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Seasonal mood

Ready for harvest As soon as the flower buds reveal their colours, within a wreath of curly leaves, then the anemones are ready for harvest. Peter and Els van Santen carefully cut the stems. “The crop grows slowly and steadily during the winter. Spring bursts in halfway through February and it gets lighter and sunnier.”

“It’s all or nothing with anemones” Where does this fresh forest air come from? Read more on the website. www.365daysofflowers.com

Seasonal feeling

Winter splendour The nights are drawing in, and temperatures are dropping.

sumptuous and colourful bouquets. Bring some of that

Winter is coming without a doubt, and it’s the most

warm winter feeling inside your home with winter flowers

atmospheric season of all. We brave the winter weather

such as Amaryllis, Bouvardia and lilac. Decorate the dining

with our thick jackets and woolly gloves, and then we

table with an exuberant arrangement of hyacinths

take shelter inside our warm, cosy home. Nature starts its

and anemones. Make every day a party.

hibernation, but thanks to the growers we can still enjoy

Celebrate the winter! 3

Seasonal flower

Winter-fresh bouvardia From pure white to baby pink. From hot pink to bright red. We proudly present Bouvardia. Winter-fresh!

On dark days it’s so nice to be surrounded by the sparkling colours and scents of bouvardia! The name bouvardia refers to Charles Bouvard, physician to Louis XIII and superintendent of the ‘Jardin du Roi’ botanical garden in Paris.

Pruning & growing Bouvardia belongs to the genus of flowering plants (Rubiaceae). It is a bushy plant and will allow multiple harvests. The grower prunes the bushes, and in no time at all fresh new green leaves and flower clusters appear. After harvesting the flowers, the bushes are pruned again and the whole process starts all over. Bouvardia can also be grown as a ‘central branch’. The grower then plants cuttings from which one long flower stem is harvested.

Make winters warmer with red bouvardia (single and double flowering) and use Hypericum, Moluccella and orange Asclepias as exciting colour accents. Red peppers (Capsicum) provide a lovely accent for Christmas, but this relaxed assortment of flowers is also great to see in January.

Bouvardia is a strong flower; it easily lasts for ten to fourteen days.

A surprising combination: a cloud of soft pink flowers (Bouvardia and Nerine) interspersed with yellow goldenrods and Craspedia which resemble little winter suns. 5

Nerine and lilacs steal the show in this winter bouquet. The wild, natural look is enhanced by the lush branches of the willow (Salix).

Download the poster! www.365daysofflowers.com

The new wilderness Neat and tidy? It doesn’t always have to be. Have fun with winter flowers and enjoy the wilderness!

Make it yourself The leaves have fallen from the trees to reveal their winter silhouettes. Nature is starting to hibernate. Around Christmas time, as the days get longer once more, nature slowly comes back to life. Hellebore flowers even in the winter. Be inspired by the fascinating beauty of wild nature.

Tamed wilderness? These flowers, berries and branches cannot be tamed, even if you put them in separate vases. How wonderful is that!

Top 3 Waxflower (Chamelaucium)

If you crush the leaves, you release a fresh, sweet scent. Astrantia

Astrantia’s burgundy colour gives extra warmth in a winter bouquet. Eryngium

Prickly flowers in ice blue tones. Beautiful in cool winter bouquets. 7

Titel Seasonal flower

It is now time for

Amaryllis Winter is the season for Amaryllis. Lisa van Marrewijk, Amaryllis grower, tells you all about this enchanting eye-catcher

Maak het zelf Grower Lisa van Marrewijk: “Amaryllis is widely available

the season the flower stems are often on the short side,

from November until March. They come in white, pink,

measuring between 50 and 65 cm. These robust flowers are

orange, salmon pink and red, as well as two-tone varieties,

perfect for winter bouquets. Amaryllises with longer stems

striped, speckled and some with colour gradients. The petals

(up to 1 meter) are really striking. You will have a vaseful

have a velvety shine. These flowers do not symbolise pride

with just three stems!�

and enchanting beauty for nothing. At the beginning on

Do you have a question about Amaryllis? Ask the grower! www.365daysofflowers.com


Top 6







Around in circles Do you need inspiration for a bouquet? Just focus on the shape itself, not the colours. That will awaken your creativity! 1. Waxflower (Chamelaucium)

grows like a shrub. The colour of the flowers varies from white to purple, and they are also beautiful with closed buds. 2. Craspedia is also known as drumstick.

It is incredibly long-lasting. 3. Skimmia is a cutting shrub. It is the red or

green buds that make it so attractive. 10

Round shapes are common in nature. When you draw a flower, you start with a circle – the heart. Round, organic shapes can also be found in berries and flower buds. Collect different types of ‘round’ objects and display then on a round tray. Round is beautiful!

4. Ilex verticillata is a holly with orange,

yellow or red berries. 5. Mimosa gives off a spicy scent. The yellow

flowers look like winter suns. 6. Hypericum has berries in many different

colours including greenish-white.

Fresh from the field

Winter work John and Jolanda Brummans grow many different shrubs, including ilex. The colours vary from a deep shade of red to a very bright orange. “When it gets dark in the winter, these flowers help to brighten things up again.” John and Jolanda’s shrub nursery is beautifully situated on the edge of the forest in North Limburg,

Bee colonies

the Netherlands. As you look across the field you

The growers run their business with just the two of them, but in the

can see blocks of different crops. As well as ilex

summer they get a little extra help from a bee keeper and his bees.

verticillate, there is also ilex meserveae, snowberries

“The hives are placed next to the flowering shrubs. Hypericum is

(Symphoricarpos), Skimmia, Hypericum, Viburnum

the first to flower, then the snowberries followed by ilex verticillata.

‘Roseum’ and ‘Compactum’ and peonies.

The bees are necessary for the pollination process and without them

Everything is grown in a sustainable way, with

there would be no berries. If you go to the field first thing in the

respect for people and the environment. And that

morning, the flowers are covered with bees, bustling with activity.

makes these products even more beautiful!

It is as if the field is going to take flight. It’s wonderful!”

Have you made a bouquet full of berries? Share your photo! #365daysofflowers


Get involved

Giving makes you happy! Giving is always nicer than receiving. So why not give compliments, attention and flowers!

In America, Thanksgiving is celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November. We don’t celebrate that holiday, but don’t you think ‘Friendsgiving’ would be a nice alternative? Surprise a neighbour or dear friend with a beautiful bouquet to thank them for their friendship. Or give a winter bouquet to the old lady in the street who does not have many visitors or to the courier who brings your parcel. Guaranteed to make someone happy!



4 7




1. Hypericum 2. Hellebores 3. Moluccella 4. Bouvardia 5. Astilbe 6. Veronica 7. Gypsophila

The feathery plumes of astilbe and veronica are perfect for a ‘Friendsgiving’ bouquet. In addition to white, Astilbe is also available in many different shades of pink, red and purple. That will make you happy! If you want to show support for someone who is going through a difficult time, then a small bouquet containing Hellebores is a lovely idea. This winter flowering plant is the symbol for hope. A gift bouquet does not have to be big. Tie together with a small bunch of white Hypericum. This small berry bouquet looks so cheerful in a vase. 12

Give a bouquet of ‘hope’ or ‘happiness’

Bouquet of stars

Make it yourself


The Star of Bethlehem is not the only beautiful winter star. Mix winter stars together in a gorgeous bouquet!

The white star-shaped flowers of the Eucharis creates a wonderful contrast with the rustic vase and spikey thistles. The Eucharis symbolizes beauty and new beginnings, and is perfect for New Year bouquets.


Gift: star template


Promote your own star collection with the special amaryllis star template in this magazine.

Have you made a star window display? Share your photo on Facebook #365dagenbloemen

This will make an easy and eye-catching display for your shop window! No template in the magazine? You can also download it on the website.


Christmas tree out, spring flowers in. The radiant white clusters of lilac flowers spouting out from the bare wood aptly symbolizes winter turning into spring. A bed of green Skimmia and cheerful narcissi completes the bouquet.


Make it yourself

Ready for spring Sometime in January we start to get that restless feeling – it’s the urge for spring to arrive. But it will be sometime before we can put those winter coats away in the attic. Until then we can celebrate the approach of spring with bouquets containing a hint of spring!

lilacs Goldenrods

A rare colour combination: sunny yellow and fresh lilac. Put this vase on the counter and you will definitely get a reaction!


Goodbye Blue Monday 15 January is Blue Monday, claimed to be the most depressing day of the year. So we are going to do something about it and this spring bouquet will do wonders for your mood! You can turn Blue Monday into a joyful celebration with different seasonal flowers. To keep with the theme of the day, choose at least one blue flower such as Gentianas, Delphiniums or hyacinths. To add extra light on this gloomy day, add some white flowers such as Ornithogalum, Gypsophila, Hellebores and Hypericum. Lilacs are also recommended. Thanks to their delicious sweet smell you will soon forget the dark clouds! 15




Ranunculus Forsythia

Narcissus Ilex

This inspiration magazine is brought to you by the seasonal flower growers, affiliated to Royal FloraHolland. They look forward to inspiring you every season, 365 days a year, with their incredibly beautiful assortment of seasonal flowers. Contact your flower supplier for information about current assortments and availability. Visit www.365daysofflowers.com

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