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Do you want to blog for cash? Making money is easier than it has ever been with the advent of blogging several years ago. While there are still skeptics who don't believe that there is money to be made in blogging, many others are quietly making their fortunes in the comfort of their living room or bedroom. If you're a believer, then here are the 5 basic steps you need to get down pat to blog for cash: Step 1 - Stake a claim in a niche market. Find a niche that is brimming with buyers (people who spend money) or at the very least, a niche where there is a lot of Internet action. One way to find such niches is to use Google Hot Trends. Step 2 - Decide on the topic of your blog. The more targeted and focused your blog is, the more targeted your visitors will be. A blog on just one breed of dog will be more focused than just a generic blog on dogs. Step 3 - Get content for your blog. This will usually be in the form of articles. You can either write the content yourself or even hire freelancers to write your articles to free up your time. Step 4 - Monetize your blog. There are several ways to make money from your blog - including but not limited to Google AdSense ads, banner advertisements that you sell to advertisers, AdBrite ads, Amazon ads or affiliate programs. Step 5 - Market your completed blog. This is where the rubber meets the road! Without traffic, the blog you have can't make money. So market your blog. The topic of traffic generation can fill hundreds of pages, so I won't go too deep here. But just know that traffic generation is key to your success. I hope this article spurs you to blog for cash and finally make some nice extra income or even enough to quit your day job!

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==== ==== Hello from user. This link will show you how to get your blogs to the top of all the major search engines. ==== ====

Blog For Cash – Using 5 Easy Blogging Tactics  

Getting your blogs to the top of all the search engines.