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Here is a checklist of what needs to be completed before next phone appointment. Your scheduled call with your trainer is _____________________(you can fill in to remember)

___ Watch the product demos for at least the products you have in your demo kit. Found on the COO under Videos>product videos. There are several for each product. You choose how many for each you watch. ___Read “A Good Demo Contains”, found in this packet. ___In the Burning Desires Facebook group, you will find several Demos. Look over them. ___Write out notes for your demos, (for items you will be demoing at you party) paper or note cards, which you can use what you have learned from shadowing and from the product info sheets you printed last week. You can use these at your first few parties so you don’t feel so nervous. But learn your demos. ___Practice, practice, practice your demos. ___Practice some more, practice your whole party, Opening speech, demo’s closing speech. Once it becomes engraved in your brain it will be nothing to go do it in person. Well ok you will still be a little nervous but not near as nervous as if you didn’t prepare. ___Read “learn how to get bookings” in this packet ___ Call the rest of the people on your top 50 list. ___Re-Call the ones you have not been able to reach from step 1 & 2 or who have not called you back. ___Check with people you sent invites to for your party if they have gotten them ___Read “How to take an order” (in this packet) ___Read “How to take credit cards” (in this packet) ___Read “Giving Hostess Credit” (in this packet) ___Read “Games with a purpose”, (in packet) learn why you want to play those ones for the most part. ___Look over games. in the games. It is also located on the “Your Burning Desire” Facebook group under the documents. Titled Team Burning Desires Game book. ___Decide what games are you going to play at your first party?


___Decide what are you going to give for prizes? ___Get items you should have for your first party (listed in packet) ___Read party tips (in packet) ___Look over your order forms, Don’t memorize where items are or prices, be aware things are divided into categories. We will be talking about how to total up orders in our next call. Be aware of the shipping charge. Know the tax rate for where you live. Our next call we will go over taking order

A Good Demo contains the following: A good demo will include the following information *Application- how much and where does it go. *Benefits- Tell them why they want to use this product. Be factual if possible, Don’t give false claims. *Features- This would be size, if it’s edible flavors it comes in. For toys it would also be if it’s waterproof, what it’s made of (usually silicone as we don’t’ have latex toys) and what size batteries it uses. If you aren’t sure about any of the above, look in the catalog, the product information sheet, or ask someone who would know such as your upline. Stories can be great to use when demoing products also. Please don’t use personal stories. No one wants to hear how you used the product in detail. You do not want your customer picturing you using it. You want them to picture themselves using it. Just keep it general. Use generic stories. Tell how “one of your customers” or “another consultant” or “a friend” loved the product because….. Don’t ever use names or give clues that someone in the room may know who you are talking about specifically.

Learn How To Get Bookings Give the reasons to your potential hostess why now is the best time to book a Pure Romance party. You will often here from ladies they want to book but they just don’t know if now is the right time. It’s easy to think of things that can go wrong. Your job is to convince them why they should. Here are a few: January-February, Valentines is coming up, people are starting to get their income tax, winter blues


March-April, Income tax is still coming in. Less likely to be bad weather (snow) It’s before summer hits and people will be doing vacations and yard work. Less sports. Pure Romance product launches May-June, The weather is nice. Children’s winter sports have ended. People need some romance items before vacations July- August. It’s just too hot to be outside. People want to sit in the house with an ice cold drink, in front of a fan or AC. September, Kids are finally going back to school. Time for mommy time after being home all summer with the kids. The weather is not too hot, not to cold. October- get those Pure Romance parties in before the holidays hit and everyone get’s busy with office Christmas parties. The weather is not too hot, not to cold. Now snow yet November, Get those early holiday gifts. People may be busy come December and broke. December, Christmas shopping from your seat not your feet. Everything is going to be crazy for the holidays, have a couple hours away from Grandpa and the kids

Every season provides a wealth of reasons why NOW is a great time. Don’t make the mistake of focusing on the reasons why now is a hard time to book a party. No matter what the calendar says, you can come up with positive reasons and negative reasons (for example, vacations, back to school activities, gas prices, endless news stories about the state of the economy, etc.). Make the calls! Identify blocks of uninterrupted time during which you will make calls. Make a commitment to yourself to get your business going. Make as many calls as possible. Chart your calls, note who answers who you left a voice mail. There’s no secret here. Success is related to your willingness to put your business out there to reach the desired result. The time you spend working on other things, is time you’re not spending making calls! • What’s the worst that can happen? Some will say no. What’s the best that can happen? A few will say yes! • Beware of Email. Email is convenient, but doesn’t allow the personal connection you need in most situations. So if you are relying only on email you may not be doing enough. • Also beware of using social media. While it seems to be a way to advertise to hundreds of people at once, most people will skip right over what they see as an add, or someone begging. It needs to be personal. The best thing I found that speaks to the masses on Facebook is something like this “I just love


giving my hostess who host a Pure Romance party for me $100 in free goodies” This can be because you just did or not. It’s not specific. But it is true, you would just love to do that. Again, don’t overdo it. Your voice and personal contact will go much further toward building strong Hostess relationships Look for Booking Opportunities Everywhere. Supplement your booking calls with introducing your business to people you meet everywhere. The bank, Post Office, waitresses, receptionists, etc. We recently learned of a Consultant who booked and then subsequently recruited both people she saw at the Post Office on a regular basis. Let’s recap. Commit to these strategies to find more bookings: • Establish a booking goal. Set a goal each month and stick with it until you have filled your calendar. • Review Your Number of Bookings Weekly. Don’t wait until the end of the month to access if you’ve reached your goal. If you need more bookings, make more calls to fill in the gaps of your schedule. • Make time for Phone Calls. Don’t allow distractions to divert you from your business. • Actively Invite People to Book. Relying on email or notations on an Order Form is a passive approach to get booking parties. Take a more active approach and personally invite each guest to book a party to gain the benefits of becoming a Hostess. • Ask for Re-bookings. Invite each Hostess to book a future party. Many Hostesses will do so and sometimes will set another date with you in just a few months. Even sooner if they have a special event that is approaching. • Work Consistently. When you do at least one party a week, you get a rhythm that keeps your business growing. It takes time to reap the benefits of planting booking seeds. Meaning that sometimes you will make many calls before you begin seeing results. Hang in there. The booking seeds you plant will begin to grow with time. When you are in business for yourself, there’s nothing like the pride of successfully facing a challenge head on. Bookings can change the direction of your business and keep you store open. Quit Asking and Start Offering Are you giving or taking when you invite others to book a party? You’ve set your goal for the number of bookings you would like to hold per week. You make calls to some of your closest friends and contacts to ask them to hold party, but they turn you down. Why does this happen? How can they say No to you? You soon become afraid to ask, because you don’t want to hear another No. If this sounds familiar, relax. Help may be as easy as learning to offer them a gift rather than asking them for a favor. Wrapping Your Pure Romance Gift Each of us is busy. Even close friends and contacts have things to do besides helping you by getting involved with a business that they may not understand or may not really support. By offering them an immediate reward for their cooperation, you move asking for a party from a favor they will do for you to a business decision they make for themselves. Remembers, it’s not about you. When you ask others to book a party to help you out, you are leaving them out of the picture. We all worry about asking others to do us a favor, so what if you 4

changed it around? What if instead of asking them to do us a favor, we offered them the opportunity to earn free product? Simply change your thinking and your question takes on a different meaning. Let’s look at the difference: Example #1: “Hi Jill. I’ve just joined Pure Romance and I’m really excited, but I need people to book parties to help me get started. Would you have a party for me?” Example #2: “Hi Jill. I’ve just joined Pure Romance and I’m really excited. The products are great and I get to hold parties and give away free products. I would love to offer you the opportunity to earn some of these products by having a few of your friends and me over for a fun-filled and educational evening. I’ve learned so much in a short period of time and I’d love to pass this along to you and your friends. The dates I have available are Tuesday the 15th and Thursday the 17th. Which one is better for you?” Do you agree that the second example provides more information in a non-threatening way? So the first lesson is don’t ask for a party, but instead offer the opportunity to earn free product. Remember there are winners with every party you hold: 1. The Consultant wins by earning profit and finding more booking and recruiting opportunities. 2. The Hostess wins by earning free product and providing her friends with a fantastic evening. 3. The guests will love their products and will have the opportunity to become a Hostess as well. Keep your business going by striving to get at least 2 to 3 bookings at each party. Instead of just processing orders in the Ordering Room, make sure that as the guest is placing her order, you reinforce the benefits of holding her own party without being pushy. You might say something like, “Jennifer, you’ll love the items you are purchasing tonight, and I know there will be several other things you will want to have. Don’t forget that I’m here to answer any questions you might have (give her a business card if you haven’t already done so) and would love to see you earn your future items free by holding your own party. All you need to do is invite your friends and me over for an evening just like tonight.” By taking this approach your planting the seeds, asking for the booking and letting her know that you customer service doesn’t end as soon as the party is over.

How to take an order When Doing a customer order, the following should be done. I suggest using the order forms with products listed. It’s easier than the blank order forms.

Be sure to mark quantity and if a scent or flavor apply


If you need to send the item to the guest after the party (an open order) Circle the item and also write it in the back order column under the part where you do the math for totaling the order.

If an item is not listed on the order form, use the blank likes to write it in.

Figure your product total by adding all the items ordered.

Add $6 shipping to all orders, if you make exceptions you will end up loosing money. If a guest complains, simply explain to them you are also charged shipping from the company also and that’s why it’s preprinted on the order form.

After you total the product total and the shipping you then tax that amount. Know your current tax rate. No matter where you are doing a party at, your own city or a different state, you still charge your tax rate. Pure Romance charges you tax on all items and will pay the sales tax to the area you live in. You do not need a tax id or to do anything more than charge the customer sales tax as it will be in your total for your order when you place it. (it’s just a circle)

Recommended forms of payment you accept from customers. *Cash *Checks, made to you. ALWAYS GET A DRIVERS LICENSE # and put it on the check. It’s a legal matter. Never take a post-dated check. (you can choose to hold the check dated for today’s date until the customer says, I suggest holding product also) * Credit cards.

How to take a Credit card I recommend when you first begin your Pure Romance business you go through the Pure Romance credit card company. In the future you can hook up with any outside company, Square & ProPay are the most popular. (you don’t want to use a company that charges a monthly fee or equipment fee) While all companies charge you to process credit cards, do your homework and find one that fits your budget and needs. To use the Pure Romance credit card service: *******ALWAYS DO THIS AT A PARTY NOT WHEN YOU GET HOME. Write on the order form all of the following information. • Name as it appears on the card • Complete address • The credit card number 6

• •

The expiration date The CVV code found on the back of the card

While at the party you will get credit card approval by: From your phone call 800-741-5682 Follow the prompts, it tells you exactly what to do. It will ask you for your merchant ID. That will be 71000005571 (it’s the same for all consultants) Make sure you round up the total amount. This will ensure that the money is available. It will put a hold on the money so the customer can’t go and spend it elsewhere. Be sure to write down the approval code. It’s a 6 digit #. Then you are done until you get home. The customer signs the order form under where you write down the credit card information.

Once you get home: You will go onto the COO. Under the Order tab>quick card entry. You will at this point fill in the information being asked for, for each credit card order you took. When you call the card in for authorization, they money goes from the customers bank to Pure Romances. When you enter it into the computer at home, the money then goes from Pure Romance’s account to yours. It goes into a “Pure Romance bank” called Credits on file. You may only use this money to place future orders. You can NOT cash this out. All credit card companies charge a fee for their services. This service charges 5%. For example if you took a credit card for $100, you will get $95 put in your credits on file. This fee is a tax write off. And remember, always run credit cards at point of sale! NEVER ENTER A CUSTOMER’S CREDIT CARD INFORMATION TO PAY FOR YOUR CONSULTANT ORDER . You will use those credits on file to pay for them along with money on your back card you put in your bank account from cash and check orders.

Giving Hostess Credit As you read in the policy guide: A hostess receives a minimum of 10% of sales no matter what their party total is be it $10 or $1,000. A hostess also get some sort of gift if their party is $150. Your choice. 7

• • •

Don’t give away something that will put you in the negative for profit. Example, if hostess party is $100, Don’t give them a BOB. Remember you want to make it worth her time without being to cheap or extravagant. An extra % off item is a great bonus for a hostess.

At times your hostess may ask to keep her party open. I don’t recommend doing this. You need to get your order placed for all of her guest orders. You do not want to hold them up. Tell her she can always get more orders but you don’t want anyone waiting now. She can earn extra free product for orders she gets after the party.

To figure out what your hostess should get: Your hostess will be the last one in the ordering room. Remember to ask her if she has any pre-orders. You will total the first line on the guest order forms. The “Product Total” line. Her free product will be based on that total. Do not include shipping or tax in determining her free product. She should still pay shipping and tax on her order. You will total her order, do the shipping and tax and take her free product off at the very end.

Games with a purpose:

Guest come to Pure Romance parties not only to shop and learn something new to enhance their lives, but also to have fun and be entertained. Often your guest have been to some type of party before where that have played games and they will expect the same thing at your party. FUN AND GAMES As a Consultant, the money is mostly in the number of parties you book and hold. People will want to book parties when they have fun and learn the benefit of the Pure Romance product line. You want your Hostess and her guests to have as much fun as possible, but at the same time, you need to educate them on and interest them in Pure Romance products. You should also plant the idea of becoming a Pure Romance Consultant. Party games can accomplish all of this while providing entertainment to the guests. I suggest that you play no more than two games. An icebreaker, and a party game to help you get bookings, up your sales, or get recruits. The ice breaker is just that. It is meant to be to get the ladies to relax and start laughing. It is not something that has to be for a prize. If you play an ice breaker, simply that it was “just something to get the laughs going” That you can assure them you will be playing a game which gives them a chance at free prizes. Playing an icebreaker will also help increase interest in the business (bookings) and it will help you gauge your crowd. (see if they are a quiet or rowdy group) Everything you do at your party should have a purpose, from your opening speech, your demo to your closing speech. Games are no exception.


What to give for game prizes. It’s easier to start with what not to give away: 1. You do not need to break the bank. Don’t give away items which will be costly. 2. Do not give away things that you do not get through Pure Romance. (candles, cutesy heart shaped trinkets etc.) Ideas for prizes can include things like: 1. Break up a mini pack of chocolate fantasy, great head, or whipped etc. 2. Items found in business supplies such as grab bag items, or peter lipstick. 3. Discounts off an item. Example, if they win a game you can make up a little coupon stating they get 10% or 25 % off one item. Do not make the discount more than you get. Also make sure it states nontransferable (this makes sure they order) and also good only today. (again so they order) 4. Watch for items in the future that are being discontinued. Corp will send out a list a couple times a year of products being removed from our line. (this is to make way for new). You can often get great deals on these items. Additional tip: Don’t always play the same games at your parties. Switch them up. Not only will you become bored with them, but so will your repeat guest.

Your first party: What to Bring to Your Party Being prepared for your party not only makes things easier, it also puts your nerves at ease.

Pre-party checklist Pure Romance Business Cards Calendar or open date card. Hostess's phone number and directions to her home Products (all of your demos and products available for purchase) Prizes for your giveaways


Envelope or folder to store completed Order Forms Pure Romance Money Bag ($50 in small bills and coins for change) Calculator At least 5 Hostess Packets (Be sure to include your contact information) At least 5 Recruiting Packets Pure Romance Catalogs Pure Romance Order Forms Pens Tablecloth Extra batteries Paper towels or napkins (for guests to wipe their hands and to keep demos clean) Pure Romance bags (for customers to take home purchases in)

Party Tips: Set up: Everyone takes a different amount of time to set up. Show up about 15 minutes before the party is scheduled to start. This is the amount of time it takes most to set up. Many women like to be “fashionably late” Nothing will make you and the hostess more stressed then sitting there for an hour staring at each other and wondering if anyone is coming. Ask the hostess to see the demo area and private ordering room. Then you can set up so that everything is ready before the guests arrive. By arriving early and being prepared, you will be able to greet each guest as she comes in—what a great first impression! Setting Up Your Demo Table It will take you about 15 minutes to set up your demo table, so plan your arrival accordingly. Practice before your first party so you know exactly how you want your table to look. Have fun with it—try using pink and black accessories to decorate, vary the height of your display with acrylic risers, and think about how the display will work with your demo. Remember that your bedroom accessories should not be out during the first part of your party. By covering them up, you build up to the grand finale—the big reveal of all the exciting bedroom accessories!

Timing: Once you start your demo, you should try to keep it between 45 minutes and an hour. (talking demo only). As you do more parties you will get the feel of groups you are working with and learn when to speed things up so they don’t get bored. By practicing your demo you will be prepared. The ordering time will depend on number of guest. Parties:


No two parties are ever the same. The more parties you do, the easier it will get to “read your crowd” Some parties will be laid back where the women are quiet. Some parties you won’t be able to shut them up. Guest being rude: One of the biggest issues consultants have is women talking during the demo. Please keep in mind this is “their” party. The women are there to have fun. Focus on the women who are there to listen to you. I found that talking quieter will cause the women trying to hear you to tell the others to shut up. Let them be the “mean ones”. Yelling will only cause the talkers to be louder. If it seems no one is listening, shorten your demo. What to Demo: 1) You will sell more of the things you believe in. So try the products and demo those 2) I break my demos into categories like in the catalogs, I try to demo a one or two from each. I.e.; bath, beauty, lubes, vaginal, dual etc.

Demo Tips: 1)Keep an eye on your demos. Every now and then one will try to walk off. Always take your demos into the order room with you. You can use the excuse “in case anyone wants to see or smell something again” 2)When demoing creams and lotions, alternate between things they are going to taste, smell and things you are just going to hold up and show. Some things do not need to be passed. Examples would include booty eaze, Like a Virgin, Lubes.

Order Room Tips: Remember to take everything to the order room with you. Always remember to ask if they had fun and thank them for coming. Set everything up to the best of your ability. Have things ready as customer come in. Order forms, calculator, calendar out etc. Keep the lids on your bins of stock. From my experience if they are open, some women come in and want to sort through everything you have in there like they are bargain bins at a flea market. When you are new with no or little stock, let the customers know before the demo you will have to order some of their products. They will be mailed to them by you within 14 days. The hostess will not be taking care of the back orders so no one will know but you what they order. I always total the order up before I tell them I don’t have something in stock. (Unless they ask or are undecided between 2 different items). Then I will tell them I have “this” in stock to help them decide. It is harder for them to change their mind if they have already paid. But if they ask, always be honest. 11

I fill out the order forms for them. I do not give the order forms to the guest during the demo. This I find keeps them from staring at the $6 shipping. I use the excuse that if I fill it out, I know I can read the handwriting so I don’t send back orders to the wrong address. Just use the wish list for them to make a list on before coming into the order room. All customers are charged shipping weather you have the product in stock or not. If they complain let them know you paid for the shipping and product ahead of time so they can get the product that night. Our shipping is less than any other home party plan I have found. Tell them you can ship the product to them if it will help. I say this in a kind of joking way but they get the point. If two customers want to combine orders it is up to them. You don’t want to say no and loose a sale. But-they will only get one order form so if they have a problem (broken toy) they will have to contact the one with the order form to take care of it. -they get things in one bag. -they will have to do the math on how to figure out who owes who what. I have been known to hand them my calculator. The order room will most likely take the longest amount of time. Customers need to feel like they are getting the attention they need to choose the correct products. A few things I have found to hurry things along; 1) Only allow one person at a time in the order room. It will keep the confusion down and keep them from asking each other what they think. 2) If you have used a preferred customer sheet or some other way to have them make a list it will help them narrow down the choices. Maybe even circling things in the book. 3) Ask for the guest who need to get home or to work to come in first. 4) Ask for those who know exactly what they want to come in. 5) If you get those customers who want to tell you their life story, let them talk a little and as soon as you are done with their order, walk with them to the door. Excusing myself for a quick bathroom break or to grab a drink works well. 6) When a customer is done ask them to send the next person in. Saves time you walking out to get them. 7) If no one seems to be coming into the order room, go out and ask the hostess if no one else is going to order then it will be her turn. She will then usually ask everyone (and they seem to listen for her). I usually say, “I have no one in the order room I guess no one else wants to order. I will start packing up and totaling your free product.” The hostess knows she needs to go last. She wants everyone to order so she gets the most free product.


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