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By: Rachael Jackson Editor-In-Chief

Volume 11 Issue 1

Budget Cuts and What They are Costing

The education system across America has always suffered and struggled when it comes to funding, but this year, especially in Hernando high School, it seems to have reached an all time low. The ongoing economic crisis has continued to put a huge damper on school budgets, even though politicians have stressed majorly in their most recent campaigns that the schools need to come first. “The Future,” as our generation at Hernando High are called, are supposed to be able to have a great education right at our fingertips, no matter where we are. But what do we feel when we reach out our hands? Instead of new books, better technology, and an easier, more interesting way to learn, we feel nothing but the crumbling foundation that has been repeatedly neglected and eroded away by the empty promises and lies of the powerful people in Florida and the United States. Instead of investing in “The

Future,” men and women of stature have once again have chosen to become rich instead of helping, and we are all paying the price. Here at Hernando, there has been a noticeable impact the funding cuts have caused, One problem teachers across the board have found is that the new copy machine room in the front office is a hindrance for making copies of worksheets and tests for class

Take a peek at what’s inside this edition:

The 10th Anniversary of the 9/11 Twin Tower attacks on our nation. Where were you? What’s rising up on Ground Zero? The Mystery of the Messed Up Schedules.

The Hernando High School main entrance and office in all its beauty.

since they now have to remember to fill out a request form and wait 24 hours for the copies to be delivered. “I actually think it is much more convenient for teachers since they don’t have to make copies on their own time,” Principal Ken Pritz said, “but the change was made from budget cuts, and makes teachers find new and creative ways to present their material.” Rumors about other

things that have been set in place have been floating around due to funding cuts. The foreign exchange program, for example, has disappeared, but not because of HHS’s limited financial situation. No teachers have been fired, either. But what is true is that full schedules for every student, which has been a pain for most seniors, is something that had to be put in place in order for the school to

October 2011

get money. The State, instead of attaching funding for each individual student to each student, has decided to attach it to each class period, and so bases the income against how many students are in each period. FCAT can help the school get more money, but only if the schoolwide average goes up. Pay-to-Play (see page 11) has been instated, as has the library fee of ten cents per page printed, schoolwork or not. With the state cutting funding, tax rolls being down, and only barely enough money to run the school, it is the worst it has been in years. Administrators are optimistic, though. “Besides the obvious paper cuts,” Assistant Principal Mary Krabel said, “nothing significant has really been effected that will affect the students and school activities.” One can only hope that the state and congress will see the error in cutting school funds soon, before it becomes the downfall of all our generations.

Why Dual Enrollment is so popular. Missing Teachers: Where did they go? Preview of this years’ sports. End of Summer and Start of Fall Television.

NEWS In the Know The Mystery of the Messed Up Schedules at HHS October 2011

Events on Campus for September 23 October 21, 2011

September 23, 2011: Varsity Football game at Land O’ Lakes @ 7:30 September 29, 2011: Underclassmen pictures September 30, 2011: Varsity Football game vs. Central, stadium @ 7:30 October 1, 2011: SAT @ 7:00AM in science building October 3, 2011: Homecoming bonfire and pep rally @ 6pm October 5, 2011: SGA dodgeball tournament in the gym ($3) October 6, 2011: Homecoming GROWL and fireworks at the stadium ($5) October 7, 2011: Homecoming game against River Ridge @ 7:30pm October 8, 2011: Homecoming dance 7-10pm in the cafeteria October 20, 2011: End of 1st grading period and Senior picture make-up day October 21, 2011: Professional Day, no school for students

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By David Dudley Double-Truck Editor

We’ve discovered how it all happened. As all great chillers start, it began with a promising program. Ironically, this program, by the name of Terms, was supposed to make the lives of the average guidance counselor much easier. No need to worry about putting schedules together; Terms has it under control. Lies! It turns out that Terms couldn’t distinguish the differences in times between lunches and classes. This caused the crazy havoc on students’ schedules that was

seen across school and es- it most likely will be used, install every student’s lunch pecially in but obvious- period and the surrounding the guidly with some classes. The question is still ance counadjustments. in the air as to whether or selors’ ofB e c a u s e not one way is better than fices the Terms cannot the other. No matter what, first couple d i s t i n g u i s h there will be mistakes. of weeks. b e t w e e n There will always be stuW h e n lunches and dents who decide they want questioned classes, ac- to switch lunches or classes whether tions such as after a summer of changor not next r e p r o g r a m - ing opinions. However, at year Terms ming could the very least, Terms is to will be take place thank for getting so many used once or guidance new students communicatmore, Mr. The scheduling problems c o u n s e l o r s ing and getting to know the Pritz con- might not be over... might have school, and their guidance cluded that to manually counselors. ally give a true college feel to the students like actually attending college will. Also, unlike AP, as long as can take up to four (or more and students are all for it. the student maintains a “C” with principal’s permission) This program saves money, average in their course, they college classes per semester motivates kids to do their recieve full college credit. while in high school, and best, brings them to a col- Doing well in college also earn their Associates De- lege level of academics and boosts GPA signifigantgree before they graduate, exposes them to college set- ly. With the economy in a or right at the same time. tings while in high school. slump, these free college North Carolina has really AP classes might be more classes are motivating stujumped on the dual enroll- rigorous according to some, dents to bring themselves ment bandwagon as well but those classes can’t re- up to college standards. as other states in the U.S, having all 58 of their community colleges offering that opportunity. Although some universities feel that the measurement scale for an AP class versus a DE class is skewed, with DE classes being on the “easi- Pasco-Hernando Community College, North Campus. This er” end of the scale, parents is where most HHS students take DE classes.

Trending Now: Dual Enrollment By Hope Stout Associate/News Editor Right now, dual enrollment numbers are on the rise; in our own school there are class sizes of almost 40 students in DE humanities and English Composition, among others. British Literature was introduced this year to students who showed enough interest to make this a class. All of these classes are free and count as college credit which is transferable to any state university, making them very desirable in the hard times. What does all of this mean? If a student has a 3.0 GPA, and passes the ACT or PERT test (college placement test), they

October 2011


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activity,” says CDCR Secretary Matthew Crate. “This new cooperation between law enforcement and itation, there Facebook were reports will help of almost protect the 7,500 concommunity traband cell and potenphones inside tially avoid of the jail befuture vicing used for tims.” the first half S o of the year. It far this law has increased has been 300 times passed and since the put into 2006 numeffect in Facebook is making their site a safer place for everyone, and ber. cracking down on criminals. California, “Access to and South social memonitoring process and conCarolina is dia allows tinue to engage in criminal also quickly on its way to inmates to circumvent our

Facebook: Making it Safer for You By: Rachael Jackson Editor-and-Chief

When people think about the dangers and stalkers of Facebook, they generally don’t come across the issue of prison inmates being part of them, but due to the rise in harassment and stalking, states across America are starting to join with the Facebook team to get rid of all Facebook profiles that belong to anyone in jail. Not all inmates are guilty of harassment and stalking, mind you, but the ban is just a huge case of “the few spoiling it for the many.” In the California Department of Corrections and Rehabil-

passing the ban throughout the state. Andrew Noyes, a Facebook spokesman says, “We will disable accounts reported to us that are violating relevant U.S laws or regulations or inmate accounts that are updated by someone on the outside.” It is now becoming a new and effective way to help ensure the safety of all who visit this popular social networking account. So, next time you are on facebook, although obviously actions are being taken to make it as safe as possible, just be careful about the information you post, or who you “friend” while online.

What’s the Truth About HHS Students? By: Kacey Holcomb Reporter

Have you ever wondered to yourself while doing something throughout your day, “How many other people have (or are) doing this too?” Well luckily, with some surveys and the oh-soamazing internet, now you will know some interesting statistics about people. According to, 91% of us lie regularly

47% of us drink from the carton or bottle when no one is looking

45% of us believe in ghosts

27% admit to cheating on a quiz or test

69% of us eat the cake before the frosting

29% of us have unintentionally stolen from a store

22% of us do not eat lunch daily 62% of us pop our zits 50% of us regularly sneak food into the movie theater to avoid paying for overpriced snacks

21% of us make our bed daily, 5% never do at all

The strange habits of the average person may not be so strange after all; considering how many people do them.

October 2011 By: Katie Adams Entertainment Editor Whenever I contemplate the things people do that annoy me the most, the one that is at the top of the list, next to making loud noises whilst eating and forcing one's beliefs down people's throats, is that little trait that is rather rabid in high school, the one of making derogatory remarks about oneself in search of compliments. We all do it from time to time, but there are those people who simply cannot help themselves and do so in every other statement, at which point it crosses the annoying threshold into the realm of the pathetic. Contrary to the popular misconception, self-degradation is not being modest. And of course, worse than that is making cruel comments concerning another in hopes of making oneself look better. Constantine in The Help had the right idea: "You quit feelin' sorry for yourself. Now, that's ugly. Ugly is somethin' that grows up inside you. It's mean and hurtin'…"


Self-Esteem in High School Please, people. Get some self-esteem. And until then, shut up. Why is everyone so selfconscious nowadays? What is up with everyone's obsession of being the most attractive person in the world, and if you're not, you're not worth much? Is it just the backlash of the aftermath of evil puberty? Or is it the result of vain ideals promoted in our media? In our culture of today, beauty is perceived as synonymous with perfection. We strive to expunge

physical flaws in order to reach a state of corporeal perfection, through means of make-up and, in more severe cases, plastic surgery. I do not personally object to the use of makeup or minor surgical corrections of physical flaws, if it makes one feel more secure in oneself. However, the focus of this in absence to what lay beyond the material realm of life is something I find rather alarming. We fail to recognize that we as humans cannot reach perfection. We (assumingly) have but this

one flesh and one lifetime, and we wonder at minor differences that distinguish us from others. Subconsciously, we strive to conform to the general public’s overindulgent attitude concerning the normality and perfection of humanity. What we fail to recognize in order to consult our selfconscious wonderings is the basic idea that all material things are imperfect expressions of perfect and universal ideas or forms. Perfection cannot be reached in the physical world, a fact

Inspirational button from Google images.

Pg. 4 the human mind is little at peace with. Perhaps the reason we strive to be so perfect on the surface is because we each recognize that sometimes how we appear, in physicality and personality, is representative to what lay within, and we do not see that examples need not always be picture-perfect replicas of what they symbolize. And thus, because the human senses can be fooled, a truly beautiful person pursues knowledge of the perfect form that lay beyond the senses. In simpler terms, what is on the outside doesn't have to match the inside. They say beauty is skin-deep, but ugliness goes to the bone. The moment you think that you are better than your peers is when it borders on arrogance. Be content in what you have, because we have but this one lifetime, and why waste it by constantly wondering what others are seeing when they look at you? Make yourself beautiful by your actions and your words, not the luck of your genetics. Carpe diem.


Would you like to see something published in your school’s newspaper? Well, here is your chance. Ms. Poggi, room 28209, and Rachael Jackson, Editor-in-Chief, along with Tyler McBee and Hope Stout, Associate Editors, are taking stories ideas from you! The school newspaper is made for you, so get involved and speak your mind about what you want to read.


October 2011

Fall of TV

America as a whole is extremely fixated with television. Our grandmothers watch their Spanish soap operas, despite not speaking Spanish; our grandfatherss spend hours watching WWII documentaries and talk about the good old times, despite only being sixty; our dads watch sports and talk about how much better they could coach. Television is a huge conversation piece for everyone, and is responsible for eating up a lot of free time. Despite this, experts say that television, like radio, will soon be

By: Andrew Kahler Reporter

rather obsolete. How can that be? The internet, I answer. The internet isn’t really a new thing, but the ability to watch our favorite shows online is. With newer websites like Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube, Internet users can watch videos on the Internet whenever they want instead of waiting for the show to come on. Websites like Netflix and Hulu require a small fee to allow the ability to watch popular shows and movies on computers or gaming consoles. Spending $7.99 a month to watch all those shows is a much better alter-

native to spending $49.99 to buy one season of LOST. These websites have already successfully killed Blockbuster. With their vast selection of movies people can instantly watch, this seems like a much better option than going to a store and choosing from a meager selection and returning it the next day. Blockbuster was an empire in the 90’s, but Netflix crushed it in a matter of years. The same is predicted to happen to various TV stations. Netflix is now releasing content completely unique to the website, such as new episodes of the Dave Chepelle show. Soon there will be whole channels where

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content comes out exclusively on the internet. No wait, YouTube already does that. With all these factors, television could very well not be relevant in ten years. The rise of the Internet has greatly changed our way of life. Instead of just lazing around on a couch, eating potato chips, wasting away our days in the livingroom, we are now typing away in the computer room, trying to find all the shows online, making it vastly more convienent for ourselves. Many people may refuse to accept this realization, but it is true. I truly hope this does not come to be true, and we all keep enjoying television.



Top: A traditional television set Bottom: The new medium for TV Google Images

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Hernand Where w

Tyler Mcbee - Associate Editor for The Purple and Gold Press

HHS and The Purple and

“When I heard of the 9/11 attack I was being picked up from daycare and wondering why I wasn’t going to school the next day. To be honest I was actually kind of mad that it happened because it kept me from going on a field trip that had been planned shortly after. I didn’t know what it all meant really, only that a huge event had happened and that it was big enough to cancel school the next couple of days.”

Hope Stout - Associate Editor for The Purple andGold Press

“I was in my second grade class, doing whatever assignment I’d been told to work on. My teacher was on the phone and sounded upset, but being 7 years old, I didn’t really pick up on the urgency of the situation. Kids started to be called to the front office to go home, and eventually only me and a few other kids were left in the classroom. My mom finally picked me up early from school, and I can remember her having the radio on listening to the news in silence. That night, my parents were glued to the T.V as they watched the broadcast repeat over and over again that there had been an attack on the U.S. I was too young to know the extent of the damage that had happened or the seriousness of the situation, but I knew that it was bad.”

do High were you?

d Gold Press Remembers...


.P r He itz -P rna rin ndo cipa Hi l of gh

“I doi was a t peo ng m West y as y ple u job Hern s in t ou w e tha whate ando a t I gu he wo tched word ver th Midd l he ess w rld, to it. U surre at inv e Sch n o w bee as ju hat h imag less y al. Yo olved ol as i wa n the st vis t me ine th ou’ve u turn at th a prin s fi re s itin is t e c e Th n o o g a hat m co seen s the tv time ipal t ere e. m . h l n fc o it h wa our d I k y old lapsin me o on. I . I gu ere, I a s t e g se n poi ppen a r we ew h est so is ju f the was h ss it was e n a a t t s n wa ew Pen less nd l fee wa t sur alles appe was, n . t a t l t h s in s th ed rea t bu nin how agon Then ere’ ing o t e ildi g o r s N , f kno ew e th l. ngs fee many and t you s nothi a ki e w ling wh York day b mo he p tarte ng y nd o ere of l o d r e a hel e are ane h gett u can f help he nd h fore, i i ple e wa ssn there? tting t ng rep do a lessne s an had b ess h s o I dh and think e field rts o out it s, you e . f not tha . An the It s ’re kno t’s w d yo pla eem seein ne ed g win hat u hit just a hitti very g.” n me s g the k you the mo rsel st.. f, .the

Ms. Poggi - English/ Journalism Teacher

“I was in eleventh grade French class. I had a substitute that day, and she received a phone call. Shortly after she hung up the phone, she turned on the tv. The first tower was burning. We (the students) thought it was an accident, but within seconds a plane flew into the second tower and we knew we were under attack. Being a teenager when it happened, I spent the next decade watching the world I grew up with drastically change. Many of my peers went into the military as a direct result of 9-11, and I watched my little brother grow up in a world where security always outweighed everything else.”

Rachael Jackson - Editor-In-Chief of the Purple and Gold Press

“I remember I was sick that day; I was on my couch, curled up in a blanket just watching T.V. All of a suddden, a huge newsflash came on reporting almost instantly of the incident. I was shocked, and since I was only 7, I didn’t understand where it was happening, all I knew was that it was in New York. I became worried about my old friend Alex that was still in New York. I now know that we used to live on Long Island, not in the city, but that day I thought about her a lot. I didn’t get to talk to my parents until they got home from work, and my little brother Kyle was at daycare.”

October 2011


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America Begins to Recover from the 9/11 Tragedy By Tyler Mcbee Associate Editor

It has been 10 years since the dreaded 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center. Ten years since all of America watched the countless people die as the Towers burned. Ten years since the world rose up in arms at the terrorist group that killed so many for their own vengeful agenda. In those 10 years a phoenix has been rising from the ashes of Ground Zero; multiple phoenixes in fact. One of the projects being done on the site is a rebuilding of the first Twin Tower, which is being named the Freedom Tower. The Tower will be a lot like the original towers; the new tower will have a 200 square foot base, just like the original Twin Tow-

Where did they go? There have been major staff changes concerning teachers this year in Hernando High School. Many sophomores, juniors, and seniors are left to wonder where some of the most popular teachers of this school have gone. Even freshman that were expecting to get some of the missing teachers could be puzzled by their disappearance. website. Along with the World Trade Centers, the PATH subway terminal was also destroyed. A temporary terminal was built on November 23, 2003 and the refurbished and rebuilt original will be completed as the World Trade Center Transportation Hub during the second quarter of 2013. It has been 10 years since the 9/11 attack on the World Ten yers ago, the Twin Towers were destroyed in the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Now the freeTrade Centers, and in those dom tower is being erected to commemorate the lives lost in he attacks. 10 years Ground Zero beers. The Freedom Tower open to the victims’ families contain the names of all of gan to spring up and flourish is expected to be finished on the 10th anniversary and the poor souls that lost their again, like a phoenix from within the first quarter of to the general public on the lives in the terrible attack the ashes, carrying the spirnext day. The pools will be on the World Trade Centers. its of those who perished in the year 2013. Not only the Freedom in the footprints of the origi- Families of the victims are the attack with it. May all of the families and Tower is on the infamous nal towers, making them an able to schedule a visit to site, there are also two me- acre each. The memorials the memorial on Septem- friends of the fallen people morial pools that will be will be pools of water and ber 11, 2011 by going to the find peace now.

MIA @ Hernando High School By Rachael Jackson Editor-in-Chief

Where are they now?

~Mrs. Webster: Beloved English teacher, who taught here for 7 years, has transferred to STAR to teach English. ~ Mr. Galitsky: With as many admirers as haters, he transferred to Evaluations at the School Board Office after eight long years of teaching AP Psychology, AP Human Geography, and all those other insane classes. ~ Mr. Drummond: Liked by the majority of Hernando High School, he is now a full-time E-school teacher; he decided to switch after 15 years of teaching History and American Government. ~ Mr. Mahubani: Widely liked by all his students, Mr. M taught math for one year and decided to take a break from teaching. ~ Mr. A’Day: Fun History teacher, was not reinstated after one year at Hernando. ~ Coach Roof: P.E. teacher for 3 years; is now in Taiwan teaching children the English language. ~ Mr. Roberts: Has finally switched to be a full-time E-school teacher after teaching a variety of science classes including Physics, AP Physics, Marine Science, and Physical Science for six years.

Even though all staff changes at Hernando High during the summer of 2011 could not be mentioned, since there are bound to be a lot with over 130 members, it does not mean they are any less important. If any of the teachers read this, the students at Hernando High hope you are having fun and wish you all good luck with your new lives.

October 2011

Throne of Fire

entertainment Anyone who knows about mythology fiction will know the name Rick Riordan. He has done truly incredible work on Greek, Roman, and, most recently, Egyptian mythology. In his newest book, The Throne of Fire, he continues the tale of the Kane siblings, Carter and Sadie. Now that they know their mission, the twins begin their quest to stop Apophis, the embodiment of chaos itself, from rising in a few days’ time. In order to do this, they must obtain the Book of Ra, which will allow Ra to rise to power and hopefully defeat Apophis. Who can do this alone?

Among the many new faces joining our heroes, there are two new trainees, Jaz and Walt, the friendly god, Bes, and of course, the loyal baboon, Khufu. However, with new friends, there are also quite a few new adversaries. Along with the House of Life chasing them for releasing the gods, there are also numerous followers of Apophis, and in these times, no one, not even close allies, can be trusted. Meanwhile, Carter begins a journey of his own, trying to locate his old friend, Zia. In the end, the group is forced to undertake a perilous voyage in order to revive Ra to his full power, a

journey where not everyone will survive. In this stunning sequel, Riordan proves yet again that he is a master of the mythology genre. This novel shows how mystifying and enchanting Egyptian mythology can be. Riordan has clearly taken that idea to the next level. This book is the second in a series of five, each released in May of the succeeding year. I eagerly await the next book and each after that. Also, keep an eye out for the next installation in Riordan’s other series, The Heroes of Olympus titled The Son of Neptune.

hosted by A in order to get Dr. Sullivan back before time runs out, but instead are caught in suspicious circumstances with the murher lives, while her enemy der weapon that supposedly escapes free. The next sea- killed Ali, their old best son certainly has an awful friend. As the girl’s lives lot of damage control to do. fall to shambles, A takes it a Pretty Little Liars: step further and this time, it As fall T.V is right around seems as though there is no the corner, Pretty Little Li- way out for the girls. ars is on hold until January, with a suspenseful and per- FALL T.V. plexing finale that aired on August 30. The Liars find The Lying Games: themselves in the worst The season premier of the trouble they have ever been new hit T.V show, the Lying in at the hands of their mys- Game, aired recently and terious stalker “A”, who was well received, which kidnapped Dr. Sullivan, isn’t surprising considering the therapist whom knew that the show was produced A’s identity. The girls race by the same person who through a deadly game

produces Pretty Little Liars, and the T.V series was first a book series by Sara Sheppard, also author of Pretty Little Liars. The show starts out with Emma, a foster kid who finds out that she has a twin sister that she never knew about. Although very different, the two girls connect immediately and decide to try to find out who their birth mother is. Emma trades lives with Sutton, her twin sister, for what she thinks will be just a few days, but then something goes horribly wrong. Gossip Girl: The 5th season of Gossip Girl airs September 26th on CW44, and rumor has it that both Jenny and Vanessa will

be out of the picture for this one, not surprising for Vanessa who took off to Barcelona after delivering Dan’s manuscript to a publisher at the end of season four. Blair and Chuck are still not back together, but something to keep an eye on is the positive pregnancy test that Dorota threw out in the garbage. Serena appears to have changed her ways (for now) and is done with relationships (for now), but that probably won’t last long. Finally, season four eluded to much more of Georgina, and the mysterious character “Charlie” who also goes by “Ivy”. What will next season hold? Not too much longer to find out!

Stephen Skipper


Image courtesy of Google search engine.

ABC Family Summer T.V. By Hope Stout Associate Editor

The Nine Lives of Chloe King: The season finale of this intriguing show drew to a close a few weeks ago with a dramatic and surprising ending, as Chloe was forced to confront her feelings for both Alec and Brian, and finally see her father again after many years. Unfortunately, things took a turn for the worst when Chloe went to meet her father; Alec is angry with her, Jasmine and her mother’s lives have been taken by the enemy, Brian dies at the hand of Chloe, and Chloe loses another of

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October 2011

Pay to Play

By: Kacey Holcomb Sports Writer It’s the 2011-2012 school year, and many of the students are looking forward to partake in their favorite sports. Though throwing a football, spiking a volleyball, and even ‘shooting some hoops’ will involve throwing some cash. As of July 26, 2011, the Hernando County School Board approved of a new activity fee for all athletic students. The high schools involved in the new athletic fee are as followed: Hernando, Nature Coast, Weeki Wachee, Springstead, and Central. Due to the School district leaders needing to cut their budget costs, the parents of student athletes are responsible to pay for their kids to play sports. The idea is


to pay the year-round employees at school five paid holidays instead of ten, and the employees with six paid holidays, only one. The decreasing amount of money to the school causes a turn to other resources for materials. For Hernando High, the fee for the first sport joined, will be a total of $45.00. The second fee will be a total of $25.00 per additional sport. The athletic fee must be collected when the student joins the team, and there will be no refunds permitted if a student drops a sport. Senior athlete, Genelle Burgan, expresses her opinion. “I think it is one of the worst policies Hernando County has ever put into effect. I know the county needs money but it needs to find a different way, rather than punish the athletes by making them pay to play

a sport.” $45.00 may not seem like much to certain students who play only one sport, but those who play three or four sports per school year, the money adds up. “I don’t mind paying the money to play a sport, as long as it goes to the sport I’m participating in.” says sophomore athlete, Alaina Avirett. Unfortunately, the money from the athletic fees goes to the school district. The money is used for things such as teacher salaries and lunchroom food, instead of uniforms and other desired materials for sports. So, for those athletes who have to ‘Pay-to-Play’, let your opinions out on the football you throw, the volleyball you spike, and even the ‘hoops you shoot’. Let’s not let a fee affect our leopard pride.

Pg 10

Thoughts on This Year’s Upcoming Sports Season By: Alaina Avirett Sports Writer

With a new school year comes a new athletics season, making the use of purple and gold tee shirts reach an all time high. Whether its football, cross country, band or golf, everyone is ready for a winning season. “I want a 10-0 season with a win at state!” says football player Jeremiah Jackson. He, along with other students and teachers, carry high expectations for the 2011 sports season. Volleyball, already with numerous wins under their belts, smashed Central in their debut game. On the other side of the spectrum, there’s the team that sweats their butts off, (although you can’t see it!) the swim team is going for a stellar season and making Hernando proud. “This year is it for Hernando swimming and I’m blessed to be a part of it! Everyday I’ll go to practice and give 120% and God will provide our team with a happy and successful season; I’m sure of it,” said Mika Rotunda, an athletic enthusiast celebrating her senior year. I think the whole school can agree we love our football team. Those boys work in-

credibly hard to bring home the bacon. There is something about football that can bring people together with an almost organic, unchanged sport of our past-time. Help Hernando get their cheer on! What a better way to do that other than with a little bit of a pep rally? No group practices more extensively than the school’s band. You think stuck-in-your headall-day jingles just happen? Well, think again. Their five to eight practice schedules beat those practices of even the football players. “We now possess enough members to be a 3A band and potentially the biggest band in the country! Bigger is not always better, but everyone is putting forth great effort!” said long time band member, Justin Zimmerman. With band members practicing under the unforgiving sun, in full uniform, much credit is deserved. How about the sport that is your sports punishment? Cross country! Also returning this season are golf, soccer, track, weight lifting, wrestling, and baseball. Whatever the sport, do it Hernando style. Purple, gold, and proud!

October 2011 Since Jon Gruden left the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, they have had one good season and that was last season and they fared 10-6 and just barely missed the playoffs, due to the Seattle Seahawks and league rules requiring at least one team from each division to be in the playoffs the Bucs and New York Giants missed out on their chance to partake in the post-season. The question at hand here though is; do the Bucs have what it takes to make it to the post-season for the first time since 2007 when they lost the wildcard game to the Giants 24-14 finishing the regular season 9-7? With the way the Bucs improved under Josh Freeman he has lead a commanding offense and inspired the defense with the touch of Raheem Morris (Gruden’s replacement and one season prior Monte Kiffin’s replacement as defensive coordinator) the Bucs have been a storm for any team up against them. Under Morris’s first season the Bucs fared 3-13 but turned around last season and went 10-6 as previously mentioned. The way the Bucs played in the preseason and seeing the promise the starters provided other than the Patriots game, the Bucs look ready for primetime. They have all the components for it this season. A stellar defense and a superb spe-

Sports The Bucs, Ready For the 2011 Season?

By: Taylor Spears Sports Editor

Pg 11 as a blue chip player (The comparison with Freeman and Brees, Brees is a blue chip quarterback.

Remaining HHS Football Games At Land O’ Lakes* 9/23 7:30 P.M. Where: Land O’ Lakes, FL Central* 9/30 7:30 P.M. Where: Brooksville, FL River Ridge 10/ 07 7:30 P.M. Where: Brooksville, FL

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Team, 2011 Roster. Google Images. cial teams unit along with nice to see it this season, but headed into mid-season and a nothing short of amazing in reality, the odds are way finished 8-8. Anything is offense engineered by Josh too slim. Josh Freeman isn’t possible for this young Bucs Freeman and receiver Mike polished enough and hasn’t team, but hopefully they can Williams. The defense is been exposed to enough pull home a division title at powered by longtime cor- pressure despite his 7 come- the very least out from Matt nerback Ronde Barber and back wins he’s already Ryan of the Atlanta Falcons. 4th year pro cornerback earned in his career, which If this can be done, Freeman Aqib Talib. Raheem Mor- he’s now in his 3rd year as would earn tremendous reris has taken a mediocre a quarterback for the Bucca- spect and become a red chip at best team to a team that neers. Will the Buccaneers quarter (which means basican easily be a perennial pull themselves together cally, out of a team full of Super Bowl contender and this season? We won’t know perfect players, Freeman will be featuring many Pro until mid-way into the year would be 2nd string essenBowlers for years to come. based on their record then, tially as someone like Drew I see the Bucs taking home but even then things can Brees of the New Orleans another Lombardi trophy change. For example, the Saints would be starting) in about five years, it’d be Oakland Raiders were 5-4 or possible be mentioned

At Sunlake* 10/14 7:30 P.M. Where: Land O’ Lakes At Springstead 10/21 7:30 P.M. Where: Spring Hill Nature Coast Tech. 10/28 7:30 P.M. Where: Brooksville, FL Mitchell 11/04 7:30 P.M. Where: Brooksville, FL

Schedule Legend

*=Conference Game **=Tournament Game ***=Forfeit


Missing Summer

Volume: 11 Issue: 1

Word Bank Sun Beaches Sleeping In no tests cook outs swimming shopping vacation sleep overs relax video games sports latenight tv

Science In the Nude

By: Tyler McBee Associate Editor


Aries(3/21-4/19): Slow down and space your tasks out.

Libra(9/23-10/22): Intellectual relationships are going to get stronger.

Taurus(4/20-5/20): Don’t get mad at what others say.

Scorpio(10/23-11/21): It’s time for a change!

Gemini(5/21-6/21): Today your strength outweighs your intelligence. Cancer(6/22-7/22): People don’t get you today, try to simplify your explinations. Leo(7/23-8/22): Have you tried talking your issues over? Virgo(8/23-9/22): You may make people happier by being open-minded.

Sagittarius(11/22-12/21): You may want to re-check your work; just to be safe. Capricorn(12/22-1/19): Try to entertain fresh, new ideas. Aquarius(1/20-2/18): Things may be bad, but try to calm down and breath. Pisces(2/19-3/20): You may need to take a day off for some you time.

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