been useful over the rougher bits of her journey but were now a hindrance-against the wooden tiles. She would have to replace them with dance flats, at the first opportunity. What she would give for a private railcar, if only her stores were of the means.

She stepped into the next railcar on her shoe's tips, squinting in the dimly lit ' I ended up here, hoping to make some kind of life, ya know? Who wants to be an *idling until you stop being useful?' The thin face of the smoke man blinked out then, as it did every few bumps the train made against the secret rails. He tapped his knee nervously, resettling himself on the seat across from the child who graciously listened to his accounting of woes. Stopping himself launching into another tirade, he grinned at the girlchild through swirling etheric bits, 'You're a quiet one. They'll need to watch for you.' The child looked past the long faced man of plum smoke tendrils, her right hand, still sparkling with the glitter of the eve of *New Anuum, tightened around a rolled leaf that never seemed to leave her grasp. An *Anansan treeling several rows ahead, eyed the pair a moment, with spaceblack irises set in pale pink orbs. Her heavy wooden lids clicking with each blink, she folded her hands--which were veiled in yellow gloves concealing her fingers of generous length, just to the tips--over the lap of an amber dress covering her from her angular chin to her rail-thin wrists, on down to the floorboards. The child, noticing being noticed, met her eyes boldly, noting the ripe-looking pink

room of sphere-bending walls cast in the amber glow of trained light-gourds swaying left to right, hung atop diamond-shaped panes of green glass. Her nose wrinkled at the sharp scent of shock fruits; tart and intense as the pepper-shaped shards were, her eyes following a crunch that could only come from the one eating them. She quickly redirected her gaze, in the wisdom following realization. Dimmed windows. Shock fruit. There was a gridling in here. Samora slowly bent to reach a hand into the creases at the backs of her shoes, against the protests of instinctual cleanliness, and removed them, leaving only the spats to conceal the remainder of her stockings' end hem. Clutching the shoes with her freehand, she stepped swiftly to the door across the room, which, if the memory map she'd purchased was correct, would lead her to the stairwells, and finally, after a few trials she was sure, the baker. A kindling flickered the *onyxian center of her eyes, at the thought. She pressed her lips intentfully, reaching for the handle of the railcar's sidetilting door...

fruits, small as crab apples in the treeling's branches which twisted into a fashionable side spire jutted out to the left of her crown, boasting small diamondshaped leaves. 'They'll make you see things 5 minutes or so ahead,' the treeling woman told the staring girl, in a voice mesmerizingly deep. 'You make take three. I will have 15 minutes of your dreamtime in return.' The child didn't answer, but instead lost the fight to the train's lull which finally managed just then in rocking her to sleep. Her eyes blinked open, alarmed, mere minutes later, but they were mere minutes too many, by her estimation. She cursed herself for the mistake. The treeling woman and her promising fruits were gone. Grabbing her box by its topmost wooden handle, Samora rose to a stand, nodding briefly to the smoke man, who'd found a moonfly to engage in his conversational fancies during her mind's absence, about the price of lodging in Old Ceylon for non-registrants. He raised a hand in return, with a pleased nod, patting his pocket suggestively which flickered out in smoky wisps under the impact, and swiftly reengaged with the softly glowing sienna creature, crowned in a corkscrew-cotton mass of chartreuse spirals, leaned against the windowpane, rapt in their discourse.

Book 3's extended excerpt appears along w/ a slight preview from Book 4, in the ARC for the second installment, Wonderdark: Dara and the Dream Engine.

Indie Marketing series: Your art is legend, but 'you' personally suck)

Most of you have been there. Whether you're interviewing an artist for a blog, laying out a mag with an artist's new release, etc, it is difficult to avoid the handful of bad apples that make it almost unworth it to bother showing support. But their lack of couthe shouldn't be the marker you use to measure the magnificence that may pour out of the part of them rotten attitude hasn't reached. It's not an easy balancing act, but with focused detachment (extreme cases granted exception), it's still possible to forget the time you met an artist you consider genius, on a day they forgot to tuck their horns in, or in fairness, were... going through something. Before writing off an artist completely, consider pausing long enough to separate an artist personality from the artist's mundane-self (barring artists who truly don't care about heinous acts they've committed enough to truly redeem themselves as worthy community inspirations or role-models). It could possibly help you to continue appreciating the art someone with poor people skills may extend, for its own merit. Artists who read this article, and feel they are entitled to behave anyway their mood sees fit, would do well to consider that their audience and supporters/staff are worthy of respect, and secondly, are the holders of the 'paycheck' (if it has to be seen in base terms, rather than moral ones...). An artist's supporters are really, all that artist has professionally. The periodic headcheck is advisable.

ooomm,,o e BBllo f tthhe . s. AAnndd oof n ns o o o b b d d n n a a s s d d e e e e s s r r u ou p po

In a motor eatery by the 3rd moon of a subtly glowing luminary, a mythspheric inquiry was held with the illuminated

consciousness of freedom fighter Mamselle V. May. A leafwing did the honors of taking notes while Mamselle May spoke to us of her 3rd dimensional endeavors to uplift the communities of original lights, where certain sabotaging factors have been set into systematic play.

In a motor eatery by the 2nd moon of a subtly glowing luminary, a mythspheric inquiry was held with the illuminated consciousness of freedom fighter Mamselle V. May. A leafwing did the honors of taking notes while Mamselle May spoke to us of her 3rd dimensional endeavors to uplift the communities of original lights, where certain sabotaging factors have been set into systematic play. We dined on Mushroom-Daiya tartlets, and sipped Flax seed iced tea with sprigs of mint in the gourd bottles, by the window closest the Sea moon. The hum of the motor diner's engines mingled with the soft ommmm emerged of the aquatic moon springs rising into the blackness of the spatial ether. We spoke of the telling events upon the planet, while we awaited the main courses. Opportunity was taken in that moment to pick the grey matter of the Sisterstar V. May about some of the projects she's championing in the 3rd dimensional terra referred by some as Earth. Have you always been hands-on with your activism? What prompted you to fight for the balancing/greening of your city? Was the environmental decay and its effect of the people more than you could take one day, or have your current projects been in the lab for some time?

I was conceived during the tumult of the 1960’s; during the summer of 1968 to be exact. I’ve always felt that I am here to complete some unfinished business. I’ve been told that I am an old soul. I’ve also been told that I am an anachronism. So, I could be from the past and from the future. I have wisdom from times past and from a future that could be. For some reason, Robert F. Kennedy’s paraphrase of George Bernard Shaw’s famous quote resonates in my soul and reverberates through every fiber of my being, “There are those who look at things the way they are and ask, “Why?” I dream of things that never were and ask, “Why not?” I have always been hands-on with my activism. I don’t understand complacency. If things can be made better I don’t understand inertia. My present involvement in the quest for the balancing/greening of my city came about during a trip to the public library. On my way out, I happened to peruse the free community newspapers, weeklies, and event flyers lying on the public information shelf. One of the community newspapers had a story regarding the city of Los Angeles trying to secure a zone variance that would allow a trucking school to operate at the Lopez Canyon Restoration Project site. The Lopez Canyon Restoration Project site is a former landfill that is now zoned open space and is being transitioned back to a recreation area that is to be replete with hiking and equestrian trails, a park, and scenic vistas. Los Angeles is a concrete jungle. It needs more open and green space. With a little research, networking, and synchronicity, I was able to hook up with others that held my same concerns. The effort to quickly transition the Lopez Canyon Restoration Project site to an industrial and commercial use free open space has blossomed. By reaching out, the effort has garnered many supporters.

Which historical/herstorical activists have you turned to for ancestral inspiration, when the drain that can come with the activism path, during long campaigns, becomes significant? I am inspired first and foremost by parents who have made their transitions. I am also encouraged by the lives of Jesus of Nazareth and by Siddhartha. The courage of Harriet Tubman, Fannie Lou Hamer, and Shirley Chisholm give me strength and I find guidance from those who still exist on this plane, like Angela Y. Davis and Assata Shakur. Angela Davis’ works and Assata Shakur’s autobiography have influenced me. As the early feminists of the early 1970’s declared, “The personal is the political.” Whether we like it or not, politics affects our personal lives. We have to be ever vigilant if we want to maintain personal freedom.

Which historical/herstorical activists have you turned to for ancestral inspiration, when the drain that can come with the activism path, during long campaigns, becomes significant? I am inspired first and foremost by parents who have made their transitions. I am also encouraged by the lives of Jesus of Nazareth and by Siddhartha. The courage of Harriet Tubman, Fannie Lou Hamer, and Shirley Chisholm give me strength and I find guidance from those who still exist on this plane, like Angela Y. Davis and Assata Shakur. Angela Davis’ works and Assata Shakur’s autobiography have influenced me. As the early feminists of the early 1970’s declared, “The personal is the political.” Whether we like it or not, politics affects our personal lives. We have to be ever vigilant if we want to maintain personal freedom.

Have you been met with a great deal of opposition in your efforts to have liquor stores removed from neighborhoods whose youth have been compromised by the defeatist/escapist messages they send, coupled with other disempowering factors you're also going to great lengths to remove from the reach of innocents? Can you tell us a little more about your projects, and your experiences with them so far? The section of the San Fernando Valley where I grew up and now reside is the step child of the Valley. This area is oversaturated with Section 8/low income housing, industrial zoned areas, and facilities that other areas do not want. The former landfill was the anchor for this designation. Once it was established, the area was targeted as the spot to put the “undesirables”. There are some who want things to stay that they are. However, there are more that want to see things change for the better. Now that the landfill is transitioning, some of us are hoping to bring about sustainable and attractive redevelopment without displacement. By decreasing the number of liquor stores, bringing in needed financial, retail, and commercial ventures, increasing community policing, providing positive alternatives for youth, and improving the overall appearance of the community; we hope to create community that attracts civic minded residents while retaining established ones. This community has been hit by the foreclosure crisis and new homes are being built. Consequently, there are homes available for purchase. We hope to create a community that home purchases will love to live in and contribute to.

Follow Sistar V.May's community lightwork journey via @VMAY

Tim Fielder's story of Matty's Rocket shares the tale of Matty Watty, space pilot of the alternative 30's and 40's, navigating her vessel through a dangerous world filled of villians, real world events of the era, and adventures down home. The production team of Bighead Scientists expound more on the design process on-site : 'Mattyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Rocket is Bighead Scientists first foray into serialized web narratives. The intent is to create a story that fuses elements of Animation, Science Fiction, Pulp fiction, Action Adventure, and Afrofuturism. While initially we had an interest in doing a straight Webcomic we also had to acknowledge a desire to do an animation. After much research we have arrived at a fusion of both forms resulting in an Animatic Narrative. The style will be a blend of traditional storyboards, The Jetsons, Japanese Anime, Frank Kapra and Comicbooks.' Including the audience in the process, Matty's Rocket is being released and blogged about via regularly.

Huemind Fantastic Coiner of the term 'Superheru', Aseer The Duke of Tiers. has a wealth of information on the aetherspace, which includes a very real series touching on the connection between original mythology and the mimicking of Kemetic archetypes in modern comics. You can acquire your copy via Audiovisual Splendors to seek: Uraeus' Sword and Soul Media presents Jaycen Wise and The Eye of The Storm Chameleon Creations' The Children of The Phoenix

The 1st Black Faery installment: Lunewing is soon to be joined by the 2nd Black faery Anthology for a combined print installment slated for release in 2011. Space has been reserved for visual expressions before this tome comcludes the editing process. Contact for submission intel. Steven Hyppolite's championed the underrepresented dimension of Haitian and Native American fantasy in his work 'A Warrior's Passage'. Visit the site of he and his Speculative cipher: Changa's Safari has been released by Milton Davis' pen through MVMedia, and it appears the Anthology 'Griots' is also releasing shortly. Visit for more intel on the release schedule. You may also enjoy the community at Check @BlackSuperhero in the Bluebird's house for regular coverage on the appearance or absence of the Black image in current-day comics. Peep @BlackSuperhero for If you haven't visited @BlueBlkAtlantis (the merman at the page foundation is drawn in homage) in the Bluebird's dimension (known to most as, it would serve you well to change that, and follow the feed post-haste. C'BS Alife Allah is not only a magnificent weaver of fantastical accounts, but an active supporter of AfroFuturism, Original Fantasy, and Scifi for yearrrrs.

Send Original Fantastical intel to for possible feature and mentions in Purple issues.


In the halls of Khem/Asiatic brass, light pours down upon the heads of Afro-Asiati creative starkind in aviatrix caps, green-lensed goggles, and threads of eras long-past; scribes and imagists that come bearing gifts for the clocktick heart with chambers deft-built to last.

Steampunk Nusantara is a space for the organization of found objects in Southeast Asian retro-future, emerged from the inspiration of Jhameia Goh. Interested Cataloguing applicants should apply via aether-portal:

Ayleen the Peacemaker tracks the works of diverse steamery in her aethernet sanctum Beyond

Wonderdark investigates the depths of and heights of Loomcity's dimensional threads, as woven by the Starskin mythic Loom, the realm of the Phupha and Anansan, and Zuza's role in the events unfolding in an illusory climate that has yet to reveal it's true nature, as it is said unfolds in Book 2.

If you've spied an available diverse work of Steam or Steam-related artistry focusing upon characters and cultural matters of color especially those written by people of color (Direct/Source mythmaking), would you send word through the aethergraph ?

Purple Edu:

Keep it Fresh

Natural deodorants are less expensive, leagues safer for your body, and infinitely easier to put together than you may be aware. If you're looking to avoid the hazards of ingesting aluminum through the skin (and of course, in general), you can purchase vegetable enzyme based deodorants, or you can create your own by mixing equal parts baking soda, cornstarch, coconut or desired natural oil to desired consistency, with optional essential oils. This is a longlasting deodorant that will provide coverage for at least 12 hours, throughout strenuous activity, and warm weather conditions. While you will perspire, and feel wetness during heavy activity (or while experiencing hotter temperatures), there will not be an odor. Simple and effective, you can play with the recipe to create your own variations. Note that baking soda can act as a mild bleach to clothing if you overload on deodorant and perspire heavily without patting dry after involved physical activities/during sweatinducing weather. Less deodorant is more. Adding a bit of grapeseed extract can prolong the life of your deodorant, though it shouldn't be necessary if you keep to the recipe and do not add bacteria-attracting water to the formula. Additional intel: Lemon, essential oil, Teatree essential oil, Soapnuts, Seasalt, Soapwort and Yucca root have cleansing properies you can combine as desired to create healthy, and gentle cleansing oils, or add to water with grapeseed extract (a natural preservative). Baking soda and Vinegar can also be used as cleansers in toiletries and the household.

There are some Blooms who come through with an archetypal function, that raise our frequencies and awareness of what's possible beyond old paradigms, when our senses take in their inherent wealth of being. In the case of Shingai Shoniwa, we are reacquainted with original 'rock' frequencies as rooted in the Original diaspora of Kem/Moor/Afro blooms emerged from blues, and soul-depth folk music from the ancestors, as channeled through the very peculiar lense, sonic frequency of a force both undeniably intense, and effortlessly nurturing to the diasporic wings of melaninas who have been forcefed caricaturish images of debased potentials via mainstream that confuse a truly organic expression of original womanhood. If you haven't 'broken free' already, alert your solar-petal antennae of the Shingai broadcast. Early Shingai offerings, via pre- Wild Young hearts 'Noisettes' recordings, are recommended.

Rejoice the reemergence of Greenman Saul. Support his puppet-string free media choices with your bills (if they're still worth anything), Silver, and or Gold.

Reviewed: Muthawit's 'Men & Women (or La Revenge De Uncle Baldy) Lit&Image: Dazjae Zoem a.k.a PurpleZoe

Glancing at the anti-matter nontime piece, the Maestro of extralinear symphonies presses forward and backward, and sideward; a flask of pineapple tea at the ready, tin of cinnamons in surplus, a headstrong 7-string that goes by the name of Brandy slung over his shoulder. His O.rbital D.issonance E.nhancement lens is hidden cleverly, somewhere in plain sight we're sure. Ancestral beams flicker in his aura, I think. ...maybe I've got something in my eye again. Nothing makes sense here. I followed the riddle pieces. But, I'm... wait, was I supposed to climb the cloud steps to the left or... No matter. Non-time is antimatter (#Muthawit-ticism). Not something to forget in this world. Yes, the Maestro... I was saying, or I meant to say: exploring x and y sacralities, commanding his exploring, plucking the flowering roots in many faceted mood halls of if, actual, and when (extending wisefruit-brews of ether), all in question/answer of awakened grey matter, Muthawit mixes passion, lament, and retrospection in his timetravel (even going as far as returning to the tree of life). 'Time means nothing. Time means everything.' He says. 'Love in retrospect is love too late,' he shares, somewhat gently, somewhat not. #Mutha-witticisms. So many of them. Dizzying and mind expanding bits of Moonish wit. Are we ready? I didn't forget you left-brain dominant members of the readership. The best I can do for you, is describe the experience as sequentially as possible in such extra-chronautic space. The disk? I put it in the Spinner, but I had to look away. The effect of O.D.E can be alot on the eyes. I sit. I listen. The room moves. I tighten the skycycle buckle. The etherscursion commences with a duet of sorts: 'Men&Women', perhaps a memory, translated observation from the Maestro's travels, or an anticipated meeting of amoured domes depth-roaming in cerebralicious intimacy, issued through the O.D.E lense. It rises from impassioned flames now, stepping through involuntary transmutation perhaps, for the wings of the second track 'Waiting' have grown anticipatory: making an anthem for the boys in the train stations, audition halls, and lovers be they anima or animus glaring at silent phones. It preludes, perhaps track 3's cry 'Give it to me', in which that same audition hall or awaiting of heart sentiment takes on the punctuation of a demand. 'Give it to me ...the last time I ask for it. ...The next time I take it,' saith the disgruntled war cry of the inheritor of deprived reparations, who would have the record set straight about the skill-roots of falsely proclaimed Kings, who shined with stolen crowns?

...or Observations of the jilted lover, key in hand, in buffalo stance by a vehicle in her non-requiter's parking lot. No? Maybe the underground genius then, promising the growth of noncomformist consciousness into giant? Perhaps all of these, are at its root. I relax into the ethers. ...take a breath of the silvery waves rising up. There's always a calm in the middle of a storm on terra or innerverse, and in this ethering-series of cryptic vignettes 'Wind' is that eye, writing the words into the moistened Earth: 'Is this love, I will never know...' Bittersweet, discontent, writhing, becoming. It's frustrated melancholy, strangely soothing, recognizably tragic, and celebratory, enough to bypass sorrow, and inspire... reignition. The sonic frenzy of 'Wasted' now, raises the winds, infusing electricity into ether; the first authorized leak from the trove of Men&Women or La Revenge De Uncle Baldy (coming to a timestation near you) reapproaches the storm in a feverish symphony of drumstick gloried, trumpet-heralded, whirl of guitarmoaning psychedelia, like the sung 'dancing-on-the-work-table' lament in a trifle factory that can't oppress the soul another day with its pregnant-with-distraction conveyor belts of stolen treasures manufactured by tired hands. Like one writhing in the vat of futility rippling-full with burning nectar from forced fruits plucked off deserted fields. Perhaps one tired puzzle assembler turned to the other (or a partner-of-name passing or fixed), transfiguring the angst into the picking of fruits hidden in grey matter, on the waves of a subtly ferocious post flame guitar-strum ember flickering: 'Are you Satisfied?', where rhythms (v.) a laid-back and equally hard-hitting thump in the Maestro's paradoxical tradition, naturally, of bass-and-drum heartbeats sonically blooming. 'PMS Junkie' now ascends from guitar strum to big band curtain drops and scattered aquatic wahs whirling 'round sax-bloom rifts, that rise with the vocals like a consciousness that's reclaimed its power of self, or passion its unsure of, asking 'How are we feeling?' with at sometime maniacal curiosity, at others Mutha gentle. It delivers to us a riddled bloom at its end, with petals, many petals of even more shapes and forms; 'Martha Squatter', a supreme frenzy of drum and bass fit to soundtrack a hunt, leading me to question again, is this part of a lovestory, or a series of them? A love that is also a war with a lover consulted repeatedly on how they are feeling, because the partnerin-amour essentially reduces the heart of the other to a temporary space in which to pile cryptic treasures? Is my overthink acting up again? In this instance, only the Maestro, would know. Perhaps such riddles will not decode. Perhaps Martha the Squatter was simply a squatter he met traveling the good red road, and 'Tree of Life' isn't a reissuing of X&Y riddling, but an o.d.e to the harmony of form and flow, swirling in waterripple wahs and Island bass sway-conjure, inspired by a fresh apple in a grove somewhere he stopped to eat before moving on. Perhaps Men& Women is simply code for: life. In this vein of sentiment, the timetrodder's code would naturally follow: 'Who needs time?', in its almost eerie, guitar string alt-grit, touching on funereal rhythms, delivering old form to its recycling ground, where its once-spirit can be wept for in nostalgia and congratulations of higher destination.

I tap a broken clock in salute. It preludes the track that perhaps leads it all to Higher Power, seemingly referred to here at the etheric journey's end as a 'Two-fisted God' following the heartchamber-stir 'When it's time' in its soulful, majestically gentle, sol-soothing monologue, or perhaps, prayer (issued in that period of assessing, reflecting on the steps pressed into the Earth that have led one to the present point, where its time to look to God, and whisper 'Two Fisted God I want some more.' Men&Women is a puzzle, a looking glass into the rotation of psycogs in a genius machina, a fiery parched-heart hydrating etherlixir, fresh-squeezed, from the tree of an everything and nothing life. Because Men and Women are vessels. Men and women need Men&Women. Men and Women are lost and sometimes found, and lost again, and... Consider this not The End but pause to savor. Further details for the hemisphere-of-left& the sol-flow on the right: This series of the Maestro's travels was made available after its release in UA 2010, commenced on 6/18, stretching it's other-graced hands to 6/26. #UrbAltIsAGenre

Mutable Threads Of Etheric

image: Dazjae Zoem

Lola,statuesque LadyLore of TransutopicEchoes&melancholic quests for silver seams in heartchamber, spiritdances the tones of Sonicist Mikael's keys. -UA2010 Livetweet via @PurpleZoe

The music of MiLO is emotionally honest, delivered from the wisened tones of Lola; a lioness who, during performances appears as one channeling the mutable silver threads of etheric in the possession of ancestors, who know very well the 'live to learn' syllabus of the 'good red road'. At once powerful, and caught in the travel between retrospection and resolution, the beauty of MiLO's music resonates with the listener's memories of any battles that did not kill, and only upon remembrance revealed the strength reaped from the valley of tears we all must pass through from time to time. The beauty is haunting.

Primal and Enwhimsed

A quartet of mercurial daring, primal and enwhimsed; Dearling Physique hold secret tones to the indimensional visceral. After a moment in their audience, it is clear. They know their roads. The choice is yours, to run or follow. No pill required. Neither must you swallow smoke, or nectar kissed by death. Only, do not fear the drum. Its pulse is required. Its pulse is everything. Everything. Have you considered 'the all' ever? It's simplicity is vast, and even dangerous to locked perception. Pray you have the key, or the drum will blow it open; your sight.

Further roads emerge in the newly arrived travel disc of choice 'Deadeye Dealer' . A memory caught on the etheric visigraph reveals a kind of I is we is I courting; a dance that may be seasonal, between wisdom and wisdom seeker, Have and Want or perhaps more truthfully; Want and Have. Discipline your hands', is a cortex-meets-sacral stimulant, the documenting of time travel through seduction, the exploration of I and we and it. Your chakras will respond. Follow the synth

The Metastatic Bloom of Leila Adu

There are forces for which names do poor service; dizzying, whirling ethers, non-committal wind petals sifting, even rifling through closets of experiential gowns. Inquisitive storms of gentle science, fusilladic probing, and sometimes whispering; Innerchild-wise. Lotus-eyed. Content. and also discontent. and watching. Always watching. Leila Adu is a rebel-inspirer. And not in the way that calls for the raising of fists, or the hurling of sharp word-blades. Her defiance is decided. Explorative. Non-reactive. Anger isn't its mother. Wonder may be. Visit her hall of whispering winds @ ...but don't get treacle on the glass flowers. They already ate.

The newly arrived ether [right] can be acquired in the Digital net of Aether.

See-r-translator of hidden brilliance

In the Golden realm she is high priestess of kittehs and kangols. etherite of uranian sentiment, called Oh My Goodness in the 3rd dimensional terra-perhaps in word-reaction to what her ethers evoke from the mouthes of minds both meta and beta-is a master of very hard crosswords, the high priestess also sometimes of adidas, see-r of things we don't through her digital turquoise spectacles, lover of chips, and a big rockstar. Get acquainted.

The full first antho can be found at and is slated to be combined with the second antho part releasing this year, into a print volume to raise donations for Eastern/Motherland diasporic aid as decided by contributor votes.

The Curious Bazaar


We love all that is curiously bold, triumphantly introducing its own personal mold, despite the monotonous drone of the cogs as the machine grinds to a halt. [As with all the lights mentioned throughout Purple Mag issues, drop the names of these anahatic (heart-centered) splendors into your favored web crawler/seek engine...we suggest you use the ones that don't save everything everyone does [ahem] ... on principle.]

GalaxyOfTar.bandcamp ng

For more details on NY OIL's PEMG youth mentoring Hiphop movement check his page in the bluebird's nest: @NYOIL

Presentation Communicates

Logos, Letterhead, Brochures/Menus, Ebook/Emag/Epresskit/POD press layout/design packages and the like are available with timely production, and reasonable cost, which is also potentially payable through barter agreements (#Grassroots). Projects are made manifest via Opensource tools. w/ a cc. to [To avoid lost mail glitches].


h 'Wa ter



a t eh m

Check with to acquire a copy of 'Know Thyself' for the children (and innerchild *_^) , and inquire of the next schedule for gaming classes, or how you can purchase Game-design instruction videos if they become available. The 2nd Black Faery Anthology is accepting submissions from mythmakers of color (with an emphasis on


this time around). Contact:


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Saga Asad By now, if you've been reading the mag for awhile you know our position on payola radio... Nothing of true worth emerges from it. The primary, intended use for Purple Mag is to extend knowledge of the lights that comprise the 'Indiestream', with an emphasis on arts/media that are healthy for the mind [as we strive to shield ourselves from the assaults of the mainstream upon our consciousness. Saga Asad's music is of the type of fly ether that would have been considered a cornerstone of the HipHop medium in the Golden-era. Original, witty [with substance], and noticeably inherent as an intrinsic part of his character, Saga Asad's ether is the stuff of actual legend however underpromoted by the beast that controls the manufactured pimps and hos the mainstream machine would like you and especially your

Saroc February was a month of stepping into a patch of Original stars, that at times brought tears to my eyes to witness the thriving of celestially-terran blooms all over. The mainstream would like us to think it's all over and hopeless but the reality is, there are plenny magnificent rolemodels for melaninas and melaninos, if only we'll look for them and share knowledge of them with one another. Saroc brings the celebration of original roots to the ethers and digital journaling, that features focuses you're unlikely to hear in the majority of blogs; even Eastern

children to develop into. Once upon a time, the Hiphop medium showed us our image of the Divine-in-practical-action. Saga Asad is at the forefront of those providing a return to our common starsense. You'll enjoy what he extends via the blog, as well as his bandcamp account.

diasporic-related ones. What I love most about her is her celebration of a wide expression of peoples-of-color, from an embracing standpoint of unity rather than better-than-thouness. A dope Emcee, Vegan, Culture-leader, and Beauty, Saroc is at the top of my list of rhymespitters of the X-chromosome variation, period.Enjoy her spot in

Imaginando Warrior Nezua's Imaginando is a masterful brew of beautiful imagery, revolutionary grey-matter enhancement, off-beat humor, and observations from a mind that ain't sleep, in general. Founder of visually-powered Xolagrafik, Nezua has worked in several forms of media, possesses an achingly beautiful pen (Check for 'Lucha' on his website), a strong freedom-fighting fist, an archive of premium-quality videos exposing the flaws in the machine, a down-to-earth hueman perseptive, and a great deal more that emerges in the form it desires during certain star alignments. Imaginanado comes highly recommended for the mind that truly thinks.

The Last Word: Green Ukuu Holistic living celebrates nature, from the terra-dusted root, to the chlorophyllic leaf, and myriad bloom. It encompasses the whole, and stresses a unity from heart to mind to the manifest world, that reconnects us across Eastern diaspora, and the cultures influenced by original root cultures. If you didn't know the holistic diaspora or ukuu [family], is thriving and abundant, connect with your fam via the threads below. @PrettyLittleBlackGirl @Astrogrrl [Napptural]

Send word of Green and Violet peoples you know of in the diaspora shining a holistic light.

Break free.

Purple Mag #10 - Bloom Issue