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Are you looking for a second income? A primary income? Or just a chance to get out and meet new people? Well selling Avon may be the answer your looking for. When you become an Avon representative you can set your own goals and have fun doing it. Avon offers several ways to make substantial income. The primary way is through sales, as you sell there great products you make a percentage. It depends on which Avon product your selling but you can make anywhere from 10-50% typically. Your percentage is based mostly on sales, if you hit higher sales numbers you will get a bigger percentage back. Some items such as clothing have a fixed percentage but for the most part the more you sell the bigger slice of the pie you'll be getting back. The second way you will make money with Avon is by creating a network. It is a form of multi level marketing that lets you earn more when you sign up other Avon representatives. This also works better in bulk, when you sign up more people you get a bigger percent of their sales, up to about 13%. So if you have signed up 4 Avon representatives that are selling $1000 each, you'd have just made about $500 sitting at home. It can be somewhat difficult to attract motivated representatives but when you do they will be selling at least $1500 per campaign (2 per month), this is the best way to make money with Avon with little effort required. Finding new Avon reps is fairly simple, doorknocking is an extremely easy way if your personable you'll be signing up many reps just by going door to door and asking if there interested, you'd be amazed at how many people are intrigued by the Avon opportunity. Other ways to find new reps is online tools such as Craigslist or Kijiji, using Google ads to direct traffic to your InterAvon or MyAvon website signup forms, and converting customers into reps. So now how do you sign up? easy, just go to the Avon website for your country and click the big link that says "become an Avon representative". This will take you to a simple signup form that you can fill out and submit. This form will be sent out to the Avon district manager for your area and she will contact you and either sign you up herself or send another sales leader out to you. There is usually a $25 signup fee to cover the cost of the welcome kit you will be receiving that comes with an Avon bag, invoice book, sales brochures and a few other odds n' ends. Once your signed up you can start selling Avon immediately, you will be given access to the Avon online management systems where you can process your orders, track sales and keep your customer list organized. Your orders will be shipped to your front door in Avon boxes where you will then sort the products into bags to deliver to your customers. To grow your Avon business you will need to find ways to increase your customer base and you should be sure to purchase extra books to hand out, be creative and keep thinking of new opportunities to attract new customers. Avon gift baskets are a great way to get names, do a draw

for a gift basket with a contact form. The contact form will ask if you may contact them for Avon products and 90% of the people will say yes, this is a very good way of getting new customers, just finding out where to set up is the hard part. So now that you know a bit more about how to become an Avon representative you can decide if it's right for you, a $25 investment is a minimal cost for a home business and is a small risk by comparison. For more information or if you have any questions be sure to drop a line in our discussion forum.

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==== ==== Hello from user. This link will show you how to increase your Avon Business, and get your own Avon website to the top of all the major search engines. Increase your money now! ==== ====

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