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Canada Tour Guide Canada is a very beautiful country that every tourist and family should visit. This large country has a huge amount of tourist spots, that the entire family will certainly enjoy. People that visit Canada just can't get seem to get enough of the winter. If you are looking to spend some Canada adventure holidays in the country, then do not hesitate. During various Canada vacations, a lot of the locals actually go out of town, so it won't be too crowded for you. •What are some nice tourist spots in Canada? -The Cabot Trail The Cabot Trail has become the highest rated and best tourist spots that everyone simply enjoys. This place is not a tiny place, because the Cabot Trail has a lot of breathtaking sites, like the Cape Breton, that let's you see all of the whale pods and the bald eagles. All of the Cape Bretoners are super welcoming and hospitable that it gets pretty strange. They welcome thousands of people every single day and never seems to stop putting a smile on their faces. Alexander Graham Bell, that lives in Cape Breton has said that he has traveled simply everywhere, but there is no place that can ever beat the beauty and hospitality that The Cabot Trail possesses. -The Niagara falls The Niagara Falls is seriously one of the most amazing wonders in the world. The sight that you will experience will be very thunderous because of the loud water that will make you feel super mesmerized. The sound of the water is so soothing, and the loud power of the water falls will really amaze you. This place is also very recommended for everyone to visit. -The Prairies The Prairies will bring everyone that visits a relaxed and soothed mind. When at the prairies you will see that the sky surrounds over 180 degrees of line that goes in different directions. That sight is a highway that is disappearing in mid air against the horizon. The serene sound of the wind feels very beautiful and is also a very powerful feeling within. The Prairies will really give you an entire different perspective regarding the earth and will have a peace of mind and soul.

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