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Rising Air Pollution and Electric Air Purifiers: What You Need to Know With the rising level of air pollution that is now beyond the accepted level of safe, it won’t come as a shock to see its adverse impact on the health of the general public. And this is a concern not only for people who spend most of their time outside - be those construction site labor or drivers – but even for those who stay inside their home. According to experts, those who spend 90% of their day inside are also susceptible to developing respiratory issues. There’s no denying that indoors are generally safe. However, with the omnipresent poor air quality, they are not assafe as they were back in the 2000s. According to areport by the World Health Organization (WHO) released in May 2018, it was found that 4 million premature deaths occur every year due to poor residential air quality.

Degraded air quality is believed to develop ischemic heart disease, long-term obstructive pulmonary disease (also known as COPD), and life-threatening diseases such as lung cancer. Moreover, out of these reported deaths caused by poor air quality inside the home, 27% were linked to pneumonia, while 18% were linked to stroke, and 8% were a result of lung cancer. Considering these stats, taking preventive measures is the only wise thing to do. Today, electric air purifiers are not only a preventive measure but also a necessity similar to food, water, and air. Designed and built to eliminate impurities from the air, from dirt to virus to bacteria and several others, these devices have been playing a crucial role in safeguarding the health of many families and individuals. For

those concerned about the alarming situation of rising air pollution, investing in a good electric air purifier can be an excellent step. Electric air purifiers ensure that your family inhales the cleanest air which is not only free fromdust but also does not contain any impurities such as bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms known to harm the body. When you and your family members start breathing clean air, you significantly reduce the chances of developing respiratory illnesses and improve your cardiovascular health. What’s more, you also get enhanced blood circulation, improved immunity, better mood, and several other health benefits. This is why experts recommend investing in electric air purifiers to homeowners. If you are looking for the perfect preventive step to keep health problems caused by polluted air at bay, make sure you invest in the best quality electric air purifiers.

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Rising Air Pollution And Electric Air Purifiers: What You Need To Know  

Rising Air Pollution And Electric Air Purifiers: What You Need To Know