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  Lugano,  May  1st  2015  –  updated  on  May  4th       Earthquake   in   Nepal,   25   April   2015.   PUREST   is   contributing   to   the   country’s   reconstruction   and   is   supporting   local   micro   and   small   businesses   by   constituting   the   "PUREST   for   Nepal"   fund.   A   solidarity   contribution   will   be   given  to  the  fund  for  every  Collection  item  sold  up  to  the  end  of  the  year  and   from  the  Special  Collection  "PUREST  for  Nepal  -­‐  Limited  Edition"  sales,  which   will  be  available  as  from  September.       Dear  Customers,  Partners  and  Friends  of  PUREST,     Following   the   devastating   earthquake   that   struck   Nepal   on   April   25th,   the   UN   has   estimated   that   8   million   people   have   been   affected   (more   than   a   quarter   of   the   population),  the  death  toll  could  reach  10'000  people  following  a  recent  statement   of  the  Prime  Minister  of  Nepal.   Fortunately   foreign   aid   was   set   in   motion   very   quickly   and   rescue   teams   are   now   active  on  most  of  the  territory  providing  fundamental  assistance  to  the  population.     Since  it  was  founded  in  2010,  the  PUREST  brand  is  strongly  linked  to  Nepal  and  its   culture.   All   of   PUREST’s   cashmere   garments   are   in   fact   developed   in   collaboration   with  three  small  production  Atelier  located  in  the  Kathmandu  Valley,  thus  helping  to   preserve   a   tradition   and   craftsmanship   which   have   ancient   origins,   as   well   as   promoting  the  economic  development  of  local  communities  and  the  country.     Fortunately   all   of   our   employees   and   friends   are   safe   and   the   production   Ateliers   have   been   damaged   only   slightly;   we   can   therefore   hope   to   resume   production   activities   very   soon,   ensuring   continuity   in   paying   wages,   suppliers   and   paying   for   the  main  raw  material  (cashmere).  In  this  way  we  can  continue  PUREST’s  mission,   which   is   to   promote   sustainable   economic   development   and   the   preservation   of   the   country’s   cultural   and   textiles   traditions,   now   more   important   than   ever   after   the   huge   losses   endured.   Considering   that   there   will   inevitably   be   a   decline   in   the   tourism   sector,   manufacturing   and   exports   will   play   a   fundamental   role   in   the   country’s  economic  recovery,  and  as  a  result  should  be  safeguarded;  for  this  reason   as   well   PUREST   is   committed   to   continuing   the   strong   collaboration   with   its   partners  in  Nepal,  despite  the  logistical  difficulties  that  this  will  involve.  There  are   currently  roughly  thirty  families  that  either  directly  or  indirectly  benefit  from  their   collaboration  with  PUREST.       PURESt Ltd. via Pietro Capelli 2 - CH-6962 Lugano phone: +41 79 2726614 Registration n. CHE-387.779.456

As previously  announced  via  our  Blog,  PUREST  has  pledged  to  financially  help  all  its   employees  and  has  set  up  the  "PUREST  for  Nepal"  fund,  which  is  dedicated  primarily   to  support  the  rebirth,  following  the  huge  losses,  of  the  micro-­‐small  business  sector,   in   particular   in   the   ancient   capital   Bhaktapur,   a   UNESCO   World   Heritage   site,   which   is   located   on   the   outskirts   of   Kathmandu.   Another   priority   in   aid   will   no   doubt   be   the   reconstruction   of   the   Bhaktapur   temples,   many   of   which   were   destroyed   or   severely  damaged.   Donations   to   the   fund   will   come   by   way   of   a   solidarity   contribution   of   5   Euro   for   each   item   sold   up   to   the   end   of   this   year,   by   my   personal   contribution   and   by   voluntary  contributions  of  our  partners  around  the  world  and  anyone  who  wishes   to  participate.     But   we   want   to   do   even   more.   Many   of   PUREST’s   friends   and   customers,   who   are   well   aware   of   our   strong   ties   with   the   land   and   the   community,   as   well   as   our   knowledge   of   the   social   and   economic   fabric,   have   supported   us   in   proposing   the   launch  of  a  special  "PUREST  for  Nepal"  collection.     We   have   therefore   decided   that   quite   probably   as   from   September   we   will   be   offering   a   PUREST   for   Nepal   -­‐   Limited   Edition   capsule   collection,   designed   by   our   Creative  Director  Saverio  Palatella.  We  will  be  offering  two  types  of  pure  cashmere   scarves  that  will  be  produced  in  our  Atelier  thus  contributing  to  the  revitalization  of   the   local   economy.   Furthermore,   a   substantial   portion   of   the   proceeds   will   go   towards   donations   for   the   fund   we   have   created.   The   Limited   Edition   will   be   available  exclusively  through  our  site  (   To  keep  yourselves  informed  and  updated  on  all  the  "PUREST  for  Nepal"  initiatives   we  invite  you  to  subscribe  to  our  newsletter,  which,  at  a  later  date,  will  report  the   feedback  of  those  who  have  received  support  through  the  fund.     On   Tuesday   May   5,   on   the   occasion   of   the   national   day   of   solidarity   for   Nepal,   I   would   urge   your   contribution   to   the   Swiss   Solidarity   Organisation   (­‐     We  count  on  your  generous  support  and  we  ask  you  to  please  help  us  promote  these   important  initiatives.     On  behalf  of  the  PUREST  Team  in  Nepal,  Switzerland  and  Italy,  I  wish  to  personally   thank  you  for  your  important  help.     Patrick  L.  Garbini,   Founder  and  Managing  Director,  PUREST  Ltd     PURESt Ltd. via Pietro Capelli 2 - CH-6962 Lugano phone: +41 79 2726614 Registration n. CHE-387.779.456

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